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Three out of six weeks in the DPC Leagues have been played, meaning half the fun is already over. These are the top teams which would make it to the Major at this point if they can keep their current position.


To the surprise of basically nobody, Team Secret are in first place in Europe. The team stands on top with a 8-1 score, meaning they have lost only one of their games.

The winner of this match was Tundra Esports who are currently in fourth place. This would grant them a chance in the Major Wild Card if they can hold their position.

Secret still has to play against Alliance and OG, the other two teams that currently have the key to the Major, and High Coast Esports who are at the bottom.


China has four slots for the Major – and four top teams that sit right next to each other. Team Aster are leading with a 6-1 score, being one of the two squads to make it to the top despite not having a direct invite.

Their crown is in danger however, as Invictus Gaming and Vici Gaming are both close behind with a 6-2 score. PSG.LGD is waiting around the corner as well with a 6-4 result.

Southeast Asia

There is a new sheriff in town and he's called OB Esports x Neon. The Filipino team is still on top of the ranking with a 8 victories and 3 losses. However, they are still to battle the usual favourite of the region: Fnatic. The organisation is currently in second place and will brawl with Neon on 18 February. Neon is the second top team across all regions to not have received a direct invite and had to fight their way through the qualifiers.

TNC Predator are in third place with 5-5 at the moment, which means they would be eligible to make it to the Major if they can keep their position. T1 and BOOM Esports are right on their heels with a 5-6 score, so there might be changes coming rapidly.


CIS has three tickets for the Major to share. Currently, and Natus Vincere are first in line to get theirs. VP brought a flawless 8-0 score and Na'Vi only lost one of their games, resulting in a 8-1.

Their next series will be against Team Spirit and Live to Win respectively. Being the third and fourth teams in the ranking, these matches can turn around the standings and chances to make it to the Major quite quickly.

North America

As expected by most, Evil Geniuses are at the top of the ranking. With their 8-2 score, it seems unlikely that they will miss their entry to the Major. EG's new offlaner Daryl Koh 'iceiceice' Pei Xiang seems to have found his way into the team's playstyle quickly. He played 9 different heroes in the 10 games and brings a consistently high farm and KDA – not a surprise for a player of his calibre, but still a great performance for his first tournament in a new team.

NA's second slot for the Major is still heavily contested, so every single game victory in the upcoming matches counts.

South America

beastcoast seem to have this one in the bag. The Peruvian squad has had a flawless run so far with eight matches won and zero losses. Their next encounter is against Infamous on 10 February.

SA has two slots for the upcoming Major. Runners-up are currently SG e-sports. As several series still remain, they might be pushed down from their second place.

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