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Valve announced a new hero to come in early 2021. Potentially, the character will come from the Netflix show Dragon's Blood which has its premiere on 25 March. With the dawn of the new Netflix anime Dragon's Blood, fans speculate what other tricks Valve has up their sleeves. While many hope for a revamped new player experience in-game, there also is the theory of a the 121st hero entering the scene.

In a Dota Blog update from October 2020, Valve teased the next hero to come soon: "We know the community tends to expect new heroes in the fall each year (usually released around November sometime). We are currently aiming for end of November for a new hero release, followed by more that are spread throughout next year with the next one in the first quarter next year."

The blog post noted a new hero will be released in the first quarter of 2021. Fittingly, the Netflix show will start airing on 25 March and therefore would be the perfect moment to further increase the hype and attraction for the game.

Can we soon play the goddess of the moon herself?

However, there is no official statement from Valve on the rumours so far. With the classic "Valve-time" aka a usually high delay between the announced release date and the actual release, we might still have to wait for the new hero to come. Additionally, hints for Dragon's Blood were already shown during the The International 2019 Battle Pass. If Valve initially planned an earlier premiere for the anime, the new hero that was announced for early 2021 might not have been linked to the Netflix show.

Nonetheless, there is a possibility for the 121st character to conquer Dota soon. Fans theorise that it might by Selemene herself, the goddess of the moon. In the anime trailer, it is said that "when he lays the flowers on the earth, she will return". The lotus flowers have been laid down already, as they appeared in-game around the river recently. It is however questionable whether Valve really wants to include a deity as a playable character or if they rather keep them separate from their followers, such as Luna or Mirana.

REDACTED: Dragon's Blood creator posts more hints

Another hint was dropped by Ashley Edward Miller, one of the creators of Dragon's Blood. He recently tweeted about the show's voice actors, including a mysterious tweet about JB Blanc. All information were teased with a simple "REDACTED". JB Blanc would obviously voice a male character and he also has a rather deep and rough voice. Most common hero theories don't fit into that, so we might even get a completely unexpected addition to the game.

There also is a list of potential candidates from the Artifact universe. The game has 14 heroes that are not yet part of Dota 2, so Valve could easily implement one of them as well.

What do you think, who could be the next hero?

Selemene artwork: Marry Mind
Photo credit: Netflix