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The ONE Esports Singapore Major 2021 is facing criticism for having an unfair prize pool distribution. Despite showing a great performance through many series, some teams will go home without a single penny. The prize pool and DPC Points distribution of the ONE Esports Singapore Major 2021 is heavily criticised by the community and Dota personalities alike. From a total of 16 participants, the bottom eight teams will receive neither prize money nor DPC Points.

This is especially punishing regarding the tournament format. In theory, a team can play 24 games in the Wild Card and Group Stage, then lose the first series of the playoffs and get eliminated. Therefore, they receive $0 despite playing up to 27 games in the Major in total.

Congratz TP for playing so good, now face Team Secret!

Thunder Predator's performance is a good example of the unfair distribution. The South American squad fought their way through the Group Stage, finishing on an amazing 12-2 score. Their insanely promising potential could be crushed again very quickly though, as they were seeded against Team Secret in the playoffs. If they lose this series, drop to the Lower Bracket and lose another time, their 12-2 performance will not be rewarded.

It is also important to remember that teams pay travel expenses themselves. Several organisations were quite reluctant to travel to the Major during a pandemic due to safety and health concerns.

Current prize pool distribution:

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