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We all have one goal in mind when it comes to Dota 2: git gud. If you are a support player, you can now climb MMR with the help of two high-skill players. YouTuber and caster Bowie (6.6k) and Mangus (7.7k) created the guide "How to suck less as a support" with general info and tips on how to become a better support player. The guide covers topics such as warding, where you should move at which time and scenario, the right pulling and stacking, trading and much more.

You can read the entire guide for free on Dropbox.

Pub players often invest thousands of hours in Dota, but still always swing around the same mmr – because they do the same things over and over again. Bowie knows some of the most common mistakes that support player always run into, and where they can easily improve. When starting the game, most people play without having a plan beforehand. There are many questions to consider, such as:

"First: Can your carry secure ranged creep last hits? If you're Riki + Grimstroke against a Viper + Leshrac it's quite scary for your carry to get them. So instead of trying some yolo lvl 1 plays with your E you should probably learn Q and secure ranged creeps for your carry.
Second: Should you block the large camp? If the enemy pushes really hard and you don't which is the case of this lane then you should probably block it. Then, should you block it with your body or Ward?"

The right preparation before and during the laning stage is key.

"If you can get into the mindset of always asking the right questions you will mitigate a lot of mistakes because you're guiding your actions by logic and not feel"

Will there be guides for other positions?

But what if you're no support main – or you actually despise playing position 4 or 5? Well, then you can and should learn a lot from this guide anyway.

"Everyone that is not 7.5k MMR has to role queue. If you don't really try and up your support game, then 20% of your games are now decided on luck. If you have a 55% winrate when you play core but you have a 30% winrate because you don't care about playing support, you effectively have a 50% winrate overall. This means you will never grow your MMR. By getting better as a support you increase your chances of climbing and also become better at playing core since as a carry you can now point out things your supports might not know. As a carry you depend on your 5 a lot and if you gather the correct knowledge you can influence your lane by being nice to him."

And what if you want to improve your knowledge about other roles? Bowie plans to write guides for every position, and also ideally include pro players in the process. Even the author himself learned a lot of things while working on the support guide:

"One thing that completely changed the way I play support and Dota in general is the section on trading and warding small and large camp. Knowing what you need to block and when as well as identifying exactly what type of lane you're dealing with were game changers for me."

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