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In the losers bracket finals of StarLadder Star Series Season 6 we saw hometown heroes ua iCCup lead by their Captain ua Roman 'Resolut1on' Fominok who has made the CyberArena his home away from home face off against ru Virtus.Pro for the right to take on the defending champions se The Alliance in tomorrow's Grand Final's, to be played at around 19:00 CEST on Sunday, July 7th for a first prize of $12,000.

ru Virtus.Pro vs. ua iCCup

Game 1

iCCup switched up their laning, with ua Andrey 'Mag' Chipenko on the Lone Druid taking to the safelane solo agains the Clockwerk of ua Sergey 'kSi' Kuzin, while by Maxim 'Jackal' Doroschenok headed to the mid lane as Kunkka along with Shadow Demon for support facing up against the Queen of Pain of ru Oleg 'Crazy' Kolesnichenko, leaving the offlane to ua Andrey 'AlwaysWannaFly' Bondarenko on Lich against VP's ru Ilya 'Airman' Pevcaev on Chaos Knight backed up by pulling supports Io and Lina, while iCCup captain ua Roman 'Resolut1on' Fominok took to the safe jungle on his Batrider.

iCCup's smart laning worked out well, as even though they gave up first blood after a gank at mid, a return kill allowed them to come out on top not just of the mid lane but also winning top lane and having both Resolut1on and alwayswannafly getting a lot out of their lanes. The onus then was on Virtus.Pro to find their openings via early game agression, using the Io Relocate in order to find clean kills accross the map. As iCCup responded well to VP's attempted ganks and traded even, they kept their advantage while Mag farmed away, creating a sizeable lead as he headed towards his Radiance.

Things started to get badly out of control as the game headed past the 20 minute mark, with Mag starting to come to engagements, the advantage turned heavily in favour of iCCup, as they picked up the first Roshan of the game as well. This caused VP to start avoiding fights, split-pushing instead while looking for safe kills, evening out the tower advantage and finding some farm and levels for their heroes. By the 30 minute mark when the teams next met in all out battle, it was VP who came out on top of the fight by a margin of 4-2 through good positioning, not allowing the Lich's Chain Frost or the Ghost Ship of Kunkka to have their full effect in the fight.

However the next small skirmish again went slightly in favour of iCCup, who traded two supports for the Io and Chaos Knight. After claiming another Aegis, iCCup managed to find out Airman who had just picked up his Heart of Tarrasque and was without buyback, allowing them to claim the middle lane Barracks at 37 minutes in, swinging the advantage heavily the way of the home team once more. Desperate for a way back into the game, Airman and ru Yaroslav 'NS' Kuznetsov went for a relocate gank deep inside enemy territory, exploding one before finding themselves on the wrong side of a big Tidebringer crit, killing off NS and stranding Airman, who ended up dying once more. This was all iCCup needed, as they had their opening to claim the bottom Barracks, forcing the game ending 'GG' at just over 40 minutes of play.

Game 1 End Screen

Game 2

Running counter to recent convention VP sent kSi to the offlane with Lone Druid, up against Jackal's Naga Siren backed up by Disruptor and Leshrac, which proved a deadly combination, as Glimpse scored the first blood and forced kSi to head into his own jungle instead. Meanwhile at mid lane, Crazy was doing a good job keeping even on Puck with Resolut1on's Batrider, and with Mag dodging the offlane in favour of his own jungle with Nature's Prophet, this gave Airman on the Weaver free farm on top lane, while his Nyx Assassin and Jakiro supports could focus on pulling and jungling together with the Lone Druid.

While VP did well in terms of trading farm on the lanes, iCCup found the early kill lead, allowing them to get into a good position. While VP evened out the kills as the early engagements kept going, by the early mid game as the first real teamfight's happened it was iCCup who were controlling the pace of the engagements, even to the extent that even with VP trying their best to avoid being engaged upon, iCCup pulled off a near team wipe at 18 minutes, keeping all their heroes alive through the fight.

After Resolut1on found a good Flaming Lasso on ru Sergey 'Ars-Art' Revin at 23 minutes, it seemed as if Airman went on tilt, running in with Weaver in order to get trapped in the Static Storm and killed off. While VP were able to claim two kills at the end of the engagement, by that time it had already cost them four of their own lives as well as two buybacks, setting them further behind, as Jackal and Mag tied Airman for the the top spot in terms of net worth.

As it looked like iCCup had found them the game-winning opening at 27 minutes, they had the fight turned around on them by Ars-Art pulling off big Impales and buying his team the time to turn it around into a 4-1 win, giving VP back some hope of taking it to a third game, as well as giving them the opening to put an Aegis of Immortality onto Airman's Weaver.

The next few skirmishes kept going the way of iCCup, as their ability disrupt the flow of fights and initiations with the likes of Naga Siren's Song of the Siren, Flaming Lasso, Glimpse and Kinetic Field allowed them to turn every engagement to their favour, as VP kept on having to buy back just in order to keep their presence on the map. After winning yet another big teamfight at 39 minutes, iCCup were able to kill of Roshan and give Jackal an Aegis, setting them up to push into the base of VP.

At 42 minutes in Resolut1on jumped in behind the Tier 3 Tower, finding out Crazy and pulling him back into a Static Storm. Down one hero VP was unable to contest, giving up the top lane Barracks and backing out, only to repeat the same moves at mid seconds later, this time killing off kSi, forcing VP to engage in a desperate attempt to keep the game alive but coming up short, as iCCup won the second game in a row at 43 minutes.

Game 2 End Screen

iCCup upset Virtus.Pro with a convincing 2-0 in order to claim their right to face The Aliance in the Grand Finals tomorrow.

Final Standings

1st - $12,000
2nd - $6,000
3rd - ru Virtus.Pro - $3,000
4th - fr Quantic Gaming - $1,500