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This week's Position 6 guest is Enzo 'Timado' Gianoli. The carry player talked about his experience of switching to the North American region, how the team got together, effective communication and how draining Dota 2 can be. Timado is a 20-year-old Peruvian player who is currently part of Undying. The team fought their way through the qualifiers to the DPC21: S1 - NA Upper Division. With a flawless 4-0 score, the squad is currently in second place in the standings.

Different region, different language and playstyle

As a Peruvian player, Timado previously played for South American teams. The change to NA was challenging at first for him, as he could no longer communicate in Spanish but had to overcome the language barrier. He states that since communication is key, it was an important element, but he was able to overcome the issues quickly. Playing with an NA stack is a great experience for him, as the team also has a different playstyle:

It's a mix between NA's greed, because NA has always been very greedy, and European's active pressure.

The hard sides of being a Dota player

Timado also talked about the draining parts of playing Dota professionally. Being a captain was especially exhausting for him. While he enjoyed the experience and could grow from it, it started to become too much as he was responsible for four other people and himself. Also, performance can have a huge impact on well-being. He explains that it hit him pretty hard when he missed The International 2019. He had a lot of pressure going into the qualifiers as he previously made it to TI at only 16-years old. He felt more and more stressed about the game and stopped enjoying it – and even thought about giving it up completely.

That pressure of having achieved stuff so easily already in my career made me play worse.

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