Dawnbreaker - the new hero finally hits the server on patch 7.29

posted by Smyke,
It isn't a surprise to see Game Update 7.29 getting released today and also to see a new hero, but some changes might impact your upcoming Dota games. It's worth it to take a look at the patch notes! Let's talk about the new hero first: Her name is Dawnbreaker and she could have easily been a female Persona for Omniknight. The strength melee hero has four abilities including critical hits, stuns and an interesting relocation ultimate.

What changed apart from the new hero?

However, Dawnbreaker isn't the only "breaking" news in the patch, since Valve also implemented a lot of new changes.

  • Map changes

First of all, Valve introduced some updates for the map itself. Changing the location of the outposts was an integral part of the update. Also the warding game can variate in the future with the new ward spots.

  • Necronomicon removed

We're used to see a lot of changes for items, but to see impactful items getting removed always hits the professional scene hard. In this case, the removal of the Necronomicon will have a huge impact on how the offlane will be utilized in the upcoming DPC season.

  • Couriers no longer have vision when inside Roshan's pit

If you watched any game at the ONE Esports Singapore Major 2021 you'd have realized that couriers, especially in the late game, don't only bring items for their heroes, but also were used for spotting enemies in Rosh pit. By removing this vision, teams actually have to utilize their wards better to detect a Rosh fight before it's too late.

On top of that, IceFrog changed a bunch of heroes that could be more impactful in the future games. For more information about the patch check the official Dawnbreaker page.

What do you think about the changes? Which impact will the new hero have?