posted by Smyke,
Three-clicking opponents, teleporting with no life and getting dissed by Kyle. The second week of the DPC season 2 was filled with shenanigans and interesting plays. Let's enjoy some of the highlights!

Nisha's Beastmaster is out of control

Kyle continues his roast against Loda

Boom teleports with no life and surprisingly dies

ana does not care about Nikobaby at all

Eurus with the three-click-power

2021 luxury stream experience

Kuku is the real master in T1

Amazing teamfight between Neon and Boom

Kyle overwhelms Ramzes by asking to hang out

fn' vs re1bl 1on1 in the midlane

Jenkins knows how to sell a product

EternalEnvy with a breath-taking play

Aui ain't having it anymore

Chris Luck's Storm Spirit looks a bit weird

What was your highlight from the past DPC week?

Photo credit: Valve / DreamLeague stream