jDL EU #4: Participants

PLEASE NOTE: This is an older season of our league. We continuously add and improve functionality to our leagues, so some information and data visible in newer seasons might be inaccurate or missing in this one.

Signup incomplete (1092)

TeamSignup status
Kompas Gaming RU Kompas Gaming Participating
Mumble Elite DK Mumble Elite Participating
hehe united BT hehe united Participating
xGame.kz KZ xGame.kz Participating
sQreen's squad RU sQreen's squad Participating
GOOMBA Gaming DE GOOMBA Gaming Participating
aSpera RU aSpera Participating
Heidenheimer Dota-Horde DE Heidenheimer Dota-Horde Participating
Family corleone PT Family corleone Participating
Cleave RU Cleave Participating
mYinsanity  sensei e-frag RS mYinsanity sensei e-frag Participating
KinderGarten EU KinderGarten Participating
AlbumSheet UA AlbumSheet Participating
bejbe bejbe RS bejbe bejbe Participating
Moscow Five RU Moscow Five Participating
The Chosen Ones PH PH The Chosen Ones PH Participating
Filthy Nasty Business TR Filthy Nasty Business Participating
Kawaii^ DK Kawaii^ Participating
Dota2Romania.com RO Dota2Romania.com Participating
DavidoffVolgograd RS DavidoffVolgograd Participating
Topson can't Earthspirit SE Topson can't Earthspirit Participating
Scrofulous CZ Scrofulous Participating
Jukeson 5 EU Jukeson 5 Participating
4 Bunnies 1 Turtle JO 4 Bunnies 1 Turtle Participating
Bi-polar uzi SE Bi-polar uzi Participating
Naix Gondar EU Naix Gondar Participating
European Allstars DE European Allstars Participating
Beyond the Legends TR Beyond the Legends Participating
Ninjas in Pyjamas SE Ninjas in Pyjamas Participating
laning Phase presence DE laning Phase presence Participating
Denial eSports FR Denial eSports Participating
Team Alternate PL Team Alternate Participating
Crystalines CZ Crystalines Participating
Donkey Dota EU Donkey Dota Participating
EZ+5 DE EZ+5 Participating
Wombat Gaming DE Wombat Gaming Participating
Refugium DE Refugium Participating
Moosesports DE Moosesports Participating
Austrian Depf Aussa AT Austrian Depf Aussa Participating
Fabulous 5 DK Fabulous 5 Participating
Fever Dota RS Fever Dota Participating
Basically Unknown EU Basically Unknown Participating
Aomine Daiki RS Aomine Daiki Participating
Skillzor SE Skillzor Participating
Happy Garbage DE Happy Garbage Participating
Viclesug Gaming EU Viclesug Gaming Participating
Team Phenomena TR Team Phenomena Participating
Egemen +4ever TR Egemen +4ever Participating
Jabroni Beating! DE Jabroni Beating! Participating
Paint it Gold FI Paint it Gold Participating
By the Power of Greyskull! TR By the Power of Greyskull! Participating
Monkey+4Zookeepers CZ Monkey+4Zookeepers Participating
Kappa Knights TR Kappa Knights Participating
mineral AT mineral Participating
Dicks Out DK Dicks Out Participating
London Conspiracy GR London Conspiracy Participating
Ne Koyduk Be TR Ne Koyduk Be Participating
Team DSYELCIX HR Team DSYELCIX Participating
When in Mood NL When in Mood Participating
ThunderThinkers DE ThunderThinkers Participating
LesBois CH LesBois Participating
Putinists EU Putinists Participating
winnerers FI winnerers Participating
Ocean Gaming DE Ocean Gaming Participating
Newbs at Work DE Newbs at Work Participating
Eorlingas EU Eorlingas Participating
Simple Five SE Simple Five Participating
Hafensöhne DE Hafensöhne Participating
Juventus^Dota YU Juventus^Dota Participating
Decerto Gaming HR Decerto Gaming Participating
Team Obvious UA Team Obvious Participating
ToXiCaL Gaming DE ToXiCaL Gaming Participating
BluTnacht DE BluTnacht Participating
Vamparija's Groupies in Action EU Vamparija's Groupies in Action Participating
eXquisite.dota DE eXquisite.dota Participating
MinD ThE GaP LB MinD ThE GaP Participating
Rape Them All RO Rape Them All Participating
Happy_Feed DE Happy_Feed Participating
green Hertz AT green Hertz Participating
RivRivStyla TR RivRivStyla Participating
Team Moriarty RO Team Moriarty Participating
Balderdash Gaming EU Balderdash Gaming Participating
Lady and Gentlemen ZA Lady and Gentlemen Participating
Team Uselss +Ov3rdose EU Team Uselss +Ov3rdose Participating
Elysium Gaming FR Elysium Gaming Participating
Celadon Sports MK Celadon Sports Participating
Bulldog Esports UK Bulldog Esports Participating
Deadly Force MK Deadly Force Participating
Team For Glory PT Team For Glory Participating
SexyMotherFuckers HR SexyMotherFuckers Participating
Eclipsis Solaris FI Eclipsis Solaris Participating
Greek Operation Forces GR Greek Operation Forces Participating
CPO Gaming RO CPO Gaming Participating
Dark Bisons BY Dark Bisons Participating
No Highground DE No Highground Participating
Pet The Pettin DK Pet The Pettin Participating
Helvete Tot Morgen SE Helvete Tot Morgen Participating
Wolf RO Wolf Participating
SlotMachine.DotA DE SlotMachine.DotA Participating
Austrian Dota Association AT Austrian Dota Association Participating
Clan Disconnect DE Clan Disconnect Participating
Kragens Krigere DK Kragens Krigere Participating
Exhumed to play CZ Exhumed to play Participating
Utrota Machokulturen SE Utrota Machokulturen Participating
Kisela Voda MK Kisela Voda Participating
Mad Vikings SE Mad Vikings Participating
One2Three4Seven DE One2Three4Seven Participating
Family of Harmony DE Family of Harmony Participating
The Flame Burns DE The Flame Burns Participating
Pure Volki Hate DE Pure Volki Hate Participating
Fabulous Void WORLD Fabulous Void Participating
eXon-eSports DE eXon-eSports Participating
iTLorD DE iTLorD Participating
Awful Micro Skills EU Awful Micro Skills Participating
Jiggly Puffs EU Jiggly Puffs Participating
Balkan Dragons RO Balkan Dragons Participating
Legend of the Wardfairy DE Legend of the Wardfairy Participating
«Xeno-Project» DE «Xeno-Project» Participating
Divided We Gank DE Divided We Gank Participating
Dotal War DE Dotal War Participating
KhelQzar ES KhelQzar Participating
Breakfast EU Breakfast Participating
NeverHunt.sk SK NeverHunt.sk Participating
ROB SE ROB Participating
lan-brains EU lan-brains Participating
Divide Et Impera PL Divide Et Impera Participating
Jukeson 5 EU Jukeson 5 Participating
Nice League DE Nice League Participating
RF BARSI' RU RF BARSI' Participating
4 + Roman DE 4 + Roman Participating
Team EUropean Love'Story EU Team EUropean Love'Story Participating
EternaliZe DE EternaliZe Participating
The Angry Army DE The Angry Army Participating
Unity IR Unity Participating
PsychoPilots MN PsychoPilots Participating
Schoenes Ding DE Schoenes Ding Participating
5##G0DZ DE 5##G0DZ Participating
Komanda Papagáž CS Komanda Papagáž Participating
Ypsilon Strich Deh DE Ypsilon Strich Deh Participating
BeCreative DE BeCreative Participating
Elysium GR Elysium Participating
Paradox Squad RU Paradox Squad Participating
Norrland E-sports SE Norrland E-sports Participating
Aquilis Mortem PL Aquilis Mortem Participating
Pew Of Few SE Pew Of Few Participating
The Ascendant TR The Ascendant Participating
Kartel PL Kartel Participating
In Hoc Signo Vinces SE In Hoc Signo Vinces Participating
Comrade Gaming RU Comrade Gaming Participating
Wild Pandaz GE Wild Pandaz Participating
Topf voll Ott DE Topf voll Ott Participating
Fox Hound RU Fox Hound Participating
King Henning DE King Henning Participating
Queens of Paint EU Queens of Paint Participating
Feast for Crows DE Feast for Crows Participating
DeaTh Zone Players IR DeaTh Zone Players Participating
Vanguard IR Vanguard Participating
Noel Edmonds GB Noel Edmonds Participating
Loco Gaming GB Loco Gaming Participating
Laser Sharks DE Laser Sharks Participating
Conspicuous SE Conspicuous Participating
Gunrunners.AOC CZ Gunrunners.AOC Participating
xGame AT xGame Participating
AleA CH AleA Participating
Spanish Rejects ES Spanish Rejects Participating
Q-Tip Polar Bear FI Q-Tip Polar Bear Participating
Sheeps will own you DE Sheeps will own you Participating
BirkieBoys NL BirkieBoys Participating
Mother Of The Corder ES Mother Of The Corder Participating
Suicide Squad LB Suicide Squad Participating
Dragons and Unicorns SE Dragons and Unicorns Participating
Ogórki i Pomidory PL Ogórki i Pomidory Participating
Vindicate FR Vindicate Participating
Under Control GB Under Control Participating
qq EU qq Participating
Angry Balkan Beavers NO Angry Balkan Beavers Participating
FeedExpress GR FeedExpress Participating
Crystal Maiden or Die Tryin' DE Crystal Maiden or Die Tryin' Participating
Futuro di Dota IT Futuro di Dota Participating
No Name, No Skill, No Problem EU No Name, No Skill, No Problem Participating
Fallen 7 FI Fallen 7 Participating
Czerwone Kredki Rumcajsa PL Czerwone Kredki Rumcajsa Participating
Drakula SI Drakula Participating
Chilling Frenzy SK Chilling Frenzy Participating
FiveDota EU FiveDota Participating
We haz Turk DE We haz Turk Participating
Mazot Gaming TR Mazot Gaming Participating
INRI.eSports e.V. AT INRI.eSports e.V. Participating
Basically Full Health GB Basically Full Health Participating
Cave Men Squad SK Cave Men Squad Participating
readmore staff DE readmore staff Participating
Team Golden Hands EU Team Golden Hands Participating
Silencer Woods DE Silencer Woods Participating
3 Screens of Range!!! GB 3 Screens of Range!!! Participating
Goodfellas RO Goodfellas Participating
Smash SA Smash Participating
Estanda UA Estanda Participating
Nosioux RO Nosioux Participating
Foxido UA Foxido Participating
HealTheHealer SE HealTheHealer Participating
Sick Doto ME Sick Doto Participating
Very Many Damage RS Very Many Damage Participating
HiveTM RU HiveTM Participating
Bromancer TR Bromancer Participating
Anime Paw JP Anime Paw Participating
TwilightZone TR TwilightZone Participating
Qeqe Team TR Qeqe Team Participating
Shit Happens EU Shit Happens Participating
ToniTec DE ToniTec Participating
Backo's Angels TR Backo's Angels Participating
Random Dudes EU Random Dudes Participating
Wow AT Wow Participating
Royal Bandits TR Royal Bandits Participating
7element IT 7element Participating
Team Peaches EU Team Peaches Participating
Stacktir Git TR Stacktir Git Participating
Lucid Lunatics SE Lucid Lunatics Participating
Team name under consideration UA Team name under consideration Participating
Eis oder was für die Hoden DE Eis oder was für die Hoden Participating
ImbaNinjasWithKungFuPowerz DE ImbaNinjasWithKungFuPowerz Participating
ValHala RS ValHala Participating
No luck involved RO No luck involved Participating
Rogatie Trupoedi EU Rogatie Trupoedi Participating
anime haters 69 UK anime haters 69 Participating
Unexpected Hippo Brigade SE Unexpected Hippo Brigade Participating
Majestic Mappo EU Majestic Mappo Participating
GameOn RO GameOn Participating
Semper Sursum EU Semper Sursum Participating
happy Penguin EU happy Penguin Participating
WinTrain DE WinTrain Participating
Killing Strangers EU Killing Strangers Participating
Blunatics ES Blunatics Participating
Last worD RS Last worD Participating
Team Infused GB Team Infused Participating
Akame ga Kill! EU Akame ga Kill! Participating
Heart Breakers JO Heart Breakers Participating
Clinkz in woods FR Clinkz in woods Participating
Komanda X RU Komanda X Participating
euphoric autism FI euphoric autism Participating
SuperLaget SE SuperLaget Participating
Max Cobra super Push DE Max Cobra super Push Participating
CHOKE 9 SE CHOKE 9 Participating
NoaBoom GB NoaBoom Participating
Adorable GamerS CZ Adorable GamerS Participating
bllp EU bllp Participating
Army of FIVE UA Army of FIVE Participating
Death_makers SY Death_makers Participating
Stanley Eat World RU Stanley Eat World Participating
Bodybuilding Bears GB Bodybuilding Bears Participating
Kappanauts SL Kappanauts Participating
Pasko tai tule Paskotuks FI Pasko tai tule Paskotuks Participating
Dagon5 RU Dagon5 Participating
Aloha Gaming DE Aloha Gaming Participating
Super Hero Legends DE Super Hero Legends Participating
Fat and Tard IL Fat and Tard Participating
good game finish fast RO good game finish fast Participating
Kongo Truckers SE Kongo Truckers Participating
Double Dagon Gaming EU Double Dagon Gaming Participating
weltmeister RO weltmeister Participating
Dotal~War DE Dotal~War Participating
Total Fatal Error HUN Total Fatal Error Participating
No Win Allowed DE No Win Allowed Participating
Batsy+4 TR Batsy+4 Participating
Pure Hard DotA DE Pure Hard DotA Participating
ShukarCollective RO ShukarCollective Participating
Anal Love In Ebony NigresS SK Anal Love In Ebony NigresS Participating
The Walkery MN The Walkery Participating
Just in Time TR Just in Time Participating
Dotarunners EU Dotarunners Participating
Pucking Around EU Pucking Around Participating
Energy Piglets ZA Energy Piglets Participating
Why You Pick N'aix.int EU Why You Pick N'aix.int Participating
Passion Gaming DE Passion Gaming Participating
Klarkommen ist Luxus DE Klarkommen ist Luxus Participating
Real Big Bulls TR Real Big Bulls Participating
NewbiesValor TR NewbiesValor Participating
Dim Sum Raiders GB Dim Sum Raiders Participating
Skrallabang DK Skrallabang Participating
GO BEAR! EU GO BEAR! Participating
Nistor's Dogs RS Nistor's Dogs Participating
Ex.Treme Gaming MN Ex.Treme Gaming Participating
THuns TR THuns Participating
BOOM esports EU BOOM esports Participating
Azzallelen AT Azzallelen Participating
Chocobots RU Chocobots Participating
Horné Orešany Gaming SK Horné Orešany Gaming Participating
Many of Times NO Many of Times Participating
zero Gaming - zero fun, zero skill, zero sense AT zero Gaming - zero fun, zero skill, zero sense Participating
Küsse auf die Nüsse DE Küsse auf die Nüsse Participating
Trust in Dogs DE Trust in Dogs Participating
Space RS Space Participating
Cry a Lot GR Cry a Lot Participating
Hakan._Z_Europe EU Hakan._Z_Europe Participating
Team Vision EU Team Vision Participating
Packo Pro MK Packo Pro Participating
Elite.5 FI Elite.5 Participating
We Are Done CH We Are Done Participating
Team Deez IT Team Deez Participating
Veno Splashers DE Veno Splashers Participating
Look at it GO! DE Look at it GO! Participating
Boobs'n'Buddies PL Boobs'n'Buddies Participating
MulliGallen FI MulliGallen Participating
Piraterna SE Piraterna Participating
Ekipa Sa Lski RS Ekipa Sa Lski Participating
Begurubiādo GB Begurubiādo Participating
Fatal Rage.Pro IR Fatal Rage.Pro Participating
Philosopher Philosophy TR Philosopher Philosophy Participating
siQ Gaming - Squad 16 Evil Mind DE siQ Gaming - Squad 16 Evil Mind Participating
Echidna FR Echidna Participating
FeedEx Corporation DE FeedEx Corporation Participating
Team-Spirit EG Team-Spirit Participating
Venomouz SE Venomouz Participating
Harmonika Gajde Truba BA Harmonika Gajde Truba Participating
Destiny Destroyers GB Destiny Destroyers Participating
F.1.S.T. DE F.1.S.T. Participating
Force Buyback PL Force Buyback Participating
SFD-Gaming DE SFD-Gaming Participating
ProGame BA ProGame Participating
Evil Snails IL Evil Snails Participating
Donkey Squad DE Donkey Squad Participating
Silent Misery CZ Silent Misery Participating
NextSkill RO NextSkill Participating
Decietful Ruselords DK Decietful Ruselords Participating
Futile Gaming CZ Futile Gaming Participating
Nos Sumus Fortes. RU Nos Sumus Fortes. Participating
Ins Xicht AT Ins Xicht Participating
Perplex. UK Perplex. Participating
I needed faith earlier DK I needed faith earlier Participating
NaschVerein AT NaschVerein Participating
Lethal Living EU Lethal Living Participating
Smokin'' SE Smokin'' Participating
Alles Fotzen außer Mutti DE Alles Fotzen außer Mutti Participating
Hogs of War GB Hogs of War Participating
random team 123 AT random team 123 Participating
Ascend EU Ascend Participating
NeverHunt CZ NeverHunt Participating
Don't eat yellow snow CH Don't eat yellow snow Participating
GGnoRE PL GGnoRE Participating
We Love Cucumbers CZ We Love Cucumbers Participating
Interstellar Overdrive CZ Interstellar Overdrive Participating
VikingTV.int WORLD VikingTV.int Participating
Tapir Survivor Group CZ Tapir Survivor Group Participating
Bitange RS Bitange Participating
iMpulsive.Throwlerme IT iMpulsive.Throwlerme Participating
OrbEffect RU OrbEffect Participating
The Little Spoons GB The Little Spoons Participating
DotaStampf DE DotaStampf Participating
Exclusive E-sports RS Exclusive E-sports Participating
Choke Gaming UK Choke Gaming Participating
Chetvertinka Smetannika CS Chetvertinka Smetannika Participating
PoTencijal RS PoTencijal Participating
Give Me Reason BA Give Me Reason Participating
Team Ka´Razi EU Team Ka´Razi Participating
Vigoss +5 -Vigoss DE Vigoss +5 -Vigoss Participating
Trial by Combat DE Trial by Combat Participating
4+1=6 PT 4+1=6 Participating
Shoot Boyz NO Shoot Boyz Participating
Clown5. RU Clown5. Participating
Hamster Tamers HUN Hamster Tamers Participating
Ro7Tal3a IL Ro7Tal3a Participating
team.Fail DE team.Fail Participating
DuzaGaming RU DuzaGaming Participating
Waffle United Troupe EU Waffle United Troupe Participating
Team Chameleons PL Team Chameleons Participating
TecnoSlave eSport Club ES TecnoSlave eSport Club Participating
ImperiumXXL TR ImperiumXXL Participating
Random Boys TR Random Boys Participating
Sorry 4 Skill RO Sorry 4 Skill Participating
AgainSt RU AgainSt Participating
Zagreb 360 HR Zagreb 360 Participating
The Red UA The Red Participating
Killing Artists EU Killing Artists Participating
REDEYES Hawks Dota 2 DE REDEYES Hawks Dota 2 Participating
How to win DotA? WORLD How to win DotA? Participating
Rozbíječi CZ Rozbíječi Participating
Vision Gaming LT Vision Gaming Participating
NextGaming IT NextGaming Participating
Ganking Bastards DE Ganking Bastards Participating
The Big Bad Wolf EU The Big Bad Wolf Participating
Qbad Disbandas SE Qbad Disbandas Participating
Juke Steet Kings GB Juke Steet Kings Participating
AganistAllAuthorities TR AganistAllAuthorities Participating
Easy For Aladdin RU Easy For Aladdin Participating
GoldenJaguars RU GoldenJaguars Participating
nAv | Dragon Rider Crew ZA nAv | Dragon Rider Crew Participating
The Easiest Boys Of Your Life RU The Easiest Boys Of Your Life Participating
The mongolz MN The mongolz Participating
Velbloudi bez Hrbu CZ Velbloudi bez Hrbu Participating
Wasted Talentz RS Wasted Talentz Participating
Team Cover RU Team Cover Participating
Wirtus Cro HR Wirtus Cro Participating
PandaBoys DE PandaBoys Participating
No Shit Sherlock TR No Shit Sherlock Participating
nAs WORLD nAs Participating
Ayy lmao DE Ayy lmao Participating
Victis.eSports PL Victis.eSports Participating
LoserBoys TR LoserBoys Participating
q3 DE q3 Participating
Full_Davai AL Full_Davai Participating
Team Support MK Team Support Participating
HEAT.International EU HEAT.International Participating
Nine and a half tails PT Nine and a half tails Participating
PaskaPeränPohjaMuta FI PaskaPeränPohjaMuta Participating
Game is Hard DK Game is Hard Participating
Beş Kardeşler TR Beş Kardeşler Participating
Team Dreamoon TR Team Dreamoon Participating
TheCorn GR TheCorn Participating
Disband SK Disband Participating
Page One DK Page One Participating
Insert a Team Name SE Insert a Team Name Participating
British Brewdogs GB British Brewdogs Participating
Team Krabbgång SE Team Krabbgång Participating
Hazeryon-Multigaming FR Hazeryon-Multigaming Participating
Drow Syndrome SE Drow Syndrome Participating
Team Mistral BE Team Mistral Participating
Teenage Mutant Power Rangers EU Teenage Mutant Power Rangers Participating
Damage Control GB Damage Control Participating
EazT CoazT Gaming SE EazT CoazT Gaming Participating
TeamCyber SE TeamCyber Participating
We Attacked 15 People TR We Attacked 15 People Participating
eXsto.Gaming DE eXsto.Gaming Participating
Team Bearer TR Team Bearer Participating
Papaoutai EU Papaoutai Participating
NoobsGoPro RO NoobsGoPro Participating
Yorale Gaming TR Yorale Gaming Participating
Perilous Impact GB Perilous Impact Participating
y u mad bro? DE y u mad bro? Participating
Swe Cong SE Swe Cong Participating
Orewki.int RU Orewki.int Participating
Longest Clan Name Tag Ever Created By Man DK Longest Clan Name Tag Ever Created By Man Participating
Zapp Gaming NL Zapp Gaming Participating
PsyChoPunCh DE PsyChoPunCh Participating
Midas Intended EU Midas Intended Participating
Inexistence TR Inexistence Participating
Camping your Ancient FR Camping your Ancient Participating
Eye4AnEye Dota Team TR Eye4AnEye Dota Team Participating
brick squad DE brick squad Participating
Squishy Gaming DE Squishy Gaming Participating
eFlames DE eFlames Participating
Paulin Taikakaulin FI Paulin Taikakaulin Participating
Wooden Holz Noobs DE Wooden Holz Noobs Participating
AtraX eSports IT AtraX eSports Participating
random5 EU random5 Participating
Nej Froze, Luhm SE Nej Froze, Luhm Participating
Blood Blast TR Blood Blast Participating
TechiesSoloMid DE TechiesSoloMid Participating
Team Boss GR Team Boss Participating
Red Sky RS Red Sky Participating
Tidelaget SE Tidelaget Participating
Die Kellerkinder DE Die Kellerkinder Participating
Was_is_en DE Was_is_en Participating
Valk.Ragnarok ZA Valk.Ragnarok Participating
Hammarby IF SE Hammarby IF Participating
Team CrayC EU Team CrayC Participating
NexusVibe RO NexusVibe Participating
We will bite you RU We will bite you Participating
definitivt! SE definitivt! Participating
Greggs eSports GB Greggs eSports Participating
Pingu Of The Moonshine FR Pingu Of The Moonshine Participating
Cechi +4 CZ Cechi +4 Participating
Mobiles WegnehmKommando DE Mobiles WegnehmKommando Participating
Pegasus in attack BY Pegasus in attack Participating
Rice AT Rice Participating
AbisQue RO AbisQue Participating
Arkanovi Tigrovi International HR Arkanovi Tigrovi International Participating
Arctic Engineers AT Arctic Engineers Participating
Glorious British Dota GB Glorious British Dota Participating
Fünf ausm Germany Channel DE Fünf ausm Germany Channel Participating
Online Godz ZA Online Godz Participating
Diabolic Synergy EU Diabolic Synergy Participating
Poonography GB Poonography Participating
I Fucked Goat Once CZ I Fucked Goat Once Participating
Quickly Rainbow SE Quickly Rainbow Participating
Niezwykle Zła Szajka PL Niezwykle Zła Szajka Participating
Blink Squad GB Blink Squad Participating
Deuster Gaming DE Deuster Gaming Participating
ain't no saint PL ain't no saint Participating
Kooy Network eSport IR Kooy Network eSport Participating
Drakkar Gaming RU Drakkar Gaming Participating
Best Friends In DOTA ES Best Friends In DOTA Participating
Crystal Society Esports TR Crystal Society Esports Participating
Jovens Unidos Num Ideal PT Jovens Unidos Num Ideal Participating
WhYNot TN WhYNot Participating
kaltyir +4 WORLD kaltyir +4 Participating
Click-Storm RU Click-Storm Participating
Warriors of the Moon CZ Warriors of the Moon Participating
Muumipapan Lapio FI Muumipapan Lapio Participating
So Nich DE So Nich Participating
eStar ES eStar Participating
No Reverse TR No Reverse Participating
Team Marina AQ RO Team Marina AQ Participating
Synergy RU Synergy Participating
Deadlyus EU Deadlyus Participating
Chillhop Gaming NL Chillhop Gaming Participating
Wannabe Tryhards SK Wannabe Tryhards Participating
Chorizos Paseantes ES Chorizos Paseantes Participating
Provincials RU Provincials Participating
Sremcica RS Sremcica Participating
hufflepuff PL hufflepuff Participating
Bitoffset PT Bitoffset Participating
FTW eSports PT FTW eSports Participating
Vigilent Gaming RO Vigilent Gaming Participating
Why.ez TR Why.ez Participating
RSCN Gaming- TR RSCN Gaming- Participating
Macedonia pro gaming MK Macedonia pro gaming Participating
Die Honigmänner CH Die Honigmänner Participating
GotChance TR GotChance Participating
Lunatics PL Lunatics Participating
Trouble Makers TR Trouble Makers Participating
Not Bad Pick PL Not Bad Pick Participating
Farm All Day Every Day BG Farm All Day Every Day Participating
CrazyWarriors HR CrazyWarriors Participating
Pod Fontain Gaming RU Pod Fontain Gaming Participating
kleva-gaming BY kleva-gaming Participating
ReaLCrew_ITG (Nitrado) GR ReaLCrew_ITG (Nitrado) Participating
[Hero]es RU [Hero]es Participating
Mortifera HR Mortifera Participating
Team Red DE Team Red Participating
Nasty Project RU Nasty Project Participating
Baltica Gaming PL Baltica Gaming Participating
Die Haarigen DE Die Haarigen Participating
Whatever DE Whatever Participating
Last Refraction DE Last Refraction Participating
Tactical Riot Gaming Team Report DE Tactical Riot Gaming Team Report Participating
Neber Love GB Neber Love Participating
smileyhunters NL smileyhunters Participating
Balls Deepz FI Balls Deepz Participating
NoRagrets DE NoRagrets Participating
Brushed Metal Boys GB Brushed Metal Boys Participating
GarageBoys FI GarageBoys Participating
Pro But Lags FI Pro But Lags Participating
Bulgarian Pro Gamers BG Bulgarian Pro Gamers Participating
The Ancient Ones EU The Ancient Ones Participating
Hammas Cellar Boys SE Hammas Cellar Boys Participating
Smile with me BY Smile with me Participating
RNGaming Crew PL RNGaming Crew Participating
Fis.K SE Fis.K Participating
AEP.No Brood DE AEP.No Brood Participating
Tango Brothers ME Tango Brothers Participating
TearDrop TR TearDrop Participating
No Last Hits BG No Last Hits Participating
Team VanQuish RO Team VanQuish Participating
Band of Brothers TR Band of Brothers Participating
Team Lappen DE Team Lappen Participating
violance gaming TR violance gaming Participating
Flash Gaming CZ Flash Gaming Participating
Cunt Licking is Tremendous GB Cunt Licking is Tremendous Participating
Tangooohhh Gaming TR Tangooohhh Gaming Participating
Hobobeans United SE Hobobeans United Participating
Team Rakuzan DE Team Rakuzan Participating
Cat Time SE Cat Time Participating
42 NO 42 Participating
Unhealable Damage EU Unhealable Damage Participating
Cuppa Clarity GB Cuppa Clarity Participating
Team Rocket PL Team Rocket Participating
Kappa Mates RO Kappa Mates Participating
Merlin eSports DragonZ TR Merlin eSports DragonZ Participating
Afrika KI Afrika Participating
Exploring Dora AE Exploring Dora Participating
Team Mistake TR Team Mistake Participating
Midas on Jugger SE Midas on Jugger Participating
All Aboard Gaming FI All Aboard Gaming Participating
Throw Force Five v2 GB Throw Force Five v2 Participating
Secrets of Assassination TR Secrets of Assassination Participating
Evil Commanders TR Evil Commanders Participating
SneakyFoxes TR SneakyFoxes Participating
4 friends + Sajgon CZ 4 friends + Sajgon Participating
Team No Name IR Team No Name Participating
Lords of the Spells TR Lords of the Spells Participating
Incredible Team EU Incredible Team Participating
RAZE E-Sports CLUB TN RAZE E-Sports CLUB Participating
DANKH ZA DANKH Participating
Volgende Generaite JO Volgende Generaite Participating
There's No Tomorrow TR There's No Tomorrow Participating
Light Bringers TR Light Bringers Participating
Visceral SE Visceral Participating
your_family CZ your_family Participating
Midas Touch ES Midas Touch Participating
Bier Creative DE Bier Creative Participating
Gdzie detekcja?! EU Gdzie detekcja?! Participating
ALSEN PL ALSEN Participating
Laget som gud glömde SE Laget som gud glömde Participating
Quid Pro Quo SE Quid Pro Quo Participating
Czech Rules CZ Czech Rules Participating
Th3Reapers WORLD Th3Reapers Participating
Schaeferhund GB Schaeferhund Participating
Team Memid FI Team Memid Participating
Are they ida? PL Are they ida? Participating
Horsemans CZ Horsemans Participating
Friendly Fire FR Friendly Fire Participating
Lizard Lick SE Lizard Lick Participating
There is no Meta DE There is no Meta Participating
Vyse and Sheeps TR Vyse and Sheeps Participating
Super Heroes in Team EU Super Heroes in Team Participating
Potato Five HR Potato Five Participating
FapRors SK FapRors Participating
Squadron 322 PL Squadron 322 Participating
Ice Demons LY Ice Demons Participating
1mbalance gaming EU 1mbalance gaming Participating
Tarator Gaming TR Tarator Gaming Participating
RedShields TR RedShields Participating
Team LEG DE Team LEG Participating
Stekhora Pubs SE Stekhora Pubs Participating
Danger Gaming ES Danger Gaming Participating
GameOver! TR GameOver! Participating
Unreliable Bastards RO Unreliable Bastards Participating
Hard Fail DE Hard Fail Participating
Kogus TR Kogus Participating
Vegetables and Animals PL Vegetables and Animals Participating
Teamk1d EU Teamk1d Participating
Haters gonna hate DK Haters gonna hate Participating
Pub Crawlers UK Pub Crawlers Participating
Part Time DotA TR Part Time DotA Participating
420 kool kidz DE 420 kool kidz Participating
Port Warbeast Committee IS Port Warbeast Committee Participating
Really Not Great GB Really Not Great Participating
Team Team DK Team Team Participating
Please Carry Me FR Please Carry Me Participating
-Yolo-Swaggins RO -Yolo-Swaggins Participating
Original TeamName EU Original TeamName Participating
TakeS TR TakeS Participating
Subjective Gaming EU Subjective Gaming Participating
The Flash Team EG The Flash Team Participating
Mango Manians FI Mango Manians Participating
E Pluribus Unum RO E Pluribus Unum Participating
Intel | PvG RU Intel | PvG Participating
Sanity eSports BG Sanity eSports Participating
Team Reshuffle GE Team Reshuffle Participating
Astral Gaming CZ Astral Gaming Participating
MiM-eSports DE MiM-eSports Participating
CatDog EU CatDog Participating
Guns N' Roses ! MK Guns N' Roses ! Participating
Sneaky Sex Assassins DE Sneaky Sex Assassins Participating
Deleted SV Deleted Participating
hanspls DE hanspls Participating
White Rabbit Gaming ZA White Rabbit Gaming Participating
hero GB hero Participating
Porazka Sezonu PL Porazka Sezonu Participating
The Steamy Ninjas PT The Steamy Ninjas Participating
Black Turtle Gaming AT Black Turtle Gaming Participating
Noobs Come Back GR Noobs Come Back Participating
Det grønne område DK Det grønne område Participating
GamersLeague EU GamersLeague Participating
Scorpiones EU Scorpiones Participating
Team Sentrys UK Team Sentrys Participating
Grill1Gaming SE Grill1Gaming Participating
Cooldown Power CZ Cooldown Power Participating
The Over Gangsters DE The Over Gangsters Participating
Farsorna SE Farsorna Participating
Team Archelon RO Team Archelon Participating
Team ЯReplika AT Team ЯReplika Participating
Slovak Dragons SK Slovak Dragons Participating
GabellaGaming! UA GabellaGaming! Participating
X-Diamond Team MY X-Diamond Team Participating
WKDOTA TR WKDOTA Participating
Tjame Forever RS Tjame Forever Participating
Chocolate Meat Balls DE Chocolate Meat Balls Participating
w3.420 EU w3.420 Participating
Bloopers DK Bloopers Participating
We Mad SE We Mad Participating
Deadly Dreams DE Deadly Dreams Participating
Indie Gaming RS Indie Gaming Participating
Team Toxic SE Team Toxic Participating
Swiss Quality Gaming CH Swiss Quality Gaming Participating
At least we tried CH At least we tried Participating
RespectMyAuthority! FR RespectMyAuthority! Participating
MadYolo R.I.P. DK MadYolo R.I.P. Participating
Valhalla Tea Party TR Valhalla Tea Party Participating
DotaSöndag! SE DotaSöndag! Participating
Ragnarok Warriors PT Ragnarok Warriors Participating
Felmyst IR Felmyst Participating
fuk dat shiet PT fuk dat shiet Participating
Hold Our Beers EU Hold Our Beers Participating
Knicks Off PT Knicks Off Participating
Cafard Gaming FR Cafard Gaming Participating
Moral och Taktik SE Moral och Taktik Participating
1Bull Unite SE 1Bull Unite Participating
We got this! DE We got this! Participating
Team Taka MN Team Taka Participating
MASLO RU MASLO Participating
No Flame No Gain SE No Flame No Gain Participating
Last Redemption DE Last Redemption Participating
Ambry House TR Ambry House Participating
Byakurentai EU Byakurentai Participating
Norrlands guld SE Norrlands guld Participating
Kraut Nein! DE Kraut Nein! Participating
Abhorrent Shulins SK Abhorrent Shulins Participating
Hot Dukes GB Hot Dukes Participating
Wild BoyZ! IR Wild BoyZ! Participating
Super Secret Adventure Club GB Super Secret Adventure Club Participating
No Wodka No Dotka No BlyatCyka TR No Wodka No Dotka No BlyatCyka Participating
2EZ4CFTC TR 2EZ4CFTC Participating
Statek PL Statek Participating
Next Generation' EU Next Generation' Participating
Imaginary Gaming FR Imaginary Gaming Participating
Cekoslavakyalilastiramadiklarimizdanmisiniz TR Cekoslavakyalilastiramadiklarimizdanmisiniz Participating
Team Hydra IT Team Hydra Participating
Impressive Gaming e.V. PsGa DE Impressive Gaming e.V. PsGa Participating
The Saviours BA The Saviours Participating
No EsCaPee TR No EsCaPee Participating
Wind Walk TR Wind Walk Participating
Challenge Accepted CZ Challenge Accepted Participating
Kluci v akci CZ Kluci v akci Participating
Roman GoDs UK Roman GoDs Participating
tim disbando OM tim disbando Participating
Legacy of Harmony DE Legacy of Harmony Participating
Big Ol' Horse GB Big Ol' Horse Participating
Kula daje fula PL Kula daje fula Participating
#80 WolfPack EU #80 WolfPack Participating
KeiTch*Gaming DE KeiTch*Gaming Participating
Nuclear Penguins DE Nuclear Penguins Participating
Boss Gaming AT Boss Gaming Participating
BEARIX.dota DE BEARIX.dota Participating
Reservoir doges EU Reservoir doges Participating
WOPA BG WOPA Participating
Any Question ? TR Any Question ? Participating
A Rift in Dawn IT A Rift in Dawn Participating
Team Roadster TR Team Roadster Participating
Complete Runecontrol EU Complete Runecontrol Participating
XerPex DE XerPex Participating
Dota o Ako? PH Dota o Ako? Participating
Tanks-a-Lot GB Tanks-a-Lot Participating
Gucci Boys WORLD Gucci Boys Participating
Klan Ulicnih Loptasa BA Klan Ulicnih Loptasa Participating
Universe PT Universe Participating
Señores del Apocalipsis ES Señores del Apocalipsis Participating
Bouncing Cykas DE Bouncing Cykas Participating
3-4 MK 3-4 Participating
deg SE deg Participating
Midnight Future CZ Midnight Future Participating
Real Life Raid PL Real Life Raid Participating
Ruskygaming SE Ruskygaming Participating
Legion TR Legion Participating
Team Blue DE Team Blue Participating
The X Meat SK The X Meat Participating
Black Lion Italia IT Black Lion Italia Participating
FragPlanet HUN FragPlanet Participating
Black Lion Italia IT Black Lion Italia Participating
4afewdollarsmore TR 4afewdollarsmore Participating
Swedish Dota Homies SE Swedish Dota Homies Participating
Retards Around The Globe WORLD Retards Around The Globe Participating
The Burning Sloths ZA The Burning Sloths Participating
Gamebell VE Gamebell Participating
DreaM Killers RO DreaM Killers Participating
SID Is Dead UK SID Is Dead Participating
Phoenix gaming IT Phoenix gaming Participating
Secret Rangers SK Secret Rangers Participating
Yahoo team RU Yahoo team Participating
Some Random Slackers ZA Some Random Slackers Participating
Stay in Trees TR Stay in Trees Participating
Rexlabs DE Rexlabs Participating
Aici sau la pachet RO Aici sau la pachet Participating
Cosmic GB Cosmic Participating
Raging Homers EU Raging Homers Participating
Legenberrys DE Legenberrys Participating
Stauseetigers DE Stauseetigers Participating
Just A Trophy Now RIP EU Just A Trophy Now RIP Participating
UniqueTyrcae TR UniqueTyrcae Participating
Opium Heads TR Opium Heads Participating
Mädchen Gymnastik Mannschaft DE Mädchen Gymnastik Mannschaft Participating
Hungarian Huskars HUN Hungarian Huskars Participating
Nova Aurora GB Nova Aurora Participating
Not Bad Pick PL Not Bad Pick Participating
Baguette GB Baguette Participating
instinct TR instinct Participating
Fellowship- TR Fellowship- Participating
whyilol RU whyilol Participating
Wrong Neighbourhood RO Wrong Neighbourhood Participating
Failot CZ Failot Participating
OttomanKebab TR OttomanKebab Participating
One hand gaming DE One hand gaming Participating
United Elite GB United Elite Participating
KappaRiders PL KappaRiders Participating
The Spirit Within DE The Spirit Within Participating
Załoga Orzeła 7 PL Załoga Orzeła 7 Participating
EngineerTeam TR EngineerTeam Participating
Ensox CZ Ensox Participating
TrueN00bs EU TrueN00bs Participating
The Galactic Waldis DE The Galactic Waldis Participating
DrHouse DE DrHouse Participating
Los Tranquilos GE Los Tranquilos Participating
Rescue.Rangers RU Rescue.Rangers Participating
For The Win* RO For The Win* Participating
We Don't Die We Multiply! DE We Don't Die We Multiply! Participating
Bouncing Cykas DE Bouncing Cykas Participating
Bombim JOIN DOTA Gaming UA Bombim JOIN DOTA Gaming Participating
Zinderman DE Zinderman Participating
Silent City FR Silent City Participating
Massively Underrated Cool Kids GB Massively Underrated Cool Kids Participating
burner+4 DE burner+4 Participating
Deliverance DK Deliverance Participating
LC - Walk Into My Sunstrike AT LC - Walk Into My Sunstrike Participating
DinaFarms EG DinaFarms Participating
Space Catz SE Space Catz Participating
Renata+4 LT Renata+4 Participating
Pizza Pasta And Pepparoni IT Pizza Pasta And Pepparoni Participating
Team Edvin SE Team Edvin Participating
Shadow Wolves Blue DE Shadow Wolves Blue Participating
Clandestina E-sport Red IT Clandestina E-sport Red Participating
Combo Wise Guys RO Combo Wise Guys Participating
Genuine.D2 ME Genuine.D2 Participating
Easy Gaming Life MT Easy Gaming Life Participating
Hässleholms E-sport Club SE Hässleholms E-sport Club Participating
APM Junkies SE APM Junkies Participating
DangerTraktorTeam CH DangerTraktorTeam Participating
Road to 0MMR CZ Road to 0MMR Participating
Blood Shall Be Spilled GR Blood Shall Be Spilled Participating
Vagina Guys SK Vagina Guys Participating
Why not? ES Why not? Participating
GTX-Dota2 Team-Alpha DE GTX-Dota2 Team-Alpha Participating
Halunken Bande DE Halunken Bande Participating
WesternerWolves GE WesternerWolves Participating
Meet Your 5 BG Meet Your 5 Participating
In Your Name Dota God TR In Your Name Dota God Participating
THE MOB IR THE MOB Participating
Unique|Gaming GR Unique|Gaming Participating
Dan. EU Dan. Participating
Super-Weicheischuppen Jr. Gang DE Super-Weicheischuppen Jr. Gang Participating
KanlıAy TR KanlıAy Participating
Snow Pandas GE Snow Pandas Participating
EliteE-Sports TR EliteE-Sports Participating
e-WAVE DE e-WAVE Participating
MongoClikke DE MongoClikke Participating
Technical Raperz TR Technical Raperz Participating
RAZE E-Sports Club TR RAZE E-Sports Club Participating
NoNStopDota TR NoNStopDota Participating
The Bananas TR The Bananas Participating
TP Gaming EU TP Gaming Participating
The Pack SK The Pack Participating
WristCraft TR WristCraft Participating
Gefüllte Nusstaschen DE Gefüllte Nusstaschen Participating
Nackt, Zerhackt und Angekackt DE Nackt, Zerhackt und Angekackt Participating
Dicey 5 SE Dicey 5 Participating
Allahamar the Great IS Allahamar the Great Participating
Against All Odds DOTA ZA Against All Odds DOTA Participating
RagingLions RU RagingLions Participating
The 20th April RS The 20th April Participating
Iwatobi Highschool SE Iwatobi Highschool Participating
Sons of a Lich IT Sons of a Lich Participating
Meet Your Greed DE Meet Your Greed Participating
Sertac and 4 Noobs TR Sertac and 4 Noobs Participating
Team Slark RU Team Slark Participating
To Be Determined Soon FR To Be Determined Soon Participating
ez.katka.gaming DE ez.katka.gaming Participating
Artful Dodgers DE Artful Dodgers Participating
Chest Out Dota DK Chest Out Dota Participating
Contra TR Contra Participating
Hard Kiss TR Hard Kiss Participating
High Five Friends BA High Five Friends Participating
HOT! KG HOT! Participating
gRapeVan DE gRapeVan Participating
Enter Tragedy TR Enter Tragedy Participating
Düldül TR Düldül Participating
5 gentlemen IT 5 gentlemen Participating
It's Called Windrunner DE It's Called Windrunner Participating
Ban Naga UK Ban Naga Participating
team tokmak HR team tokmak Participating
Raz Kozie Śmierć PL Raz Kozie Śmierć Participating
Army of Ottoman Empire TR Army of Ottoman Empire Participating
Siberian Pandaz RU Siberian Pandaz Participating
Team Blue DE Team Blue Participating
Full G RS Full G Participating
Team Minusnull DE Team Minusnull Participating
Drop Your Stick FR Drop Your Stick Participating
FaTe's Disciples GB FaTe's Disciples Participating
Edgar G@ming LT Edgar G@ming Participating
D.P.W.Z. RU D.P.W.Z. Participating
0 + 4 PT 0 + 4 Participating
Plays For Days EU Plays For Days Participating
Brunzn ohne Schoas... DE Brunzn ohne Schoas... Participating
Specific CZ Specific Participating
Blooditalian IT Blooditalian Participating
The Internationals EU The Internationals Participating
noVoidpls RO noVoidpls Participating
SS'Hawks TR SS'Hawks Participating
#Vincere, aut Mori EE #Vincere, aut Mori Participating
FieryPoops MK FieryPoops Participating
RAKETA RU RAKETA Participating
Team Bruut SE Team Bruut Participating
n!faculty.rookie DE n!faculty.rookie Participating
eXecutive Gaming DE eXecutive Gaming Participating
Team Tourette PL Team Tourette Participating
MZ-Gaming DE MZ-Gaming Participating
Yengeç Styla TR Yengeç Styla Participating
We are R@mpage CH We are R@mpage Participating
The Majestic GB The Majestic Participating
European Love Story EU European Love Story Participating
Need for Feed: Underfarmed AT Need for Feed: Underfarmed Participating
KART TR KART Participating
Team Shinoki GB Team Shinoki Participating
Neverhunt AC CZ Neverhunt AC Participating
Scramble Team RU Scramble Team Participating
Tree Trunk IE Tree Trunk Participating
KeyD Stars CZ KeyD Stars Participating
Team Feri + 4 EU Team Feri + 4 Participating
R3v0lut10n AT R3v0lut10n Participating
The Mad Scientists RO The Mad Scientists Participating
d.h. Wie Bitte! DE d.h. Wie Bitte! Participating
Overlords RO Overlords Participating
The Miracle of Charles Freedom GB The Miracle of Charles Freedom Participating
Sifis I Katsarida GR Sifis I Katsarida Participating
BrawlingForJeezus SE BrawlingForJeezus Participating
5 Man Dagon Squad DE 5 Man Dagon Squad Participating
Indimenticabile Fuerte EU Indimenticabile Fuerte Participating
Crimson Flames MK Crimson Flames Participating
Janissaries TR Janissaries Participating
Trinity GB Trinity Participating
Syncope Gaming EU Syncope Gaming Participating
Golden Gankers UK Golden Gankers Participating
Nunchuck Spiders EU Nunchuck Spiders Participating
MostRetardedLeagueEver SK MostRetardedLeagueEver Participating
Trigger Happy Trolls EU Trigger Happy Trolls Participating
Alpha-eSports SE Alpha-eSports Participating
#raging-wolves.net EU #raging-wolves.net Participating
Average Five RU Average Five Participating
Legends Esport FR Legends Esport Participating
madboys BG madboys Participating
Trust in Carry DE Trust in Carry Participating
PRo Tunisian Dota TN PRo Tunisian Dota Participating
Vitruvians CZ Vitruvians Participating
eXecution UK eXecution Participating
Your Family AE Your Family Participating
Team Chocobo DE Team Chocobo Participating
German Aggressive GamerZ DE German Aggressive GamerZ Participating
Red Or Blue UA Red Or Blue Participating
Tap Face ES Tap Face Participating
Allahu Akbar SK Allahu Akbar Participating
The CykaBlyats SE The CykaBlyats Participating
Phoenix RO Phoenix Participating
The Jolly Badgers UK The Jolly Badgers Participating
Team No Skill DE Team No Skill Participating
Die STARK[en] Brudis DE Die STARK[en] Brudis Participating
Kaas Gamers DK Kaas Gamers Participating
5.I.V.E Rebirth EU 5.I.V.E Rebirth Participating
Hashtag Gaming DE Hashtag Gaming Participating
Hairy Monkeys with long Bananas DE Hairy Monkeys with long Bananas Participating
Big Beautiful Boys SE Big Beautiful Boys Participating
Backdoor Protector DE Backdoor Protector Participating
NoTerrorBlade EG NoTerrorBlade Participating
infinity GB infinity Participating
TheTryHarders RS TheTryHarders Participating
twenty twelve GB twenty twelve Participating
Day Walker, Tide Hunter UK Day Walker, Tide Hunter Participating
Team Portal Key DE Team Portal Key Participating
Sweet Honey Bees CZ Sweet Honey Bees Participating
Over Powered Gaming TR Over Powered Gaming Participating
Soul DE Soul Participating
takim8 TR takim8 Participating
50 stripes of shima-pan DE 50 stripes of shima-pan Participating
Team Slingshot DE Team Slingshot Participating
So Smart! PT So Smart! Participating
Whoops EU Whoops Participating
urby feeda SI urby feeda Participating
Degenci RS Degenci Participating
1447 NO 1447 Participating
Tjehna SE Tjehna Participating
Team ExoduS TR Team ExoduS Participating
The Immortal Ones RS The Immortal Ones Participating
Keep Calm and Throw the Game IN Keep Calm and Throw the Game Participating
Fantastic Five SK Fantastic Five Participating
FAGrenade SE FAGrenade Participating
Enormous Penis Syndrome DE Enormous Penis Syndrome Participating
BX3.no NO BX3.no Participating
Valkyrie HUN Valkyrie Participating
Sublime TR Sublime Participating
Keep Out! PT Keep Out! Participating
EarthQuake RO EarthQuake Participating
Leonardo's Goats NO Leonardo's Goats Participating
The Amateurs BG The Amateurs Participating
myRisk Gaming e.V. EU myRisk Gaming e.V. Participating
Eagle Turk TR Eagle Turk Participating
Teamerino Scruberino MY Teamerino Scruberino Participating
Empire of Gamers PL Empire of Gamers Participating
Midas Gaming! DE Midas Gaming! Participating
Never Disband Team PL Never Disband Team Participating
Dread's Corner Shop Crew UK Dread's Corner Shop Crew Participating
Seksi Fan Club RS Seksi Fan Club Participating
NecroPhobia ME NecroPhobia Participating
Demon Slash DZ Demon Slash Participating
The Old Bears GB The Old Bears Participating
Freak Your Foes BA Freak Your Foes Participating
Impetus PT Impetus Participating
PrimaL MN PrimaL Participating
Sihill PL Sihill Participating
Team Bulls MN Team Bulls Participating
RIP Canal G40 ES RIP Canal G40 Participating
Mistakes Were Made IR Mistakes Were Made Participating
Läppäkomitea FI Läppäkomitea Participating
Mr.Plumber EU Mr.Plumber Participating
Sletna Krigare SE Sletna Krigare Participating
Team Octa8on FI Team Octa8on Participating
Feeders Elite UK Feeders Elite Participating
OgreTiny SE OgreTiny Participating
Promenerarna GB Promenerarna Participating
Of Mice and Chen GB Of Mice and Chen Participating
International Ganking Executives EU International Ganking Executives Participating
AttackAfterAttack BG AttackAfterAttack Participating
getrekt. AL getrekt. Participating
2Borgen SE 2Borgen Participating
Panda Power TR Panda Power Participating
Turret Gaming DE Turret Gaming Participating
sLUSH cONST EU sLUSH cONST Participating
Bana Mana Bas TR Bana Mana Bas Participating
eAe Kill Secure ZA eAe Kill Secure Participating
Vicious Hedgehogs HUN Vicious Hedgehogs Participating
Ministry of Feeding GB Ministry of Feeding Participating
Random stack WORLD Random stack Participating
Malaysian in Dublin IE Malaysian in Dublin Participating
Dosboys IL Dosboys Participating
Surfande Barn FO Surfande Barn Participating
5 Man without Mana PL 5 Man without Mana Participating
Throwerino Doterino EU Throwerino Doterino Participating
Team BattleHall RU Team BattleHall Participating
eAe.Hype ZA eAe.Hype Participating
That just happened DE That just happened Participating
Really Awful Win Ratio EU Really Awful Win Ratio Participating
Team PyrrhiC EU Team PyrrhiC Participating
bläckfläck SE bläckfläck Participating
The Second Day RU The Second Day Participating
Inverse gaming LT Inverse gaming Participating
Ninja Pirates NO Ninja Pirates Participating
S A L T S H A K E R S SE S A L T S H A K E R S Participating
fakirler TR fakirler Participating
Geo Alternative Gaming GE Geo Alternative Gaming Participating
Hysteria TR Hysteria Participating
Sultan's Wrath GR Sultan's Wrath Participating
KAISER AT KAISER Participating
Get Leckt AT Get Leckt Participating
Demolisher RU Demolisher Participating
Unusual Abuse EU Unusual Abuse Participating
Gem On The Ground DE Gem On The Ground Participating
Resurrection RU Resurrection Participating
Wombat Action DE Wombat Action Participating
TR_Wave TR TR_Wave Participating
Gents Gaming EU Gents Gaming Participating
Deep Shit Company AT Deep Shit Company Participating
Los Pollos Hermanos FR Los Pollos Hermanos Participating
Plan B IT Plan B Participating
OC.gaming TR OC.gaming Participating
4friends + slovak CZ 4friends + slovak Participating
goexanimo.lv LV goexanimo.lv Participating
Never Give Up EE Never Give Up Participating
NoNameKids UA NoNameKids Participating
whatATeam AT whatATeam Participating
Tryhard Friends DE Tryhard Friends Participating
Dawaj Papaj PL Dawaj Papaj Participating
WeAreAsians CZ WeAreAsians Participating
#worfit DE #worfit Participating
Los Tacos EU Los Tacos Participating
Sandclan ZA Sandclan Participating
Where is t-shirt? SE Where is t-shirt? Participating
Craggy Island Gaming IE Craggy Island Gaming Participating
Garten Partei AT Garten Partei Participating
Radio Crisis GE Radio Crisis Participating
Yakor' na Harde RU Yakor' na Harde Participating