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With Valve's new Dota series on Netflix, the community expects new players to enter the game. SirActionSlacks is on a mission to create a tutorial to keep these players interested. Despite establishing one of the biggest esports scenes with Dota 2, Valve has faced large criticism over the past years. One of the main points from the community is the lack of advertisement for the MOBA, and therefore a lack of new players coming to the game. The other major point is that even if new players find their way to Dota, they quickly leave again due to being overwhelmed right at the start. The new player experience is horrible, to say the least, for many. The MOBA is extremely complex, there is not much guidance from Valve, strangers will flame and report you in your first pub just because you don't know what to do.

Sure, some people keep rolling and fight through. But for a lot of new players, why should they even open the game again if it's no fun?

SirActionSlacks' master-plan

With Valve working on a special Dota 2 series on Netflix which arrives in March, the community is now expecting a potential giant wave of new players. While some hope that the developer will revamp their in-game tutorials themselves, others made a call to action themselves. Namely: Jake 'SirActionSlacks' Kenner.

The host and content creator posted a video last Sunday titled "COMMUNITY CALL TO ARMS: LET'S MAKE A DOTA 2 TUTORIAL". Slacks explains his plan to create a tutorial specifically for the viewers of the Netflix show to get them off to the best start possible. He states that most people start playing because they were invited by a friend who could explain the basics to them. And to further improve, most players watch third party content like Purge's videos.

Slacks further explains that a single tutorial cannot cover all aspects. Instead, it needs to make the player excited enough to learn more about the game themselves. As he plans a community-made tutorial, there can be links to third-party content like a Discord server for newbies or Tusnami's website for further tips and so on.

Entry into Dota does not have to be so difficult

YouTuber YodiBrodi happened to release a video earlier this February where he personally guided players through their very first steps. The video has received great feedback, and many viewers commented they it gave them the confidence to try Dota for the first time.

For newbies who don't have a friend to coach them, listening to content creators teach other beginners the game can be crucial. However, they will only find these videos if they have the interest to actively search for them. A new player experience directly in-game that shares third-party content could reach more beginners and guide them through their first matches.

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