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The Defense Season 4 is headed into the first matches of the upper bracket in just a moment, with ua Na`Vi going up against their countrymen ua iCCup, who will see if they can make a better run of challenging Na`Vi than the other CIS powerhouse team ru Virtus.Pro earlier today, as iCCup get the honor of being the second team to challenge the newly arrived home Na`Vi team.


Lower Bracket Down to Four

In their first round match-up, de mousesports had a fairly easy time up against kz Next.Kz, even going for the dual Dagons on Tinker and Puck for some heavy ganking action once they got into a comfortable lead. Meanwhile their next round opponents us Team Liquid had a rougher time of it, going to 74 minutes in their first game up against se 4 Friends + Chrillee, while having an easier time in the second game of the series, taking it 2-0 as well.

By far the biggest surprise of the lower bracket was however the series between ru Team Empire and ru Virtus.Pro, where Team Empire not only came out on top, but did so in convincing fashion, controlling the flow of both games through highly solid showings from their core players, giving up a total of six kills in two 40min+ games on their solo mid and hard carry players. Finally their opponents will be us Evil Geniuse, who defeated the recently strugling us Team Dignitas in two straight games, without any need to update a certain website.

The next round will be slightly peculiar, as on the one hand Team Liquid will be playing their games from their Las Vegas bootcamp, while depending on the date the games are scheduled on mouz should also be arriving at their Berlin bootcamp. Meanwhile in the other match-up EG have only two players remaining at the lair right now, while naturally Team Empire have not been bootcamping, given that they are still waiting to top up their roster, likely until after The International and the possible shuffle which will happen at that point.

All lower bracket round two matches will be played next week as the teams return from RaidCall EMS One.

Upper Bracket Begins

ua Na`Vi have just arrived back from China, which may mean that they will be tired from their trip, allowing recent StarLadder Season 6 finalists ua iCCup the perfect chance to continue their streak of upsets today by claiming the biggest scalp of the moment, that of the returning champions of Alienware Cup.

Meanwhile se The Alliance will match up against eu Kaipi, to be played either later today or some time next week depending on Alliances schedule in the RaidCall Dota 2 League. The Alliance are the clear favourites going into this match, however Kaipi has been known to catch teams off guard when they can get their hands on the heroes they enjoy playing.