Will the Battle Pass be released soon?

posted by NanaKrustofski,
Can you feel it? The time of the year is slowly approaching... the Dota community is full of speculation surrounding this year's Battle Pass as it is expected to be released soon. Let's take a look at some rumours and theories about the 2021 compendium.

When will the new Battle Pass be released?

Valve has announced neither the upcoming date, nor if a pass is developed at all. But if we follow the traditions, it might come on 24 May. The DPC Leagues are still in full swing, the last play day is Sunday, 23 March for the DPC21: S2 - CN Upper Division. Last year's compendium was revealed on 25 May 2020, so the time frame would fit.

Will the Spectre Arcana finally drop?

With an amazing 27,475,258 votes, Spectre won last year's Arcana vote. This means her special skin should be available in the upcoming Battle Pass, but there is no confirmation yet. Reddit user D2live assembled a graphic with the past Arcana vote winner and how many days went by between the winning announcement and the actual release. The user also calculated that it has been 214 days since the announcement of the Spectre Arcana. Compared with the other heroes on the graphics, it is now time to drop the skin.

Fans also hope that the Arcana supports the theory of lore master Jake 'SirActionSlacks' Kenner that Spectre used to be Phantom Assassin until she lost her memory over time. If you have not yet watched that episode of Loregasm, we highly recommend you to do so.

Apart from the Spectre Arcana, there are also many speculations revolving around an upcoming special for Dragon Knight and Mirana. The two heroes were the protagonists in the Netflix show "DOTA: Dragon's Blood".

What's the story with the 40 million dollar prize pool from last year?

The next big question that Valve has yet to answer: what happens with the $40,018,195 that the community crowdfunded for the The International 2020? There is no information yet on the prize pool, as well as anything about The International 2021. In September last year, the developer explained that the world championship will most likely take place in Stockholm, Sweden in August 2021. Whether or not this is still the plan remains to be confirmed.

An upcoming TI in August also doesn't cover the question regarding the 40 million. There have been theories that Valve will invest the money into the DPC leagues, but so far, this does not seem to be the case. Another possibility is that they will add up the amount to the 2021 TI pot, doubling the prize pool. Another, rather unlikely theory is that this year's compendium does not come with an option to crowdfund the prize pool. They might simply include a pass with common rewards and few levels like other games, without the need to spend money to reach all tiers.

What do you hope to get with the new battle pass?

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