jDL EU #11: Participants

PLEASE NOTE: This is an older season of our league. We continuously add and improve functionality to our leagues, so some information and data visible in newer seasons might be inaccurate or missing in this one.

Signup incomplete (371)

TeamSignup status
No Rats EU No Rats Participating
KinderGarten EU KinderGarten Participating
Missing Jun DE Missing Jun Participating
Team Doggie EU Team Doggie Participating
Team Singularity EU Team Singularity Participating
Elements Pro Gaming RU Elements Pro Gaming Participating
PENTA Sports EU PENTA Sports Participating
NIHL players SE NIHL players Participating
Dota is Life DE Dota is Life Participating
Good Game UA Good Game Participating
LeftOneTV DE LeftOneTV Participating
M19 RU M19 Participating
Team Raaz GR Team Raaz Participating
Pajero Esports EU Pajero Esports Participating
hufflepuff PL hufflepuff Participating
HealTheHealer SE HealTheHealer Participating
$Look at it Go$ PL $Look at it Go$ Participating
Mahlzeit Moin DE Mahlzeit Moin Participating
Guerilla Method RS Guerilla Method Participating
Enterwell EU Enterwell Participating
Erstmal Reinfahren DE Erstmal Reinfahren Participating
Hoodlums RS Hoodlums Participating
ARIS Esports GR ARIS Esports Participating
ROB SE ROB Participating
Aloha Gaming DE Aloha Gaming Participating
Partizanai LT Partizanai Participating
Back to the future AT Back to the future Participating
Global Range Midgets RS Global Range Midgets Participating
Team Mystique MK Team Mystique Participating
Unhealable Damage EU Unhealable Damage Participating
plan-B eSports DotA AT plan-B eSports DotA Participating
Let Us Dement GB Let Us Dement Participating
BlackLotus DE BlackLotus Participating
Team FUG DE Team FUG Participating
Alles Fotzen außer Mutti DE Alles Fotzen außer Mutti Participating
Swiss Quality Gaming CH Swiss Quality Gaming Participating
Hyperbole Gaming DE Hyperbole Gaming Participating
General MusoR! SE General MusoR! Participating
Legacy of Harmony DE Legacy of Harmony Participating
Spass Konfi DE Spass Konfi Participating
Snake Eyes TR Snake Eyes Participating
I needed faith earlier DK I needed faith earlier Participating
Det grønne område DK Det grønne område Participating
TearDrop TR TearDrop Participating
Laser Sharks DE Laser Sharks Participating
Subjective Gaming EU Subjective Gaming Participating
Vanguard IR Vanguard Participating
Silencer Woods DE Silencer Woods Participating
Fabulous 5 DK Fabulous 5 Participating
HATE TS DE HATE TS Participating
Super-Weicheischuppen Jr. Gang DE Super-Weicheischuppen Jr. Gang Participating
[#FeSzTyPiNcE] HUN [#FeSzTyPiNcE] Participating
Pure Hard DotA DE Pure Hard DotA Participating
electric DE electric Participating
Moosesports DE Moosesports Participating
lan-brains EU lan-brains Participating
Family of Harmony DE Family of Harmony Participating
Best of imbeciles SE Best of imbeciles Participating
One2Three4Seven DE One2Three4Seven Participating
Gankz Givin' DE Gankz Givin' Participating
PewPew AL PewPew Participating
Inaequalis - Lutea CZ Inaequalis - Lutea Participating
Stacktir Git TR Stacktir Git Participating
BZH AT BZH Participating
Team Minusnull DE Team Minusnull Participating
Womberers FI Womberers Participating
Banana EU Banana Participating
Magdeburg-eSports DE Magdeburg-eSports Participating
Babos Gaming DE Babos Gaming Participating
Nitty Dota UK Nitty Dota Participating
Team ЯReplika AT Team ЯReplika Participating
Nethron Esports UK Nethron Esports Participating
Norra Europas Dota-Sällskap SE Norra Europas Dota-Sällskap Participating
Blow Your Mind RO Blow Your Mind Participating
Feeding Pros Reborn DE Feeding Pros Reborn Participating
Smash SA Smash Participating
Fellowship- TR Fellowship- Participating
Dotarunners EU Dotarunners Participating
Oversight.AUT EU Oversight.AUT Participating
Dark Bisons BY Dark Bisons Participating
Ekipa Sa Lski RS Ekipa Sa Lski Participating
Turbo turtles RS Turbo turtles Participating
Esport Universität Bayreuth DE Esport Universität Bayreuth Participating
Freak Your Foes BA Freak Your Foes Participating
Assassins EU Assassins Participating
In For The Feed CH In For The Feed Participating
Team Moriarty RO Team Moriarty Participating
TechiesSoloMid DE TechiesSoloMid Participating
kleva-gaming BY kleva-gaming Participating
A/pol/lo 9/11 AT A/pol/lo 9/11 Participating
Team ARX JO Team ARX Participating
Rozbíječi CZ Rozbíječi Participating
Hero Tales EU Hero Tales Participating
Exe-eSports HUN Exe-eSports Participating
Helsinki REDS FI Helsinki REDS Participating
Divided We Gank DE Divided We Gank Participating
ImbaNinjasWithKungFuPowerz DE ImbaNinjasWithKungFuPowerz Participating
Birds of Prey DE Birds of Prey Participating
e-WAVE DE e-WAVE Participating
Double Penetrating Fluffy Bunnies FI Double Penetrating Fluffy Bunnies Participating
Team Astralis EG Team Astralis Participating
Samogazeshtiq BG Samogazeshtiq Participating
Complete Nonsense EU Complete Nonsense Participating
Der Clan DE Der Clan Participating
Mega Creeps AL Mega Creeps Participating
Sirina Gaming GR Sirina Gaming Participating
4 Lerry Subs + 1 hater DE 4 Lerry Subs + 1 hater Participating
Gotto Squad ES Gotto Squad Participating
skratchtv FR skratchtv Participating
Dank memes and broken Dreams EU Dank memes and broken Dreams Participating
Foxido UA Foxido Participating
Wolves eSports FI Wolves eSports Participating
Raven G-Club SK Raven G-Club Participating
Ferid gladna guzica RS Ferid gladna guzica Participating
Team Nikités DZ Team Nikités Participating
Lemon Squad HUN Lemon Squad Participating
Ha/Ver Hard-Core HUN Ha/Ver Hard-Core Participating
Raging Knight ID Raging Knight Participating
In Nymph We Trust PL In Nymph We Trust Participating
NaschVerein AT NaschVerein Participating
Cheese Ta3 Djelloul DZ Cheese Ta3 Djelloul Participating
White Rabbit eSports ZA White Rabbit eSports Participating
Room For Improvement UK Room For Improvement Participating
Peter Penis Passwort DE Peter Penis Passwort Participating
FrostBite RO FrostBite Participating
Deuster Gaming DE Deuster Gaming Participating
Spanish Inquisition SK Spanish Inquisition Participating
Abu Kalb gaming WORLD Abu Kalb gaming Participating
Team Profillos DE Team Profillos Participating
Komanda Papagáž CS Komanda Papagáž Participating
Super Warriors of Doom and Also Death SE Super Warriors of Doom and Also Death Participating
Guess Who DE Guess Who Participating
Wolves eSports DE Wolves eSports Participating
Steif und Teeza DE Steif und Teeza Participating
Space Catz SE Space Catz Participating
goexanimo.lv LV goexanimo.lv Participating
We haz Turk DE We haz Turk Participating
Team Rakuzan DE Team Rakuzan Participating
Jarred's Crossfit Club UK Jarred's Crossfit Club Participating
AL Kappa Gaming DE AL Kappa Gaming Participating
ProjectiveGaming SE ProjectiveGaming Participating
Team Fische DE Team Fische Participating
XDS AT XDS Participating
LUL ez dotes EU LUL ez dotes Participating
Jabroni Beating! DE Jabroni Beating! Participating
Uganda Task Force UG Uganda Task Force Participating
Team AUDAX TR Team AUDAX Participating
Hyper Phoenix DE Hyper Phoenix Participating
Clan Disconnect DE Clan Disconnect Participating
Little Bastards DE Little Bastards Participating
Team Tether Reborn EU Team Tether Reborn Participating
Rat der Weisen DE Rat der Weisen Participating
Hyjeny ve svetrech CZ Hyjeny ve svetrech Participating
Chillhop Gaming NL Chillhop Gaming Participating
Scott Hawe Fan Club GB Scott Hawe Fan Club Participating
udri Po Gudri RS udri Po Gudri Participating
Straßendota e.V. DE Straßendota e.V. Participating
Need for Feed: Underfarmed AT Need for Feed: Underfarmed Participating
Licence2Feed EU Licence2Feed Participating
Delicate Clicks TR Delicate Clicks Participating
MONgolzzzz EU MONgolzzzz Participating
Infinitum SE Infinitum Participating
Mongolei Esports DE Mongolei Esports Participating
Gäddvik Gaming EU Gäddvik Gaming Participating
Final Form IE Final Form Participating
Nox Aurora DE Nox Aurora Participating
Team.AwayFromKeyboard ES Team.AwayFromKeyboard Participating
Nackt Zerhackt und Angekackt DE Nackt Zerhackt und Angekackt Participating
MonkaS DE MonkaS Participating
Sinister 5 ZA Sinister 5 Participating
You Only Live Once BA You Only Live Once Participating
Pippetipoppeti IN Pippetipoppeti Participating
mineral AT mineral Participating
BOOM esports EU BOOM esports Participating
riperion SE riperion Participating
Rabb8ts EU Rabb8ts Participating
Nuclear Storm Gaming EU Nuclear Storm Gaming Participating
Team Pantheon EU Team Pantheon Participating
fabulous five DK fabulous five Participating
RBage Against the Machine GB RBage Against the Machine Participating
Gnome Gang DK Gnome Gang Participating
4Wat UK 4Wat Participating
Pour le Saucisson FR Pour le Saucisson Participating
Neptune EU Neptune Participating
Harmonika Gajde Truba BA Harmonika Gajde Truba Participating
DOTAdos PT DOTAdos Participating
Cain's Fingers GB Cain's Fingers Participating
Mother Lovers LV Mother Lovers Participating
Angry Stags RO Angry Stags Participating
Team YG BE Team YG Participating
The Gentlemen GB The Gentlemen Participating
Laruta y su Chela PE Laruta y su Chela Participating
Risk DE Risk Participating
Käppä Escorts FI Käppä Escorts Participating
CPO Gaming RO CPO Gaming Participating
Make skill Vision LV Make skill Vision Participating
w3.420 EU w3.420 Participating
Feed Fetischisten DE Feed Fetischisten Participating
The North Legion TR The North Legion Participating
HRS Esports DE HRS Esports Participating
Ocean Man EU Ocean Man Participating
Gremory Household PH Gremory Household Participating
Damage Incorporated UK Damage Incorporated Participating
Boyz II Chen SE Boyz II Chen Participating
Darya Delan of Shiraz Gaming IR Darya Delan of Shiraz Gaming Participating
WeWannaWin Clan CZ WeWannaWin Clan Participating
Warcry MaeY FI Warcry MaeY Participating
Even Chuck Norris is scared DE Even Chuck Norris is scared Participating
Die Honigmänner CH Die Honigmänner Participating
Coratex Gaming EU Coratex Gaming Participating
Ascend EU Ascend Participating
Team P3nopt DE Team P3nopt Participating
FireWall Gaming IT FireWall Gaming Participating
Totally no Teamplay CS Totally no Teamplay Participating
WOMP GB WOMP Participating
Team Kokolio DE Team Kokolio Participating
{W}arriors PK {W}arriors Participating
HoN ILite Varriorz NO HoN ILite Varriorz Participating
Mütze DE Mütze Participating
Imperial Pro Gaming RU Imperial Pro Gaming Participating
Priboj RS Priboj Participating
Yes Milord EU Yes Milord Participating
FrenZii GB FrenZii Participating
Dicey 5 SE Dicey 5 Participating
Kappa Mates RO Kappa Mates Participating
Pro Gamers Of Destiny SE Pro Gamers Of Destiny Participating
Establish Dominance UK Establish Dominance Participating
Advanced Neolithic Baboons EU Advanced Neolithic Baboons Participating
KimsChaosCrew DE KimsChaosCrew Participating
The GateKeepers NO The GateKeepers Participating
Team Illuminates MK Team Illuminates Participating
Pretentious Postmodern Douchebags EU Pretentious Postmodern Douchebags Participating
Kebab Boys FI Kebab Boys Participating
Bobs United DE Bobs United Participating
Casual+ DE Casual+ Participating
Team Name BG Team Name Participating
Bunch of Kids EU Bunch of Kids Participating
Look At It Go DE Look At It Go Participating
Solarity RU Solarity Participating
Austrian Depf Aussa AT Austrian Depf Aussa Participating
NoHazard EU NoHazard Participating
Team Electro Magnetic Pulse DE Team Electro Magnetic Pulse Participating
Gents Gaming EU Gents Gaming Participating
Explorers of The River Fag DE Explorers of The River Fag Participating
Team Aztecs RO Team Aztecs Participating
Golden Gamers Xtravaganza Destruction SE Golden Gamers Xtravaganza Destruction Participating
Digital Geniuses RU Digital Geniuses Participating
Stauseetigers DE Stauseetigers Participating
Mumble Elite DK Mumble Elite Participating
Team iMN SE Team iMN Participating
Wrong5 CZ Wrong5 Participating
Germanstack +1 DE Germanstack +1 Participating
no Problem GR no Problem Participating
Sam's Choir Boys GB Sam's Choir Boys Participating
AbusementPark BG AbusementPark Participating
Universe PT Universe Participating
Wrath Of Anatolia TR Wrath Of Anatolia Participating
Pyrolyse Red DE Pyrolyse Red Participating
Team Nevermind DE Team Nevermind Participating
European Mafia Squad EU European Mafia Squad Participating
Topf voll Ott DE Topf voll Ott Participating
Raccoons Imperial Pokerfaces GR Raccoons Imperial Pokerfaces Participating
Random Boys TR Random Boys Participating
Yes We Ban DE Yes We Ban Participating
Synthetic Orchestra GR Synthetic Orchestra Participating
Echo Slam JO Echo Slam Participating
De Föredömda SE De Föredömda Participating
Noblesse Oblige DE Noblesse Oblige Participating
Nemiga BY Nemiga Participating
AGAIN TR AGAIN Participating
Trash Pajas GR Trash Pajas Participating
HaVer Iron Branches HUN HaVer Iron Branches Participating
Stompeadas ES Stompeadas Participating
Red Sky RS Red Sky Participating
Team Kuna PL Team Kuna Participating
2 Welsh + 3 English GB 2 Welsh + 3 English Participating
hero GB hero Participating
DX - Smash Thunderfist DE DX - Smash Thunderfist Participating
Svenetration UK Svenetration Participating
Enclave Gaming GB Enclave Gaming Participating
Team Puck You DE Team Puck You Participating
Not Yet IT Not Yet Participating
The Dola Gang GB The Dola Gang Participating
Sit Back and Relax MK Sit Back and Relax Participating
Chamillionerf! DE Chamillionerf! Participating
Team Tsuki DE Team Tsuki Participating
A.S.O.S TR A.S.O.S Participating
Austrian Dota Association AT Austrian Dota Association Participating
Stage 5 Gaming UK Stage 5 Gaming Participating
RagingFury JO RagingFury Participating
Trash Pandas DE Trash Pandas Participating
Feed4Freedom DE Feed4Freedom Participating
Shuckle GB Shuckle Participating
FBubble RU FBubble Participating
The rejected ducks EU The rejected ducks Participating
Hamsters on Mission EU Hamsters on Mission Participating
Team Diggoo FI Team Diggoo Participating
We pick meepo SE We pick meepo Participating
Team Dota Hönsen EU Team Dota Hönsen Participating
dontforgettoaddateamname UK dontforgettoaddateamname Participating
Kappa Power EU Kappa Power Participating
Sector 7 EU Sector 7 Participating
Thunder Lightnings DE Thunder Lightnings Participating
Tim's Breakfast RU Tim's Breakfast Participating
iNvolute CZ iNvolute Participating
Gxbs Fanclub FI Gxbs Fanclub Participating
the legacy DE the legacy Participating
Stevens Love Nest SE Stevens Love Nest Participating
IceFrogGaming HUN IceFrogGaming Participating
FeedEx Corporation DE FeedEx Corporation Participating
Ts_Online RS Ts_Online Participating
Pruttfull SE Pruttfull Participating
Kommunen SE Kommunen Participating
FAUST eSports DE FAUST eSports Participating
We don't care about Group ÄM ÄM ÄR EU We don't care about Group ÄM ÄM ÄR Participating
Chralle & Co. DK Chralle & Co. Participating
Big Butt Syndicate GB Big Butt Syndicate Participating
EX-Humans RO EX-Humans Participating
No(s)killjustkill HUN No(s)killjustkill Participating
UnderCristsCross SE UnderCristsCross Participating
Right Click Gaming GB Right Click Gaming Participating
eVasion SE eVasion Participating
Cyclones DE Cyclones Participating
Eis oder was für die Hoden DE Eis oder was für die Hoden Participating
UnderTake eSports GB UnderTake eSports Participating
HornPub GB HornPub Participating
Broccoli - Healthy and Fun SE Broccoli - Healthy and Fun Participating
The Fyremen GB The Fyremen Participating
Team Symmetry EU Team Symmetry Participating
Justteam RU Justteam Participating
Final-Gaming DE Final-Gaming Participating
Impact Gaming EU Impact Gaming Participating
Ha/Ver - Skull Bashers HUN Ha/Ver - Skull Bashers Participating
Team Kourage AE Team Kourage Participating
ManaPolice DK ManaPolice Participating
Soup's Cat UK Soup's Cat Participating
Backdoor Protector DE Backdoor Protector Participating
Ha/Ver Hands of Midas HUN Ha/Ver Hands of Midas Participating
Bäst i Byn SE Bäst i Byn Participating
RoshB4Zero DK RoshB4Zero Participating
Rekt´Sembra SK Rekt´Sembra Participating
Pain Train IS Pain Train Participating
Golden Power TR Golden Power Participating
Team Wodo Gaming RS Team Wodo Gaming Participating
Lit Brigade GB Lit Brigade Participating
Team Counter-Beer DE Team Counter-Beer Participating
Husaria PL Husaria Participating
Kung Fu Pandas SE Kung Fu Pandas Participating
QoP of Pain PL QoP of Pain Participating
White Nation FI White Nation Participating
Against All Odds DOTA ZA Against All Odds DOTA Participating
teamplayer OK AT teamplayer OK Participating
Rat Baider ES Rat Baider Participating
Last try EU Last try Participating
Divine//Sky Reborn ZA Divine//Sky Reborn Participating
Die STARK[en] Brudis DE Die STARK[en] Brudis Participating
Sexually Transmitted Dota UK Sexually Transmitted Dota Participating
Sheer Folly SE Sheer Folly Participating
Goliath Gaming ZA Goliath Gaming Participating