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The second last of the regular cups for this season of The Premier League known as the "Daedalus Cup" has ended as a new winner has been crowned. Next up will be the "Aegis Cup", to be played July 16th from 14:00 CEST onwards.

Some highlights from the previous Mjollnir's Cup

se The Alliance ended up missing this weeks cup, as they had some issues setting up at their bootcamp, having arrived only the day before. While this did not really matter for the Swedes who are in a comfortable lead still with their three cup wins, it meant that us Evil Geniuses got a free birth into the second round, where they faced up against eu Fnatic.EU, ultimately losing the game.

Meanwhile de mousesports suffered a loss at the hands of ru Virtus.Pro and ru RoX.KiS came out on top against fr Quantic Gaming, who were playing with three stand-in's. As the two teams met, VP proved to be the stronger team, dropping RoX.KiS down to the losers finals, where EG had a fairly easy time disposing of them, saving their big EG Throw until after the 'GG' call, when they all took a bath together in the enemy fountain.

eu Fnatic.EU vs. ru Virtus.Pro

Fnatic got their hands on their good old Chaos Knight and Io middle lane combination as Radiant against a very greedy VP lineup. While many a fan probably knew what was coming, VP were not prepared for it as the legendary combination of se Adrian 'Era' Kryeziu and dk Johan 'n0tail' Sundstein proved once again that they still had it, going on an absolute rampage. What followed was not so much a game of Dota as it was a showcase of what these two heroes can do at the hands of the true masters. 34-8 in 18 minutes.

For the second game Fnatic went for an offensive trilane with Naga Siren which ended up being largely a sacrifice in order to give Era on his signature Lifestealer and de Kai 'H4nn1' Hanbueckers on Queen of Pain the space they needed to dominate their lanes, setting it up for an all out bloodbath mid game. Fnatic executed their teamfight combinations better, allowing their trilane heroes which had had a weak start to get back in the game, as they consistently found the better trades. In the end VP were simply unable to keep on fighting head on, and ended up calling the 'GG' for the second time.

Fnatic.EU defeat Virtus.Pro 2-0 and jump up to a split third place in the rankings.


se The Alliance - 350 Points
us Evil Geniuses - 220 Points
de mousesports - 180 Points
eu Fnatic.EU - 180 Points
ru Virtus.Pro - 150 Points
fr Quantic Gaming - 72 Points
eu Kaipi - 18 Points
ru RoX.KiS - 18 Points


16th July - Aegis Cup
20th July - Premier Cup Day 1
21st July - Premier Cup Day 2

Daedalus Cup Grid