jDL AM #13: DTPod vs. RG

2018-07-22 22:00 CEST
best of three
Resistance Gaming


      Logs (9)
      Time User Action Details
      System (Team 2) lineup_notready The lineup of team 2 was not ready in time, default win for opponent
      Schertz (Team 1) hosting_submit US East, DTPod
      uraniumheart (Team 1) lineup_player_ready
      Braydo (Team 1) lineup_player_ready
      Schertz (Team 1) lineup_player_ready
      OldManDireTimes (Team 1) lineup_player_ready
      meanderthal (Team 1) lineup_player_ready
      Schertz (Team 1) lineup_submit 1344003:Braydo, 1342938:meanderthal, 1342857:OldManDireTimes, 1342824:Schertz, 1341222:uraniumheart
      Micromantic (Team 2) lineup_submit 671435:Mirshock, 343897:Raykill, 519331:tiempo, 1269022:S2Bringer, 472313:MSH.