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Three weeks into the second DPC season, Valve released team profiles for the in-game client. Team bundles are still unavailable and unfortunately the profiles are not without mistakes. A new update has finally brought the team profiles for all current DPC participants to Dota 2. The in-game client now features an overview of every team including the players, the teams' upcoming matches in the DPC, standings and additional stats. However, fans are not too happy with the update as there are several mistakes regarding player information and stats. Additionally, the team bundles which were promised for the first DPC season are still missing.

Mistakes overshadow the profiles

Statsman Ben "Noxville" Steenhuisen pointed out some mistakes with the Alliance team profile as an example. Gustav 's4' Magnusson's join date is listed as November 2012. While the offlaner used to be part of the legendary [A] stack back in the day, he also left the organisation and played for other squads for several years. His official join date should therefore be April 2020. Carry Nikolay 'Nikobaby' Nikolov joined the team in 2018 according to the profile, while in reality, it was in October 2019 after The International. There are also issues with game stats as some of the previous match IDs are broken.

The team bundles which were supposed to be released around January should follow soon. Wykrhm Reddy tweeted the following: "Team profiles will not only provide a way for you to stay connected to your favorite teams, but they will also be an integral part of the upcoming fan content system that’s currently in the work."

The second and currently ongoing DPC season will come to an end around 20 May. There is not much time left for Valve to release the content so fans can actually support teams. It also remains unclear whether the teams from the first season who were eliminated or don't compete anymore will also have featured content.

Photo credit: Valve / Wykrhm Reddy