jDL EU #16: |H| vs. WLVS

2019-07-29 20:00 CEST
Playday 1


two games
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      Time User Action Details
      The Artist-- (Team 1) score_report 1:1
      qqwqqp (Team 2) score_report 1:1
      Sleep Well (Team 2) lineup_player_ready
      (Team 2) lineup_player_ready
      Naexs (Team 2) lineup_player_ready
      qqwqqp (Team 2) lineup_player_ready
      fonqufey (Team 1) lineup_player_ready
      MyrC (Team 1) lineup_player_ready
      naisusfq (Team 1) lineup_player_ready
      ShoNe52 (Team 1) lineup_player_ready
      aLT3cigan (Team 1) lineup_player_ready
      ShoNe52 (Team 2) hosting_submit Luxembourg, H vs WLVS
      The Artist-- (Team 1) lineup_submit 1262980:fonqufey, 269947:MyrC, 733241:naisusfq, 1427271:ShoNe52, 1458199:aLT3cigan
      qqwqqp (Team 2) lineup_submit 465909:Sleep Well, 140780:Tarfalgar, 842701:qqwqqp, 918967:Naexs, 853829:gadden
      Drakolych (admin) change_status Manually adjusted status to upcoming
      Drakolych (admin) change_time Manually adjusted time to 2019-07-29 20:00 +0200
      System (admin) lineup_missing Both teams have not submitted a lineup in time, match closed