posted by NanaKrustofski,
There are many ways to excel in the Dota scene. Some have 200 IQ, others have a great sense of humour and some people bring just the right amount of salt to a roast. Luckily, we had all of it in the past DPC days, so enjoy some highlight clips!

ODPixel with some of the worst (best) puns

Team Unknown with the galaxy brain bait

Cheesy Arrow Gaming take the fastest tower in Dota history

Cap completely roasts Kyle

Scofield has some fun with his jetpack in the enemy base

Did you actually really think you could kill Topson?

Rubick play from 5up so well that it ends the game

33 ain't havin' it

Vici Gaming with a super clean wombo combo

If you ask politely, your wish is granted

Kuku snatches the Aegis aka remember to have a slot left when roshing

You invite ppd, you get a load of salt

Photo credit: ESL Twitch / Dota Pit Twitch