jDL EU #7: Participants

PLEASE NOTE: This is an older season of our league. We continuously add and improve functionality to our leagues, so some information and data visible in newer seasons might be inaccurate or missing in this one.

Signup incomplete (772)

TeamSignup status
KinderGarten EU KinderGarten Participating
GOOMBA Gaming DE GOOMBA Gaming Participating
Elysium GR Elysium Participating
London Conspiracy SE London Conspiracy Participating
Winners DK Winners Participating
Moonlight Symphony JO Moonlight Symphony Participating
{W}arriors PK {W}arriors Participating
uFrag GB uFrag Participating
VikingTV.int WORLD VikingTV.int Participating
Nice League DE Nice League Participating
Team 101 IN Team 101 Participating
Lunatic Asylum TR Lunatic Asylum Participating
Team Fade SE Team Fade Participating
Zero Respect FR Zero Respect Participating
Reggae Sharks DE Reggae Sharks Participating
epidemic CZ epidemic Participating
Ogre From Casino RU Ogre From Casino Participating
Mumble Elite DK Mumble Elite Participating
Austrian Dota Association AT Austrian Dota Association Participating
Scaryfacezzz | Dota2net UA Scaryfacezzz | Dota2net Participating
Against All Odds DOTA ZA Against All Odds DOTA Participating
4 Anchors + Sea Captain FI 4 Anchors + Sea Captain Participating
Abraxas WORLD Abraxas Participating
la13 ES la13 Participating
Team DSYELCIX HR Team DSYELCIX Participating
Comanche RU Comanche Participating
HolyHamster's Luftboyz EU HolyHamster's Luftboyz Participating
Laser Sharks DE Laser Sharks Participating
no Problem GR no Problem Participating
PsyChoPunCh DE PsyChoPunCh Participating
ROB SE ROB Participating
SFD-Gaming DE SFD-Gaming Participating
Krenk Liricki Tenk BA Krenk Liricki Tenk Participating
EZ+5 DE EZ+5 Participating
The Placeholders DE The Placeholders Participating
hehe united BT hehe united Participating
The Flame Burns DE The Flame Burns Participating
Team Moriarty RO Team Moriarty Participating
R3v0lut10n AT R3v0lut10n Participating
Kongo Truckers SE Kongo Truckers Participating
WinTrain DE WinTrain Participating
eFlames DE eFlames Participating
Peter Penis Passwort DE Peter Penis Passwort Participating
Feeding Pros Reborn DE Feeding Pros Reborn Participating
Apollo 9 SK Apollo 9 Participating
Banana EU Banana Participating
CazGoPlayRiki TR CazGoPlayRiki Participating
Uspastorps Gaming SE Uspastorps Gaming Participating
One hand gaming DE One hand gaming Participating
European Love Story EU European Love Story Participating
Exhumed to play CZ Exhumed to play Participating
Hobobeans United SE Hobobeans United Participating
KnownFor EG KnownFor Participating
Exe-eSports HUN Exe-eSports Participating
Ins Xicht AT Ins Xicht Participating
omq.Gaming DE omq.Gaming Participating
Q-Tip Polar Bear FI Q-Tip Polar Bear Participating
Dread's Corner Shop Crew UK Dread's Corner Shop Crew Participating
IVAN NO IVAN Participating
NextSkill RO NextSkill Participating
Eclot Gaming CZ Eclot Gaming Participating
fabulous five DK fabulous five Participating
LimiTlesS.Reborn IR LimiTlesS.Reborn Participating
Kaotik Team ES Kaotik Team Participating
#vauhti FI #vauhti Participating
Penguins EG Penguins Participating
Rape Them All RO Rape Them All Participating
Tactical Riot Gaming gEHOME DE Tactical Riot Gaming gEHOME Participating
General MusoR! SE General MusoR! Participating
Kappa Knights TR Kappa Knights Participating
K L A P P A B O Y S CZ K L A P P A B O Y S Participating
ToniTec DE ToniTec Participating
Allahu Akbar SK Allahu Akbar Participating
Team Mystique MK Team Mystique Participating
Secret Rangers SK Secret Rangers Participating
Stormy Dayz TR Stormy Dayz Participating
nAs WORLD nAs Participating
Game-Life Balance SK Game-Life Balance Participating
Team Tenutus FI Team Tenutus Participating
NexusVibe RO NexusVibe Participating
Order of Icarus EU Order of Icarus Participating
No Reverse TR No Reverse Participating
NoRagrets DE NoRagrets Participating
TwilightZone TR TwilightZone Participating
LinumTigers EU LinumTigers Participating
Ascend EU Ascend Participating
Ran da an die Wanda! DE Ran da an die Wanda! Participating
Stekhora Pubs SE Stekhora Pubs Participating
Tactical Riot Gaming Team Report DE Tactical Riot Gaming Team Report Participating
Team ЯReplika AT Team ЯReplika Participating
3RD UNIT EU 3RD UNIT Participating
HealTheHealer SE HealTheHealer Participating
Party Time DE Party Time Participating
Albanian True Niggaz AL Albanian True Niggaz Participating
Nuclear Penguins DE Nuclear Penguins Participating
Kawaii Narhwals GB Kawaii Narhwals Participating
Autumn red EU Autumn red Participating
Triple McRoshan with Cheese TR Triple McRoshan with Cheese Participating
Taugenichts Gaming DE Taugenichts Gaming Participating
Pack of the Alfa Wolves EU Pack of the Alfa Wolves Participating
Asterion NL Asterion Participating
Anime Rejects EU Anime Rejects Participating
Stofftiere Online e.V. DE Stofftiere Online e.V. Participating
Czerwone Kredki Rumcajsa PL Czerwone Kredki Rumcajsa Participating
Smash SA Smash Participating
Paint it Gold FI Paint it Gold Participating
Clan Disconnect DE Clan Disconnect Participating
Team ZAAAP DE Team ZAAAP Participating
Shoot Boyz NO Shoot Boyz Participating
NoobsGoPro RO NoobsGoPro Participating
Eis oder was für die Hoden DE Eis oder was für die Hoden Participating
Deuster Gaming DE Deuster Gaming Participating
Team Obvious UA Team Obvious Participating
BeCreative DE BeCreative Participating
Yes We Ban DE Yes We Ban Participating
Harmonika Gajde Truba BA Harmonika Gajde Truba Participating
Silencer Woods DE Silencer Woods Participating
Vengeance of Terror EU Vengeance of Terror Participating
Kluci v akci CZ Kluci v akci Participating
Lunatics PL Lunatics Participating
Osvajaci RS Osvajaci Participating
50 stripes of shima-pan DE 50 stripes of shima-pan Participating
lan-brains EU lan-brains Participating
fakirler TR fakirler Participating
Fardos United PT Fardos United Participating
Random Boys TR Random Boys Participating
TechiesSoloMid DE TechiesSoloMid Participating
Trust in Carry DE Trust in Carry Participating
Niezwykle Zła Szajka PL Niezwykle Zła Szajka Participating
Energy Piglets ZA Energy Piglets Participating
Ancients Go Home DE Ancients Go Home Participating
Complete Runecontrol EU Complete Runecontrol Participating
green Hertz AT green Hertz Participating
TearDrop TR TearDrop Participating
-Yolo-Swaggins RO -Yolo-Swaggins Participating
Team Mistral BE Team Mistral Participating
Vitality eSports RO Vitality eSports Participating
Kappa Mates RO Kappa Mates Participating
In For The Feed CH In For The Feed Participating
Dotal~War DE Dotal~War Participating
Vicarious Mind GB Vicarious Mind Participating
Team Rocket PL Team Rocket Participating
phi gaming DE phi gaming Participating
Circle of Trust BG Circle of Trust Participating
D.P.W.Z. RU D.P.W.Z. Participating
Bo EG Bo Participating
NaschVerein AT NaschVerein Participating
Stache Gaming SE Stache Gaming Participating
The 20th April RS The 20th April Participating
Team Progress FR Team Progress Participating
Schoenes Ding DE Schoenes Ding Participating
Easy For Aladdin RU Easy For Aladdin Participating
Royal Bandits TR Royal Bandits Participating
Freak Your Foes BA Freak Your Foes Participating
Team Support MK Team Support Participating
Team GO SE Team GO Participating
I Fucked Goat Once CZ I Fucked Goat Once Participating
Tangooohhh Gaming TR Tangooohhh Gaming Participating
Never Too Late TR Never Too Late Participating
Mistakes Were Made IR Mistakes Were Made Participating
Gunrunners.AOC CZ Gunrunners.AOC Participating
Küsse auf die Nüsse DE Küsse auf die Nüsse Participating
Greed Gamers RS Greed Gamers Participating
Treaba Buna RO Treaba Buna Participating
Team Untitled EU Team Untitled Participating
Blunatics ES Blunatics Participating
Know Your Enemy EU Know Your Enemy Participating
Kragens Krigere DK Kragens Krigere Participating
Vanitas Vanitatum PL Vanitas Vanitatum Participating
Europe Conquerors TR Europe Conquerors Participating
Sp-Gaming GR Sp-Gaming Participating
SpiSpiSpi RU SpiSpiSpi Participating
Team TheLast TR Team TheLast Participating
Die Honigmänner CH Die Honigmänner Participating
~Team Spirit~ DE ~Team Spirit~ Participating
Team Instinct AT Team Instinct Participating
eXquisite.dota DE eXquisite.dota Participating
AEP.No Brood DE AEP.No Brood Participating
PandaBoys DE PandaBoys Participating
Skill Caped CZ Skill Caped Participating
Egemen +4ever TR Egemen +4ever Participating
The Tough Bananas DK The Tough Bananas Participating
Gierig und Dumm DE Gierig und Dumm Participating
AleA CH AleA Participating
DutchDotaGaming NL DutchDotaGaming Participating
Team Naga FR Team Naga Participating
Klendi Otkriva Sveta BG Klendi Otkriva Sveta Participating
Queens of Paint EU Queens of Paint Participating
Kaas Gamers DK Kaas Gamers Participating
uNLimited X MK uNLimited X Participating
Uprising Surprise ES Uprising Surprise Participating
You Only Live Once BA You Only Live Once Participating
Squishy Gaming DE Squishy Gaming Participating
Wave Romania RO Wave Romania Participating
Los Tranquilos GE Los Tranquilos Participating
Ekipa Sa Lski RS Ekipa Sa Lski Participating
Teamerino Vengerino GB Teamerino Vengerino Participating
Scrofulous CZ Scrofulous Participating
Please Carry Me FR Please Carry Me Participating
siQ-Gaming - KotL BotL DE siQ-Gaming - KotL BotL Participating
BluTnacht DE BluTnacht Participating
4 People & Peeeeeter PL 4 People & Peeeeeter Participating
Team Bulls MN Team Bulls Participating
winnerers FI winnerers Participating
Right Click KZ Right Click Participating
siQ-Gaming.com - SeXy DoTo DE siQ-Gaming.com - SeXy DoTo Participating
Trashcanners RS Trashcanners Participating
AZuRe e-Sports DE AZuRe e-Sports Participating
BitchChasers EU BitchChasers Participating
The Hood Of Mariovo MK The Hood Of Mariovo Participating
Glamorous Five DE Glamorous Five Participating
Killing Strangers EU Killing Strangers Participating
e-WAVE DE e-WAVE Participating
xL NL xL Participating
Meet Your 5 BG Meet Your 5 Participating
Drakula SI Drakula Participating
Team Vision EU Team Vision Participating
Bodybuilding Bears GB Bodybuilding Bears Participating
Gremlins FI Gremlins Participating
cXo eSports Beef DE cXo eSports Beef Participating
Happy Garbage DE Happy Garbage Participating
We Cant Win EU We Cant Win Participating
Donkey Squad DE Donkey Squad Participating
Random stack WORLD Random stack Participating
Sange'n'Yasha PL Sange'n'Yasha Participating
Nistor's Dogs RS Nistor's Dogs Participating
BirkieBoys NL BirkieBoys Participating
1mbalance gaming EU 1mbalance gaming Participating
ReaLCrew_ITG (Nitrado) GR ReaLCrew_ITG (Nitrado) Participating
KeyD Stars CZ KeyD Stars Participating
Don't eat yellow snow CH Don't eat yellow snow Participating
Stauseetigers DE Stauseetigers Participating
tards HUN tards Participating
goexanimo.lv LV goexanimo.lv Participating
Mortifera HR Mortifera Participating
One2Three4Seven DE One2Three4Seven Participating
Rerum Primordia TR Rerum Primordia Participating
Subjective Gaming EU Subjective Gaming Participating
CamelSoft TR CamelSoft Participating
Drakula SI Drakula Participating
Tactical Feeders IT Tactical Feeders Participating
Untimed Roshan EU Untimed Roshan Participating
Legacy of Harmony DE Legacy of Harmony Participating
Kebab Extraction Squad EU Kebab Extraction Squad Participating
RIP Canal G40 ES RIP Canal G40 Participating
Rice AT Rice Participating
Bitange RS Bitange Participating
Pure Volki Hate DE Pure Volki Hate Participating
The Over Gangsters DE The Over Gangsters Participating
Uappa DE Uappa Participating
hanspls DE hanspls Participating
Rampenerende Rakkers NL Rampenerende Rakkers Participating
NoBrains IR NoBrains Participating
siQ-Gaming - Squad 3 Team Alpha DE siQ-Gaming - Squad 3 Team Alpha Participating
Det grønne område DK Det grønne område Participating
Remade 5 EU Remade 5 Participating
Bouncing Cykas DE Bouncing Cykas Participating
We Are Rampage DE We Are Rampage Participating
GODS EU GODS Participating
dank teem FI dank teem Participating
Felmyst IR Felmyst Participating
Vanguard IR Vanguard Participating
OurRisk DE OurRisk Participating
Francisco Rogerio PT Francisco Rogerio Participating
Banos Club SE Banos Club Participating
Arclight SK Arclight Participating
No Flameboy2012 GB No Flameboy2012 Participating
Sheeps will own you DE Sheeps will own you Participating
Alles Fotzen außer Mutti DE Alles Fotzen außer Mutti Participating
Low Priority Allstars EU Low Priority Allstars Participating
Bier Creative DE Bier Creative Participating
Anima.HeyAIDS RU Anima.HeyAIDS Participating
MONgolzzzz EU MONgolzzzz Participating
Dacian Dracos RO Dacian Dracos Participating
For Queen and Country! UK For Queen and Country! Participating
Team Red DE Team Red Participating
my.Divinity DE my.Divinity Participating
Turbo turtles RS Turbo turtles Participating
Might-and-Magic TR Might-and-Magic Participating
Statek PL Statek Participating
Praise The Lord DE Praise The Lord Participating
Kahve Molasi TR Kahve Molasi Participating
GayBoy Squad GB GayBoy Squad Participating
anime haters 69 UK anime haters 69 Participating
Fellowship- TR Fellowship- Participating
Cunt Licking is Tremendous GB Cunt Licking is Tremendous Participating
XerPex DE XerPex Participating
CrossOver eSports T1 DE CrossOver eSports T1 Participating
CrossOver eSports ComU DE CrossOver eSports ComU Participating
Bromancer TR Bromancer Participating
Reversal eSports™ FoJ ZA Reversal eSports™ FoJ Participating
Legenberrys DE Legenberrys Participating
Silent~Assasins AL Silent~Assasins Participating
CHOKE GB CHOKE Participating
#Leuft DE #Leuft Participating
mYinsanity swiss CH mYinsanity swiss Participating
Arglistige Querulanten DE Arglistige Querulanten Participating
ThunderThinkers DE ThunderThinkers Participating
Black Pearl LB Black Pearl Participating
DreissigZwei DE DreissigZwei Participating
Dark Time Freak RS Dark Time Freak Participating
Fabulous 5 DK Fabulous 5 Participating
Power of the Immortal TR Power of the Immortal Participating
HEAT.International EU HEAT.International Participating
Genuine.D2 ME Genuine.D2 Participating
Hijos De Putin ES Hijos De Putin Participating
WhYNot TN WhYNot Participating
All Aboard Gaming FI All Aboard Gaming Participating
Austrian Depf Aussa AT Austrian Depf Aussa Participating
Aloha Gaming DE Aloha Gaming Participating
DangerTraktorTeam CH DangerTraktorTeam Participating
Not Certain Yet EU Not Certain Yet Participating
Enterwell EU Enterwell Participating
Sternburg Gaming DE Sternburg Gaming Participating
Ocean Gaming DE Ocean Gaming Participating
Statek PL Statek Participating
Zero Fuchs Given DE Zero Fuchs Given Participating
Bulldog Esports UK Bulldog Esports Participating
Team AAC GB Team AAC Participating
Elliptic Quantum Group SE Elliptic Quantum Group Participating
bläckfläck SE bläckfläck Participating
Eternal Stars UA Eternal Stars Participating
Team Kaos! SE Team Kaos! Participating
w3.420 EU w3.420 Participating
WEQW123 RU WEQW123 Participating
Pure Pleasure PL Pure Pleasure Participating
Ha/Ver Hands of Midas HUN Ha/Ver Hands of Midas Participating
Where is t-shirt? SE Where is t-shirt? Participating
hufflepuff PL hufflepuff Participating
Team Peaches EU Team Peaches Participating
Team Eclipse Gaming RS Team Eclipse Gaming Participating
Team Paria NL Team Paria Participating
KelvinSaveTheQueen RU KelvinSaveTheQueen Participating
Divided We Gank DE Divided We Gank Participating
HL - Deadly Five HUN HL - Deadly Five Participating
readmore staff DE readmore staff Participating
Die STARK[en] Brudis DE Die STARK[en] Brudis Participating
Ursa Na 3 RU Ursa Na 3 Participating
Derkmi's 4 AT Derkmi's 4 Participating
Masters of Throw IT Masters of Throw Participating
ImbaNinjasWithKungFuPowerz DE ImbaNinjasWithKungFuPowerz Participating
Penguin Patrol DE Penguin Patrol Participating
Womberers FI Womberers Participating
Dark Bisons BY Dark Bisons Participating
Just Luck No Skill DZ DZ Just Luck No Skill DZ Participating
meow-gaming EE meow-gaming Participating
We Attacked 15 People TR We Attacked 15 People Participating
siQ Gaming - Squad 16 Evil Mind DE siQ Gaming - Squad 16 Evil Mind Participating
Overconfidents FI Overconfidents Participating
MZ-Gaming DE MZ-Gaming Participating
Team-Millenium CZ Team-Millenium Participating
Family of Harmony DE Family of Harmony Participating
Kongou's Cannons GB Kongou's Cannons Participating
Cookie Schwadron DE Cookie Schwadron Participating
4 Mengos 2 Tengos GB 4 Mengos 2 Tengos Participating
Team Mistake TR Team Mistake Participating
Mahlzeit Moin DE Mahlzeit Moin Participating
Za Hlebom UA Za Hlebom Participating
Fever Dota RS Fever Dota Participating
TeamBots LB TeamBots Participating
A.S.O.S TR A.S.O.S Participating
Ahmet Abi & Belali Cetesi TR Ahmet Abi & Belali Cetesi Participating
Team Fury MN Team Fury Participating
e-Sports Gladiators RU e-Sports Gladiators Participating
Extraordinary-team IR Extraordinary-team Participating
siQ-Gaming - Fear the Beard DE siQ-Gaming - Fear the Beard Participating
DreaM Killers RO DreaM Killers Participating
zero Gaming - zero fun, zero skill, zero sense AT zero Gaming - zero fun, zero skill, zero sense Participating
Karrot Kake Krusadors EU Karrot Kake Krusadors Participating
Plus Gamers IR Plus Gamers Participating
team.Fail DE team.Fail Participating
A New Era Warriors PL A New Era Warriors Participating
#yoloboys HUN #yoloboys Participating
Opium Heads TR Opium Heads Participating
Team Bearer TR Team Bearer Participating
GarageBoys FI GarageBoys Participating
Raze Xperience IT Raze Xperience Participating
We Don't Deny RS We Don't Deny Participating
Ebola Gaming DZ Ebola Gaming Participating
That just happened DE That just happened Participating
InterGalactic SpaceMonkeys EU InterGalactic SpaceMonkeys Participating
Look At It Go DE Look At It Go Participating
Celadon Sports MK Celadon Sports Participating
Craft4Fun DE Craft4Fun Participating
JOKER crew CIS JOKER crew Participating
We are the next generation RU We are the next generation Participating
Flying Funky Monkeys AE Flying Funky Monkeys Participating
asd7 RU asd7 Participating
inValide CZ inValide Participating
Spass Konfi DE Spass Konfi Participating
Red Sky RS Red Sky Participating
CPO Gaming RO CPO Gaming Participating
The Infamous Pro WORLD The Infamous Pro Participating
Kings of Fortune RU Kings of Fortune Participating
Azzuzz Dollar RU Azzuzz Dollar Participating
Fairly Ordinary UK Fairly Ordinary Participating
420 kool kidz DE 420 kool kidz Participating
Lasertag Is For Pussies DE Lasertag Is For Pussies Participating
SL Team Spirit DE SL Team Spirit Participating
Resurrection RU Resurrection Participating
PleaseShowYourSkill RU PleaseShowYourSkill Participating
European Allstars DE European Allstars Participating
Only Gosu Can HUN Only Gosu Can Participating
FluffyUnicorns DE FluffyUnicorns Participating
The Wew Lads GB The Wew Lads Participating
Enrage Gaming GB Enrage Gaming Participating
Cookies + 5 EU Cookies + 5 Participating
5##G0DZ DE 5##G0DZ Participating
rage DE rage Participating
Domination ES Domination Participating
GameBreakers MK GameBreakers Participating
Din's Five GB Din's Five Participating
Steel Tigers RU Steel Tigers Participating
Invictus Blades IR Invictus Blades Participating
Jabroni Beating! DE Jabroni Beating! Participating
Bula i Lokiec PL Bula i Lokiec Participating
Leif is Lief DE Leif is Lief Participating
AfterDark GB AfterDark Participating
Tavros EU Tavros Participating
Veno Splashers DE Veno Splashers Participating
The Third Roshan TR The Third Roshan Participating
Carpet Riders TR Carpet Riders Participating
Dota o Ako? PH Dota o Ako? Participating
Training in Low Priority RO Training in Low Priority Participating
4 Germans + Anyang DE 4 Germans + Anyang Participating
Team Sacrifice AE Team Sacrifice Participating
BEARIX.dota DE BEARIX.dota Participating
AllStandin.myr EU AllStandin.myr Participating
Janusze Dotki PL Janusze Dotki Participating
niph EU niph Participating
Adeks e-Sports TR Adeks e-Sports Participating
Pub Crawlers UK Pub Crawlers Participating
Indigo 5 EU Indigo 5 Participating
Blaster Boys WORLD Blaster Boys Participating
Team Tumble Reborn GB Team Tumble Reborn Participating
Volvo pliz fix FR Volvo pliz fix Participating
FullRetardDota DE FullRetardDota Participating
Ocean Man EU Ocean Man Participating
Evil Commanders TR Evil Commanders Participating
Element Aggro IT Element Aggro Participating
I needed faith earlier DK I needed faith earlier Participating
Not Bad Pick PL Not Bad Pick Participating
Sons of Bulldong DE Sons of Bulldong Participating
End of the Line EE End of the Line Participating
Error404 EU Error404 Participating
Zeroes and Heroes BG Zeroes and Heroes Participating
ForNify LB ForNify Participating
Handtuch-Stack DE Handtuch-Stack Participating
HEAT.International EU HEAT.International Participating
Team Ifusion GB Team Ifusion Participating
Little Jokes TR Little Jokes Participating
Bertil All-Stars EU Bertil All-Stars Participating
Camping your Ancient FR Camping your Ancient Participating
mineral AT mineral Participating
Cat Time SE Cat Time Participating
CrudShuz AT CrudShuz Participating
ProtEZ Gaming TR ProtEZ Gaming Participating
Lebanon Gaming LB Lebanon Gaming Participating
Vigoss +5 -Vigoss DE Vigoss +5 -Vigoss Participating
Jukeson 5 EU Jukeson 5 Participating
Cellar Dwellers BG Cellar Dwellers Participating
Choke Gaming UK Choke Gaming Participating
Provincials RU Provincials Participating
Hardstyle BY Hardstyle Participating
Survivor Boys IR Survivor Boys Participating
Mix 'n' Mojo DE Mix 'n' Mojo Participating
kaltyir +4 WORLD kaltyir +4 Participating
Mango Manians FI Mango Manians Participating
Takes4ToTango EU Takes4ToTango Participating
Team Techies TR Team Techies Participating
High Five UA High Five Participating
CzechSharks CZ CzechSharks Participating
Awesome Opponent Elimination GB Awesome Opponent Elimination Participating
BOOM esports EU BOOM esports Participating
GGSystem ES GGSystem Participating
Balkan Dragons RO Balkan Dragons Participating
Wooden Holz Noobs DE Wooden Holz Noobs Participating
Swiss Quality Gaming CH Swiss Quality Gaming Participating
Daddy Cool TR Daddy Cool Participating
ZeroSkills EU ZeroSkills Participating
TeamDieBack TR TeamDieBack Participating
Ypsilon Strich Deh DE Ypsilon Strich Deh Participating
imPROvie-Gaming PL imPROvie-Gaming Participating
RhiNos Gaming JO RhiNos Gaming Participating
Topf voll Ott DE Topf voll Ott Participating
NewKraze EU NewKraze Participating
Guerilla Method RS Guerilla Method Participating
Frog's Trooper FR Frog's Trooper Participating
Eorlingas EU Eorlingas Participating
Good Guys TR Good Guys Participating
Na 3 Igry RU Na 3 Igry Participating
dissBOND Reborn PL dissBOND Reborn Participating
Double Penetrating Fluffy Bunnies FI Double Penetrating Fluffy Bunnies Participating
Vigilent Gaming RO Vigilent Gaming Participating
Never Stop Soldier SE Never Stop Soldier Participating
Gents Gaming EU Gents Gaming Participating
Rexlabs DE Rexlabs Participating
Better Build A Bracer IT Better Build A Bracer Participating
whatATeam AT whatATeam Participating
The Walkery MN The Walkery Participating
Team Meckernismus DE Team Meckernismus Participating
British Expeditionary Force GB British Expeditionary Force Participating
Primeval Force PL Primeval Force Participating
We will bite you RU We will bite you Participating
Anime.Pro DE Anime.Pro Participating
YouGonnaGG DE YouGonnaGG Participating
Feeding Pros DE Feeding Pros Participating
Team Reaction TR Team Reaction Participating
KilledBy^ TR KilledBy^ Participating
[QuestionMark] GB [QuestionMark] Participating
Any Question ? TR Any Question ? Participating
Wit Of Five Pro TR Wit Of Five Pro Participating
Boys in the Kettle GB Boys in the Kettle Participating
Wave Rookies RO Wave Rookies Participating
Kingsguard UK Kingsguard Participating
Team Ignis TR Team Ignis Participating
Kamikaze Lunatics RS Kamikaze Lunatics Participating
Mad_Habits ZA Mad_Habits Participating
Team Slark RU Team Slark Participating
Snake Eyes TR Snake Eyes Participating
We Don't Die We Multiply! DE We Don't Die We Multiply! Participating
Yellow Submarine RU Yellow Submarine Participating
Pudge's Fancy Chicks DE Pudge's Fancy Chicks Participating
Meta Gaming TR Meta Gaming Participating
siQ-Gaming - StuckToSuck DE siQ-Gaming - StuckToSuck Participating
Passion Gaming DE Passion Gaming Participating
Blood Shall Be Spilled GR Blood Shall Be Spilled Participating
IL Participating
Unserious Gaming DE Unserious Gaming Participating
Komanda X RU Komanda X Participating
Team Hyper5 HR Team Hyper5 Participating
The Wild Rooster's TR The Wild Rooster's Participating
y u mad bro? DE y u mad bro? Participating
WinningStack DE WinningStack Participating
Team Simplified EU Team Simplified Participating
Julianisugly DE Julianisugly Participating
Greatest of all time LV Greatest of all time Participating
Asoj EU Asoj Participating
Crystal Society Esports TR Crystal Society Esports Participating
Wonder Stag e-Sports HUN Wonder Stag e-Sports Participating
Austrian Elite Players.BaD_N3Ws DE Austrian Elite Players.BaD_N3Ws Participating
4FD DE 4FD Participating
Sultan's Wrath GR Sultan's Wrath Participating
On My Way RU On My Way Participating
Giants Team AL Giants Team Participating
Blink Squad GB Blink Squad Participating
Home of eSports DE Home of eSports Participating
Fabulous Void WORLD Fabulous Void Participating
Team Ikea DE Team Ikea Participating
Breakfast EU Breakfast Participating
Insignem BE Insignem Participating
Op Mud Golems SK Op Mud Golems Participating
Socially Inept Rejects SL Socially Inept Rejects Participating
Mango Meta DE Mango Meta Participating
Lords of the Spells TR Lords of the Spells Participating
Crownest Gaming ZA Crownest Gaming Participating
Karnage eSports HUN Karnage eSports Participating
Pure Lag UK Pure Lag Participating
Avengers RS Avengers Participating
Giant Juicy Peach UA Giant Juicy Peach Participating
Theriversux/twitch.tv GB Theriversux/twitch.tv Participating
iTLorD DE iTLorD Participating
Annarchie US Annarchie Participating
Schwiss Incredible Rebels CH Schwiss Incredible Rebels Participating
siQ-Gaming - Squad 4 Infected DE siQ-Gaming - Squad 4 Infected Participating
Destination Ravage EU Destination Ravage Participating
It was just Banter GB It was just Banter Participating
Wrath Of Anatolia TR Wrath Of Anatolia Participating
Boots of Power Treads GB Boots of Power Treads Participating
LowLandLions NL LowLandLions Participating
Tear WORLD Tear Participating
REET SE REET Participating
Meet your Greed DE Meet your Greed Participating
Fists of God ZA Fists of God Participating
Ascendant Gaming RU Ascendant Gaming Participating
GO*4*IT DE GO*4*IT Participating
Hayvan Gibi TR Hayvan Gibi Participating
Revival of Learning RU Revival of Learning Participating
Pew Of Few SE Pew Of Few Participating
GamersLeague EU GamersLeague Participating
We accidentally a Clan AT We accidentally a Clan Participating
ThePirateGaming RU ThePirateGaming Participating
Gentlemen's Club RO Gentlemen's Club Participating
Double D GB Double D Participating
AlcoholicsAnonymous RO AlcoholicsAnonymous Participating
Arto Gaming TR Arto Gaming Participating
United-Esports DE United-Esports Participating
Fis.K SE Fis.K Participating
Killing Artists EU Killing Artists Participating
Wolf of Honor ES Wolf of Honor Participating
Team Nikités DZ Team Nikités Participating
Outbreak Squad HR Outbreak Squad Participating
JD ES JD Participating
brick squad DE brick squad Participating
EleGiggle or Die HR EleGiggle or Die Participating
LesBois CH LesBois Participating
Teamk1d EU Teamk1d Participating
Dotarunners EU Dotarunners Participating
Realy Bad Gamers ZA Realy Bad Gamers Participating
siQ-Gaming - 2fast2furion DE siQ-Gaming - 2fast2furion Participating
Eskalationskommando DE Eskalationskommando Participating
Wasted Talentz RS Wasted Talentz Participating
Rozbíječi CZ Rozbíječi Participating
Davai & Conquer EU Davai & Conquer Participating
FapRors SK FapRors Participating
Lost in the Jungle CZ Lost in the Jungle Participating
Emoboyz FR Emoboyz Participating
Divine Mates TR Divine Mates Participating
Boondock Saints GB Boondock Saints Participating
Enormous Penis Syndrome DE Enormous Penis Syndrome Participating
To Be Determined Soon FR To Be Determined Soon Participating
Azaryx Esports SK Azaryx Esports Participating
Amber Blaze DE Amber Blaze Participating
Fountain Squad AT Fountain Squad Participating
GosuGaming.pro RU GosuGaming.pro Participating
Hard Kiss TR Hard Kiss Participating
Home of eSports B DE Home of eSports B Participating
UnasBilPacanIzLondona RU UnasBilPacanIzLondona Participating
RangaSanga LB RangaSanga Participating
Ogórki i Pomidory PL Ogórki i Pomidory Participating
Throwboiz FI Throwboiz Participating
DD MN DD Participating
TheCorn GR TheCorn Participating
Echidna FR Echidna Participating
Bees and Friends DE Bees and Friends Participating
Signal Gaming SK Signal Gaming Participating
Cologne Gaming Nerds DE Cologne Gaming Nerds Participating
qwe123 EU qwe123 Participating
Elyos Tea Party TR Elyos Tea Party Participating
Schnabelbaer Gamyng DE Schnabelbaer Gamyng Participating
Stop nu det feed funk DK Stop nu det feed funk Participating
Power of Eagles AL Power of Eagles Participating
At least we tried CH At least we tried Participating
Pure Hard DotA DE Pure Hard DotA Participating
Ego Extremum PL Ego Extremum Participating
Arctic Gaming CZ Arctic Gaming Participating
AL Kappa Gaming DE AL Kappa Gaming Participating
SchoenesDing.Potential DE SchoenesDing.Potential Participating
Team Slingshot DE Team Slingshot Participating
Waffle United Troupe EU Waffle United Troupe Participating
Quid Pro Quo SE Quid Pro Quo Participating
Royal Squad AE Royal Squad Participating
eXult PL eXult Participating
Big Ears EU Big Ears Participating
Hungry Fox RU Hungry Fox Participating
DJJOS SE DJJOS Participating
Legion GB Legion Participating
Viper Support PL Viper Support Participating
DANKH ZA DANKH Participating
Dr Vojislav Seselj RS Dr Vojislav Seselj Participating
Bastardi Senza Gloria IT Bastardi Senza Gloria Participating
Team Sentrys UK Team Sentrys Participating
Crits 'n Bash AT Crits 'n Bash Participating
Capital Dinousaur's KZ Capital Dinousaur's Participating
ByeByeBlackbird CH ByeByeBlackbird Participating
Divine Raupy DE Divine Raupy Participating
Mongoloid Monkeys NL Mongoloid Monkeys Participating
Crate Speaced TR Crate Speaced Participating
So Nich DE So Nich Participating
Kraut Nein! DE Kraut Nein! Participating
Haute Tension TR Haute Tension Participating
JustWatch TR JustWatch Participating
MadikOMD KZ MadikOMD Participating
siQ-Gaming - Doctors of DotA DE siQ-Gaming - Doctors of DotA Participating
Stacktir Git TR Stacktir Git Participating
Super-Weicheischuppen Jr. Gang DE Super-Weicheischuppen Jr. Gang Participating
Greek Operation Forces GR Greek Operation Forces Participating
Pebbles' Club UA Pebbles' Club Participating
We're about to fuck you're shit up... Man! SE We're about to fuck you're shit up... Man! Participating
Fists of God ZA Fists of God Participating
Pro But Lags FI Pro But Lags Participating
The Chitterlings SE The Chitterlings Participating
No Mangix LB No Mangix Participating
The Last Resistance TR The Last Resistance Participating
Doyes Boyes GB Doyes Boyes Participating
Nova SE Nova Participating
Team Omega DE Team Omega Participating
[B]azinga DE [B]azinga Participating
LeftOver GR LeftOver Participating
The InQuisition! CZ The InQuisition! Participating
Ballerbude DE Ballerbude Participating
eXon-eSports DE eXon-eSports Participating
Ab Aeterno UK Ab Aeterno Participating
+5 UA +5 Participating
Appa Carries Us US Appa Carries Us Participating
The Funky Town Monkey Pimps NO The Funky Town Monkey Pimps Participating
Ceaseless Six Academy NL Ceaseless Six Academy Participating
siQ-Gaming - [G]ods of the Arena DE siQ-Gaming - [G]ods of the Arena Participating
1 Game 1 Dream EU 1 Game 1 Dream Participating
Multi Kulti Oelti NL Multi Kulti Oelti Participating
FireRoyals JO FireRoyals Participating
Two Tangos Please GB Two Tangos Please Participating
.feat RU .feat Participating
Almost Everyday GB Almost Everyday Participating
NoScopeS RO NoScopeS Participating
Kvällskvisten SE Kvällskvisten Participating
Porazka Sezonu PL Porazka Sezonu Participating
Lazer Turtlez SE Lazer Turtlez Participating
myRisk gaming-cub DE myRisk gaming-cub Participating
fuk dat shiet PT fuk dat shiet Participating
C H A O S B O Y S RO C H A O S B O Y S Participating
TeamQ BY TeamQ Participating
Madness Divine GR Madness Divine Participating
Challenge Accepted CZ Challenge Accepted Participating
Zoo Action TR Zoo Action Participating
SuperNatural DZ SuperNatural Participating
Artful Dodgers DE Artful Dodgers Participating
Team Extreme Supremacy IT Team Extreme Supremacy Participating
Angry Balkan Beavers NO Angry Balkan Beavers Participating
One Brit Four Ewoks GB One Brit Four Ewoks Participating
SwagMeisters UK SwagMeisters Participating
KappaWarriors WORLD KappaWarriors Participating
No Smoke King TR No Smoke King Participating
Team Meepo TR Team Meepo Participating
E-LAB LB E-LAB Participating
Pubfeeders #1 EU Pubfeeders #1 Participating
We haz Turk DE We haz Turk Participating
Kanalreiniger Iz Da DE Kanalreiniger Iz Da Participating
Komanda Papagáž CS Komanda Papagáž Participating
Refrigrator IR Refrigrator Participating
Neptune EU Neptune Participating
Shadow of Death Life RU Shadow of Death Life Participating
Russian DragonStrength SE Russian DragonStrength Participating
Galactic Team CZ Galactic Team Participating
Ebyn squad RS Ebyn squad Participating
Team Shadow KZ Team Shadow Participating
Team Fische DE Team Fische Participating
Kill urself. DE Kill urself. Participating
Molokososaci SK Molokososaci Participating
Virus Gaming UA Virus Gaming Participating
Kobold Camp MK Kobold Camp Participating
RAZE E-Sports CLUB TN RAZE E-Sports CLUB Participating
Utrota Machokulturen SE Utrota Machokulturen Participating
Team Reunion EU Team Reunion Participating
Echipa Racketa RO Echipa Racketa Participating
Yung Bidlo BY Yung Bidlo Participating
Kick-Ass HUN Kick-Ass Participating
The Auspiscious Immortals GB The Auspiscious Immortals Participating
Raven G-Club SK Raven G-Club Participating