joinDOTA League Europe - Season #13

  • Game:
    Dota 2
  • Type:
    Team (5)
  • Status:
  • Participants:
2018-08-18 22:00 CEST
2018-04-30 16:00 CEST


Scheduling Tool
You can and should now use the Scheduling Tool to find a match date with your opponent. Once you reach an agreement, the match page automatically updates the match time.

Ready Up
Before each match starts, you need to select a roster for the match on the match page. The deadline for it is the time of the match. All players must then confirm their participation within 15 minutes. Please read our rules for more details.

Note: For this to work properly you need to use the Scheduling Tool to determine the match time, else the match might get closed. Please write a support ticket if you run into trouble.



Preseason Playoffs

joinDOTA League Season 13 Schedule

Preseason Playoffs

Saturday, May 12th - Sunday, May 13th

Season Schedule

Signup End: Friday, 18th at 09:00 GMT+2 (CEST)
Playday 1: 21.05-27.05
Playday 2: 28.05-03.06
Playday 3: 04.06-10.06
Playday 4: 11.06-17.06
Playday 5: 18.06-24.06
Playday 6: 25.06-01.07
Playday 7: 02.07-08.07
Tiebreakers: 11.07-17.07
Playoffs: 18.07-05.08