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In order to promote and develope the American Dota2 scene, the Canada cup took place in June, coming to a close along with the end of the month. The cup featured 16 young teams from the American scene competing for a $450 grand prize, with the best-of-five grand finals being played between pe Denial eSports and us ROOT Gaming.

The Canada cup kicked off on June 15th featuring sixteen teams and total prize pool of $750. New tournaments and leagues, such as The American Dota League and the Canada cup, are giving a chance to a range of teams which have otherwise lacked a place to showcase their talents to compete and prove themselves.

The recently sponsored Denial (formerly Artyk Gaming) showed some really strong performance trough-out the cup, as we've come to expect of them after their good showings in other competitions they've taken part in recently. Taking br [b]Mtov[/b] in the first round of the cup as their opponents, Denial eSports had some rough time, but they managed to get trough it. They cleared their path to the grand final by wining over us [b]Typical Mistakes[/b] with a 2:0 clear victory.

ROOT Gaming on the other hand, had some easier time trough-out the whole cup. As the old ROOT team has disbanded, the team has been playing with several well known stand-ins such as de Dominik 'Black^' Reitmeier and us JingJun 'Sneyking' Wu , although it was all to no avail as Denial ultimately came out on top with a Divine Rapier Gyrocopter bringing them victory in the deciding fifth match of the series as they took it 3-2.