jDL EU #9: Participants

PLEASE NOTE: This is an older season of our league. We continuously add and improve functionality to our leagues, so some information and data visible in newer seasons might be inaccurate or missing in this one.

Signup incomplete (751)

TeamSignup status
Team Alternate PL Team Alternate Participating
London Conspiracy SE London Conspiracy Participating
KinderGarten EU KinderGarten Participating
AD FINEM GR AD FINEM Participating
Total Newbie Trash CZ Total Newbie Trash Participating
Monkey+4Zookeepers CZ Monkey+4Zookeepers Participating
Abraxas WORLD Abraxas Participating
Atomic Donkeys DE Atomic Donkeys Participating
Smash SA Smash Participating
XPC Gaming RO XPC Gaming Participating
Team Slark RU Team Slark Participating
asd7 RU asd7 Participating
I.K.E.A. SE I.K.E.A. Participating
Yellow Submarine RU Yellow Submarine Participating
AtraX eSports IT AtraX eSports Participating
Game Events HR Game Events Participating
HWA TR HWA Participating
QPad Red Pandas EU QPad Red Pandas Participating
Sanguine Sharks EU Sanguine Sharks Participating
4KTrash CN 4KTrash Participating
RTZ BOYZ EU RTZ BOYZ Participating
dancing Ponies SK dancing Ponies Participating
Yolo Knight EU Yolo Knight Participating
Vegetables Esports Club WORLD Vegetables Esports Club Participating
Samurai Champloo WORLD Samurai Champloo Participating
Royal Bandits TR Royal Bandits Participating
Team 81 EU Team 81 Participating
Enourmous Penis Company DE Enourmous Penis Company Participating
Team Legacy DE Team Legacy Participating
The 20th April RS The 20th April Participating
BeCreative DE BeCreative Participating
HolyHamster's Luftboyz EU HolyHamster's Luftboyz Participating
RIP Canal G40 ES RIP Canal G40 Participating
xL NL xL Participating
We haz Turk DE We haz Turk Participating
-Virus Pro- ES -Virus Pro- Participating
OurRisk DE OurRisk Participating
Zero Fuchs Given DE Zero Fuchs Given Participating
Heaven Gymyng DE Heaven Gymyng Participating
Imperial DK Imperial Participating
Exe-eSports HUN Exe-eSports Participating
PsyChoPunCh DE PsyChoPunCh Participating
SpiSpiSpi RU SpiSpiSpi Participating
Happy Garbage DE Happy Garbage Participating
noVoidpls RO noVoidpls Participating
Ogre From Casino RU Ogre From Casino Participating
Laser Sharks DE Laser Sharks Participating
ImbaNinjasWithKungFuPowerz DE ImbaNinjasWithKungFuPowerz Participating
EleGiggle or Die HR EleGiggle or Die Participating
Team Mystique MK Team Mystique Participating
Austrian Dota Association AT Austrian Dota Association Participating
Q-Tip Polar Bear FI Q-Tip Polar Bear Participating
Schoenes Ding DE Schoenes Ding Participating
Red Sky RS Red Sky Participating
Pro Gamers Of Destiny SE Pro Gamers Of Destiny Participating
Team Simplified EU Team Simplified Participating
Nistor's Dogs RS Nistor's Dogs Participating
AL Kappa Gaming DE AL Kappa Gaming Participating
English Dota League GB English Dota League Participating
eXquisite.dota DE eXquisite.dota Participating
Stacktir Git TR Stacktir Git Participating
GreekInternetGaming GR GreekInternetGaming Participating
Not Bad Pick PL Not Bad Pick Participating
Pew Of Few SE Pew Of Few Participating
The Hood Of Mariovo MK The Hood Of Mariovo Participating
Nox Aurora DE Nox Aurora Participating
Booty Swing GB Booty Swing Participating
CHOKE GB CHOKE Participating
D.P.W.Z. RU D.P.W.Z. Participating
electric DE electric Participating
dota and chill? AT dota and chill? Participating
Synapse eSports IT Synapse eSports Participating
#vauhti FI #vauhti Participating
Deutsche & Albaner DE Deutsche & Albaner Participating
Teamk1d EU Teamk1d Participating
Team Fische DE Team Fische Participating
Allahu Akbar SK Allahu Akbar Participating
{W}arriors PK {W}arriors Participating
myRisk gaming-cub DE myRisk gaming-cub Participating
NaschVerein AT NaschVerein Participating
Power Rangers ES Power Rangers Participating
Bouncing Cykas DE Bouncing Cykas Participating
GODS EU GODS Participating
inFerno eSports IT inFerno eSports Participating
CPO Gaming RO CPO Gaming Participating
Stroked By The Rapier PL Stroked By The Rapier Participating
Cranium Basher DXB PH Cranium Basher DXB Participating
Raven G-Club SK Raven G-Club Participating
mYinsanity swiss CH mYinsanity swiss Participating
Swiss Quality Gaming CH Swiss Quality Gaming Participating
Gods Of ID EU Gods Of ID Participating
Aerial Assault ES Aerial Assault Participating
fugitive GB fugitive Participating
Anime Rejects EU Anime Rejects Participating
4 Babysitters RS 4 Babysitters Participating
No Logic Gaming EU No Logic Gaming Participating
$Look at it Go$ PL $Look at it Go$ Participating
NexusVibe RO NexusVibe Participating
Easy For Aladdin RU Easy For Aladdin Participating
We Don't Deny RS We Don't Deny Participating
Los Tranquilos GE Los Tranquilos Participating
Abu Kalb gaming WORLD Abu Kalb gaming Participating
Blue Midgets DK Blue Midgets Participating
Phantom Lancer Gaming EU Phantom Lancer Gaming Participating
Uappa DE Uappa Participating
Hijos de Odin ES Hijos de Odin Participating
ToXiCaL Gaming DE ToXiCaL Gaming Participating
Passion Gaming DE Passion Gaming Participating
Glamorous Five DE Glamorous Five Participating
FrenZii GB FrenZii Participating
fabulous five DK fabulous five Participating
goexanimo.lv LV goexanimo.lv Participating
All Aboard Gaming FI All Aboard Gaming Participating
Silencer Woods DE Silencer Woods Participating
Megalodon UK Megalodon Participating
Ocean Gaming DE Ocean Gaming Participating
96% Pure EU 96% Pure Participating
Error404 EU Error404 Participating
Feeding Pros Reborn DE Feeding Pros Reborn Participating
Parental Advisory MK Parental Advisory Participating
dissBOND Reborn PL dissBOND Reborn Participating
General MusoR! SE General MusoR! Participating
Complete Nonsense EU Complete Nonsense Participating
Elysium GR Elysium Participating
Team Rocket PL Team Rocket Participating
Unhealable Damage EU Unhealable Damage Participating
Schnabelbaer Gamyng DE Schnabelbaer Gamyng Participating
Greek Operation Forces GR Greek Operation Forces Participating
Utrota Machokulturen SE Utrota Machokulturen Participating
Family of Harmony DE Family of Harmony Participating
Snake Eyes TR Snake Eyes Participating
Well-rounded Gamers GB Well-rounded Gamers Participating
Old Geezers GR Old Geezers Participating
Noxious Intent SE Noxious Intent Participating
Vanitas Vanitatum PL Vanitas Vanitatum Participating
Kaloi Paiktes GR Kaloi Paiktes Participating
Drunk Dragons DE Drunk Dragons Participating
Master Matrix PH Master Matrix Participating
ASDF CA ASDF Participating
Subjective Gaming EU Subjective Gaming Participating
Nice Jackals FI Nice Jackals Participating
Revolution.TN TN Revolution.TN Participating
Hobobeans United SE Hobobeans United Participating
Pink Commando Squad DE Pink Commando Squad Participating
Junkyard Hounds GB Junkyard Hounds Participating
WinTrain DE WinTrain Participating
The Flame Burns DE The Flame Burns Participating
Onoarea nu se vinde RO Onoarea nu se vinde Participating
The Potato Team PL The Potato Team Participating
Turbo turtles RS Turbo turtles Participating
OverAmuse ES OverAmuse Participating
Yadhu's ego BT Yadhu's ego Participating
Team Wodo Gaming RS Team Wodo Gaming Participating
Yes Milord EU Yes Milord Participating
Happy Little Tilters EU Happy Little Tilters Participating
Stauseetigers DE Stauseetigers Participating
In For The Feed CH In For The Feed Participating
Mango Meta DE Mango Meta Participating
BirkieBoys NL BirkieBoys Participating
LastMenStanding | Dota 2 NL LastMenStanding | Dota 2 Participating
Neptune EU Neptune Participating
Nefarious Gentelmens EU Nefarious Gentelmens Participating
Alles Fotzen außer Mutti DE Alles Fotzen außer Mutti Participating
no Problem GR no Problem Participating
The rejected ducks EU The rejected ducks Participating
Genuine.D2 ME Genuine.D2 Participating
Statek PL Statek Participating
Team Nevermind DE Team Nevermind Participating
Potato Blood PL Potato Blood Participating
DotaK1ngs DE DotaK1ngs Participating
Feeding Pros DE Feeding Pros Participating
For you players ES For you players Participating
Vesmirne Goro SK Vesmirne Goro Participating
Team LEG DE Team LEG Participating
Mad Vikings SE Mad Vikings Participating
Dotarunners EU Dotarunners Participating
Face the North's GR Face the North's Participating
Cobragang DE Cobragang Participating
Such WOW Gaming CH Such WOW Gaming Participating
Kingsguard UK Kingsguard Participating
Team Tsuki DE Team Tsuki Participating
Rerum Primordia TR Rerum Primordia Participating
Team DSYELCIX HR Team DSYELCIX Participating
Rock 'n' Rosh ES Rock 'n' Rosh Participating
Oversight.AUT EU Oversight.AUT Participating
HealTheHealer SE HealTheHealer Participating
Bodybuilding Bears GB Bodybuilding Bears Participating
We Cant Win EU We Cant Win Participating
Topf voll Ott DE Topf voll Ott Participating
Cat Time SE Cat Time Participating
green Hertz AT green Hertz Participating
Sheeps will own you DE Sheeps will own you Participating
Sahver EU Sahver Participating
High Ping Feeding DE High Ping Feeding Participating
Team Paria NL Team Paria Participating
Eclot Gaming CZ Eclot Gaming Participating
Interrupting Cow SE Interrupting Cow Participating
Addiction eSports GB Addiction eSports Participating
WarInc IT WarInc Participating
Mahlzeit Moin DE Mahlzeit Moin Participating
Guerilla Method RS Guerilla Method Participating
Comanche RU Comanche Participating
JPPAR! SK JPPAR! Participating
New CheddarS ES New CheddarS Participating
Ekipa Sa Lski RS Ekipa Sa Lski Participating
Pub Crawlers UK Pub Crawlers Participating
Echidna FR Echidna Participating
PerilousRAZE GB PerilousRAZE Participating
Kaotik Team ES Kaotik Team Participating
GGSystem ES GGSystem Participating
Herrikolarioak ES Herrikolarioak Participating
Team Communism DE Team Communism Participating
Det grønne område DK Det grønne område Participating
Mango Manians FI Mango Manians Participating
winnerers FI winnerers Participating
HL - Deadly Five HUN HL - Deadly Five Participating
No Flameboy2012 GB No Flameboy2012 Participating
e-WAVE DE e-WAVE Participating
Unique|Gaming GR Unique|Gaming Participating
Eis oder was für die Hoden DE Eis oder was für die Hoden Participating
weAreElectric EU weAreElectric Participating
Attans OST SE Attans OST Participating
Die Honigmänner CH Die Honigmänner Participating
Scrofulous CZ Scrofulous Participating
PleaseShowYourSkill RU PleaseShowYourSkill Participating
E-LAB LB E-LAB Participating
Team Ifusion GB Team Ifusion Participating
Boyz II Chen SE Boyz II Chen Participating
Team Diggoo FI Team Diggoo Participating
JD ES JD Participating
Ha/Ver Hands of Midas HUN Ha/Ver Hands of Midas Participating
6odrillaz EU 6odrillaz Participating
iRobots Gaming IR iRobots Gaming Participating
Die STARK[en] Brudis DE Die STARK[en] Brudis Participating
siQ Gaming - Squad 16 Evil Mind DE siQ Gaming - Squad 16 Evil Mind Participating
Statek PL Statek Participating
GermanDota DE GermanDota Participating
Where is t-shirt? SE Where is t-shirt? Participating
Classic Combo DE Classic Combo Participating
Cologne Gaming Nerds DE Cologne Gaming Nerds Participating
You Only Live Once BA You Only Live Once Participating
Paradox Squad RU Paradox Squad Participating
TechiesSoloMid DE TechiesSoloMid Participating
fakirler TR fakirler Participating
Birds of Prey DE Birds of Prey Participating
OOE-eSports SS Dumbfuck AT OOE-eSports SS Dumbfuck Participating
Legacy of Harmony DE Legacy of Harmony Participating
Viper Support PL Viper Support Participating
The Placeholders DE The Placeholders Participating
Monkey Crew DE Monkey Crew Participating
GoGo^ DE GoGo^ Participating
lan-brains EU lan-brains Participating
Norra Europas Dota-Sällskap SE Norra Europas Dota-Sällskap Participating
Ascend EU Ascend Participating
Deuster Gaming DE Deuster Gaming Participating
SFD-Gaming DE SFD-Gaming Participating
Veno Splashers DE Veno Splashers Participating
Ran da an die Wanda! DE Ran da an die Wanda! Participating
w3.420 EU w3.420 Participating
omq.Gaming DE omq.Gaming Participating
Team Rapture JO Team Rapture Participating
MONgolzzzz EU MONgolzzzz Participating
Triple McRoshan with Cheese TR Triple McRoshan with Cheese Participating
Teil des Schiffs - Teil der Crew AT Teil des Schiffs - Teil der Crew Participating
We are the next generation RU We are the next generation Participating
Pure Hard DotA DE Pure Hard DotA Participating
epX-Gaming DE epX-Gaming Participating
Notorious Villains Gaming EG Notorious Villains Gaming Participating
Yung Bidlo BY Yung Bidlo Participating
Clan Disconnect DE Clan Disconnect Participating
Team Sikret GB Team Sikret Participating
Team FUG DE Team FUG Participating
BEARIX.dota DE BEARIX.dota Participating
Meet Your 5 BG Meet Your 5 Participating
Womberers FI Womberers Participating
Penguins EG Penguins Participating
Maximum Tryhard GB Maximum Tryhard Participating
Ahmet Abi & Belali Cetesi TR Ahmet Abi & Belali Cetesi Participating
Bananenbärchenbande DE Bananenbärchenbande Participating
Challenge Accepted CZ Challenge Accepted Participating
Kvällskvisten SE Kvällskvisten Participating
Mumble Elite DK Mumble Elite Participating
Bäst i Byn SE Bäst i Byn Participating
GoDDamn LB GoDDamn Participating
Komanda Papagáž CS Komanda Papagáž Participating
Vengeance of Terror EU Vengeance of Terror Participating
Team Impluse B GB Team Impluse B Participating
Look At It Go DE Look At It Go Participating
Broken Noob Pickers DE Broken Noob Pickers Participating
Decietful Ruselords DK Decietful Ruselords Participating
Uprising Surprise ES Uprising Surprise Participating
Vanguard IR Vanguard Participating
Ypsilon Strich Deh DE Ypsilon Strich Deh Participating
Team Bulls MN Team Bulls Participating
Gremlins FI Gremlins Participating
Just Trying CZ Just Trying Participating
Oogway FI Oogway Participating
Black Pearl LB Black Pearl Participating
Sorry-It's-GG KG Sorry-It's-GG Participating
Team Nikités DZ Team Nikités Participating
Helvetica Standard ES Helvetica Standard Participating
Under Seven ES Under Seven Participating
whatATeam AT whatATeam Participating
Schwiss Incredible Rebels CH Schwiss Incredible Rebels Participating
Küsse auf die Nüsse DE Küsse auf die Nüsse Participating
R3v0lut10n AT R3v0lut10n Participating
Super-Weicheischuppen Jr. Gang DE Super-Weicheischuppen Jr. Gang Participating
Řeřicha EU Řeřicha Participating
Bier Creative DE Bier Creative Participating
Team ExoduS TR Team ExoduS Participating
For Queen and Country! UK For Queen and Country! Participating
Team Atlas DZ Team Atlas Participating
Kappa Mates RO Kappa Mates Participating
NextLvlDota RU NextLvlDota Participating
Tangooohhh Gaming TR Tangooohhh Gaming Participating
Amistades Peligrosas ES Amistades Peligrosas Participating
Team ЯReplika AT Team ЯReplika Participating
Global Range Midgets RS Global Range Midgets Participating
Clockwerks Conundrum GB Clockwerks Conundrum Participating
MadikOMD KZ MadikOMD Participating
1mbalance gaming EU 1mbalance gaming Participating
CamelSoft TR CamelSoft Participating
TeamBots LB TeamBots Participating
420 kool kidz DE 420 kool kidz Participating
Pajero Esports EU Pajero Esports Participating
Noobs Play Too ES Noobs Play Too Participating
Rice Cooker GB Rice Cooker Participating
Complete Runecontrol EU Complete Runecontrol Participating
Pruttfull SE Pruttfull Participating
Venko gaming NL Venko gaming Participating
Shoot Boyz NO Shoot Boyz Participating
PaskaPeränPohjaMuta FI PaskaPeränPohjaMuta Participating
siQ-Gaming - KotL BotL DE siQ-Gaming - KotL BotL Participating
Envision eSport CZ Envision eSport Participating
Elyos Tea Party TR Elyos Tea Party Participating
Cyclones DE Cyclones Participating
DangerTraktorTeam CH DangerTraktorTeam Participating
Kawaii Narwhals GB Kawaii Narwhals Participating
Kongo Truckers SE Kongo Truckers Participating
Kaas Gamers DK Kaas Gamers Participating
Secret Rangers SK Secret Rangers Participating
Hartprobierer DE Hartprobierer Participating
Blink Squad GB Blink Squad Participating
WeWannaWin Clan CZ WeWannaWin Clan Participating
Bulldog Esports UK Bulldog Esports Participating
Vitality eSports RO Vitality eSports Participating
Cyka På Köpet SE Cyka På Köpet Participating
Silent~Assasins AL Silent~Assasins Participating
Golden Eagles SK Golden Eagles Participating
Bees and Friends DE Bees and Friends Participating
Final-Gaming DE Final-Gaming Participating
Rice AT Rice Participating
#nahka-posse FI #nahka-posse Participating
readmore staff DE readmore staff Participating
Pack of the Alfa Wolves EU Pack of the Alfa Wolves Participating
Amber Blaze DE Amber Blaze Participating
Daddies With Benefits UA Daddies With Benefits Participating
Meet your Greed DE Meet your Greed Participating
Wrath Of Penguins TR Wrath Of Penguins Participating
#worfit DE #worfit Participating
Team Extreme Supremacy IT Team Extreme Supremacy Participating
ROYAL IR ROYAL Participating
ReaLCrew_ITG (Nitrado) GR ReaLCrew_ITG (Nitrado) Participating
de_nuke LV de_nuke Participating
Team Tether Reborn EU Team Tether Reborn Participating
1 Mackerel & 4 Bitches FR 1 Mackerel & 4 Bitches Participating
I needed faith earlier DK I needed faith earlier Participating
Emoboyz FR Emoboyz Participating
ThunderThinkers DE ThunderThinkers Participating
Trust in Carry DE Trust in Carry Participating
Spass Konfi DE Spass Konfi Participating
Rest in Bacon DE Rest in Bacon Participating
Ts_Online RS Ts_Online Participating
hehe united BT hehe united Participating
SwagMeisters UK SwagMeisters Participating
Leif is Lief DE Leif is Lief Participating
Team Kourage AE Team Kourage Participating
Rebellion RU Rebellion Participating
European Love Story EU European Love Story Participating
Happy_Feed DE Happy_Feed Participating
S A D B O Y S 2 0 1 5 ES S A D B O Y S 2 0 1 5 Participating
Choke Gaming UK Choke Gaming Participating
Banos Club SE Banos Club Participating
NecroRaisers.HS CZ NecroRaisers.HS Participating
Cookie Schwadron DE Cookie Schwadron Participating
siQ-Gaming - [G]ods of the Arena DE siQ-Gaming - [G]ods of the Arena Participating
Blazing Fury DE Blazing Fury Participating
Fresh Gaming DE Fresh Gaming Participating
Faul Gaming FI Faul Gaming Participating
Sexy Amateure DE Sexy Amateure Participating
Doom from Cataclysm BA Doom from Cataclysm Participating
Enclave Gaming GB Enclave Gaming Participating
GarenaRoom RU GarenaRoom Participating
No Jobs For Lowbobs EU No Jobs For Lowbobs Participating
Atos Acolytes DE Atos Acolytes Participating
Komanda gospoda boga RU Komanda gospoda boga Participating
It was just Banter GB It was just Banter Participating
Echo Foxes. CZ Echo Foxes. Participating
Autumn red EU Autumn red Participating
DejavuClique GR DejavuClique Participating
Unique eSport IR Unique eSport Participating
Game-Life Balance SK Game-Life Balance Participating
Handtuch-Stack DE Handtuch-Stack Participating
Austrian Depf Aussa AT Austrian Depf Aussa Participating
Artful Dodgers DE Artful Dodgers Participating
Bertil All-Stars EU Bertil All-Stars Participating
Coratex Gaming EU Coratex Gaming Participating
Moroccan Spirit MA Moroccan Spirit Participating
Greek Dota Gamers GR Greek Dota Gamers Participating
Elarum LT Elarum Participating
PureWhiteEkibi06 TR PureWhiteEkibi06 Participating
Drink Vodka Win Dotka CH Drink Vodka Win Dotka Participating
Infinite Light IR Infinite Light Participating
Energy Piglets ZA Energy Piglets Participating
Only Gosu Can HUN Only Gosu Can Participating
eWAVE DE eWAVE Participating
Dicey 5 SE Dicey 5 Participating
Meanwhile At Top Lane FI Meanwhile At Top Lane Participating
WOMP GB WOMP Participating
Saskinides GR Saskinides Participating
Kragens Krigere DK Kragens Krigere Participating
Team aus Mitgliedern der nichtmagischen Gesellschaft Gaming DE Team aus Mitgliedern der nichtmagischen Gesellschaft Gaming Participating
TearDrop TR TearDrop Participating
anime haters 69 UK anime haters 69 Participating
Wolves eSports DE Wolves eSports Participating
Cronatic HR Cronatic Participating
Right Click KZ Right Click Participating
spaiseri LV spaiseri Participating
BxStreetBoys DE BxStreetBoys Participating
y u mad bro? DE y u mad bro? Participating
Stronk Players DK Stronk Players Participating
Drop Acid Not Bombs DE Drop Acid Not Bombs Participating
Gotto Squad ES Gotto Squad Participating
four peasents one king DE four peasents one king Participating
At least we tried CH At least we tried Participating
tards HUN tards Participating
Jabroni Beating! DE Jabroni Beating! Participating
Order of Icarus EU Order of Icarus Participating
Cuda na Kiju PL Cuda na Kiju Participating
Eternal Kabo Knights DE Eternal Kabo Knights Participating
iNvolute CZ iNvolute Participating
Secrets of Assassination TR Secrets of Assassination Participating
Millennio IT Millennio Participating
IVAN NO IVAN Participating
TeamDieBack TR TeamDieBack Participating
Turbo DE Turbo Participating
British Expeditionary Force GB British Expeditionary Force Participating
Anger Issues DE Anger Issues Participating
Pure Lag UK Pure Lag Participating
Apex Predators GR Apex Predators Participating
Quantum Uncertainty PL Quantum Uncertainty Participating
4FUN GB 4FUN Participating
badtrips TR badtrips Participating
Circle of Trust BG Circle of Trust Participating
BOOM esports EU BOOM esports Participating
Dota Privateers DE Dota Privateers Participating
~Team Spirit~ DE ~Team Spirit~ Participating
Ningen Zero Keikaku US Ningen Zero Keikaku Participating
No Techies FI No Techies Participating
NoBrains IR NoBrains Participating
Untouchables GB Untouchables Participating
Hydra EU Hydra Participating
ForgottenElite DE ForgottenElite Participating
Aloha Gaming DE Aloha Gaming Participating
MissPlay Gaming HR MissPlay Gaming Participating
UnderPunches TR UnderPunches Participating
Stop nu det feed funk DK Stop nu det feed funk Participating
Austrian Elite Players.BaD_N3Ws DE Austrian Elite Players.BaD_N3Ws Participating
Night Watch Gaming EU Night Watch Gaming Participating
The Last Resistance TR The Last Resistance Participating
Mangos Colados ES Mangos Colados Participating
Team Moriarty RO Team Moriarty Participating
[FAWGL_] SE [FAWGL_] Participating
Gametrick Esports HUN Gametrick Esports Participating
Honestly Believes DE Honestly Believes Participating
Real Throws EU Real Throws Participating
Vigorously Sand King GB Vigorously Sand King Participating
Feed CZ Feed Participating
Heliga Birgitta SE Heliga Birgitta Participating
NapierdalaczePL PL NapierdalaczePL Participating
Team Illuminates MK Team Illuminates Participating
my.Divinity DE my.Divinity Participating
Lasertag Is For Pussies DE Lasertag Is For Pussies Participating
Brazen ZA Brazen Participating
AlpeCriters CH AlpeCriters Participating
niph EU niph Participating
Fysix SE Fysix Participating
AZuRe e-Sports DE AZuRe e-Sports Participating
FireRoyals JO FireRoyals Participating
Kaartin DotaKlubi FI Kaartin DotaKlubi Participating
Hashitad NO Hashitad Participating
Bananas For Mamas RS Bananas For Mamas Participating
Random Name EU Random Name Participating
FrostBite RO FrostBite Participating
S A L T S H A K E R S SE S A L T S H A K E R S Participating
Gäddvik Gaming EU Gäddvik Gaming Participating
Kompact Gaming RO Kompact Gaming Participating
fourEasternEuropedota EU fourEasternEuropedota Participating
Japanese Goblins DE Japanese Goblins Participating
Get Rock'd EU Get Rock'd Participating
Fabulous and Gorgeous FI Fabulous and Gorgeous Participating
Team Dota Hönsen EU Team Dota Hönsen Participating
Proud to be Suryoyo DE Proud to be Suryoyo Participating
BZH AT BZH Participating
Moch Ma Teamfight AT Moch Ma Teamfight Participating
 NoPizzaNoParty IT NoPizzaNoParty Participating
Mongoloid Monkeys NL Mongoloid Monkeys Participating
Global Break JO Global Break Participating
Ancients Go Home DE Ancients Go Home Participating
TheBrocsension DE TheBrocsension Participating
Rush3D DE Rush3D Participating
Le Boooys SE Le Boooys Participating
UNITAS EU UNITAS Participating
Out of Milk EU Out of Milk Participating
Partizanai LT Partizanai Participating
No Strat GR No Strat Participating
The North Legion TR The North Legion Participating
3RD UNIT EU 3RD UNIT Participating
Nivalis DE Nivalis Participating
EazT CoazT Gaming SE EazT CoazT Gaming Participating
Peter Penis Passwort DE Peter Penis Passwort Participating
Svetjana Gaming DE Svetjana Gaming Participating
GayBoy Squad GB GayBoy Squad Participating
Random Mc Random FI Random Mc Random Participating
Protein, Steroids and Sexmoves GB Protein, Steroids and Sexmoves Participating
Banana EU Banana Participating
Reign Train DE Reign Train Participating
myRisk Gaming e.V. EU myRisk Gaming e.V. Participating
Rampage Gaming EU Rampage Gaming Participating
The Third Roshan TR The Third Roshan Participating
Pour le Saucisson FR Pour le Saucisson Participating
Dip Sauce SE Dip Sauce Participating
Prodota Gaming RU Prodota Gaming Participating
Castagne Gaming FR Castagne Gaming Participating
HoN ILite Varriorz NO HoN ILite Varriorz Participating
GUS Gaming RU GUS Gaming Participating
Freak Your Foes BA Freak Your Foes Participating
Pure Skill Lel EU Pure Skill Lel Participating
Coemback is Rael ES Coemback is Rael Participating
Lostteam doesnt exist DE Lostteam doesnt exist Participating
Wrong5 CZ Wrong5 Participating
Team Naga FR Team Naga Participating
NewKraze EU NewKraze Participating
GarageBoys FI GarageBoys Participating
Team Wasmasjien NL Team Wasmasjien Participating
Team Next Generation EU Team Next Generation Participating
Majestic Esport DE Majestic Esport Participating
UBT Gaming 1 DE UBT Gaming 1 Participating
LowLandLions NL LowLandLions Participating
IceCOLD TR IceCOLD Participating
The Swedgin Steamboats GB The Swedgin Steamboats Participating
Clan Disconnect DE Clan Disconnect Participating
FeedEx Corporation DE FeedEx Corporation Participating
Umbra Guardians EU Umbra Guardians Participating
iTLorD DE iTLorD Participating
Autistic Five DE Autistic Five Participating
TheSaintZ IT TheSaintZ Participating
PewPew AL PewPew Participating
4HighEliteApes+Dickson IS 4HighEliteApes+Dickson Participating
5 Whistling Lads in the green fields of Ireland DK 5 Whistling Lads in the green fields of Ireland Participating
40% Alcohol Volume EU 40% Alcohol Volume Participating
Friendly Fire FR Friendly Fire Participating
Kompas Gaming RU Kompas Gaming Participating
Blessed by our presence SE Blessed by our presence Participating
Strictly Family Business NL Strictly Family Business Participating
We Eat Tangoes GB We Eat Tangoes Participating
ZeroSkills EU ZeroSkills Participating
Pobesneli Jarcani RS Pobesneli Jarcani Participating
Scott Hawe Fan Club GB Scott Hawe Fan Club Participating
Mankos United (Handless Devils) GB Mankos United (Handless Devils) Participating
definitivt! SE definitivt! Participating
Consider the Consequences TR Consider the Consequences Participating
Sliver Memory UK Sliver Memory Participating
Part-Time Postmen UK Part-Time Postmen Participating
Greed Gamers RS Greed Gamers Participating
Elements Pro Gaming RU Elements Pro Gaming Participating
Upotené hviezdičky SK Upotené hviezdičky Participating
ROB SE ROB Participating
Nallekarhut FI Nallekarhut Participating
Arglistige Querulanten DE Arglistige Querulanten Participating
Good Kappa Stick Gaming GB Good Kappa Stick Gaming Participating
F[A]NBOYS SE F[A]NBOYS Participating
Team Password EU Team Password Participating
Drakula SI Drakula Participating
Drakula SI Drakula Participating
Ważne Żeby Kerowac PL Ważne Żeby Kerowac Participating
Quack Power PT Quack Power Participating
EZ Patka YU EZ Patka Participating
With one hand in our pants DE With one hand in our pants Participating
siQ-Gaming.com - SeXy DoTo DE siQ-Gaming.com - SeXy DoTo Participating
Memeteam tbhfam EU Memeteam tbhfam Participating
Get Leckt AT Get Leckt Participating
Smoke & Mirrors ZA Smoke & Mirrors Participating
Automaten in der Spielothek DE Automaten in der Spielothek Participating
Enterwell EU Enterwell Participating
Team Untitled EU Team Untitled Participating
Trabzonspor AS TR Trabzonspor AS Participating
ParticularlyPreciousPusi CH ParticularlyPreciousPusi Participating
WhYNot TN WhYNot Participating
FullRetardDota DE FullRetardDota Participating
Fabulous 5 DK Fabulous 5 Participating
Rat der Weisen DE Rat der Weisen Participating
HeavyHippos DE HeavyHippos Participating
Death from a Dove UK Death from a Dove Participating
RBage Against the Machine GB RBage Against the Machine Participating
Vengeful Seduction EU Vengeful Seduction Participating
Team#One DE Team#One Participating
Gaming Se7en TR Gaming Se7en Participating
Divinity Gaming HR Divinity Gaming Participating
Chrone Gaming CZ Chrone Gaming Participating
ProSkillPwners HR ProSkillPwners Participating
Ogril DE Ogril Participating
Nuclear Storm Gaming EU Nuclear Storm Gaming Participating
Wolves eSports FI Wolves eSports Participating
Meta Pickers CZ Meta Pickers Participating
United eSports GB United eSports Participating
Good Fellas TR Good Fellas Participating
Erayın Fedaileri Gaming TR Erayın Fedaileri Gaming Participating
NoPro DE NoPro Participating
Forefathers CZ Forefathers Participating
5REJECTS CZ 5REJECTS Participating
Fire in the ass UA Fire in the ass Participating
Kluci v akci CZ Kluci v akci Participating
Team Disband FI Team Disband Participating
FiveDota EU FiveDota Participating
Asterion NL Asterion Participating
Total Fatal Error HUN Total Fatal Error Participating
SnackBar Gaming TR SnackBar Gaming Participating
Death Rejects IR Death Rejects Participating
Tuzlu ve Ofkeli TR Tuzlu ve Ofkeli Participating
Occassionally ask questions UK Occassionally ask questions Participating
4JungZ + Old Man CZ 4JungZ + Old Man Participating
Another One Buys the Dust WORLD Another One Buys the Dust Participating
EEZEE+5 NL EEZEE+5 Participating
USS Estabahn GB USS Estabahn Participating
Natural Born Homewreckers GB Natural Born Homewreckers Participating
Bad Game Gaming DE Bad Game Gaming Participating
Antybohy PL Antybohy Participating
High Five Friends BA High Five Friends Participating
Team of Pyro DE Team of Pyro Participating
Average White Team NL Average White Team Participating
One2Three4Seven DE One2Three4Seven Participating
Team Simplified EU Team Simplified Participating
Team Burdens DE Team Burdens Participating
BibleTrump HUN BibleTrump Participating
siQ-Gaming.com - Nur noch ein Doto DE siQ-Gaming.com - Nur noch ein Doto Participating
Wisby Whiskey Tuna SE Wisby Whiskey Tuna Participating
retard mode engageD DE retard mode engageD Participating
Council_ PL Council_ Participating
Dank memes and broken Dreams EU Dank memes and broken Dreams Participating
Lovers in Phoenix Egg EU Lovers in Phoenix Egg Participating
Whereabouts DE Whereabouts Participating
CrossOver eSports ComU DE CrossOver eSports ComU Participating
Davai & Conquer EU Davai & Conquer Participating
_AZE_TEAM_ AZ _AZE_TEAM_ Participating
Kamikaze Kangaroos HUN Kamikaze Kangaroos Participating
Suns of the Beach GB Suns of the Beach Participating
Licence2Feed EU Licence2Feed Participating
Majestic as Fuck NL Majestic as Fuck Participating
Swag- ZA Swag- Participating
crazy_rams GR crazy_rams Participating
Dacian Dracos RO Dacian Dracos Participating
Einheit der heimattreuen Parallelgesellschaft DE Einheit der heimattreuen Parallelgesellschaft Participating
Team Ghost GE Team Ghost Participating
The Real Trix EU The Real Trix Participating
Powerpuff Girls WORLD Powerpuff Girls Participating
Gamerz Lounge YAKUZA MK Gamerz Lounge YAKUZA Participating
Angered Global Games AE Angered Global Games Participating
Guardians Of Denmark DK Guardians Of Denmark Participating
Osvajaci RS Osvajaci Participating
DreissigZwei DE DreissigZwei Participating
Reeempage ES Reeempage Participating
Element.DOP IT Element.DOP Participating
GameIsPaused FI GameIsPaused Participating
Bak3rboys EU Bak3rboys Participating
1by1 ES 1by1 Participating
Team MYSTERY DE Team MYSTERY Participating
Esport Universität Bayreuth DE Esport Universität Bayreuth Participating
Uganda Warriors UG Uganda Warriors Participating
Team Fedora SE Team Fedora Participating
low priority warriors BG low priority warriors Participating
VirtualRape DE VirtualRape Participating
Dromlaget SE Dromlaget Participating
Ri'Se EU Ri'Se Participating
Pretentious Postmodern Douchebags EU Pretentious Postmodern Douchebags Participating
silkeborg SE silkeborg Participating
Question Mark PL Question Mark Participating
Niezwykle Zła Szajka PL Niezwykle Zła Szajka Participating
Donkey Dunkers WORLD Donkey Dunkers Participating
MingLee Raiders EU MingLee Raiders Participating
teamtop3 RU teamtop3 Participating
Zagreb 360 HR Zagreb 360 Participating
Super Warriors of Doom and Also Death SE Super Warriors of Doom and Also Death Participating
We Kinda Suck GB We Kinda Suck Participating
16Bit Gaming EU 16Bit Gaming Participating
Angry Stags RO Angry Stags Participating
Elite V SY Elite V Participating
Cunt Licking is Tremendous GB Cunt Licking is Tremendous Participating
Hainler TR Hainler Participating
CrowCrowd RU CrowCrowd Participating
Next To Normal NL Next To Normal Participating
hufflepuff PL hufflepuff Participating
Czerwone Kredki Rumcajsa PL Czerwone Kredki Rumcajsa Participating
FAustuxXP LT FAustuxXP Participating
Team BraNinja RO Team BraNinja Participating
PinuzziPazzi IT PinuzziPazzi Participating
таунхаусы SE таунхаусы Participating
The OP Crowd EU The OP Crowd Participating
Nerds United EU Nerds United Participating
HardQuest UA HardQuest Participating
hero GB hero Participating
Grasanii RO Grasanii Participating
GhottoGaming DE GhottoGaming Participating
Team Kuna PL Team Kuna Participating
5 Noobzors RO 5 Noobzors Participating
Attila Dies First GB Attila Dies First Participating
More Ferarum FI More Ferarum Participating
Gaming Evolved Minds UZ Gaming Evolved Minds Participating
Error: Teamname not found DE Error: Teamname not found Participating