RedBull ECL Groups Over

posted by Sun_Tzu,
The groupstages of the RedBull eSports Champions League are over as the competition heads into tomorrow's quarter-finals, which will kick off at 5:00 CEST with the match between cn Rising Stars and cn Invictus Gaming, with the full quarters finals running over the next eight hours and constituing four best-of-three series.

Groupstages behind us

After a rough two series at Dota 2 Super League and Alienware Cup and almost not making the LAN finals for the ECL, cn DK showed renewed vigor during the groupstages, coming out on top of Group B with a clean 5-0 record, being the only team to manage this feat, as Group A was split between cn Invictus Gaming and cn LGD.Cn with both on 4-1 records. Due to the head-to-head match going the way of iG, they take the group win. Meanwhile the only team to defeat iG during the groups was cn ViCi Gaming, who come in 4th place in the group after losing their head-to-head against my Orange NeoES.

Meanwhile for Group B we have a three way tie, as cn TongFu, cn RattleSnake and cn Rising Stars all end on the same amount of wins, with none of the teams having a head-to-head advantage. This means that the decision goes to timeratings, where RattleSnake come out the strongest, placing second in the group with TongFu coming in third and Rising Stars in fourth.

Notably world LGD.Int continue to struggle as they come in fifth place in Group B, once more missing out on going deep in a tournament. There was some glimmer of hope after a solid showing early on in the Alienware Cup, but the international teams two groupstage wins were quickly followed by harsh defeats in the playoffs, where they ended in joint 7th-8th place.

All matches during groups were best-of-one.

Playoffs kick off tomorrow

Both Rising Stars and ViCi-Gaming will have their work cut out for them to prove that their recent shake-up's to their rosters were for the better, as they face two of the favourites of the competition. With DK's newly re-discovered will to win, especially ViCi Gaming should be up for a really rough ride in the last match of tomorrow.

Oranged lucked out as their rough groupstage run payed off, with them facing RattleSnake in the quarter-finals. While they might have stood a chance against TongFu it's not a match-up they would want to take this early on, while RattleSnake is an opponent that lacks some of the discipline which might trip Orange up. This leaves LGD.Cn to face off against the reigning Dota 2 Super League champions in the quarter-finals, a match-up which can go either way on any given day, and which could just as well have been expected to be the grand finals match, rather than the quarter-finals.