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Alienware Cup Down to Six

posted by Sun_Tzu,
Two by two the teams are eliminated, as Alienware Cup go down to their top six teams after todays games, with another two set to leave the competition in tomorrows double-header starting once more at 12:00 CEST, July 5th, the last before the competition takes a one day break to allow for the Dota 2 Super League finals, followed by the upper and lower bracket finals on Sunday, July 7th.

Today's Matches

In the first game of the day, my Orange NeoES took on sg Zenith, who have been trying to play outside of their comfort zone and continued to do so in the first game of the series, which ended in quick and dominant win for Orange, who dominated the lanes with strong laning cores such as Outworld Devourer, Weaver and Lone Druid, forcing the 'GG' by 18 minutes in. While Zenith kept the game going slightly longer the second time around with their favoured Tinker pick, they still got badly outplayed and outfarmed, losing ground and eventually their base by 30 minutes, making it one of the fastest series of the playoffs so far, as Orange took it 2-0 in less than 50 minutes.

Going up against cn TongFu, many were prepared to write off world LGD.Int straight off the bat, but confounding expectations seems to fit well for LGD's International squad, who seem to finally be finding their own style of play after being lost for so long, as they dominated TongFu early on and used a highly farmed se Per Anders 'Pajkatt' Olsson Lille Lifestealer in order to out-carry the Anti-Mage of cn Chen 'Hao' Zhihao.

For the rest of the series, TongFu changed up their gameplan going for multiple cores and stronger lanes, dominating LGD.Int in the second game and gaining the advantage in the third, being able to split push and divide up the fights in order to avoid LGD.Int's stronger teamfight abilities. Running just shy of 60 minutes, the final game of the series came down to a six slotted Divine Rapier Gyrocopter by Pajkatt trying to contend with Weaver, Dragon Knight and Nature's Prophet while two Barracks down, ultimately being split up and outpushed, as TongFu made their way into the next stage of the competition by the skin of their teeth.

Coming Up Next

The next matches of the lower bracket were drawn live on stream after the final games, in order to determine the opponents for cn DK and cn Invictus Gaming.

my Orange vs. cn Invictus Gaming

Orange have had the stronger showings as of late, and even though there are certains issues regarding their core players and how the distribute farm accross them in certain games, the supports of Orange have been on point in terms of rotations, as well as the whole team producing consistent results. Meanwhile iG coasted through the groupstages without really being forced to up their level of play, and in their first real test up against ua Na`Vi they crumbled, indicating that they have not quite yet recovered from their slump. All in all, Orange has the advantage going into the series.

cn TongFu vs. cn DK

A preview of the Dota 2 Super League Grand Final, two of the strongest current Chinese teams will head it off in order to stay in the competition. While TongFu at their best show great consistent plays, they've also shown signs of weakness, as they can be beaten on lanes as well as in teamfight execution. Meanwhile DK certainly have the lategame execution, but they may not be best suited to exploited TongFu's weaknesses. It seems likely that the outcome will come down to how well cn Fan 'r0tk' Bai and cn Junhao 'Super' Xie execute their respective duties, as TongFu seem better suited to punish a 4-protect-1 strategy than a multicore lineup.