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Fans have already collected over $25,000 for Jake 'SirActionSlacks' Kenner's project. The content creator aims to create a tutorial for new players who discover the game through the upcoming Dota 2 Netflix anime. If the Dota 2 community has one special skill, it's crowdfunding: over $25,000 have already been raised for Jake 'SirActionSlacks' Kenner's indigogo campaign. The host and content creator aims to create a special tutorial for new players, tailored to the viewers of the upcoming Dota 2 Netflix anime Dragon's Blood.

The collected money goes to the modders who are creating the actual tutorial. There are also volunteers who offered to localize and translate the project.

Slacks already gave a first sneak peek into the tutorial where newbies play as Dragon Knight himself. The tutorial is still work in progress since the team only has one month in total to complete the entire tutorial until the anime starts airing on March 25.

A chance to attract and keep new fans?

Valve apparently has been working on their Netflix show for a long time, as first hints were already teased in the The International 2019 battle pass. The community expects a wave of new players to test the game after the anime is released.

Dota 2 is currently still struggling with a declining player count. The experience for new players has been criticised for years, as a lack of well-written tutorials and encounters with toxic parts of the community quickly discourage potential new fans.

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