posted by Smyke,
Two teams left the DPC EU Lower Division this week due to suspicion of match-fixing and rule breaking. Tournament organiser DreamHack disqualified free stack burjui from the DPC21: S1 - EU Lower Division on 17 February.

The team requested to replace a player, but has already used a substitute. Under special circumstances such as medical emergencies, the transfer is allowed if the team sends in the required proof. Burjui claimed a case of COVID-19 and provided a positive test.

As the members contradicted themselves, DreamHack started an investigation where they found out that the test was forged. Burjui was disqualified and all their matches were voided, giving their opponents default wins.

On 16 February, Meta4Pro decided to withdraw from the DPC21: S1 - EU Lower Division as they suspected one of their players of match-fixing. The team launched an internal investigation and voluntarily left the tournament. This resulted in all their matches being forfeited. It is not known which player is the suspected culprit.

The announcement sparked a discussion about the prize pool distribution in the scene. In the current system, the bottom two teams of the Lower Division will not get any money at all, despite playing for six weeks. Payment starts at sixth place, who will see $7,000.

Photo credit: Valve / stove_d