jDL EU #12: Participants

PLEASE NOTE: This is an older season of our league. We continuously add and improve functionality to our leagues, so some information and data visible in newer seasons might be inaccurate or missing in this one.

Disqualified Participants (94)

TeamSignup status
Lemon Squad HUN Lemon Squad Disqualified
Team Authority TR Team Authority Disqualified
Alles Fotzen außer Mutti DE Alles Fotzen außer Mutti Disqualified
Mütze DE Mütze Disqualified
Falcon team Serbia RS Falcon team Serbia Disqualified
w3.420 EU w3.420 Disqualified
Chillhop Gaming NL Chillhop Gaming Disqualified
The Fyremen GB The Fyremen Disqualified
East of the Sun West of the Moon EU East of the Sun West of the Moon Disqualified
Kappa Mates RO Kappa Mates Disqualified
Delicate Clicks TR Delicate Clicks Disqualified
Gankz Givin' DE Gankz Givin' Disqualified
Peter Penis Passwort DE Peter Penis Passwort Disqualified
Angry Stags RO Angry Stags Disqualified
Right Click Gaming GB Right Click Gaming Disqualified
Trash Pajas GR Trash Pajas Disqualified
Let Us Dement GB Let Us Dement Disqualified
$Look at it Go$ PL $Look at it Go$ Disqualified
Gotto Squad ES Gotto Squad Disqualified
Requiem GB Requiem Disqualified
Unhealable Damage EU Unhealable Damage Disqualified
Mumble Elite DK Mumble Elite Disqualified
In Nymph We Trust PL In Nymph We Trust Disqualified
BZH AT BZH Disqualified
4FUN GB 4FUN Disqualified
Nackt Zerhackt und Angekackt DE Nackt Zerhackt und Angekackt Disqualified
Raptors FR Raptors Disqualified
Team Invincible KZ Team Invincible Disqualified
Cardiff Gaming UK Cardiff Gaming Disqualified
Kings of Suffering PE Kings of Suffering Disqualified
Fellowship- TR Fellowship- Disqualified
Team Mystique MK Team Mystique Disqualified
Team MYSTERY DE Team MYSTERY Disqualified
Harmonika Gajde Truba BA Harmonika Gajde Truba Disqualified
HabboForLife NO HabboForLife Disqualified
NeBolei.Vitality UA NeBolei.Vitality Disqualified
Cool Story Bro PT Cool Story Bro Disqualified
White Rabbit eSports ZA White Rabbit eSports Disqualified
Huskies RU Huskies Disqualified
Just in Time TR Just in Time Disqualified
Dark Time Freak RS Dark Time Freak Disqualified
The Onions PL The Onions Disqualified
Team ЯReplika AT Team ЯReplika Disqualified
Rickets PL Rickets Disqualified
Team Anarchy 6 UA Team Anarchy 6 Disqualified
Dynasty RU Dynasty Disqualified
DotaliciouS BG DotaliciouS Disqualified
Knights RS Knights Disqualified
LifeFromZavod RU LifeFromZavod Disqualified
FullRetardDota DE FullRetardDota Disqualified
Savant RU Savant Disqualified
Nitty Dota UK Nitty Dota Disqualified
[HL]Underrated HUN [HL]Underrated Disqualified
iS.Community RU iS.Community Disqualified
London eSports EU London eSports Disqualified
Gays Lords UG Gays Lords Disqualified
Mansyem Pod Dojdem BY Mansyem Pod Dojdem Disqualified
Quality Ultimate Insane X-Mens EU Quality Ultimate Insane X-Mens Disqualified
Turbo turtles RS Turbo turtles Disqualified
Pride RU Pride Disqualified
Warzone LB Warzone Disqualified
Banos Club SE Banos Club Disqualified
Viva la Krapiva RU Viva la Krapiva Disqualified
tards HUN tards Disqualified
Genuine.D2 ME Genuine.D2 Disqualified
riperion SE riperion Disqualified
Abo-Klb Gaming SA Abo-Klb Gaming Disqualified
Ugandan Bruddas RU Ugandan Bruddas Disqualified
Team Piko TR Team Piko Disqualified
Seven Days of Dota EU Seven Days of Dota Disqualified
Howtoward101 EU Howtoward101 Disqualified
Hunters RU Hunters Disqualified
Super Tilt EU Super Tilt Disqualified
Snake Eyes TR Snake Eyes Disqualified
Hexagon RU Hexagon Disqualified
Team Savage SK Team Savage Disqualified
iPlay Esports KZ iPlay Esports Disqualified
El Famoso Pascal FR El Famoso Pascal Disqualified
ExpoSe eSprots RU ExpoSe eSprots Disqualified
5 Dogs GE 5 Dogs Disqualified
Keine Muehe United DE Keine Muehe United Disqualified
FerkelWalTiger DE FerkelWalTiger Disqualified
Albatros RU Albatros Disqualified
Nihility EU Nihility Disqualified
Diviq Severozapad 5 BG Diviq Severozapad 5 Disqualified
allstarz team d2 RU allstarz team d2 Disqualified
Raccoons Imperial Pokerfaces GR Raccoons Imperial Pokerfaces Disqualified

Signup incomplete (249)

TeamSignup status
Team Singularity EU Team Singularity Participating
Team Raaz GR Team Raaz Participating
NIHL players SE NIHL players Participating
LeftOneTV DE LeftOneTV Participating
KinderGarten EU KinderGarten Participating
Swiss Quality Gaming CH Swiss Quality Gaming Participating
Feed4Freedom DE Feed4Freedom Participating
Mega-Lada E-Sports RU Mega-Lada E-Sports Participating
The Final Tribe SE The Final Tribe Participating
5 Anchors No Captain FI 5 Anchors No Captain Participating
Double Dimension RU Double Dimension Participating
Establish Dominance UK Establish Dominance Participating
mineral AT mineral Participating
Totally no Teamplay CS Totally no Teamplay Participating
Germanstack +1 DE Germanstack +1 Participating
Stauseetigers DE Stauseetigers Participating
Nethron Esports UK Nethron Esports Participating
Die Honigmänner CH Die Honigmänner Participating
Silencer Woods DE Silencer Woods Participating
RoFa DE RoFa Participating
Team Aztecs RO Team Aztecs Participating
Jewish Defense League EU Jewish Defense League Participating
Pyrolyse Red DE Pyrolyse Red Participating
Ultimate Chaos Theory DE Ultimate Chaos Theory Participating
4Wat UK 4Wat Participating
Team Illuminates MK Team Illuminates Participating
Erstmal Reinfahren DE Erstmal Reinfahren Participating
LUL ez dotes EU LUL ez dotes Participating
Exe-eSports HUN Exe-eSports Participating
[#FeSzTyPiNcE] HUN [#FeSzTyPiNcE] Participating
Komanda Papagáž CS Komanda Papagáž Participating
Magdeburg-eSports DE Magdeburg-eSports Participating
the legacy DE the legacy Participating
Nemiga BY Nemiga Participating
Mahlzeit Moin DE Mahlzeit Moin Participating
Warcry MaeY FI Warcry MaeY Participating
Antiku DE Antiku Participating
BlackLotus DE BlackLotus Participating
Wolves eSports FI Wolves eSports Participating
Feed Fetischisten DE Feed Fetischisten Participating
Ocean Man EU Ocean Man Participating
Feeding Pros Reborn DE Feeding Pros Reborn Participating
udri Po Gudri RS udri Po Gudri Participating
Steif und Teeza DE Steif und Teeza Participating
Bulldog Esports UK Bulldog Esports Participating
Babos Gaming DE Babos Gaming Participating
Abu Kalb gaming WORLD Abu Kalb gaming Participating
The GateKeepers NO The GateKeepers Participating
Good Game UA Good Game Participating
Austrian Dota Association AT Austrian Dota Association Participating
Get Sexy UK Get Sexy Participating
Wolves eSports DE Wolves eSports Participating
Bunch of Kids EU Bunch of Kids Participating
FAUST eSports DE FAUST eSports Participating
Complete Nonsense EU Complete Nonsense Participating
Guerilla Method RS Guerilla Method Participating
Explorers of The River Fag DE Explorers of The River Fag Participating
Partizanai LT Partizanai Participating
HRS Esports DE HRS Esports Participating
ProjectiveGaming SE ProjectiveGaming Participating
Legacy of Harmony DE Legacy of Harmony Participating
iNvolute CZ iNvolute Participating
no Problem GR no Problem Participating
Family of Harmony DE Family of Harmony Participating
Room For Improvement UK Room For Improvement Participating
Super Warriors of Doom and Also Death SE Super Warriors of Doom and Also Death Participating
hufflepuff PL hufflepuff Participating
Det grønne område DK Det grønne område Participating
Old Age Professionals EU Old Age Professionals Participating
Team Impluse B GB Team Impluse B Participating
Last try EU Last try Participating
Crack-Smoking Monkeys NL Crack-Smoking Monkeys Participating
Die STARK[en] Brudis DE Die STARK[en] Brudis Participating
Raven G-Club SK Raven G-Club Participating
plan-B eSports DotA AT plan-B eSports DotA Participating
Pure Hard DotA DE Pure Hard DotA Participating
Kappa Power EU Kappa Power Participating
Hamsters on Mission EU Hamsters on Mission Participating
XDS AT XDS Participating
Guess Who DE Guess Who Participating
Uganda Task Force UG Uganda Task Force Participating
Advanced Neolithic Baboons EU Advanced Neolithic Baboons Participating
wdaw DE wdaw Participating
Laser Sharks DE Laser Sharks Participating
de_nuke LV de_nuke Participating
Ran da an die Wanda! DE Ran da an die Wanda! Participating
ROB SE ROB Participating
Svenetration UK Svenetration Participating
Moosesports DE Moosesports Participating
Team Profillos DE Team Profillos Participating
Hoodlums RS Hoodlums Participating
Rozbíječi CZ Rozbíječi Participating
Käppä Escorts FI Käppä Escorts Participating
Ekipa Sa Lski RS Ekipa Sa Lski Participating
Global Range Midgets RS Global Range Midgets Participating
Weedman Fanclub SE Weedman Fanclub Participating
PepeHands UK PepeHands Participating
skratchtv FR skratchtv Participating
Disaster Team ES Disaster Team Participating
CPO Gaming RO CPO Gaming Participating
Classic Combo DE Classic Combo Participating
Helsinki REDS FI Helsinki REDS Participating
e-WAVE DE e-WAVE Participating
Team Wodo Gaming RS Team Wodo Gaming Participating
WOMP GB WOMP Participating
Kawaii Narwhals GB Kawaii Narwhals Participating
DragQueens CH DragQueens Participating
Pippetipoppeti IN Pippetipoppeti Participating
AL Kappa Gaming DE AL Kappa Gaming Participating
Ascend EU Ascend Participating
Enclave Gaming GB Enclave Gaming Participating
We don't care about Group ÄM ÄM ÄR EU We don't care about Group ÄM ÄM ÄR Participating
Foxido UA Foxido Participating
Return of the Rats SE Return of the Rats Participating
Vanguard IR Vanguard Participating
No(s)killjustkill HUN No(s)killjustkill Participating
electric DE electric Participating
Trabzonspor AS TR Trabzonspor AS Participating
Erayın Fedaileri Gaming TR Erayın Fedaileri Gaming Participating
KimsChaosCrew DE KimsChaosCrew Participating
Sit Back and Relax MK Sit Back and Relax Participating
Face the North's GR Face the North's Participating
Darya Delan of Shiraz Gaming IR Darya Delan of Shiraz Gaming Participating
DOTAdos PT DOTAdos Participating
HexCom eSports CZ HexCom eSports Participating
cXo eSports Beef DE cXo eSports Beef Participating
Random Boys TR Random Boys Participating
The Ascendant TR The Ascendant Participating
NaschVerein AT NaschVerein Participating
Game-Life Balance SK Game-Life Balance Participating
Red Sky RS Red Sky Participating
BrawlingForJeezus SE BrawlingForJeezus Participating
Dark Bisons BY Dark Bisons Participating
DiVinE RO DiVinE Participating
Goliath Gaming ZA Goliath Gaming Participating
 hometown IR hometown Participating
Power Abuse INT Power Abuse Participating
Just Ice EU Just Ice Participating
Team Fische DE Team Fische Participating
Trust in Dogs DE Trust in Dogs Participating
Space Catz SE Space Catz Participating
5ForLugga DE 5ForLugga Participating
Team SAVAGE DE Team SAVAGE Participating
fabulous five DK fabulous five Participating
NoWex GB NoWex Participating
Divided We Gank DE Divided We Gank Participating
Hairy Monkeys with long Bananas DE Hairy Monkeys with long Bananas Participating
Digital Assasins Gaming PT Digital Assasins Gaming Participating
Justteam RU Justteam Participating
TI8 Winners EU TI8 Winners Participating
Raging SharpShooters HUN Raging SharpShooters Participating
Uganda Warriors UG Uganda Warriors Participating
BOOM esports EU BOOM esports Participating
Pretentious Postmodern Douchebags EU Pretentious Postmodern Douchebags Participating
Mönsterås Guerilla SE Mönsterås Guerilla Participating
I needed faith earlier DK I needed faith earlier Participating
Kill With Skill ES Kill With Skill Participating
4 Lerry Subs + 1 hater DE 4 Lerry Subs + 1 hater Participating
Ozkardesler Gaming TR Ozkardesler Gaming Participating
Se7en Esports KZ Se7en Esports Participating
MonkaS DE MonkaS Participating
Oddy Nuff Da Snow Leopard GB Oddy Nuff Da Snow Leopard Participating
Neptune EU Neptune Participating
Super-Weicheischuppen Jr. Gang DE Super-Weicheischuppen Jr. Gang Participating
Måndagsdota SE Måndagsdota Participating
Kick Bubblez DE Kick Bubblez Participating
De Föredömda SE De Föredömda Participating
South Park TM South Park Participating
European Love Story EU European Love Story Participating
Inaequalis - Lutea CZ Inaequalis - Lutea Participating
Best of imbeciles SE Best of imbeciles Participating
Objective Gaming GB Objective Gaming Participating
Reggae Sharks DE Reggae Sharks Participating
Müsligenießer DE Müsligenießer Participating
Wecan GE Wecan Participating
Austrian Depf Aussa AT Austrian Depf Aussa Participating
Online Vision SK Online Vision Participating
Klan Ulicnih Loptasa BA Klan Ulicnih Loptasa Participating
Khezu Fangays DE Khezu Fangays Participating
GetMeOut DE GetMeOut Participating
Straßendota e.V. DE Straßendota e.V. Participating
4 bots and a Panda EU 4 bots and a Panda Participating
4 Monkeys and the Treeking DE 4 Monkeys and the Treeking Participating
Die 5 Heralde DE Die 5 Heralde Participating
Shaolin Pudge DE Shaolin Pudge Participating
Leetpro ZA Leetpro Participating
Soldiers inna Jah Army DE Soldiers inna Jah Army Participating
Just 4 the League DE Just 4 the League Participating
Jannis die geile Sau!!! DE Jannis die geile Sau!!! Participating
Kermit Mafia DE Kermit Mafia Participating
GameZone AL GameZone Participating
asioidenhoitotoimisto FI asioidenhoitotoimisto Participating
Turbo DE Turbo Participating
Rod of At0s NO Rod of At0s Participating
Rats Rises EU Rats Rises Participating
Versus The World PL Versus The World Participating
Team Clockwork GB Team Clockwork Participating
Omerta EU Omerta Participating
GhostDK DE GhostDK Participating
Fis.K SE Fis.K Participating
Vigoss +5 -Vigoss DE Vigoss +5 -Vigoss Participating
Team Solid UK Team Solid Participating
Enterwell EU Enterwell Participating
DogShitPlayers SY DogShitPlayers Participating
IceFrogGaming HUN IceFrogGaming Participating
Team Pantheon EU Team Pantheon Participating
DX - Smash Thunderfist DE DX - Smash Thunderfist Participating
ChickenCurry EU ChickenCurry Participating
Oversight.AUT EU Oversight.AUT Participating
Team Kazakhstan KZ Team Kazakhstan Participating
Blank IR Blank Participating
Team Hades GB Team Hades Participating
Team Tropical EU Team Tropical Participating
Coming in Clutch DE Coming in Clutch Participating
Shameless TM Shameless Participating
Chamillionerf! DE Chamillionerf! Participating
Glamorous Five DE Glamorous Five Participating
OldSchool BA OldSchool Participating
Stompeadas ES Stompeadas Participating
The Malfurion's Kasztans PL The Malfurion's Kasztans Participating
Zeppelin La Trahison FR Zeppelin La Trahison Participating
Czech Gorba CZ Czech Gorba Participating
Jotschi's Angels AT Jotschi's Angels Participating
Nerf Shadow Shaman FI Nerf Shadow Shaman Participating
RIP Canal G40 ES RIP Canal G40 Participating
Norra Europas Dota-Sällskap SE Norra Europas Dota-Sällskap Participating
Deuster Gaming DE Deuster Gaming Participating
Mongolei Esports DE Mongolei Esports Participating
Kebab Boys FI Kebab Boys Participating
Mother Lovers LV Mother Lovers Participating
Babos United CH Babos United Participating
Deyonon Team IL Deyonon Team Participating
Inaequalis Lutea CZ Inaequalis Lutea Participating
Pizza Party YU Pizza Party Participating
Alexandria Forsaken Knights EG Alexandria Forsaken Knights Participating
XCamping PRO DK XCamping PRO Participating
The Saviours BA The Saviours Participating
Woohligans WORLD Woohligans Participating
Herald Gaming RS Herald Gaming Participating
Vikings SE Vikings Participating
Wolf Pack RU Wolf Pack Participating