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The fifth installment of The Premier League, dubbed the "Mjollnir Cup", has come to an end, with three more cups to go before the playoffs. Up for grabs was not just 100 points for the standings, but also se The Alliance looking to make it their third TPL cup in a row. The next TPL Cup, called the "Daedalus Cup", will take place in a bit more than a week, starting at 14:00 CEST on Wednesday, July 10th.

Some highlights from the previous Mjollnir's Cup[/align]

It was another rough week for us Evil Geniuses, as after winning the first cup and then falling into a pattern of ending third, this was the first cup in which they failed to make it through their opening match, as de mousesports broke their two week drought of losing in the first round, they not only made it past EG but also ended up sending fr Quantic Gaming down into the third place decider this week, sa they made their way into the grand finals for the first time since their Reaver cup win.

Meanwhile The Alliance came out on top of ru Virtus.Pro, before defeating eu Fnatic.EU in another strong showing. This sent Fnatic up against Quantic, whom they defeated after a rough early game through superior teamfight execution as their tri-core strat payed dividends, allowing Fnatic to get back up one place in the rankings, setting their sights on overtaking VP next.

se The Alliance vs. de mousesports

Alliance had a strong early showing in the first game of the finals, but with de Dominik 'Black^' Reitmeier opting to go for the Battlefury on Alchemist, the returning champions felt the ticking timebomb coming, trying to force their early game advantage by picking up pushing orientated items and trying to siege early on, which backfired as mouz were able to get kills and get back into the game, only to lose the following extended teamfight, with Black going down twice and mouz losing both their mid and top Barracks. With Mega Creeps at 25 minutes, the Alliance took a convincing game one.

For the second game the Alliance went for a slightly surprisingly laning choice, sending a Gyrocopter and Windrunner dual lane against mouz trilane, but as they got the early kills with rotations from their safelane Nature's Prophet, they got the much better trades from the lanes and dominated much of the mid game. Once again the great farm of Black was their one concern, but as they had better lategame potential they were not as pressed to finish early, although they still made an ill adviced push a bit before the half hour mark.

This gave mouz some room to breathe, and kept the game going back and forth, with the Aliance claiming the top Barracks but slowly losing ground to the Anti-Mage and the ever slowly closing in Lone Druid, until Black got picked off without buyback at 48 minutes during a Roshan fight, costing them a second Barracks of the game. This caused Mouz to force a mid lane push which got rebuffed, and although they still kept the going for another 10 minutes, they eventually had to concede their defeat.

The Alliance defeat mousesports 2-0 and their third consecutive Premier League Season 5 cup.


se The Alliance - 350 Points
us Evil Geniuses - 190 Points
de mousesports - 180 Points
ru Virtus.Pro - 100 Points
eu Fnatic.EU - 80 Points
fr Quantic Gaming - 72 Points
eu Kaipi - 18 Points
ru RoX.KiS - 0 Points

Mjollnir Cup Grid