jDL EU #16: ENEMY vs. BG

2019-07-30 20:00 CEST
Playday 1
Team "ENEMY"


two games
Babos Gaming


      Logs (17)
      Time User Action Details
      Drakolych (admin) change_score_status Manually adjusted score to 0:2 and status to finished.
      System (Team 1) lineup_notready The lineup of team 1 was not ready in time, default win for opponent
      Pandacherttv (Team 1) lineup_player_ready
      XoaKuH (Team 1) lineup_player_ready
      H0Pe. (Team 2) lineup_player_ready
      RememberDisturbed (Team 2) lineup_player_ready
      Snoog (Team 2) lineup_player_ready
      VERDICTx (Team 1) lineup_player_ready
      VERDICTx (Team 1) hosting_submit Luxembourg, face
      reazN (Team 2) lineup_player_ready
      V I I (Team 2) lineup_player_ready
      Asunnaaa (Team 1) lineup_player_ready
      H0Pe. (Team 2) lineup_submit 1260280:H0Pe., 468769:reazN, 1097799:RememberDisturbed, 471531:V I I, 636723:Snoog
      XoaKuH (Team 1) lineup_submit 1378763:Asunnaaa, 1437855:johnnupro, 1479557:Pandacherttv, 1344318:VERDICTx, 1361450:XoaKuH
      Drakolych (admin) change_time Manually adjusted time to 2019-07-30 20:00 +0200
      Drakolych (admin) change_status Manually adjusted status to upcoming
      System (admin) lineup_missing Both teams have not submitted a lineup in time, match closed