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NoPing Esports finished the DPC in the most surprising way possible: by calling "gg" in the middle of the game two times in one best-of-three. The South American top team NoPing e-sports faced beastcoast in the DPC21: S2 - SA Upper Division this Friday. The series was over pretty quickly, as NoPing threw in the towel twice.

Three games, two times a gg

In the first game, beastcoast were leading with an 8k networth advantage and 28:19 kills after 22 minutes. While in theory, the game could have gone either way, William 'hFnk3' Medeiros decided to call gg after they lost a team fight.

NoPing then went on to win the second match, so a third and final game had to be played. This time, Jose Leonardo 'Pandaboo' Padilla Hernandez ended the game by typing an extremely surprising "gg", despite NoPing having the networth lead this time. He then immediately disconnected, but his teammate stated it was a missclick. However, Pandaboo did not reconnect and the game came to an anti-climatic end at 24 minutes.

NoPing apologize to their fans

NoPing Esports then apologized on their social media for the behaviour of their players. As both teams were on first place in the overall ranking, a tie breaker had to be played shortly after this weird incident. TP took the final series 2-0, which secured them the first place while bc finish second. Both organisations therefore are going to play at the WePlay AniMajor.

Not a traditional ragequit, but an anxiety attack

Having two players surrender in only one best-of-three is not your everyday Dota experience. This behaviour was especially surprising as it occurred in the Upper Division of the DPC and TP were the most dominant force throughout the league. Additionally, the games were broadcasted on Peruvian TV.

There is no official statement by Pandaboo so far. His teammate Farith 'Matthew-' Puente later gave an explanation during his stream. Matthew held his stream in Spanish, but Reddit-user Alv_31 summarised the main points in a thread.

Apparently, it was not a traditional ragequit by Panda and he did not leave out of anger. Instead, he had an anxiety attack, so the translation. The team was dumbfounded by his reaction and turned to him after he called gg. The player apparently apologized to them and stated that he is not able to continue playing, while being close to tears. During the team fight right before the disconnected, Panda made some gameplay mistakes and apparently felt overwhelmed.

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