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The second season of the six regional DPC Leagues is soon about to end. Only a few matches are left to be played before the top teams advance to the WePlay AniMajor. Before the next stage gets initiated, let's take a look at the highlight plays of the past week.

GH's dad checks if his son is winning

Arkosh Gaming with big brain strategy how to deny the Ranged Creep

Nisha is a stone cold killer

New courier strategies incoming

flyfly gets a rampage 8 minutes in

BSJ completely roasts Na'Vi

Sneyking blocks Clockwerk with Force Staff

Wraith King doesn't seem to enjoy being tossed

Moon with the super quick Aegis snatch

Toss-buyback-bug in teamfight between EG and QC

Stinger misses the Aegis expiration by a whisker

Quinn pushes teammate into the perfect position

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