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One coach, two teams and a whole lot of drama: the recent fight between Alliance and OG brought up more issues. OG are said to have cancelled their scrims with the team while Alliance allegedly filed complaints against the broadcast team of the DPC. Note: If you want to contribute to the discussion, do so in a respectful manner.

The most recent drama between Alliance, OG and the ESL is still causing waves. According to [A] coach Peter 'ppd' Dager, OG cancelled all scrims against the team. Additionally, Alliance allegedly filed complaints against DPC panelists.

OG cancels scrims with Alliance

Despite the recent issue officially being resolved and openly discussed, there still is bad blood between the two organisations. TI-winner and trial coach ppd revealed in a Twitch-stream this Thursday that OG cancelled two sets of scrims against Alliance. He then went on to call out OG for unprofessional behaviour on their side. According to ppd, OG were around 20-30 minutes late for their latest scrim. For the set before that, they allegedly were late for over an hour as they messed up time zones.

Panel members allegedly received complaints

There is not only tension between players, panel members are also part of this discussion. In the most recent episode of the Side Pull Podcast, caster Austin 'TheCapitalist' Walsh shared that Alliance allegedly filed a complaint against himself and Jorien "Sheever" van der Heijden. This complaint is said to revolve around a post-match interview the two panelists had with Alliance midlaner Linus 'Limmp' Blomdin where they questioned him about ppd working with them, and the legal context behind that.

Cap further stated that allegedly, the management already filed a complaint with their bosses earlier about the show. This complaint is said to refer to Kyle 'Kyle' Freedman bantering against Alliance.

Alliance manager Jonathan 'Loda' Berg stated on Twitter that his organisation allegedly did not file an official complaint regarding talent predictions.

Cap further explained on Twitter, as well as during the podcast, that the panel did not have any ill intentions in their interview with Limmp. He expected that Limmp would have been able to answer all questions and did not want to make the team look bad.

What even happened to begin with?

A brief summary of the drama: In some of the most recent DPC21: S2 - WEU Upper Division games, Alliance's coach ppd joined the team during their matches. In the past, coaches had to leave after the draft and were not allowed to communicate any further with the players. ESL and DreamLeague changed these rules for their DPC divisions, which they announced to the participating teams via email. Not all organisations noticed this email and therefore, some players were unaware of the change.

This resulted in some members of OG calling out Alliance on Twitter, naming them cheaters. After a huge back-and-forth between the parties, the ESL eventually decided to revert the rules as this was also not coordinated with Valve. Alliance officially played according to the rules. OG still considered their behaviour unsportsmanlike as they wished that [A] would have communicated it to all teams that their coach will join them during games.

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