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Signup incomplete (1377)

TeamSignup status
Rape Them All RO Rape Them All Participating
rox.KIS RU rox.KIS Participating KZ Participating
Fusion Gaming Europe EU Fusion Gaming Europe Participating
Brb mouse battery TR Brb mouse battery Participating
Domination Gaming SE Domination Gaming Participating
Dacii Liberi RO Dacii Liberi Participating
Phoenix Rising EU Phoenix Rising Participating
Flying Frying Frogs JO Flying Frying Frogs Participating
Vhoul Assassins EU Vhoul Assassins Participating
Team Empire RU Team Empire Participating
MAD SE MAD Participating
Schoenes Ding DE Schoenes Ding Participating
Wow AT Wow Participating
Bravado Gaming ZA Bravado Gaming Participating
Cloud 9 WORLD Cloud 9 Participating
Wired gaming LB Wired gaming Participating
2 advanced Players AT 2 advanced Players Participating
The Scourge MG The Scourge Participating
Fnatic EU Fnatic Participating
FlipSideTactics RU FlipSideTactics Participating
UrsaStroitHram RU UrsaStroitHram Participating
aSpera RU aSpera Participating
Team CrayC EU Team CrayC Participating
K1ck eSports Club PT K1ck eSports Club Participating EU Participating
Green Town EU Green Town Participating
Grow uP Gaming.Crimson PT Grow uP Gaming.Crimson Participating
Modchip Gaming SE Modchip Gaming Participating
Against All Odds||Juke`M ZA Against All Odds||Juke`M Participating
Batsy+4 TR Batsy+4 Participating
In Consideration SK In Consideration Participating
Against All Odds ZA Against All Odds Participating
Kawaii^ DK Kawaii^ Participating
Młyn Totalny PL Młyn Totalny Participating
Nakama GR Nakama Participating
Scary RU Scary Participating
New Wave RS New Wave Participating
- INSTINCT - FR - INSTINCT - Participating
The.Panthers DE The.Panthers Participating
Laser Sharks DE Laser Sharks Participating
Central of Fear TR Central of Fear Participating
Johnson's Cotton Buds UK Johnson's Cotton Buds Participating
Ett lag SE Ett lag Participating
Longest Clan Name Tag Ever Created By Man DK Longest Clan Name Tag Ever Created By Man Participating
Aachen 5 International DE Aachen 5 International Participating
Hamster Tamers HUN Hamster Tamers Participating
Keep Out! PT Keep Out! Participating
We want peace MK We want peace Participating
Knights Of The Round Table GB Knights Of The Round Table Participating
Linknet MK Linknet Participating
Team Infused GB Team Infused Participating
Semper Sursum EU Semper Sursum Participating
GIGOLOs From Heaven HUN GIGOLOs From Heaven Participating
New Meta ES New Meta Participating
Exalted RO Exalted Participating
Space Catz SE Space Catz Participating
ReSpectre SE ReSpectre Participating
Shut The Puck Up SE Shut The Puck Up Participating
Estraverse Gaming EE Estraverse Gaming Participating
WeAreNoobs FI WeAreNoobs Participating
your_family CZ your_family Participating
036 Represent SE 036 Represent Participating
DukeFuzzyWuzzy's Legion GB DukeFuzzyWuzzy's Legion Participating
Fantastic Kids RO Fantastic Kids Participating
Goldkinder DE Goldkinder Participating
dGamerz SK dGamerz Participating
Kitchen Crew EU Kitchen Crew Participating
Venomouz SE Venomouz Participating
Clackplz EU Clackplz Participating
For Scotland! TR For Scotland! Participating
DnO+3 PL DnO+3 Participating
Alive DE Alive Participating
Ancient Raping Team RO Ancient Raping Team Participating
We haz Turk DE We haz Turk Participating
Bazanti SK Bazanti Participating
BirkieBoys NL BirkieBoys Participating
Force HR Force Participating
 Team Lappen DE Team Lappen Participating
Moosesports DE Moosesports Participating
Over a Barrel GB Over a Barrel Participating
Broken Kebab Bungee SE Broken Kebab Bungee Participating
Passion to Kill RO Passion to Kill Participating
GamersLeague EU GamersLeague Participating
Sharkwave EE Sharkwave Participating
Bi Polar Bears GB Bi Polar Bears Participating
Red Panda Lifting CH Red Panda Lifting Participating
MeetYourMakers DK MeetYourMakers Participating
Big Plays Incorporated TR Big Plays Incorporated Participating
exeXtop CZ exeXtop Participating
Noobz aRe Us RO Noobz aRe Us Participating
ro0t systEm GE ro0t systEm Participating
Cleave RU Cleave Participating
Team Boss GR Team Boss Participating
Can`t Describe RU Can`t Describe Participating
Keep Calm Gaming UA Keep Calm Gaming Participating
Fortuna Internation GB Fortuna Internation Participating
Mönsterås Guerilla SE Mönsterås Guerilla Participating
Ganking Bastards DE Ganking Bastards Participating
KnightS* EU KnightS* Participating
#loyft DE #loyft Participating
GeneralZE RU GeneralZE Participating
Clan Crazy UK Clan Crazy Participating
Team Moriarty RO Team Moriarty Participating
Erstmal Reinfahren DE Erstmal Reinfahren Participating
TFK Gaming MY TFK Gaming Participating
Aposis Gaming NO Aposis Gaming Participating
Hell Raiders CZ Hell Raiders Participating
Fail on the horizon RU Fail on the horizon Participating
GGBoys HR GGBoys Participating
KillingSyndrome EU KillingSyndrome Participating
EasternEuropeStyle HR EasternEuropeStyle Participating
AgainSt RU AgainSt Participating
|Optimum| RO |Optimum| Participating
Majestic SE Majestic Participating
Team Roadster TR Team Roadster Participating
Big5M BA Big5M Participating
Nead Gen RU Nead Gen Participating
Dog´s Team EU Dog´s Team Participating
AegisLegends DE AegisLegends Participating
KnownFor EG KnownFor Participating
Super Special Awesome Bunch EU Super Special Awesome Bunch Participating
hufflepuff PL hufflepuff Participating
Greetings and Salutations PL Greetings and Salutations Participating
fiveSTARS! RO fiveSTARS! Participating
No Ride GB No Ride Participating
AllQ DE AllQ Participating
iQuit-Gaming DE iQuit-Gaming Participating
JustForFun DE JustForFun Participating
Deuster Gaming DE Deuster Gaming Participating
Berzerk Gaming ZA Berzerk Gaming Participating
Genuine.D2 ME Genuine.D2 Participating
Bros with Benefits SE Bros with Benefits Participating
Kappa Gaming RO Kappa Gaming Participating
Cafard Gaming FR Cafard Gaming Participating
Eazy Katka Gaming PL Eazy Katka Gaming Participating
Brave Fat Men DK Brave Fat Men Participating
FluffyUnicorns DE FluffyUnicorns Participating
Klarkommen ist Luxus DE Klarkommen ist Luxus Participating
Whambulance SE Whambulance Participating
Team Awesome Gaming WORLD Team Awesome Gaming Participating
The [H]orde RS The [H]orde Participating
VitaminD5 RO VitaminD5 Participating
Bananas in Pyjamas DE Bananas in Pyjamas Participating
Nad Wisłą Gaming PL Nad Wisłą Gaming Participating
Java SE Java Participating
Mud Golems DK Mud Golems Participating
Destructive Gaming DE Destructive Gaming Participating
Team Božkov SK Team Božkov Participating
Tempus Fugit GR Tempus Fugit Participating
One2Three4Seven DE One2Three4Seven Participating
RoyalsUK GB RoyalsUK Participating
Some Random Slackers ZA Some Random Slackers Participating
Metatrone FR Metatrone Participating
Mortifera HR Mortifera Participating
Jovens Unidos Num Ideal PT Jovens Unidos Num Ideal Participating
Ascention EU Ascention Participating
Sheeps will own you DE Sheeps will own you Participating
silkeborg SE silkeborg Participating
Baltica Gaming PL Baltica Gaming Participating
NikoTeam TR NikoTeam Participating
NeoGenesis DE NeoGenesis Participating
Ta ma de DK Ta ma de Participating
Flying Meatball SE Flying Meatball Participating
Bring Me Some Pie GB Bring Me Some Pie Participating
Aloha Gaming DE Aloha Gaming Participating
Chillhop Gaming NL Chillhop Gaming Participating
Midnight Future CZ Midnight Future Participating
TechiesSoloMid DE TechiesSoloMid Participating
AEP.No Brood DE AEP.No Brood Participating
Feeders Elite UK Feeders Elite Participating
Unity IR Unity Participating
The Dire ES The Dire Participating
Fever Dota RS Fever Dota Participating
Infinity Gaming International ZA Infinity Gaming International Participating
Ex.Treme Gaming MN Ex.Treme Gaming Participating
Total Fatal Error HUN Total Fatal Error Participating
Darkstorm GB Darkstorm Participating
Kappa_Gaming EU Kappa_Gaming Participating
Podkoni a Zak CZ Podkoni a Zak Participating
Allahu Akbar SK Allahu Akbar Participating
Jaeger Comppany 2/13 FI Jaeger Comppany 2/13 Participating
Dirty Ghetto Kids EU Dirty Ghetto Kids Participating
Muki PL Muki Participating
The Brokemon GB The Brokemon Participating
PowerRangers BY PowerRangers Participating
SlotMachine.DotA DE SlotMachine.DotA Participating
Daily Rush Casuals DK Daily Rush Casuals Participating
Primitive Players CZ Primitive Players Participating
Wombat Gaming DE Wombat Gaming Participating
Radio Crisis GE Radio Crisis Participating
Selena Gomez Fanclub SE Selena Gomez Fanclub Participating
Divide Et Impera PL Divide Et Impera Participating
emfgaming RU emfgaming Participating
AlbumSheet UA AlbumSheet Participating
ludemus ergo sumus DE ludemus ergo sumus Participating
Cede Nullis RO Cede Nullis Participating
nubskwad clan HUN nubskwad clan Participating
Choke Gaming UK Choke Gaming Participating
zero Gaming - zero fun, zero skill, zero sense AT zero Gaming - zero fun, zero skill, zero sense Participating
Hodor&Friends PL Hodor&Friends Participating
The Ice Cream Machine GB The Ice Cream Machine Participating
Saba Chala CZ Saba Chala Participating
Hrvatska Cyber Liga HR Hrvatska Cyber Liga Participating
Green Guitar EG Green Guitar Participating
Harlequins Esport DE Harlequins Esport Participating
Rychlá Dota CZ Rychlá Dota Participating
-KATOK- UA -KATOK- Participating
PizzaGaming DE PizzaGaming Participating
Wombat Action DE Wombat Action Participating
Team Ironside GB Team Ironside Participating
Lennschen&Partner DE Lennschen&Partner Participating
PsyChoPunCh DE PsyChoPunCh Participating
GemTD11 ES GemTD11 Participating
die "SOCHN" AT die "SOCHN" Participating
Team FUG DE Team FUG Participating
Dire Strats EU Dire Strats Participating
bejbe bejbe RS bejbe bejbe Participating
Vardagslyx Gaming SE Vardagslyx Gaming Participating
Everything is Taken AE Everything is Taken Participating
Team Mansouri SA Team Mansouri Participating
Duality e-sports IT Duality e-sports Participating
The Nonsensical TR The Nonsensical Participating
Desu Free Lose RU Desu Free Lose Participating
DarkPudgerS CZ DarkPudgerS Participating
Top Banter Average Skill UK Top Banter Average Skill Participating
Immortals.RO Gaming RO Immortals.RO Gaming Participating
Shark Attack! DE Shark Attack! Participating
GOOMBA Gaming DE GOOMBA Gaming Participating
CounterHelix RU CounterHelix Participating
zeriouz buzinezz IS zeriouz buzinezz Participating
JPPAR! SK JPPAR! Participating
Team Træls DK Team Træls Participating
TeamCyber SE TeamCyber Participating
Not White-ass-honkies GB Not White-ass-honkies Participating
Da Starkz PL Da Starkz Participating
FuckMyLane FI FuckMyLane Participating
OxBros EU OxBros Participating
NRAGED RU NRAGED Participating
Rat Doto Bad Doto CZ Rat Doto Bad Doto Participating
Organizacija Ludilo ME Organizacija Ludilo Participating
Image GB Image Participating
Di3t3r DE Di3t3r Participating
Moscow Five RU Moscow Five Participating
Kawaii Gamers Bro IT Kawaii Gamers Bro Participating
Kragens Krigere DK Kragens Krigere Participating
Horsb Reading FI Horsb Reading Participating
Drunken Swedish Brawlers SE Drunken Swedish Brawlers Participating
#Yoloswag russia SE #Yoloswag russia Participating
Fabulous 5 DK Fabulous 5 Participating
Gigantic Cog Defenders UK Gigantic Cog Defenders Participating
Priboj RS Priboj Participating
Jukeson 5 EU Jukeson 5 Participating
electric DE electric Participating
Decerto Gaming HR Decerto Gaming Participating
Gangsterski Paradajz HR Gangsterski Paradajz Participating
durkadoter UK durkadoter Participating
Squiddy + 4 GB Squiddy + 4 Participating
Angry Balkan Beavers NO Angry Balkan Beavers Participating
The Wew Lads GB The Wew Lads Participating
Team EUropean Love'Story EU Team EUropean Love'Story Participating
FreibergerZ DE FreibergerZ Participating
Paulin Taikakaulin FI Paulin Taikakaulin Participating
Amox DE Amox Participating
LoserPartyBus DE LoserPartyBus Participating
Pobesnele Gliste RS Pobesnele Gliste Participating
Bezumie RU Bezumie Participating
Cioted PL Cioted Participating
Horizon GB Horizon Participating
No Logic Gaming DE No Logic Gaming Participating
DrunkenDwarves CZ DrunkenDwarves Participating
Scrofulous CZ Scrofulous Participating
Shared Tango Gaming powered by RMK EE Shared Tango Gaming powered by RMK Participating
GSpot RO GSpot Participating
Otakustack DE Otakustack Participating
Face in Tube RU Face in Tube Participating
Next to Normal NL Next to Normal Participating
DiesDasGeschäfte DE DiesDasGeschäfte Participating
Team stardust* DE Team stardust* Participating
BubbleBlowers SE BubbleBlowers Participating
Not Bad Pick PL Not Bad Pick Participating
Emma Watson's Fun Club UA Emma Watson's Fun Club Participating
Team Nexuss SK Team Nexuss Participating
Vildabrax SE Vildabrax Participating
nenapobedky BY nenapobedky Participating
Froody GB Froody Participating
Rhasta Pasta Gaming SE Rhasta Pasta Gaming Participating
The Reapers NO The Reapers Participating
nAs WORLD nAs Participating
LATEX PT LATEX Participating
Goodfellas RO Goodfellas Participating
Raisin Autism FI Raisin Autism Participating
Broken Condom Children AT Broken Condom Children Participating
Vi | Rus RU Vi | Rus Participating
MamaligaGaming MD MamaligaGaming Participating
Din Far Gaming DK Din Far Gaming Participating
Bastion Gaming RU Bastion Gaming Participating
European Allstars DE European Allstars Participating
qq EU qq Participating
KeiTch*Gaming DE KeiTch*Gaming Participating
einfall RU einfall Participating
Surprise TR Surprise Participating
Nameless Knights CZ Nameless Knights Participating
Lunatics PL Lunatics Participating
On Botte des Culs FR On Botte des Culs Participating
Pure Volki Hate DE Pure Volki Hate Participating KZ Participating
Bird's the word RU Bird's the word Participating
Velbloudi bez Hrbu CZ Velbloudi bez Hrbu Participating
Elegant Chaos GB Elegant Chaos Participating
BluTnacht DE BluTnacht Participating
London Conspiracy GR London Conspiracy Participating
Monkey+4Zookeepers CZ Monkey+4Zookeepers Participating
Naughty Pigs SE Naughty Pigs Participating
the dota association of niger EU the dota association of niger Participating
Kraut Nein! DE Kraut Nein! Participating
Darkside-Emperors RO Darkside-Emperors Participating
Noobick GB Noobick Participating
Cechi +4 CZ Cechi +4 Participating
Evil Robots IT Evil Robots Participating
TEAM:B DE TEAM:B Participating
Team Kraftfeld DE Team Kraftfeld Participating
Defectum Besel TR Defectum Besel Participating
Moral och Taktik SE Moral och Taktik Participating
Go Beyond The Game GB Go Beyond The Game Participating
Complete Runecontrol EU Complete Runecontrol Participating
Shiny Orb Express IE Shiny Orb Express Participating DE Participating
Adorable GamerS CZ Adorable GamerS Participating
The Galactic Waldis DE The Galactic Waldis Participating
Eorlingas EU Eorlingas Participating
RiztiQ EE RiztiQ Participating
Team Jegaley DE Team Jegaley Participating
CiAy UA CiAy Participating RU Participating
KoshkinDom UA KoshkinDom Participating
UEYBEK-Gaming RU UEYBEK-Gaming Participating
ARX.Dota EU ARX.Dota Participating
Materiale RO Materiale Participating
Ancient Gears TR Ancient Gears Participating
Affenjungs DE Affenjungs Participating
Darkness Abyssus IT Darkness Abyssus Participating
Teenage Mutant Power Rangers EU Teenage Mutant Power Rangers Participating
Pen15 CZ Pen15 Participating
no life no skill PL no life no skill Participating
mYinsanity  sensei e-frag RS mYinsanity sensei e-frag Participating
Bakeneko-Gaming DE Bakeneko-Gaming Participating
Team Ignis TR Team Ignis Participating
There she is SE There she is Participating
VidOcean CZ VidOcean Participating EU Participating
GFN CZ GFN Participating
Family of Harmony DE Family of Harmony Participating
Reason Gaming GB Reason Gaming Participating
I touch my teammates DE I touch my teammates Participating
League of Extraordinary Gamers SE League of Extraordinary Gamers Participating
RabbidGaming EU RabbidGaming Participating
Veritas Virtus Libertas EU Veritas Virtus Libertas Participating
Iwatobi Highschool SE Iwatobi Highschool Participating
Austrian Dota Association AT Austrian Dota Association Participating
hehe united BT hehe united Participating
White Noise EU White Noise Participating
At least we tried CH At least we tried Participating
Rise Of Ancients RU Rise Of Ancients Participating
SicariiUltionis EU SicariiUltionis Participating
choppie BY choppie Participating
Power of improvement CZ Power of improvement Participating
Division Of Justice EU Division Of Justice Participating
Vae Victis IT Vae Victis Participating
Attalos GR Attalos Participating
easy mofuca RU easy mofuca Participating
inferus Viriditas NL inferus Viriditas Participating
Mursut FI Mursut Participating
Happy Times SE Happy Times Participating
mmpripps SE mmpripps Participating
Wip3out RO Wip3out Participating
Decietful Ruselords DK Decietful Ruselords Participating
TrollVaders TR TrollVaders Participating
Patient Gaming GE Patient Gaming Participating
Necropholyte TR Necropholyte Participating
bläckfläck SE bläckfläck Participating
Nuclear Zone AL Nuclear Zone Participating
Vengeance eSports e.V. DE Vengeance eSports e.V. Participating
Suaberka PL Suaberka Participating
ZPote FR ZPote Participating
Snickeriet SE Snickeriet Participating
Benza Glladiators CZ Benza Glladiators Participating
Backdoor Protector DE Backdoor Protector Participating
Her Majesty's Janitors EU Her Majesty's Janitors Participating
Furor Impetus HR Furor Impetus Participating
Putin Vodka Medvedi CZ Putin Vodka Medvedi Participating
No Pasaran! SE No Pasaran! Participating
Team Hard-Boiled TR Team Hard-Boiled Participating
Don't Mention the War BE Don't Mention the War Participating
Obsessive Compulsive DOTA EU Obsessive Compulsive DOTA Participating
Teenage Mutant Ninja Team DE Teenage Mutant Ninja Team Participating NO Participating
The Spicy Effect GB The Spicy Effect Participating
Love Kills UA Love Kills Participating
BROtmänner DE BROtmänner Participating
Fortsätt-Gaming SE Fortsätt-Gaming Participating
Horsemans CZ Horsemans Participating
xandD DE xandD Participating
Born 2 Feed GB Born 2 Feed Participating
iSwearSheWasEighteen RO iSwearSheWasEighteen Participating
ToniTec DE ToniTec Participating
Neophron RU Neophron Participating
6 branches below SE 6 branches below Participating
Fast&Furion GB Fast&Furion Participating
Gamebell VE Gamebell Participating
TP sold out CZ TP sold out Participating
lan-brains EU lan-brains Participating
Nervt GB Nervt Participating
Identity GB Identity Participating
MulletMafia RS MulletMafia Participating
ProGame BA ProGame Participating
Don't Pick Lifestealer GB Don't Pick Lifestealer Participating
Killing Strangers EU Killing Strangers Participating
Play 5 FR Play 5 Participating
Hygsterne DK Hygsterne Participating
Alpacas SK Alpacas Participating
Deses.Gaming RU Deses.Gaming Participating
Slash of Energy RU Slash of Energy Participating
Quasi Scarsi International IT Quasi Scarsi International Participating
Team Acid EU Team Acid Participating
Brota GB Brota Participating
Niezwykle Zła Szajka PL Niezwykle Zła Szajka Participating
Y-sektionens DotaUtskott SE Y-sektionens DotaUtskott Participating
Wannabe Tryhards SK Wannabe Tryhards Participating
EZ+5 DE EZ+5 Participating
GarageCrew BE GarageCrew Participating
Memel. Tribe LT Memel. Tribe Participating
Specific CZ Specific Participating
sloniki RU sloniki Participating
Grand Pride RU Grand Pride Participating
Fish Fighters CZ Fish Fighters Participating
There is no Meta DE There is no Meta Participating
Don`T Waste Time UA Don`T Waste Time Participating
Ogre Magi Sex Bomb GB Ogre Magi Sex Bomb Participating
Díčci CZ Díčci Participating
Best Russians EU FI Best Russians EU Participating
Defiance EU Defiance Participating
Greedy Rainbow Bunnies DE Greedy Rainbow Bunnies Participating
dota2hard PL dota2hard Participating
dota.maniacs EU dota.maniacs Participating
Team Ettan FI Team Ettan Participating
LuxIT UA LuxIT Participating
DieStudenten DE DieStudenten Participating
Artificial Intelligence SE Artificial Intelligence Participating
Decision Regretted GB Decision Regretted Participating
Cyber Gaming CZ/SK CS Cyber Gaming CZ/SK Participating
Team Ranny GB Team Ranny Participating
Incredible Team EU Incredible Team Participating
Hyperactive Idiots CZ Hyperactive Idiots Participating
Rising Storm ES DE Rising Storm ES Participating
Crew of Claude DK Crew of Claude Participating
Second Coming RU Second Coming Participating
LesBois CH LesBois Participating
Very Honourable NL Very Honourable Participating
miauu CH miauu Participating
myrabbits e.V. DE myrabbits e.V. Participating
MomentuM UA MomentuM Participating
GermanGaming DE GermanGaming Participating
Küsse auf die Nüsse DE Küsse auf die Nüsse Participating
Ginger Tea CZ Ginger Tea Participating
Bouncing Cykas DE Bouncing Cykas Participating
Sanctuary- RS Sanctuary- Participating
Call To Arms RO Call To Arms Participating
Spanish Rejects ES Spanish Rejects Participating
Sons of Rage DE Sons of Rage Participating
Guess Who MK Guess Who Participating
Captain Morgan Crew DE Captain Morgan Crew Participating
The Flaccid Five IE The Flaccid Five Participating
Black Nobs DE Black Nobs Participating
Kafiyyeh IL Kafiyyeh Participating
Chili & Pancakes HUN Chili & Pancakes Participating
Pirate Ninjas DE Pirate Ninjas Participating
Sakura No Rei A DE Sakura No Rei A Participating
SakuraNoRei C DE SakuraNoRei C Participating
FTW eSports PT FTW eSports Participating
Fat And Ugly People DE Fat And Ugly People Participating
Kawaiin Punch GB Kawaiin Punch Participating
so edgy GB so edgy Participating
Like a Bro CH Like a Bro Participating
Cat Time SE Cat Time Participating
Too Fail to Drunk GB Too Fail to Drunk Participating
Avenging penguins of the apocalypse WORLD Avenging penguins of the apocalypse Participating
Grinders SE Grinders Participating
Gruszka Gaming PL Gruszka Gaming Participating
Mega Hunters JO Mega Hunters Participating
anonymous-KS AL anonymous-KS Participating
Elysium GR Elysium Participating
The Flame Burns DE The Flame Burns Participating
Anime.Pro DE Anime.Pro Participating
Soju Gaming FI Soju Gaming Participating
Hexters Lab BE Hexters Lab Participating
Almost EZ ZA Almost EZ Participating
Nauraen Pankkiin FI Nauraen Pankkiin Participating
Super Hero Legends DE Super Hero Legends Participating
Collision Gaming ZA Collision Gaming Participating
Covo dei Maghi IT Covo dei Maghi Participating
Legend of the Wardfairy DE Legend of the Wardfairy Participating
Aarhus Dota Club DK Aarhus Dota Club Participating
Virus.Gaming UA Virus.Gaming Participating
Super-Weicheischuppen Jr. Gang DE Super-Weicheischuppen Jr. Gang Participating WORLD Participating
Fists of God ZA Fists of God Participating
Prim Team NO Prim Team Participating
Infamous LB Infamous Participating
Sakura No Rei B DE Sakura No Rei B Participating
Last worD RS Last worD Participating
Sinister5 ZA Sinister5 Participating
Dance Of Eternity TR Dance Of Eternity Participating
Kompas Gaming RU Kompas Gaming Participating
Mad Python Gaming SK Mad Python Gaming Participating
The Panthers DE The Panthers Participating
Scrubs RU Scrubs Participating
Haters gonna hate DK Haters gonna hate Participating
Simple Five SE Simple Five Participating
mAJSTE BA mAJSTE Participating
Danilovgrad ME Danilovgrad Participating
Bulldog RU Bulldog Participating
Cant Stop EU Cant Stop Participating
Team New Generation MK Team New Generation Participating
Volo non Valeo DE Volo non Valeo Participating
Angry Wolves PL Angry Wolves Participating
Humanum RO Humanum Participating
Armageddon Gaming DE Armageddon Gaming Participating
Four Pros One Noob DE Four Pros One Noob Participating
Clan Disconnect DE Clan Disconnect Participating
KeyD Stars CZ KeyD Stars Participating
Blood Fanatics RO Blood Fanatics Participating
Hussars PL Hussars Participating
Chest Out Dota DK Chest Out Dota Participating
Topf voll Ott DE Topf voll Ott Participating
The glorious Knights DE The glorious Knights Participating
Szanduci Haromkettesek HUN Szanduci Haromkettesek Participating
DotaSöndag! SE DotaSöndag! Participating
Voids don't cry ES Voids don't cry Participating
BeCreative DE BeCreative Participating
The Blessed Ones NL The Blessed Ones Participating
Farming Under Control SE Farming Under Control Participating
deg SE deg Participating
Absolute Resolution EU Absolute Resolution Participating
Malevolence PL Malevolence Participating
Yellow Genius DE Yellow Genius Participating
Error404 EU Error404 Participating
Frostwulf SK Frostwulf Participating
Blooditalian IT Blooditalian Participating
Cave Men Squad SK Cave Men Squad Participating
Lebanese Order of Chaos LB Lebanese Order of Chaos Participating
Rough Riders of Love DE Rough Riders of Love Participating
GopfertelliWards! CH GopfertelliWards! Participating
Passion Gaming DE Passion Gaming Participating
Team Name SE Team Name Participating
Tryouting SE Tryouting Participating
Nervous Energy EU Nervous Energy Participating
Aqua Gaming NO Aqua Gaming Participating
Nice League DE Nice League Participating
Pucking Around EU Pucking Around Participating
Shared Tango Gaming EE Shared Tango Gaming Participating
GGnoRE PL GGnoRE Participating
Physics Dota SE Physics Dota Participating
StratEdgy Gaming GB StratEdgy Gaming Participating
Dark Gamer ES Dark Gamer Participating
Team For Glory PT Team For Glory Participating
Venom GB Venom Participating
LuckIsMyExcuse DE LuckIsMyExcuse Participating
Fishky CZ Fishky Participating
Koncept EU Koncept Participating
Less Than Three UK Less Than Three Participating
Nån Förkortning Bara SE Nån Förkortning Bara Participating
Team.Supreme CZ Team.Supreme Participating
Grow uP Gaming PT Grow uP Gaming Participating
autism extermination unit DE autism extermination unit Participating
Always Tidehunter AT Always Tidehunter Participating
Team Established FI Team Established Participating
Czech Lions CZ Czech Lions Participating
pirates LV pirates Participating
Ass like that AT Ass like that Participating
4Friends+Prima FO 4Friends+Prima Participating
Darkest Void DE Darkest Void Participating
Penguins of Madagascar CZ Penguins of Madagascar Participating
Searing Gaming PL Searing Gaming Participating
Mumble Elite DK Mumble Elite Participating
SuperStrongMetapods DE SuperStrongMetapods Participating
KingSURF BG KingSURF Participating
KAISER AT KAISER Participating
Part Time Doto TR Part Time Doto Participating
Lagom SE Lagom Participating
Unison NL Unison Participating
eXquisite.dota DE eXquisite.dota Participating
Sensus Ludum GR Sensus Ludum Participating
Double Doge FI Double Doge Participating
Kollukcular Gaming TR Kollukcular Gaming Participating
welldone! SK welldone! Participating
Boss Gaming AT Boss Gaming Participating
SSNA DK SSNA Participating
Five Lads One Drill GB Five Lads One Drill Participating
GarageBoys FI GarageBoys Participating
InstapickPudge DE InstapickPudge Participating
Megalomania DK Megalomania Participating
Ekipa Sa Lski RS Ekipa Sa Lski Participating
Bukkake & Dota Sällskapet SE Bukkake & Dota Sällskapet Participating
Decorum EU Decorum Participating
Academy Science CN Academy Science Participating
Te Dije EU Te Dije Participating
Swiss Quality Gaming CH Swiss Quality Gaming Participating
Green's Function DE Green's Function Participating
Balls Deep LV Balls Deep Participating
loek boekker FI loek boekker Participating
Slytherin DE Slytherin Participating
RAVEN eSports DOTA  Beta DE RAVEN eSports DOTA Beta Participating
Many of Times NO Many of Times Participating
FocusTR TR FocusTR Participating
Mutantolons CH Mutantolons Participating
Nordingrå Bilbane Sällskap SE Nordingrå Bilbane Sällskap Participating
Smash SA Smash Participating
Flyover SK Flyover Participating
Ace 5 UA Ace 5 Participating
Evaders Of Death PL Evaders Of Death Participating
Fire Breathing Duckies NO Fire Breathing Duckies Participating
Załoga Orzeła 7 PL Załoga Orzeła 7 Participating
KlanKosova AL KlanKosova Participating
they see us Rollin', they Tauntin' FR they see us Rollin', they Tauntin' Participating
JägerMEISTER DE JägerMEISTER Participating
Bristleback Mountain CH Bristleback Mountain Participating
Dwayne The John Rockson GB Dwayne The John Rockson Participating
Are they ida? PL Are they ida? Participating
random5 EU random5 Participating
-Kyo E-Sports GAMING- TR -Kyo E-Sports GAMING- Participating
Merlin eSports DragonZ TR Merlin eSports DragonZ Participating
White Lines LV White Lines Participating
Madness Divine GR Madness Divine Participating
C0RE RO C0RE Participating
Maven Gaming RS Maven Gaming Participating
Sons of Sinzomir GB Sons of Sinzomir Participating
DENCH.reborn UK DENCH.reborn Participating
Killuminati Gaming Brothers AT Killuminati Gaming Brothers Participating
Animus et Anima EU Animus et Anima Participating
TBA SE TBA Participating
Friday Megafun Time GB Friday Megafun Time Participating
Special Tactical Anti-Gosus DE Special Tactical Anti-Gosus Participating
Mazáci-DC CZ Mazáci-DC Participating
KAPTEN SE KAPTEN Participating
Game is Hard DK Game is Hard Participating
In Hoc Signo Vinces SE In Hoc Signo Vinces Participating
Balkan Bears EU Balkan Bears Participating
HabboForLife NO HabboForLife Participating
Nine and a half tails PT Nine and a half tails Participating
Trouble Makers TR Trouble Makers Participating
Negative emotion clan HR Negative emotion clan Participating
Ninja Turtles TR Ninja Turtles Participating
Easiest Gold Of My Life RU Easiest Gold Of My Life Participating
team.beGone TR team.beGone Participating
Op[A]Team FR Op[A]Team Participating
NA'KKI FI NA'KKI Participating
24% FI 24% Participating
ToxicMegaCunts FI ToxicMegaCunts Participating
Spam Javelin DE Spam Javelin Participating
Amateurs Try AE Amateurs Try Participating
Meet The Pharaohs EG Meet The Pharaohs Participating
Mobiles WegnehmKommando DE Mobiles WegnehmKommando Participating
TRDota.Net TR TRDota.Net Participating
Kula daje fula PL Kula daje fula Participating
CatOneL UA CatOneL Participating
eXecutive Gaming DE eXecutive Gaming Participating
Crazy4 ex ladyboys (one is post op so he left us) HR Crazy4 ex ladyboys (one is post op so he left us) Participating
InFoRZ IT InFoRZ Participating
Dictating bears GB Dictating bears Participating
Legend Of Örduck TR Legend Of Örduck Participating
Wild Boyzz BE Wild Boyzz Participating
Primera Cuadrilla RU Primera Cuadrilla Participating
cHlapci usaTi CZ cHlapci usaTi Participating
The Sharks CZ The Sharks Participating
Wortex Gaming EU Wortex Gaming Participating
Royal Ancients IT Royal Ancients Participating
Zagreb 360 HR Zagreb 360 Participating
No Meat Shit LV No Meat Shit Participating
Midas Touch ES Midas Touch Participating
Bawk Bawk IE Bawk Bawk Participating
Freaky Noobs DE Freaky Noobs Participating
Hybridi z Hor CZ Hybridi z Hor Participating
Farm All Day Every Day BG Farm All Day Every Day Participating
The Lucky Strikes EU The Lucky Strikes Participating
Team Rakuzan DE Team Rakuzan Participating
Kollejen DE Kollejen Participating
Lucid Lunatics SE Lucid Lunatics Participating
Bonk z Farszem PL Bonk z Farszem Participating
Kappa.Int SE Kappa.Int Participating
Divided We Gank DE Divided We Gank Participating
Operation hodenförmiger Schutzschild DE Operation hodenförmiger Schutzschild Participating SK Participating
Flamboyant EU Flamboyant Participating
Ascend EU Ascend Participating
yalla! Gaming DE yalla! Gaming Participating
4starZz - kr3w DE 4starZz - kr3w Participating
Tokyo Hot Boys SE Tokyo Hot Boys Participating
HealTheHealer SE HealTheHealer Participating
Linken's Beer DE Linken's Beer Participating
Nuclear Penguins DE Nuclear Penguins Participating
Team Ecstasy EU Team Ecstasy Participating
Fail4Five DE Fail4Five Participating
4 friends + Sajgon CZ 4 friends + Sajgon Participating
Fantastic 5 CH Fantastic 5 Participating
MetNem HR MetNem Participating
|D~LoB| Sirenes Cladis EU |D~LoB| Sirenes Cladis Participating
Blue Creatures TR Blue Creatures Participating
No Strat GR No Strat Participating
NoaBoom GB NoaBoom Participating
DotaSource-Starlets + Muffins DE DotaSource-Starlets + Muffins Participating
siQ Gaming - Squad 16 Evil Mind DE siQ Gaming - Squad 16 Evil Mind Participating
Juke Steet Kings GB Juke Steet Kings Participating
Team Tourette PL Team Tourette Participating
---- LT ---- Participating
Dotal War DE Dotal War Participating
Team Phenomena TR Team Phenomena Participating
Nat pagle CZ Nat pagle Participating
Orange Fox TR Orange Fox Participating
«Xeno-Project» DE «Xeno-Project» Participating
green Hertz AT green Hertz Participating
Fish And Chips GB Fish And Chips Participating
Set Sail For Fail DE Set Sail For Fail Participating
Amicus V GB Amicus V Participating
Olympian Gods GR Olympian Gods Participating
Venus Power TR Venus Power Participating
Flaming Pink Flamingos DE Flaming Pink Flamingos Participating
The Ascendant TR The Ascendant Participating
WOMP GB WOMP Participating
Swesrael Gaming EU Swesrael Gaming Participating
Mädchen Gymnastik Mannschaft DE Mädchen Gymnastik Mannschaft Participating
Sburru n'gul IT Sburru n'gul Participating
Zocco eSports Club TR Zocco eSports Club Participating
Hijos de Odin ES Hijos de Odin Participating
Team DSYELCIX HR Team DSYELCIX Participating
Fallen Angels RS Fallen Angels Participating
Mission: Deliver Kindness GB Mission: Deliver Kindness Participating
Hunter x Hunter EG Hunter x Hunter Participating
HEAT.International EU HEAT.International Participating
FAGrenade SE FAGrenade Participating
Kittenz NO Kittenz Participating
Annie RS Annie Participating
Dominatrix GR Dominatrix Participating
Delirium Tremens BE Delirium Tremens Participating
Awful Micro Skills EU Awful Micro Skills Participating
Gorlami PT Gorlami Participating
Breit DE Breit Participating
Bo EG Bo Participating
Horosh Molodec UA Horosh Molodec Participating
Laketon City Champions SE Laketon City Champions Participating
Bil med släp SE Bil med släp Participating
Kill the Carry TR Kill the Carry Participating
SID Is Dead UK SID Is Dead Participating
LethalTrade DE LethalTrade Participating
Rage Division CZ Rage Division Participating
HOT! KG HOT! Participating
Zobsters FR Zobsters Participating
The Real SniSniSni SE The Real SniSniSni Participating
Dansk Pilsner DK Dansk Pilsner Participating
KinderGarten EU KinderGarten Participating
Astonishing MOFOS IT Astonishing MOFOS Participating
AllStars SK AllStars Participating
Enormous Penis Syndrome DE Enormous Penis Syndrome Participating
Nagas of Europe of Dota PL Nagas of Europe of Dota Participating
Bier Creative DE Bier Creative Participating
Elysium GR Elysium Participating
Biebs dota crew SE Biebs dota crew Participating
EpochFive DE EpochFive Participating
Treant Brotectors TR Treant Brotectors Participating
Really Awful Win Ratio EU Really Awful Win Ratio Participating
Mendokusai BA Mendokusai Participating
Elysium Gaming GR Elysium Gaming Participating
PPS CZ PPS Participating
Preatorians TR Preatorians Participating
Ventus ZA Ventus Participating
Let's Get Dangerous DE Let's Get Dangerous Participating
Patriots team CZ Patriots team Participating
UnasBilPacanIzLondona RU UnasBilPacanIzLondona Participating
Velociraptor stole my bike EU Velociraptor stole my bike Participating
eXon-eSports DE eXon-eSports Participating
MostRetardedLeagueEver SK MostRetardedLeagueEver Participating
The Angry Army DE The Angry Army Participating
Swe Cong SE Swe Cong Participating
Team Bearer TR Team Bearer Participating
ROB SE ROB Participating
Libris Admiratores LB Libris Admiratores Participating
FLUSH esports LT FLUSH esports Participating
Team Shinoki GB Team Shinoki Participating
Evolution TN Evolution Participating
Irrupt eSports EU Irrupt eSports Participating
WiLD CMStorm Gaming HUN WiLD CMStorm Gaming Participating
Bucovina Skate Kingz RO Bucovina Skate Kingz Participating
Limekitty and Friends DE Limekitty and Friends Participating
Thoughtful Outlaws DE Thoughtful Outlaws Participating
LoserBoys TR LoserBoys Participating
metaform RO metaform Participating
Björnes Magasin SE Björnes Magasin Participating
Pure Pwnage EU Pure Pwnage Participating
Klan Dark Venom PL Klan Dark Venom Participating
Maatjes vullen geen gaatjes NL Maatjes vullen geen gaatjes Participating
bananaboatextravaganza AT bananaboatextravaganza Participating
Team Chameleons PL Team Chameleons Participating
[AllianceMustDie] UA [AllianceMustDie] Participating
Desert Eagle's egy EG Desert Eagle's egy Participating
Extinctio SK Extinctio Participating
Kamikaze Champions RO Kamikaze Champions Participating
Evocation RO Evocation Participating
Just Lunatic Feeders SK Just Lunatic Feeders Participating
Ready to Die TR Ready to Die Participating
Team eVasion SE Team eVasion Participating
Memento Mori WORLD Memento Mori Participating
PandaBoys DE PandaBoys Participating
Easy Company GB Easy Company Participating
FailedQQ CZ FailedQQ Participating
international love GB international love Participating
Happy Pink Unicorns DE Happy Pink Unicorns Participating
Royal D SK Royal D Participating
RiotG TR RiotG Participating
Seriously Nerf Stone Dude EU Seriously Nerf Stone Dude Participating
Frozen-| IR Frozen-| Participating
No Smokes DK No Smokes Participating
Oversight EU Oversight Participating
Hidrax.Invaders ES Hidrax.Invaders Participating
Just Trying CZ Just Trying Participating
Defenenders of stinky world SK Defenenders of stinky world Participating
WeXoN Gaming CZ WeXoN Gaming Participating
Venom Nova DE Venom Nova Participating
Team Platypus DE Team Platypus Participating
Forte & Gross PT Forte & Gross Participating
Marlboro Gaming TR Marlboro Gaming Participating
it's Time 2 Shine DE it's Time 2 Shine Participating
RIP in Peace Harambe GB RIP in Peace Harambe Participating
Mad in Germany DE Mad in Germany Participating
Far Away Republic CZ Far Away Republic Participating
Reminiscence CZ Reminiscence Participating
Promenerarna GB Promenerarna Participating
Autisten Dota NL Autisten Dota Participating
No Win Allowed DE No Win Allowed Participating
Regress Gaming EU Regress Gaming Participating
Supernova.GAMING.CZ CZ Supernova.GAMING.CZ Participating
Chickens Of Nature GR Chickens Of Nature Participating
Max Cobra super Push DE Max Cobra super Push Participating
RivRivStyla TR RivRivStyla Participating
Clan Disconnect DE Clan Disconnect Participating
parnetii RO parnetii Participating
ubad xaxa))))))))))))) DE ubad xaxa))))))))))))) Participating
Rozbíječi CZ Rozbíječi Participating
RIP Canal G40 ES RIP Canal G40 Participating
Fakel 17 RU Fakel 17 Participating
Karak Time QA Karak Time Participating
NorthCliff RO NorthCliff Participating
Out of our League DE Out of our League Participating
INRI.eSports e.V. AT INRI.eSports e.V. Participating
Give Me Toast! EU Give Me Toast! Participating
Counting Bodies Like Sheep KZ Counting Bodies Like Sheep Participating
die wilden mustangs DE die wilden mustangs Participating
PlayLikeManiacs RO PlayLikeManiacs Participating
Fat Lina From Lamp PL Fat Lina From Lamp Participating
3ManMjollnir+2 IT 3ManMjollnir+2 Participating
Eläke FI Eläke Participating
Pentapenis Gaming DE Pentapenis Gaming Participating
WildSb_style RU WildSb_style Participating
Northern Maniacs FI Northern Maniacs Participating
Happy tree friends CZ Happy tree friends Participating
Ne5rophos EG Ne5rophos Participating
Gentle Pubic Hair SK Gentle Pubic Hair Participating
Anatolian Pars TR Anatolian Pars Participating
sQreen's squad RU sQreen's squad Participating
neXt!Please Gaming RO neXt!Please Gaming Participating
0FucksGiven RS 0FucksGiven Participating
[Ecole Fantasme] CZ [Ecole Fantasme] Participating
Pistol Maidens UK Pistol Maidens Participating
No Boots Boys DE No Boots Boys Participating
4FD DE 4FD Participating
RinnegamynG DE RinnegamynG Participating
Legacy League SE Legacy League Participating
Team Genesis LT Team Genesis Participating
Cuddly Bunny Wabbits of Death GB Cuddly Bunny Wabbits of Death Participating
Midnight Pulse EU Midnight Pulse Participating
MARAL DE MARAL Participating
Daddy Cool TR Daddy Cool Participating
Can't speak russian DE Can't speak russian Participating
The Doctors RO The Doctors Participating
Five Feeders ES Five Feeders Participating
The Wild Rooster's TR The Wild Rooster's Participating
//.HIT#.Germany DE //.HIT#.Germany Participating
Dotal~War DE Dotal~War Participating
Pure Hard DotA DE Pure Hard DotA Participating
Hungarian Huskars HUN Hungarian Huskars Participating
Team Aftermath EU Team Aftermath Participating
Doctors want to play Dota MY Doctors want to play Dota Participating
DeluxeGaming DE DeluxeGaming Participating
5Gentlemen IT 5Gentlemen Participating
Alien Abductors AT Alien Abductors Participating
DeltaSplit DE DeltaSplit Participating
Revolution. Gaming DE Revolution. Gaming Participating
Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows EU Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows Participating
Ruthless Kittens PL Ruthless Kittens Participating
Freitagsrunde DE Freitagsrunde Participating
Freak Your Foes BA Freak Your Foes Participating
Secret Private Strats GB Secret Private Strats Participating
nAv | Dragon Rider Crew ZA nAv | Dragon Rider Crew Participating
Bordsteinkammer DE Bordsteinkammer Participating
davy's horde CH davy's horde Participating
Provincials RU Provincials Participating
Andre's headache EU Andre's headache Participating
Austrian Depf Aussa AT Austrian Depf Aussa Participating
Royals International EU Royals International Participating
Glorious Gentlemen TR Glorious Gentlemen Participating
Blink to Trace BE Blink to Trace Participating
DraZ BG DraZ Participating
Victrix Inceptio DE Victrix Inceptio Participating
TMNT NO TMNT Participating
F4 RS F4 Participating
GhosTTeam TR GhosTTeam Participating
Too Pro To Push SE Too Pro To Push Participating
Cry a Lot GR Cry a Lot Participating
Uha RO Uha Participating
Davaj Davaj Dota Time SE Davaj Davaj Dota Time Participating
5 beer stack CZ 5 beer stack Participating
Angry Bears IT Angry Bears Participating
euphoric autism FI euphoric autism Participating
Sky Walkers AE Sky Walkers Participating
Nomnomnom RS Nomnomnom Participating
Krasavcik CZ Krasavcik Participating
The Phantom Veil CA The Phantom Veil Participating
New Meta Gaming EU New Meta Gaming Participating
We Don't Feed CZ We Don't Feed Participating
Shatterproof EU Shatterproof Participating
Serious Meta Gaming EU Serious Meta Gaming Participating
5 Man Banter Crew GB 5 Man Banter Crew Participating
Iceni Esports GB Iceni Esports Participating
Sorry 4 Skill RO Sorry 4 Skill Participating
Gamo ton Infernal GR Gamo ton Infernal Participating
Team Purple EU Team Purple Participating
GalaxyDota SE GalaxyDota Participating
Midnight Lasagne GB Midnight Lasagne Participating
LinearZ GR LinearZ Participating
No Emotions MK No Emotions Participating
Wrath of Sparta GR Wrath of Sparta Participating
4 Kings + Meganoob DE 4 Kings + Meganoob Participating
Jozko Vajdas crew SK Jozko Vajdas crew Participating
Tryharderis SK Tryharderis Participating
Decent DE Decent Participating
King Henning DE King Henning Participating
Fork on the left NO Fork on the left Participating
Resistance is Futile BG Resistance is Futile Participating
DoTaostrava CZ DoTaostrava Participating
Cool-T UA Cool-T Participating
Platzhalter DE Platzhalter Participating
Artful Dodgers DE Artful Dodgers Participating
Ez'Game RO Ez'Game Participating
Estanda UA Estanda Participating
Why So Serious DE Why So Serious Participating
StückHaufenKacke DE StückHaufenKacke Participating
Amphibian Gods SE Amphibian Gods Participating
KonopiaLeczyCrew PL KonopiaLeczyCrew Participating
Team Electric HR Team Electric Participating
Hell Goblins BG Hell Goblins Participating
Team Coast SE Team Coast Participating
Rising T1de TR Rising T1de Participating
Guardian Of Dota TR Guardian Of Dota Participating
BeneD+5 PL BeneD+5 Participating
Skarmory SE Skarmory Participating
the octopus JO the octopus Participating
rOtK GB rOtK Participating
Super Happy Awesome Friend Team EU Super Happy Awesome Friend Team Participating
Recreational Vehicle EU Recreational Vehicle Participating
Emo Tree Friends ZA Emo Tree Friends Participating
Vae Victis RO Vae Victis Participating
Dim Sum Raiders GB Dim Sum Raiders Participating
Gamers of Holzschwang DE Gamers of Holzschwang Participating
I Fucked Goat Once CZ I Fucked Goat Once Participating
BioHazard Team CZ BioHazard Team Participating
Magic Jar PL Magic Jar Participating
Four  negros + Blonde JO Four negros + Blonde Participating
WeLoveMilfs DE WeLoveMilfs Participating
Us Dogs IT Us Dogs Participating
Worst Dota Team Ever BE Worst Dota Team Ever Participating
Bristle Is OP GR Bristle Is OP Participating
Permanent Wipeout Nuke GB Permanent Wipeout Nuke Participating
pi CH pi Participating
Team Z IT Team Z Participating
Try Hard PL Try Hard Participating
Donkey Squad DE Donkey Squad Participating
QWERTy RO QWERTy Participating
em.Power PL em.Power Participating
lost in Time RU lost in Time Participating
Hooks from Hell DE Hooks from Hell Participating
Citrus UK Citrus Participating
NoMercy.Id DE NoMercy.Id Participating
Team Playmania UA Team Playmania Participating
Indimenticabile Fuerte EU Indimenticabile Fuerte Participating
End of story EU End of story Participating
Nab Squad GB Nab Squad Participating
Blood Shall Be Spilled GR Blood Shall Be Spilled Participating
Risk BG Risk Participating
Μολων Λαβε GR Μολων Λαβε Participating
Black Horizon EU Black Horizon Participating
Team noStun DE Team noStun Participating
Team ЯReplika AT Team ЯReplika Participating
DoubleFisting GB DoubleFisting Participating
Prodigy FiGht DE Prodigy FiGht Participating
Dicks Out DK Dicks Out Participating
MrHandicap NL MrHandicap Participating
Fetih 1453 TR Fetih 1453 Participating
Combo Wise Guys RO Combo Wise Guys Participating
Team name under consideration UA Team name under consideration Participating
Devil Wears Prada IE Devil Wears Prada Participating
Captions Mode DE Captions Mode Participating
Zwami inc. AE Zwami inc. Participating
Pinnacle of Supremacy GB Pinnacle of Supremacy Participating
bllp EU bllp Participating
PrimaL MN PrimaL Participating
Väsyneet Kädet FI Väsyneet Kädet Participating
Angry DeaD AZ Angry DeaD Participating
PHOENiX AL PHOENiX Participating
Total Scrubs BE Total Scrubs Participating
team pheenix DE team pheenix Participating
E-Sports Genuise BG E-Sports Genuise Participating
Massively Underrated Cool Kids GB Massively Underrated Cool Kids Participating
GentleMen eSports EU GentleMen eSports Participating
AbisQue RO AbisQue Participating
Volvo plox PL Volvo plox Participating
The Great Gatsbies ZA The Great Gatsbies Participating
SuperLaget SE SuperLaget Participating
Cant think teamname GR Cant think teamname Participating
Utter Lack Of Surprise DE Utter Lack Of Surprise Participating
Demon Slash DZ Demon Slash Participating
Breakdown of Sanity[GER] DE Breakdown of Sanity[GER] Participating
Das Team DE Das Team Participating
DANKH ZA DANKH Participating
Sol1tude CZ Sol1tude Participating
We Hate You Please Die CZ We Hate You Please Die Participating
Podalpski Navihanci SI Podalpski Navihanci Participating
Envision eSport CZ Envision eSport Participating
5stars RU 5stars Participating
Team Skeet TR Team Skeet Participating
Cunat e Web-it AL Cunat e Web-it Participating
LegalizeIt CZ LegalizeIt Participating
bumbar i drugari RS bumbar i drugari Participating
Don't Hate Dragons RO Don't Hate Dragons Participating
Five Man Fails ZA Five Man Fails Participating
Multipheeding Team ES Multipheeding Team Participating
Iranian Dota Players IR Iranian Dota Players Participating
Turtle Soup GB Turtle Soup Participating
VineTeam EU VineTeam Participating
Fünf ausm Germany Channel DE Fünf ausm Germany Channel Participating
Gays in Action V CS Gays in Action V Participating
Duty Free IT Duty Free Participating
Team DR DE Team DR Participating
Julmust & CO SE Julmust & CO Participating
Fellowship of the Radiant International RU Fellowship of the Radiant International Participating
Nay IT Nay Participating
Why You Pick N' EU Why You Pick N' Participating
Yippie Ki-yay Mother Fucker SE Yippie Ki-yay Mother Fucker Participating
Allied Enemies IT Allied Enemies Participating
SunstrikeMe RS SunstrikeMe Participating
GameKillers RO GameKillers Participating
Enterprise RU Enterprise Participating
Helvete Tot Morgen SE Helvete Tot Morgen Participating
Deu Room Mafia TR Deu Room Mafia Participating
Bladi ston RS Bladi ston Participating
Treesome IT Treesome Participating
Click-Storm RU Click-Storm Participating
Tiikeriklubi FI Tiikeriklubi Participating
Veni. Vidi. Vodka. DE Veni. Vidi. Vodka. Participating
Trust in Dogs DE Trust in Dogs Participating
Lost By Hand EU Lost By Hand Participating
Hairy Monkeys with long Bananas DE Hairy Monkeys with long Bananas Participating
Invictum Talpas CS Invictum Talpas Participating
Dafuq HUN Dafuq Participating
Flawless Guild SE Flawless Guild Participating
Sexy Dota Team NO Sexy Dota Team Participating
Ascendancy EU Ascendancy Participating
PonyTeam RU PonyTeam Participating
Snotbagz GB Snotbagz Participating
Spectrum Hussaris PL Spectrum Hussaris Participating
Arcanine EU Arcanine Participating
Mystery of War RS Mystery of War Participating
eSports Kubik EU eSports Kubik Participating
Why not Voidberg? DE Why not Voidberg? Participating
Warpigs IT Warpigs Participating
dUR FR dUR Participating
Nahuy Gaming EU Nahuy Gaming Participating
SuperStrongChushleta BG SuperStrongChushleta Participating
Vigoss +5 -Vigoss DE Vigoss +5 -Vigoss Participating
ImbaNinjasWithKungFuPowerz DE ImbaNinjasWithKungFuPowerz Participating
Hurricane Gaming SE Hurricane Gaming Participating
Pingu Of The Moonshine FR Pingu Of The Moonshine Participating
It's Feeding Time GB It's Feeding Time Participating
First in, first out CZ First in, first out Participating
Damage AT Damage Participating
Masturbation is a Sin EU Masturbation is a Sin Participating
Polinom TR Polinom Participating
Bohrmaschine DE Bohrmaschine Participating
inteligence quotient CZ inteligence quotient Participating
Mazzle GB Mazzle Participating
CocoSquad PL CocoSquad Participating
Team Susu EG Team Susu Participating
The Ascendant TR The Ascendant Participating
Xyresic GB Xyresic Participating
Midas Intended EU Midas Intended Participating
Old Friends BA Old Friends Participating
I immediately regret my decision GB I immediately regret my decision Participating
Biedaszybnicy PL Biedaszybnicy Participating
Humboldts DE Humboldts Participating
Killing Artists EU Killing Artists Participating
Young Kids DK Young Kids Participating
Bash My Swipes BA Bash My Swipes Participating
Unreliable Bastards RO Unreliable Bastards Participating
Pissed in your kitchen SE Pissed in your kitchen Participating
Team Ifusion GB Team Ifusion Participating
REDEYES Hawks Dota 2 DE REDEYES Hawks Dota 2 Participating
PENTA Sports Community DE PENTA Sports Community Participating
DEM JUKES' EU DEM JUKES' Participating
Goveda strogo rasno RS Goveda strogo rasno Participating
Piraterna SE Piraterna Participating
The Poonip Patrol GB The Poonip Patrol Participating
winnerers FI winnerers Participating
The Fields of Elysium NL The Fields of Elysium Participating
Anal Love In Ebony NigresS SK Anal Love In Ebony NigresS Participating
D-Lowz HUN D-Lowz Participating
Gumkáči SK Gumkáči Participating
#section80 EU #section80 Participating
UltimateBrunoGaming NL UltimateBrunoGaming Participating
BattleSnake EU BattleSnake Participating
Face The Rage DE Face The Rage Participating
Cunning Linguists EU Cunning Linguists Participating
PETER Reloaded DE PETER Reloaded Participating
the thundering Tornadoes CH the thundering Tornadoes Participating
I Could Eat a Walrus HR I Could Eat a Walrus Participating
Avocado SK Avocado Participating
Borussia Hildesheim TR Borussia Hildesheim Participating
Growing Pique RU Growing Pique Participating
Entropy UK Entropy Participating
79`ers RO 79`ers Participating
Tek Tim RS Tek Tim Participating
The Vixigus CZ The Vixigus Participating
Deep Shit Company AT Deep Shit Company Participating
Fish Sticks EU Fish Sticks Participating
Kappastorm PL Kappastorm Participating
Saved by the Clock SE Saved by the Clock Participating
AI_United DE AI_United Participating
Enrage DE Enrage Participating
Cali Gamers IE Cali Gamers Participating
Try It FR Try It Participating
Super Squirrels EU Super Squirrels Participating
Jake is the danger GB Jake is the danger Participating
suicidal Heroes DE suicidal Heroes Participating
Zulu Reloaded GB Zulu Reloaded Participating
Splash SE Splash Participating
No Furion IS No Furion Participating
PortentsOfDoom TR PortentsOfDoom Participating
Warriors of the Moon CZ Warriors of the Moon Participating
Sahver EU Sahver Participating
No Flameboy2012 GB No Flameboy2012 Participating
#No Shtreimel IL #No Shtreimel Participating
Amat victoria curam RU Amat victoria curam Participating
Drink Vodka Win Dotka CH Drink Vodka Win Dotka Participating
BOOM esports EU BOOM esports Participating
Big Game Johnny NO Big Game Johnny Participating
punceDOTO ZA punceDOTO Participating
TeamBots LB TeamBots Participating
MonkeysOnHeaven DE MonkeysOnHeaven Participating
Genus Omega GB Genus Omega Participating
Kebab So Serious FI Kebab So Serious Participating
Księżniczka Katarzyna PL Księżniczka Katarzyna Participating
Back In Pants SE Back In Pants Participating
Elysium GamingGr GR Elysium GamingGr Participating
Old Rock-n-Roll Cats RU Old Rock-n-Roll Cats Participating
Pizza Party IT Pizza Party Participating
Get Fed or Die Trying SE Get Fed or Die Trying Participating
Smokin Aces DE Smokin Aces Participating
StoneHeads CZ StoneHeads Participating
GanJaBoys GR GanJaBoys Participating
sweaty balls FI sweaty balls Participating
MortalResistance45 TR MortalResistance45 Participating
Gspot-snl NL Gspot-snl Participating
ElectroClan DE ElectroClan Participating
Damage Control GB Damage Control Participating
Victorious Secret GR Victorious Secret Participating
Bulldog's Rat UA Bulldog's Rat Participating
TroX Gaming DE TroX Gaming Participating
Team Dysfunktionell SE Team Dysfunktionell Participating
iMpulsive.Throwlerme IT iMpulsive.Throwlerme Participating
Beer Knockout Association PL Beer Knockout Association Participating
Nackt, Zerhackt und Angekackt DE Nackt, Zerhackt und Angekackt Participating
No One Knows TR No One Knows Participating
How to win DotA? WORLD How to win DotA? Participating
G|ranga EU G|ranga Participating
Drakula SI Drakula Participating
The Fishsticks CH The Fishsticks Participating
bloody gaming DE bloody gaming Participating
Place2Be DE Place2Be Participating
Flying Ninjaz BG Flying Ninjaz Participating
PoTencijal RS PoTencijal Participating
Dark Chocolate All Stars GB Dark Chocolate All Stars Participating
Black Turtle Gaming AT Black Turtle Gaming Participating
Tits McGee SE Tits McGee Participating
Fabulous Void WORLD Fabulous Void Participating
Asoj EU Asoj Participating
Skillzor SE Skillzor Participating
Plogarna SE Plogarna Participating
Ca Ne Re SE Ca Ne Re Participating
MiM-eSports DE MiM-eSports Participating
Portela Power ES Portela Power Participating
Team Dreamoon TR Team Dreamoon Participating
your mom is a virgin EU your mom is a virgin Participating
sloth & friends AT sloth & friends Participating
Sremcica RS Sremcica Participating
TheOttomans TR TheOttomans Participating
Your Fault CZ Your Fault Participating
PUNG SE PUNG Participating
Coop Forum Gaming SE Coop Forum Gaming Participating
Hot Dog Vendors International SE Hot Dog Vendors International Participating
No Fear Demons RO No Fear Demons Participating
Lack of Skill AT Lack of Skill Participating
In Your Name Dota God TR In Your Name Dota God Participating
Shit Bricks PL Shit Bricks Participating
Beyond You! ES Beyond You! Participating
IdontCare DE IdontCare Participating
Versus The World PL Versus The World Participating
Saints from the third tavern EU Saints from the third tavern Participating
Lay`Low RO Lay`Low Participating
MightyGamers RO MightyGamers Participating
Agraria di cortale IT Agraria di cortale Participating
Sixy Beasts TR Sixy Beasts Participating
Interrupting Cow SE Interrupting Cow Participating
Just for 1tour GR Just for 1tour Participating
Die Überprüfer DE Die Überprüfer Participating
GameOn RO GameOn Participating
Hello Kitty Biatch CZ Hello Kitty Biatch Participating
Boromir+4 TR Boromir+4 Participating
Halunken Bande DE Halunken Bande Participating
Snail Gaming UK Snail Gaming Participating
Cunning Stunts FI Cunning Stunts Participating
EXPERTZz SE EXPERTZz Participating
Balls Deep Gaming GB Balls Deep Gaming Participating
CatDog EU CatDog Participating
Panda Power TR Panda Power Participating
McDonalds FR McDonalds Participating
Lightning Revenant TR Lightning Revenant Participating
aizviszons LV aizviszons Participating
Lampa Na Biurko PL Lampa Na Biurko Participating
420 SALVE IT DK 420 SALVE IT Participating
sugar explosion GR sugar explosion Participating
Attack on Gaben SE Attack on Gaben Participating
Dancing Meepo RS Dancing Meepo Participating
This is Classic Gaming EU This is Classic Gaming Participating
Feeding Dazzle BE Feeding Dazzle Participating
Lords of the Spells TR Lords of the Spells Participating
Serenity HUN Serenity Participating
Retards RS Retards Participating
Dolphin Secret Agents IE Dolphin Secret Agents Participating
Chereshki BG Chereshki Participating
Nova GB Nova Participating
Delinquent Quintet GR Delinquent Quintet Participating
Just Another Tryhard Team DE Just Another Tryhard Team Participating
Holy Sheep DE Holy Sheep Participating
SONE FI SONE Participating
WombatJAO DE WombatJAO Participating
Challenge Accepted CZ Challenge Accepted Participating
Banana EU Banana Participating
Laget som gud glömde SE Laget som gud glömde Participating
The Spiral Order GB The Spiral Order Participating
e'V0LVED CZ e'V0LVED Participating
Defilers SK Defilers Participating
RAT DOTO CZ RAT DOTO Participating
GST PL GST Participating
NonStopCrew TR NonStopCrew Participating
Koit Toome EE Koit Toome Participating
1447 NO 1447 Participating
Miori Combat CZ Miori Combat Participating
burner+4 DE burner+4 Participating
Gank&Spank CH Gank&Spank Participating
Ralph reichts DE Ralph reichts Participating
Under Control GB Under Control Participating
Holmestrand Seahorses NO Holmestrand Seahorses Participating
fuk dat shiet PT fuk dat shiet Participating
eL'Capitano RS eL'Capitano Participating
Rallarsving DK SE Rallarsving DK Participating
Heinzelmännchen DE Heinzelmännchen Participating
Team Vulture NL Team Vulture Participating
TösaPågarna SE TösaPågarna Participating
Fahr'n Sie nach Kuba DE Fahr'n Sie nach Kuba Participating
Finally a good carry? EU Finally a good carry? Participating
Cannaboys™ SE Cannaboys™ Participating
Team Pi EU Team Pi Participating
Cool Story Bro PT Cool Story Bro Participating
Insert a Team Name SE Insert a Team Name Participating
Team Red DE Team Red Participating
Team elysium* DE Team elysium* Participating
Northern Grade PT Northern Grade Participating
Harre Handicap SE Harre Handicap Participating
A Good Day To Tryhard NL A Good Day To Tryhard Participating
Particles CZ Particles Participating
ALSEN PL ALSEN Participating
eXe.skill SK eXe.skill Participating
Easy Parni PL Easy Parni Participating
Farming Gangsters EU Farming Gangsters Participating
Nihil Obstat Nobis IT Nihil Obstat Nobis Participating
FlowerPower HotBox 1337 SE FlowerPower HotBox 1337 Participating
Beyler Gaming TR Beyler Gaming Participating
Takım Dağıldı TR Takım Dağıldı Participating
Semper Aequales IT Semper Aequales Participating
Fuck Logic DE Fuck Logic Participating
Ekstremni i pazljivi HR Ekstremni i pazljivi Participating
Blood Roots RO Blood Roots Participating
Baguette Squad GB Baguette Squad Participating
GreenStar PL GreenStar Participating
Notorious Villains Gaming EG Notorious Villains Gaming Participating
dziki teem PL dziki teem Participating
Daisy Game Area TR Daisy Game Area Participating
Ban Naga UK Ban Naga Participating
5 gegen Willi DE 5 gegen Willi Participating
WorstTeam EU SE WorstTeam EU Participating
Trial by Combat DE Trial by Combat Participating
OpheliasMeadGarden PL OpheliasMeadGarden Participating
captain planet DE captain planet Participating
unicornsQuad FI unicornsQuad Participating
Happy Little Tilters EU Happy Little Tilters Participating
Echo Gaming EU Echo Gaming Participating
Optimus Gaming RO Optimus Gaming Participating
4+feeder CZ 4+feeder Participating
Sparrow Black EU Sparrow Black Participating
Blyat Suka RS Blyat Suka Participating
Arkanovi Tigrovi International HR Arkanovi Tigrovi International Participating
NoviSadSrbija RS NoviSadSrbija Participating
BrainFrost LU BrainFrost Participating
Egyptian bullies EG Egyptian bullies Participating
Defense Forward CZ Defense Forward Participating
Pock i ned 500 AT Pock i ned 500 Participating
Balkan Doto RS Balkan Doto Participating