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Despite qualifying for the EMS One Summer LAN finals in Poland, ru RoX.KIS have decided to forgo their attendance due to travel complications from two of their players.
RoX.KIS will not be returning to Poland for EMS One Summer. Photo by: ESL

In the press release to, it states that two of RoX.KIS's players namely ru Vladimir 'yol' Basov and their new addition ru Maxim 'TpoH' Vernikov do not have valid passports for them to travel to Poland. The organization intially considered using a stand in stand-in for the event but decided against it as they had to replace two players instead of one which would be detrimental to their performance.

It is currently unknown who will be replacing them in Poland but it is likely that their replacement will be decided from the four team single elimination playoff bracket to decide the eighth team.

Eighth team decider match ups

These games will be played out tentatively on Monday and Tuesday of next week, with the exact times to be determined.

- rs iNfernity Gaming vs. ru
- fi Rat in the Dark vs. fr Imaginary Gaming

Statement by team manager ru Denis 'PoDoX' Pestrecov:

Hello everyone. As you may already know, our team was supposed to go to Poland with a stand-in. A couple of days before we won a qualifier we found out that two of our players' foreign passports are outdated (yol and TpoH). We were trying to solve this issue in the meantime, but we came across a rough truth. We don't have enough time to prepare the documents prior to the tournament. Moreover, Dread, as you may know as well, took a vacation. Therefore our management decided that going to the tournament with three stand-ins is just non-expedient.