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Signup incomplete (1406)

TeamSignup status
Kompas Gaming RU Kompas Gaming Participating
Choke Gaming UK Choke Gaming Participating
sQreen's squad RU sQreen's squad Participating
Team Træls DK Team Træls Participating
Mumble Elite DK Mumble Elite Participating
hehe united BT hehe united Participating
PowerRangers BY PowerRangers Participating
Moscow Five RU Moscow Five Participating
Naix Gondar EU Naix Gondar Participating
Really Not Great GB Really Not Great Participating
Ecstatic PT Ecstatic Participating
Prestige Worldwide EU Prestige Worldwide Participating
4 Bunnies 1 Turtle JO 4 Bunnies 1 Turtle Participating
Tapiiri FI Tapiiri Participating RU Participating
Team Kumamon DE Team Kumamon Participating
The Scourge LB The Scourge Participating
Team No Skill DE Team No Skill Participating
KoTurGamıng RS KoTurGamıng Participating
Z I N G Z I N G TR Z I N G Z I N G Participating
Tingo NO Tingo Participating
Dismembered PT Dismembered Participating
Veni,Vidi,Vici FI Veni,Vidi,Vici Participating
No Fat Chicks DE No Fat Chicks Participating
Team Coast SE Team Coast Participating
Wasted Talentz RS Wasted Talentz Participating
Loud Dragons TR Loud Dragons Participating
Moosesports DE Moosesports Participating DE Participating
Daddy Cool TR Daddy Cool Participating
Basically Unknown EU Basically Unknown Participating
Team DSYELCIX HR Team DSYELCIX Participating
Q-Tip Polar Bear FI Q-Tip Polar Bear Participating
AlbumSheet UA AlbumSheet Participating
Flash Gaming CZ Flash Gaming Participating
Silent Misery CZ Silent Misery Participating NO Participating
Team Disband TR Team Disband Participating
MostRetardedLeagueEver SK MostRetardedLeagueEver Participating
Boss Gaming AT Boss Gaming Participating
Attans OST SE Attans OST Participating
Team Rakuzan DE Team Rakuzan Participating
Team CrayC EU Team CrayC Participating
Team Susu EG Team Susu Participating
Cleave RU Cleave Participating
AbisQue RO AbisQue Participating
Don't Pick Lifestealer GB Don't Pick Lifestealer Participating
Semper Sursum EU Semper Sursum Participating
Dark Bisons BY Dark Bisons Participating
Sell Midas RU Sell Midas Participating
Sheeps will own you DE Sheeps will own you Participating
NecroRaisers.HS CZ NecroRaisers.HS Participating
BluTnacht DE BluTnacht Participating
ROB SE ROB Participating
Kisela Voda MK Kisela Voda Participating
DarkPudgerS CZ DarkPudgerS Participating
UrsaStroitHram RU UrsaStroitHram Participating
Divide Et Impera PL Divide Et Impera Participating
Team For Glory PT Team For Glory Participating
Venomouz SE Venomouz Participating
Unity IR Unity Participating
BeCreative DE BeCreative Participating
Studio 3X RO Studio 3X Participating
Eis oder was für die Hoden DE Eis oder was für die Hoden Participating
Nakama GR Nakama Participating
In Your Name Dota God TR In Your Name Dota God Participating
yalla! Gaming DE yalla! Gaming Participating
Team Red DE Team Red Participating
Team Mansouri SA Team Mansouri Participating
Aloha Gaming DE Aloha Gaming Participating
y u mad bro? DE y u mad bro? Participating
No Pasaran! SE No Pasaran! Participating
team.beGone TR team.beGone Participating
Bouncing Cykas DE Bouncing Cykas Participating
PsyChoPunCh DE PsyChoPunCh Participating
naja ashei EU naja ashei Participating
it's Time 2 Shine DE it's Time 2 Shine Participating
Longest Clan Name Tag Ever Created By Man DK Longest Clan Name Tag Ever Created By Man Participating
Knights Of The Round Table GB Knights Of The Round Table Participating
mYinsanity  sensei e-frag RS mYinsanity sensei e-frag Participating
The.Panthers DE The.Panthers Participating
Estraverse Gaming EE Estraverse Gaming Participating
Team Infused GB Team Infused Participating
TearDrop TR TearDrop Participating
Pet The Pettin DK Pet The Pettin Participating
myrabbits e.V. DE myrabbits e.V. Participating
Bana Mana Bas TR Bana Mana Bas Participating
Dotal~War DE Dotal~War Participating
Keep Out! PT Keep Out! Participating
Playing Ducks e.V. by DICOTA DE Playing Ducks e.V. by DICOTA Participating
The Brokemon GB The Brokemon Participating
StratEdgy Gaming GB StratEdgy Gaming Participating
420 kool kidz DE 420 kool kidz Participating
WeLoveMilfs DE WeLoveMilfs Participating
AegisLegends DE AegisLegends Participating
Are they ida? PL Are they ida? Participating
Austrian Depf Aussa AT Austrian Depf Aussa Participating
Rozbíječi CZ Rozbíječi Participating
Palestine National Dota Team EU Palestine National Dota Team Participating
Shared Tango Gaming EE Shared Tango Gaming Participating
mastersclub AL mastersclub Participating
KillingSyndrome EU KillingSyndrome Participating
Team LEG DE Team LEG Participating
lan-brains EU lan-brains Participating
Volgende Generaite JO Volgende Generaite Participating
Deuster Gaming DE Deuster Gaming Participating
Teenage Mutant Power Rangers EU Teenage Mutant Power Rangers Participating
AEP.No Brood DE AEP.No Brood Participating
Ex.Treme Gaming MN Ex.Treme Gaming Participating
Blood Shall Be Spilled GR Blood Shall Be Spilled Participating
Vae Victis RO Vae Victis Participating
ToniTec DE ToniTec Participating
hufflepuff PL hufflepuff Participating
Dongerino PT Dongerino Participating
Divided We Gank DE Divided We Gank Participating
Mad Vikings SE Mad Vikings Participating
We haz Turk DE We haz Turk Participating
The Angry Army DE The Angry Army Participating
The Pack SK The Pack Participating
Disband SK Disband Participating
AganistAllAuthorities TR AganistAllAuthorities Participating
Team FUG DE Team FUG Participating
Niezwykle Zła Szajka PL Niezwykle Zła Szajka Participating
Snotbagz GB Snotbagz Participating
Happy_Feed DE Happy_Feed Participating
Elysium GR Elysium Participating
SFD-Gaming DE SFD-Gaming Participating
Drakula SI Drakula Participating
Ekipa Sa Lski RS Ekipa Sa Lski Participating
Pure Volki Hate DE Pure Volki Hate Participating
Family of Harmony DE Family of Harmony Participating
G|ranga EU G|ranga Participating
Give Me Reason BA Give Me Reason Participating
silkeborg SE silkeborg Participating
Nice League DE Nice League Participating
Fish Sticks EU Fish Sticks Participating
Newbs at Work DE Newbs at Work Participating
Surmount EU Surmount Participating
RSCN Gaming- TR RSCN Gaming- Participating
«Xeno-Project» DE «Xeno-Project» Participating
Jovens Unidos Num Ideal PT Jovens Unidos Num Ideal Participating
Combo Wise Guys RO Combo Wise Guys Participating
Sremcica RS Sremcica Participating
There is no Meta DE There is no Meta Participating
ImbaNinjasWithKungFuPowerz DE ImbaNinjasWithKungFuPowerz Participating
random5 EU random5 Participating
Topf voll Ott DE Topf voll Ott Participating
LanGoLaers RU LanGoLaers Participating
GGBoys HR GGBoys Participating
Wombat Gaming DE Wombat Gaming Participating
KicK Gaming IR KicK Gaming Participating
Team Ifusion GB Team Ifusion Participating
The Alan Dota Experience UK The Alan Dota Experience Participating
Perilous Impact GB Perilous Impact Participating
Apple won't stop eating GB Apple won't stop eating Participating
Dwayne The John Rockson GB Dwayne The John Rockson Participating
What Would Grandma Do GB What Would Grandma Do Participating
eXquisite.dota DE eXquisite.dota Participating
w3.420 EU w3.420 Participating
qq EU qq Participating
Mädchen Gymnastik Mannschaft DE Mädchen Gymnastik Mannschaft Participating
Th3Reapers WORLD Th3Reapers Participating
Fish And Chips GB Fish And Chips Participating
Mega Hunters JO Mega Hunters Participating
Fever Dota RS Fever Dota Participating
Snatch the Aegis and Roshan DE Snatch the Aegis and Roshan Participating
The Ascendant TR The Ascendant Participating
KilledBy^ TR KilledBy^ Participating
Baltica Gaming PL Baltica Gaming Participating
Midas Intended EU Midas Intended Participating
ImperiumXXL TR ImperiumXXL Participating
New Composition RU New Composition Participating
Utrota Machokulturen SE Utrota Machokulturen Participating
#section80 EU #section80 Participating
euphoric autism FI euphoric autism Participating
5##G0DZ DE 5##G0DZ Participating
Kartel PL Kartel Participating
Sanctum eSports Club TR Sanctum eSports Club Participating
Mystery of War RS Mystery of War Participating
Family corleone PT Family corleone Participating
Total Fatal Error HUN Total Fatal Error Participating
In Hoc Signo Vinces SE In Hoc Signo Vinces Participating
Exhumed to play CZ Exhumed to play Participating
4 Germans + Anyang DE 4 Germans + Anyang Participating
unicornsQuad FI unicornsQuad Participating
Team 2nd Base DE Team 2nd Base Participating
Amateurs Try AE Amateurs Try Participating
AgainSt RU AgainSt Participating
Pew Of Few SE Pew Of Few Participating
Holy Sheep DE Holy Sheep Participating
VaiLoz Gaming VN VaiLoz Gaming Participating
Mango Gaming EU Mango Gaming Participating
SadBoys ZA SadBoys Participating
Nine and a half tails PT Nine and a half tails Participating
MulliGallen FI MulliGallen Participating
Witch Doctors without Borders EU Witch Doctors without Borders Participating
Cechi +4 CZ Cechi +4 Participating
OxBros EU OxBros Participating
Hrvatska Cyber Liga HR Hrvatska Cyber Liga Participating
no life no skill PL no life no skill Participating
Random Boys TR Random Boys Participating
Küsse auf die Nüsse DE Küsse auf die Nüsse Participating
Fabulous Void WORLD Fabulous Void Participating
Sanity's Eclipse SK Sanity's Eclipse Participating
London Conspiracy GR London Conspiracy Participating
Jukeson 5 EU Jukeson 5 Participating
Young Kids DK Young Kids Participating
Cave Men Squad SK Cave Men Squad Participating
Team Boss GR Team Boss Participating
4+feeder CZ 4+feeder Participating
G I A N T S DE G I A N T S Participating
Mad Python Gaming SK Mad Python Gaming Participating
Nackt, Zerhackt und Angekackt DE Nackt, Zerhackt und Angekackt Participating
Trouble Makers TR Trouble Makers Participating
WKDOTA TR WKDOTA Participating
Väsyneet Kädet FI Väsyneet Kädet Participating
Monkey+4Zookeepers CZ Monkey+4Zookeepers Participating
Artificial Intelligence SE Artificial Intelligence Participating
BeneD+5 PL BeneD+5 Participating
One2Three4Seven DE One2Three4Seven Participating
FTW eSports PT FTW eSports Participating
Scrofulous CZ Scrofulous Participating
Ban Naga UK Ban Naga Participating
Piraterna SE Piraterna Participating
E Pluribus Unum RO E Pluribus Unum Participating
BOOM esports EU BOOM esports Participating
Bodybuilding Bears GB Bodybuilding Bears Participating
Vagina Guys SK Vagina Guys Participating
Big Plays Productions GB Big Plays Productions Participating
ubad xaxa))))))))))))) DE ubad xaxa))))))))))))) Participating
Team Lappen DE Team Lappen Participating
Jukeson 5 EU Jukeson 5 Participating
TechiesSoloMid DE TechiesSoloMid Participating
Wolf RO Wolf Participating
Eorlingas EU Eorlingas Participating
Xperts@TotalChaos ZA Xperts@TotalChaos Participating
Aomine Daiki RS Aomine Daiki Participating
Schoenes Ding DE Schoenes Ding Participating
Nej Froze, Luhm SE Nej Froze, Luhm Participating
Radio Crisis GE Radio Crisis Participating
Greetings and Salutations PL Greetings and Salutations Participating
Fat and Tard IL Fat and Tard Participating
Gunrunners.AOC CZ Gunrunners.AOC Participating
CHOKE 9 SE CHOKE 9 Participating
Díčci CZ Díčci Participating
dota.maniacs EU dota.maniacs Participating
Breit DE Breit Participating
The Blessed Ones NL The Blessed Ones Participating
CatDog EU CatDog Participating
Anal Love In Ebony NigresS SK Anal Love In Ebony NigresS Participating
GO BEAR! EU GO BEAR! Participating
mineral AT mineral Participating
GameOn RO GameOn Participating
LesBois CH LesBois Participating
zero Gaming - zero fun, zero skill, zero sense AT zero Gaming - zero fun, zero skill, zero sense Participating
Delirium Tremens BE Delirium Tremens Participating
2015 MN 2015 Participating
rOtK GB rOtK Participating
Goodfellas RO Goodfellas Participating
Raisin Autism FI Raisin Autism Participating
burner+4 DE burner+4 Participating
Sky Walkers AE Sky Walkers Participating
Team Bearer TR Team Bearer Participating
Killing Strangers EU Killing Strangers Participating
Kappa Knights TR Kappa Knights Participating
Simple Five SE Simple Five Participating
Andre's headache EU Andre's headache Participating
Takes4ToTango EU Takes4ToTango Participating
Sons of Sinzomir GB Sons of Sinzomir Participating
Cool Story Bro PT Cool Story Bro Participating
Tryouting SE Tryouting Participating
HOT! KG HOT! Participating
No Reverse TR No Reverse Participating
Erstmal Reinfahren DE Erstmal Reinfahren Participating
Kappacabana FR Kappacabana Participating
Stanley Eat World RU Stanley Eat World Participating
Cry a Lot GR Cry a Lot Participating
green Hertz AT green Hertz Participating
 Team Lappen DE Team Lappen Participating
winnerers FI winnerers Participating
Hello Kitty Biatch CZ Hello Kitty Biatch Participating
Passion Gaming DE Passion Gaming Participating
Golden Hall Nvidia AE Golden Hall Nvidia Participating
Click-Storm RU Click-Storm Participating
Panda Power TR Panda Power Participating
Space Catz SE Space Catz Participating
5Bit UA 5Bit Participating
Why You Pick N' EU Why You Pick N' Participating
Zinderman DE Zinderman Participating
Futile Gaming CZ Futile Gaming Participating
4 friends + Sajgon CZ 4 friends + Sajgon Participating
Unreliable Bastards RO Unreliable Bastards Participating
4 + Roman DE 4 + Roman Participating
Micronology AL Micronology Participating
MeetYourMakers DK MeetYourMakers Participating
Full G RS Full G Participating
Podkoni a Zak CZ Podkoni a Zak Participating
Universe PT Universe Participating
Sexy Dota Team NO Sexy Dota Team Participating
The Galactic Waldis DE The Galactic Waldis Participating
Living to Die DE Living to Die Participating
Vardagslyx Gaming SE Vardagslyx Gaming Participating
Ogre Magi Sex Bomb GB Ogre Magi Sex Bomb Participating
KnightS* EU KnightS* Participating
Fünf ausm Germany Channel DE Fünf ausm Germany Channel Participating
FeedExpress GR FeedExpress Participating
Velbloudi bez Hrbu CZ Velbloudi bez Hrbu Participating
We got this! DE We got this! Participating
LoserPartyBus DE LoserPartyBus Participating
Infinity Gaming International ZA Infinity Gaming International Participating
Me and Friends HR Me and Friends Participating
No Win Allowed DE No Win Allowed Participating
How to win DotA? WORLD How to win DotA? Participating
Ypsilon Strich Deh DE Ypsilon Strich Deh Participating
The Chillers CZ The Chillers Participating
GoldenJaguars RU GoldenJaguars Participating
Bitoffset PT Bitoffset Participating
SlotMachine.DotA DE SlotMachine.DotA Participating
Allahu Akbar SK Allahu Akbar Participating
Lux Aeterna RO Lux Aeterna Participating
eXon-eSports DE eXon-eSports Participating
GOOMBA Gaming DE GOOMBA Gaming Participating
Midnight Piledrivers EU Midnight Piledrivers Participating
Laser Sharks DE Laser Sharks Participating
Viclesug Gaming EU Viclesug Gaming Participating
Halunken Bande DE Halunken Bande Participating
Out of our League DE Out of our League Participating
Team Scrub LYF GB Team Scrub LYF Participating
Bier Creative DE Bier Creative Participating
Little Noobs That Could GB Little Noobs That Could Participating
Dicks Out DK Dicks Out Participating
Tits McGee SE Tits McGee Participating
Komanda X RU Komanda X Participating
FeedEx Corporation DE FeedEx Corporation Participating
Give Me Toast! EU Give Me Toast! Participating
Members Society Nation TR Members Society Nation Participating
The Flame Burns DE The Flame Burns Participating
bejbe bejbe RS bejbe bejbe Participating
ThunderThinkers DE ThunderThinkers Participating
Team Moriarty RO Team Moriarty Participating
Fis.K SE Fis.K Participating
Red Fox e-Sports TR Red Fox e-Sports Participating
Fatal Rage DE Fatal Rage Participating
King Henning DE King Henning Participating
Pucking Around EU Pucking Around Participating
Midas Touch ES Midas Touch Participating
Insert Team Name Here EU Insert Team Name Here Participating
Crit pro Quo DE Crit pro Quo Participating
Red Dogs Gaming EU Red Dogs Gaming Participating
GGnoRE PL GGnoRE Participating
a unicorn GB a unicorn Participating
Vigoss +5 -Vigoss DE Vigoss +5 -Vigoss Participating
Pepsi and a Toast UK Pepsi and a Toast Participating
Max Cobra super Push DE Max Cobra super Push Participating
Feast for Crows DE Feast for Crows Participating
Dip Sauce SE Dip Sauce Participating
Rocket E-Sports DE Rocket E-Sports Participating
Specific CZ Specific Participating
Din Far Gaming DK Din Far Gaming Participating
Mr.Plumber EU Mr.Plumber Participating
Oblitus Prime GR Oblitus Prime Participating
Balkan Dragons RO Balkan Dragons Participating
RivRivStyla TR RivRivStyla Participating
Too Fail to Drunk GB Too Fail to Drunk Participating
The Trashcans NL The Trashcans Participating
Trial by Combat DE Trial by Combat Participating
Vertility GB Vertility Participating
Cacao Gaming RU Cacao Gaming Participating
EpochFive DE EpochFive Participating
Jiggly Puffs EU Jiggly Puffs Participating
Bambola GB Bambola Participating
Rekting Balls DE Rekting Balls Participating
fuk dat shiet PT fuk dat shiet Participating KZ Participating
Subjective Gaming EU Subjective Gaming Participating
The Curiosity'M FR The Curiosity'M Participating
iTLorD DE iTLorD Participating
TakeS TR TakeS Participating
iMpulsive.Throwlerme IT iMpulsive.Throwlerme Participating
Dog´s Team EU Dog´s Team Participating
3DMAX FR 3DMAX Participating
Variable TR Variable Participating
Mönsterås Guerilla SE Mönsterås Guerilla Participating
Cunt Licking is Tremendous GB Cunt Licking is Tremendous Participating
LoserBoys TR LoserBoys Participating
Lizard Lick SE Lizard Lick Participating
LiteraRy TR LiteraRy Participating
-Veni, Vidi, Vici- TR -Veni, Vidi, Vici- Participating
Trust in Dogs DE Trust in Dogs Participating
Arcanine EU Arcanine Participating
Gamebell VE Gamebell Participating
Quid Pro Quo SE Quid Pro Quo Participating
Hooks from Hell DE Hooks from Hell Participating
RAZE E-Sports Club TR RAZE E-Sports Club Participating
Ninja Epic Kickers SE Ninja Epic Kickers Participating
Decerto Gaming HR Decerto Gaming Participating
Ne Koyduk Be TR Ne Koyduk Be Participating
plan-B.dota AT plan-B.dota Participating
F.1.S.T. DE F.1.S.T. Participating
Fabulous 5 DK Fabulous 5 Participating
Zero Fuchs Given DE Zero Fuchs Given Participating
lan-brains 2 DE lan-brains 2 Participating
Eagle Cry TR Eagle Cry Participating
Winter Is Coming- EU Winter Is Coming- Participating
ValueGaming DE ValueGaming Participating
KinderGarten EU KinderGarten Participating
Philosopher Philosophy TR Philosopher Philosophy Participating
Pure Pleasure PL Pure Pleasure Participating
Team Genesis LT Team Genesis Participating
InsanQur'ani ID InsanQur'ani Participating
FAGrenade SE FAGrenade Participating
Page One DK Page One Participating
deg SE deg Participating
DCPGaming EU DCPGaming Participating
Adorable GamerS CZ Adorable GamerS Participating
Fuck Logic DE Fuck Logic Participating
Killuminati Gaming Brothers AT Killuminati Gaming Brothers Participating
Wooden Holz Noobs DE Wooden Holz Noobs Participating
Just Trying CZ Just Trying Participating
BirkieBoys NL BirkieBoys Participating
Best Russians EU FI Best Russians EU Participating
Moral och Taktik SE Moral och Taktik Participating
Estanda UA Estanda Participating
Mango Manians FI Mango Manians Participating
NaschVerein AT NaschVerein Participating
Team-Evolution DE Team-Evolution Participating
We Are Done CH We Are Done Participating
Filthy Nasty Business TR Filthy Nasty Business Participating
Fists of God ZA Fists of God Participating
Legacy of Harmony DE Legacy of Harmony Participating
Klarkommen ist Luxus DE Klarkommen ist Luxus Participating
WeDeluXe DE WeDeluXe Participating
Heart Breakers JO Heart Breakers Participating
Old Spice EU Old Spice Participating
Chilling Frenzy SK Chilling Frenzy Participating
We Love Cucumbers CZ We Love Cucumbers Participating
Dragons and Unicorns SE Dragons and Unicorns Participating
Mobiles WegnehmKommando DE Mobiles WegnehmKommando Participating
Spanish Rejects ES Spanish Rejects Participating
Balkan Bears EU Balkan Bears Participating
Ventus ZA Ventus Participating
Clan Disconnect DE Clan Disconnect Participating
No Boots Boys DE No Boots Boys Participating
Team Ecstasy EU Team Ecstasy Participating
hero GB hero Participating
Kawaii 5-O GB Kawaii 5-O Participating
Indie Gaming RS Indie Gaming Participating
Look at it GO! DE Look at it GO! Participating
BadTrips TR BadTrips Participating
Lords of the Spells TR Lords of the Spells Participating
Biebs dota crew SE Biebs dota crew Participating
The_Curse WORLD The_Curse Participating
Primera Cuadrilla RU Primera Cuadrilla Participating
Pingu Of The Moonshine FR Pingu Of The Moonshine Participating
Ace 5 UA Ace 5 Participating
Yippie Ki-yay Mother Fucker SE Yippie Ki-yay Mother Fucker Participating
Originale Spinnerbande Vic DE Originale Spinnerbande Vic Participating
Don`T Waste Time UA Don`T Waste Time Participating
Team name under consideration UA Team name under consideration Participating
Diamantformation DE Diamantformation Participating
DuzaGaming RU DuzaGaming Participating
Team's Ray KZ Team's Ray Participating
Team Platypus DE Team Platypus Participating
Chetvertinka Smetannika CS Chetvertinka Smetannika Participating
Breite Schultern Gayming DE Breite Schultern Gayming Participating
Space RS Space Participating
Anytime Anywhere UA Anytime Anywhere Participating
Schnitzel Fingers EU Schnitzel Fingers Participating
Get Leckt AT Get Leckt Participating
Klan Ulicnih Loptasa BA Klan Ulicnih Loptasa Participating
Team Dreamoon TR Team Dreamoon Participating
cPY MK cPY Participating
Sifis I Katsarida GR Sifis I Katsarida Participating
Shuvit PT Shuvit Participating
Virtuosity Gaming PK Virtuosity Gaming Participating
Legend of the Wardfairy DE Legend of the Wardfairy Participating
Presov gamble city SK Presov gamble city Participating
Pure Hard DotA DE Pure Hard DotA Participating
LATEX PT LATEX Participating
Pobesnele Gliste RS Pobesnele Gliste Participating
captain planet DE captain planet Participating
Syncope Gaming EU Syncope Gaming Participating
Fighting For Rares PL Fighting For Rares Participating
In Extremis BE In Extremis Participating
Balkan Doto RS Balkan Doto Participating
nAs WORLD nAs Participating
Blood Blast TR Blood Blast Participating
Super Hero Legends DE Super Hero Legends Participating
Mighty Ducks RU Mighty Ducks Participating
WinterIsComing IT WinterIsComing Participating
Veni Vidi Vici Romania RO Veni Vidi Vici Romania Participating
Ruthless TR Ruthless Participating
Turtle Soup GB Turtle Soup Participating
Impressive Gaming e.V. PsGa DE Impressive Gaming e.V. PsGa Participating
Fantastisch farm PL Fantastisch farm Participating
Bad News SE Bad News Participating
Beyond Defeat GB Beyond Defeat Participating
HolyConfetti FR HolyConfetti Participating
Operation hodenförmiger Schutzschild DE Operation hodenförmiger Schutzschild Participating
Team Peaches EU Team Peaches Participating
Ascention EU Ascention Participating
DinaFarms EG DinaFarms Participating
Camping your Ancient FR Camping your Ancient Participating
The Easiest Boys Of Your Life RU The Easiest Boys Of Your Life Participating
Lunatics PL Lunatics Participating
OverlordsOfDestruction WORLD OverlordsOfDestruction Participating
Mazot Gaming TR Mazot Gaming Participating
Rapid Gaming RU Rapid Gaming Participating
Team EUropean Love'Story EU Team EUropean Love'Story Participating
Original TeamName EU Original TeamName Participating
Noobick GB Noobick Participating
Anatolia Gaming TR Anatolia Gaming Participating
Challenge Accepted CZ Challenge Accepted Participating
Shock 'n Awe DE Shock 'n Awe Participating
North American Rejects United Kingdom GB North American Rejects United Kingdom Participating
ShukarCollective RO ShukarCollective Participating
Bulldog Esports UK Bulldog Esports Participating
SweepingBlow DE SweepingBlow Participating
You Only Live Once BA You Only Live Once Participating
TeamSaints[OfHell] IL TeamSaints[OfHell] Participating
xGame AT xGame Participating
Mortifera HR Mortifera Participating
Team.Alliance TR Team.Alliance Participating
Ogórki i Pomidory PL Ogórki i Pomidory Participating
We Dunk Fools EU We Dunk Fools Participating
Cat Time SE Cat Time Participating
Majestic Mappo EU Majestic Mappo Participating
Slasket SE Slasket Participating
Insert a Team Name SE Insert a Team Name Participating
Lucid Lunatics SE Lucid Lunatics Participating
Reason Gaming GB Reason Gaming Participating
The Tunnelvision EU The Tunnelvision Participating
Redrum Inc. PT Redrum Inc. Participating
Team Tourette PL Team Tourette Participating
Green Guitar EG Green Guitar Participating
Team DR DE Team DR Participating
Mother Of The Corder ES Mother Of The Corder Participating
ain't no saint PL ain't no saint Participating
Yellow Genius DE Yellow Genius Participating
Tila Tequila Team KZ Tila Tequila Team Participating
Destructive Instructions DE Destructive Instructions Participating
Donkey Squad DE Donkey Squad Participating
-Severity- EG -Severity- Participating
Baytarian.. TR Baytarian.. Participating
GONEXT DE GONEXT Participating
e-Sports Gladiators RU e-Sports Gladiators Participating
Pub Crawlers UK Pub Crawlers Participating
Swe Cong SE Swe Cong Participating
Nauraen Pankkiin FI Nauraen Pankkiin Participating
No Flameboy2012 GB No Flameboy2012 Participating
Lady and Gentlemen ZA Lady and Gentlemen Participating
Dotarunners EU Dotarunners Participating
Katana Crew IL Katana Crew Participating
Central of Fear TR Central of Fear Participating
Sorry 4 Skill RO Sorry 4 Skill Participating
NeoGenesis DE NeoGenesis Participating
Austrian Dota Association AT Austrian Dota Association Participating
Whateverers EU Whateverers Participating
KAISER AT KAISER Participating
Hafensöhne DE Hafensöhne Participating
European Chop Squad EU European Chop Squad Participating
Inglourious Feeders DE Inglourious Feeders Participating
Let's Get Dangerous DE Let's Get Dangerous Participating
Insane Gaming RU Insane Gaming Participating
zeriouz buzinezz IS zeriouz buzinezz Participating
siQ Gaming - Squad 16 Evil Mind DE siQ Gaming - Squad 16 Evil Mind Participating
Shit Just Got Real #2 TR Shit Just Got Real #2 Participating
NA'KKI FI NA'KKI Participating
so edgy GB so edgy Participating
Dance Of Eternity TR Dance Of Eternity Participating
Raz Kozie Śmierć PL Raz Kozie Śmierć Participating
For Scotland! TR For Scotland! Participating
Horsemans CZ Horsemans Participating
Refugium DE Refugium Participating
Reversal eSports™ FoJ ZA Reversal eSports™ FoJ Participating
HybirdLayer TR HybirdLayer Participating
Chest Out Dota DK Chest Out Dota Participating
Kragens Krigere DK Kragens Krigere Participating
MortalResistance45 TR MortalResistance45 Participating
Alpha Gaming Germany DE Alpha Gaming Germany Participating
RED 5 EU RED 5 Participating
MassiveAttacks TR MassiveAttacks Participating
Carried By L-GOD IT Carried By L-GOD Participating
No Name, No Skill, No Problem EU No Name, No Skill, No Problem Participating
LC - Walk Into My Sunstrike AT LC - Walk Into My Sunstrike Participating
Skrallabang DK Skrallabang Participating
Evil Empire RS Evil Empire Participating
Queens of Paint EU Queens of Paint Participating
Helene Fischer Ultras DE Helene Fischer Ultras Participating
Canes Venatici eSports EU Canes Venatici eSports Participating
There's No Tomorrow TR There's No Tomorrow Participating
SneakyFoxes TR SneakyFoxes Participating
Abusement Park NO Abusement Park Participating
FrenZii GB FrenZii Participating
Hakan._Z_Europe EU Hakan._Z_Europe Participating
Counting Bodies Like Sheep KZ Counting Bodies Like Sheep Participating
the sapient DE the sapient Participating
Smash SA Smash Participating RS Participating
Holy'Light RU Holy'Light Participating
Coratex Gaming EU Coratex Gaming Participating
Merlin eSports DragonZ TR Merlin eSports DragonZ Participating
Egemen +4ever TR Egemen +4ever Participating
Maximum Performance Gaming RO Maximum Performance Gaming Participating
PandaBoys DE PandaBoys Participating
Gilda delle Pannocchie IT Gilda delle Pannocchie Participating
Skillzor SE Skillzor Participating
Potato Five HR Potato Five Participating
Under Control GB Under Control Participating
Diren Dota 2 TR Diren Dota 2 Participating
Next'LevelGaming DK Next'LevelGaming Participating
Midas Gaming! DE Midas Gaming! Participating
Feel The Heart BY Feel The Heart Participating
GamersLeague EU GamersLeague Participating
Kraut Nein! DE Kraut Nein! Participating
Paint it Gold FI Paint it Gold Participating
rookies DE rookies Participating
Enormous Penis Syndrome DE Enormous Penis Syndrome Participating
Bromancer TR Bromancer Participating
Neolution E-Sport DE Neolution E-Sport Participating
Super Happy Casual Club GB Super Happy Casual Club Participating
good game finish fast RO good game finish fast Participating
BloodyDignity MK BloodyDignity Participating
Sorcery.INT EU Sorcery.INT Participating
Yorkshire Logging LTD GB Yorkshire Logging LTD Participating
Asoj EU Asoj Participating
Conspicuous SE Conspicuous Participating
Hyperian Souls TR Hyperian Souls Participating
AI_United DE AI_United Participating
House of Gamers Academy SE House of Gamers Academy Participating
Yumak Team TR Yumak Team Participating
KnownFor EG KnownFor Participating
Batsy+4 TR Batsy+4 Participating
Red Riding Hood CZ Red Riding Hood Participating
Team Roadster TR Team Roadster Participating
5 stack of losses EU 5 stack of losses Participating
Rat Doto Bad Doto CZ Rat Doto Bad Doto Participating
Venom Nova DE Venom Nova Participating
Kappadon FI Kappadon Participating
Salatrüttler DE Salatrüttler Participating
Invincible Dream RU Invincible Dream Participating
-Kyo E-Sports GAMING- TR -Kyo E-Sports GAMING- Participating
FocusTR TR FocusTR Participating
Infinity.gaming IR Infinity.gaming Participating
SuperLaget SE SuperLaget Participating
SuperBoo PT SuperBoo Participating
eXsto.Gaming DE eXsto.Gaming Participating
Arise GB Arise Participating
Comrade Gaming RU Comrade Gaming Participating
Iron Branch Bandits EU Iron Branch Bandits Participating
Yard RU Yard Participating
Team Tenutus FI Team Tenutus Participating
Hamsters On Mission DE Hamsters On Mission Participating
Throwerino Doterino EU Throwerino Doterino Participating
Porazka Sezonu PL Porazka Sezonu Participating
Trench Riderz GB Trench Riderz Participating
Futuro di Dota IT Futuro di Dota Participating
Might-and-Magic TR Might-and-Magic Participating
Cyka_Gaming RS Cyka_Gaming Participating
Super Hero Doto Squad ES Super Hero Doto Squad Participating
Greek Operation Forces GR Greek Operation Forces Participating
Physics Dota SE Physics Dota Participating
Maxxa Daddy SE Maxxa Daddy Participating
It's Called Windrunner DE It's Called Windrunner Participating
Wow AT Wow Participating
Kappa Mates RO Kappa Mates Participating
Ministry of Feeding GB Ministry of Feeding Participating
TeamCyber SE TeamCyber Participating
Not Those Noobz! GB Not Those Noobz! Participating
KeiTch*Gaming DE KeiTch*Gaming Participating
Combative Anatolian Eagles.Turk TR Combative Anatolian Eagles.Turk Participating
Tidelaget SE Tidelaget Participating
Ocean Man EU Ocean Man Participating
nAv | Dragon Rider Crew ZA nAv | Dragon Rider Crew Participating
neXt!Please Gaming RO neXt!Please Gaming Participating
Die Dire AT Die Dire Participating
Iwatobi Highschool SE Iwatobi Highschool Participating
TimTeam RU TimTeam Participating
Weekend Heroes DE Weekend Heroes Participating
Boobs and Burgers EU Boobs and Burgers Participating
NextSkill RO NextSkill Participating
Die Haarigen DE Die Haarigen Participating
Lords of f123 EU Lords of f123 Participating
d.h. Wie Bitte! DE d.h. Wie Bitte! Participating
Never Disband Team PL Never Disband Team Participating
CUBE TR CUBE Participating
Mafia Gaming PL Mafia Gaming Participating
Angry Pile of Germans DE Angry Pile of Germans Participating
Hard Fail DE Hard Fail Participating
Team 3V PT Team 3V Participating
SID Is Dead UK SID Is Dead Participating
Royal Bandits TR Royal Bandits Participating
Snack.Bois DE Snack.Bois Participating
lukashi.Dota DE lukashi.Dota Participating
aizviszons LV aizviszons Participating
Sons of Nyctasha IT Sons of Nyctasha Participating
No Furion IS No Furion Participating
Team Uselss +Ov3rdose EU Team Uselss +Ov3rdose Participating
DotaSource-Starlets + Muffins DE DotaSource-Starlets + Muffins Participating
Complete Runecontrol EU Complete Runecontrol Participating
WOND5 RU WOND5 Participating
Do Not Cry TR Do Not Cry Participating
Last worD RS Last worD Participating
Eclipsis Solaris FI Eclipsis Solaris Participating
Vanguard IR Vanguard Participating
Nos Sumus Fortes. RU Nos Sumus Fortes. Participating
Team Electric HR Team Electric Participating
Team Zenyth LV Team Zenyth Participating
Not As Awesome As Us RU Not As Awesome As Us Participating
iQuit-Gaming DE iQuit-Gaming Participating
Secrets of Assassination TR Secrets of Assassination Participating
Outbreak Squad HR Outbreak Squad Participating
OC.gaming TR OC.gaming Participating
RangaSanga LB RangaSanga Participating
When in Mood NL When in Mood Participating
NoRagrets DE NoRagrets Participating
Exclusive E-sports RS Exclusive E-sports Participating
InterfectoresHeroes RO InterfectoresHeroes Participating
Annexus Gaming RS Annexus Gaming Participating
Shadow Wolves Blue DE Shadow Wolves Blue Participating
Team Defiance EU Team Defiance Participating
Thunder Gaming SI Thunder Gaming Participating
Brushed Metal Boys GB Brushed Metal Boys Participating
Fellowship of the Radiant International RU Fellowship of the Radiant International Participating
Cunning Linguists EU Cunning Linguists Participating
your_family CZ your_family Participating
Avalanche CZ Avalanche Participating
Raqo Stack Gaming RU Raqo Stack Gaming Participating
Team Vision EU Team Vision Participating
Baguette GB Baguette Participating
TwilightZone TR TwilightZone Participating
laning Phase presence DE laning Phase presence Participating
Meet Your Greed DE Meet Your Greed Participating
Foxido UA Foxido Participating
|AdvancedGaming DE |AdvancedGaming Participating
The Eclipse RO The Eclipse Participating
AtAdamlar TR AtAdamlar Participating
Jabroni Beating! DE Jabroni Beating! Participating
SMD16BIT RU SMD16BIT Participating
Elysium Gaming FR Elysium Gaming Participating
Motorayzing TR Motorayzing Participating
Legends Esport FR Legends Esport Participating
Bauch Beine Po EU Bauch Beine Po Participating
Aurorage HUN Aurorage Participating
ZaYGuN TR ZaYGuN Participating
Crystal Society Esports TR Crystal Society Esports Participating
GotChance TR GotChance Participating
Cede Nullis RO Cede Nullis Participating
KOTAN RU KOTAN Participating
Cyber Gaming CZ/SK CS Cyber Gaming CZ/SK Participating
Not Bad Pick PL Not Bad Pick Participating
Reign Over Time RO Reign Over Time Participating
Sneaky Cyborgs DE Sneaky Cyborgs Participating
AkF RU AkF Participating
Many of Times NO Many of Times Participating
Bratva^Nur1ka KG Bratva^Nur1ka Participating
Neftona SE Neftona Participating
The Drama Llama RO The Drama Llama Participating
Helvete Tot Morgen SE Helvete Tot Morgen Participating
UnderGrounD RO UnderGrounD Participating
Team Chameleons PL Team Chameleons Participating
Hybridi z Hor CZ Hybridi z Hor Participating
Nistor's Dogs RS Nistor's Dogs Participating
Gank&Spank CH Gank&Spank Participating
aSpera RU aSpera Participating
By the Power of Greyskull! TR By the Power of Greyskull! Participating
NewMeta PL NewMeta Participating
Ayy lmao DE Ayy lmao Participating
ValHala RS ValHala Participating
RIP Canal G40 ES RIP Canal G40 Participating
BROtmänner DE BROtmänner Participating
Balls Deepz FI Balls Deepz Participating
dUR FR dUR Participating
Best Worst Ever TR Best Worst Ever Participating
Veno Splashers DE Veno Splashers Participating
Mission: Deliver Kindness GB Mission: Deliver Kindness Participating
Teamk1d EU Teamk1d Participating
Silencer Woods DE Silencer Woods Participating
Act of Cursing TR Act of Cursing Participating
Twisted Fates NO Twisted Fates Participating
Uchiha Clan RO Uchiha Clan Participating
Uha RO Uha Participating
Imaginary Gaming FR Imaginary Gaming Participating
Rage Bros DE Rage Bros Participating
#Kjepp NO #Kjepp Participating
Drow Syndrome SE Drow Syndrome Participating
Austrian Pub Mutants AT Austrian Pub Mutants Participating
myRisk DE myRisk Participating
David Hasselhoff Fan Club HR David Hasselhoff Fan Club Participating
Team Curlse DE Team Curlse Participating
Unexpected Hippo Brigade SE Unexpected Hippo Brigade Participating
Team Rocket PL Team Rocket Participating
No game - No life RU No game - No life Participating
Mambo Effect TR Mambo Effect Participating
Arkanovi Tigrovi International HR Arkanovi Tigrovi International Participating
Nån Förkortning Bara SE Nån Förkortning Bara Participating
Interrupting Cow SE Interrupting Cow Participating
PsychoPilots MN PsychoPilots Participating
Team Uncertain TR Team Uncertain Participating
Seven Kingdoms DE Seven Kingdoms Participating
Quickly Rainbow SE Quickly Rainbow Participating
Pasko tai tule Paskotuks FI Pasko tai tule Paskotuks Participating
Team Krabbgång SE Team Krabbgång Participating
Tangooohhh Gaming TR Tangooohhh Gaming Participating
Vox-Dei RO Vox-Dei Participating
Tokyo Hot Boys SE Tokyo Hot Boys Participating
Hogs of War GB Hogs of War Participating
Sellswords HUN Sellswords Participating
Imperial ES Imperial Participating
Team Blue DE Team Blue Participating
Shoot Boyz NO Shoot Boyz Participating
Cool Calm and Collected RO Cool Calm and Collected Participating
Morda Psy PL Morda Psy Participating
|D~LoB| Sirenes Cladis EU |D~LoB| Sirenes Cladis Participating
Keep Calm Gaming UA Keep Calm Gaming Participating
Knotwise TR Knotwise Participating
Turtle Crew BY Turtle Crew Participating
Kawaii^ DK Kawaii^ Participating
Team aNcient RU Team aNcient Participating
Just in Time TR Just in Time Participating
q3 DE q3 Participating
ekip TR ekip Participating
Paradox Squad RU Paradox Squad Participating
Abi_Returnz TR Abi_Returnz Participating
Throw Force Five v2 GB Throw Force Five v2 Participating
Notorious Villains Gaming EG Notorious Villains Gaming Participating
Force of Five Men RU Force of Five Men Participating
Nasty Project RU Nasty Project Participating
Wannabe Tryhards SK Wannabe Tryhards Participating
Golden Company TR Golden Company Participating
REDEYES Hawks Dota 2 DE REDEYES Hawks Dota 2 Participating
FaTe's Disciples GB FaTe's Disciples Participating
Bi-Zone RO Bi-Zone Participating
Legend of Phoenix FR Legend of Phoenix Participating
Safety Team RO Safety Team Participating
anime haters 69 UK anime haters 69 Participating
Unvanquished Gamers EU Unvanquished Gamers Participating
Entropy.Int PK Entropy.Int Participating
Team Edvin SE Team Edvin Participating
Bloopers DK Bloopers Participating
random team 123 AT random team 123 Participating
Aposis Gaming NO Aposis Gaming Participating
Team Obvious UA Team Obvious Participating
happy Penguin EU happy Penguin Participating
readmore staff DE readmore staff Participating
Pretty Mad Socks UA Pretty Mad Socks Participating
iNtense riSk RO iNtense riSk Participating
Novus Potentia RU Novus Potentia Participating
Alles Fotzen außer Mutti DE Alles Fotzen außer Mutti Participating
Rat der Weisen DE Rat der Weisen Participating
Game is Hard DK Game is Hard Participating
InstapickPudge DE InstapickPudge Participating
Phoenix Order RO Phoenix Order Participating
Paulin Taikakaulin FI Paulin Taikakaulin Participating
Team Bulls MN Team Bulls Participating
Happy Little Tilters EU Happy Little Tilters Participating
Rape Them All RO Rape Them All Participating
LastHope UA LastHope Participating
Team Symmetry EU Team Symmetry Participating
Clan Disconnect DE Clan Disconnect Participating
Hammarby IF SE Hammarby IF Participating
Team ЯReplika AT Team ЯReplika Participating
fugitive GB fugitive Participating
Ridskolan SE Ridskolan Participating
incredible Chaos AT incredible Chaos Participating
i.L. Turtles DE i.L. Turtles Participating
Wortex Gaming EU Wortex Gaming Participating
No Logic Gaming DE No Logic Gaming Participating
Harlequins-esport DE Harlequins-esport Participating
Downtown Runtorz CZ Downtown Runtorz Participating
INRI.eSports e.V. AT INRI.eSports e.V. Participating
RF BARSI' RU RF BARSI' Participating
Shit Bricks PL Shit Bricks Participating
Evil Hamsters CZ Evil Hamsters Participating RU Participating
Hassleholm E-sport Club SE Hassleholm E-sport Club Participating
Happy Garbage DE Happy Garbage Participating
The Sharpy Grassland PL The Sharpy Grassland Participating
Gents Gaming EU Gents Gaming Participating
The Hooligans Crew EU The Hooligans Crew Participating
Eläke FI Eläke Participating
Army of FIVE UA Army of FIVE Participating
Dark Ritual TR Dark Ritual Participating
NordicKingdomGaming NO NordicKingdomGaming Participating
FlamigDaggerS TR FlamigDaggerS Participating
Ulf and the comrades SE Ulf and the comrades Participating
JokerWhales TR JokerWhales Participating
DeaTh Zone Players IR DeaTh Zone Players Participating
The Apocalyptic Horsemen RO The Apocalyptic Horsemen Participating
Drakkar Gaming RU Drakkar Gaming Participating
Feeders Elite UK Feeders Elite Participating
TwoSpooky IE TwoSpooky Participating
Giff boost plox EU Giff boost plox Participating
Dalaran's Finest DE Dalaran's Finest Participating
Raging Roshan SE Raging Roshan Participating
Free eXistence PL Free eXistence Participating
No Communication CZ No Communication Participating
skf RU skf Participating
The Walkery MN The Walkery Participating
Random Dudes EU Random Dudes Participating
No Highground DE No Highground Participating
HaiiTED DE HaiiTED Participating
Fail QQ RU Fail QQ Participating
All Aboard Gaming FI All Aboard Gaming Participating
NexusVibe RO NexusVibe Participating
Friday Megafun Time GB Friday Megafun Time Participating
Legion TR Legion Participating
Triquetra RO Triquetra Participating
Hamster Tamers HUN Hamster Tamers Participating
Stormy Weather Time UK Stormy Weather Time Participating
Hairy Monkeys with long Bananas DE Hairy Monkeys with long Bananas Participating
Sihill PL Sihill Participating
One hand gaming DE One hand gaming Participating
la Muerte FR la Muerte Participating
gRapeVan DE gRapeVan Participating
No Safe Harbor GB No Safe Harbor Participating
Hard Kiss TR Hard Kiss Participating
Suaberka PL Suaberka Participating
Swiss Quality Gaming CH Swiss Quality Gaming Participating
Haters gonna hate DK Haters gonna hate Participating
autism overwhelming EU autism overwhelming Participating
Hard_Decision LT Hard_Decision Participating
Dotal War DE Dotal War Participating
Xtreme Gankers RO Xtreme Gankers Participating
Phantom Lancer Gaming NL Phantom Lancer Gaming Participating
Anarcas PT Anarcas Participating
Cyk[A] United FI Cyk[A] United Participating
Arto Gaming TR Arto Gaming Participating
GodKing Sile DE GodKing Sile Participating
Poltergeister DE Poltergeister Participating
Fans of kizzmett SE Fans of kizzmett Participating
Enlightening Notoriety TR Enlightening Notoriety Participating
HEAT.International EU HEAT.International Participating
TopNerdUK GB TopNerdUK Participating
Back In Pants SE Back In Pants Participating
We Mad SE We Mad Participating
Chiken Shake RU Chiken Shake Participating
Zero Sanity BG Zero Sanity Participating
Volvo plox PL Volvo plox Participating
AntiNiggaFront BG AntiNiggaFront Participating
The Second Day RU The Second Day Participating
Arschgeige dota RS Arschgeige dota Participating
GreenStar PL GreenStar Participating
loek boekker FI loek boekker Participating
Men's Play HR Men's Play Participating
Ruthless Kittens PL Ruthless Kittens Participating
Against All Odds DOTA ZA Against All Odds DOTA Participating
Akame ga Kill! EU Akame ga Kill! Participating
RikiGaming RU RikiGaming Participating
Evilbugs RU Evilbugs Participating
Alpha Wolves RO Alpha Wolves Participating
Lan-Art Gaming FR Lan-Art Gaming Participating
BEARIX.dota DE BEARIX.dota Participating
Pocket Bananas GB Pocket Bananas Participating
Over a Barrel GB Over a Barrel Participating WORLD Participating
Team Shinoki GB Team Shinoki Participating
bläckfläck SE bläckfläck Participating
Fat And Ugly People DE Fat And Ugly People Participating
Can't handle all our Skills DE Can't handle all our Skills Participating
Fury of Bulls ES Fury of Bulls Participating
Very Many Damage RS Very Many Damage Participating
Fellowship- TR Fellowship- Participating
No Shit Sherlock TR No Shit Sherlock Participating
Hijos de Odin ES Hijos de Odin Participating
Insanity Multigaming RU Insanity Multigaming Participating
Super-Weicheischuppen Jr. Gang DE Super-Weicheischuppen Jr. Gang Participating
30er bizeps DE 30er bizeps Participating
weltmeister RO weltmeister Participating
Squishy Gaming DE Squishy Gaming Participating
Decietful Ruselords DK Decietful Ruselords Participating
Wind Champions MK Wind Champions Participating
Vyse and Sheeps TR Vyse and Sheeps Participating
DotaLife KZ DotaLife Participating
n!rookie.ILLMAGIC DE n!rookie.ILLMAGIC Participating
Imperium Prime DE Imperium Prime Participating
MadMachine RO MadMachine Participating
eFlames DE eFlames Participating
Angry Apples DE Angry Apples Participating
Really Awful Win Ratio EU Really Awful Win Ratio Participating
GothicSociety- RekWonDo DE GothicSociety- RekWonDo Participating
Your Fault CZ Your Fault Participating
Dim Sum Raiders GB Dim Sum Raiders Participating
MAD! CZ MAD! Participating
British Brewdogs GB British Brewdogs Participating
Over Powered Gaming TR Over Powered Gaming Participating
Scramble Team RU Scramble Team Participating
Bravado Gaming ZA Bravado Gaming Participating
Energy Piglets ZA Energy Piglets Participating
Zulu. GB Zulu. Participating
Awful Micro Skills EU Awful Micro Skills Participating
Easy Fix Gaming IT Easy Fix Gaming Participating
Empire of Gamers PL Empire of Gamers Participating
Solid Gaming EU Solid Gaming Participating
Touch of Midas PT Touch of Midas Participating
Schaeferhund GB Schaeferhund Participating
Crew of Claude DK Crew of Claude Participating
Anima Unity. Verdict! RU Anima Unity. Verdict! Participating
Force Buyback PL Force Buyback Participating
Pingu Of The Moonshine International FR Pingu Of The Moonshine International Participating
Death_makers SY Death_makers Participating
Midas Touch ES Midas Touch Participating
Zagreb 360 HR Zagreb 360 Participating
Creative Gaming CZ Creative Gaming Participating
Defense of the EU Servers DE Defense of the EU Servers Participating
Dirty Ghetto Kids EU Dirty Ghetto Kids Participating
MYMF RU MYMF Participating
White Rabbit Gaming ZA White Rabbit Gaming Participating
Berberaffenbande DE Berberaffenbande Participating
Team noStun DE Team noStun Participating
Chaos`Control Gaming TR Chaos`Control Gaming Participating
Poonography GB Poonography Participating
PissaKakkaMunaKikkeli FI PissaKakkaMunaKikkeli Participating
My Personal Favourites SE My Personal Favourites Participating
Crazy by Nature SE Crazy by Nature Participating
Delinquent Quintet GR Delinquent Quintet Participating
CPO Gaming RO CPO Gaming Participating
nuclear autism FI nuclear autism Participating
Evil Scissors PL Evil Scissors Participating
DDP SE DDP Participating
Easy For Aladdin RU Easy For Aladdin Participating
GUS Gaming RU GUS Gaming Participating
Frag Freak Gaming ZA Frag Freak Gaming Participating
Big5M BA Big5M Participating
MINUS_5 RU MINUS_5 Participating
Hobobeans United SE Hobobeans United Participating
Basically Full Health GB Basically Full Health Participating
Feed Factor PL Feed Factor Participating
GonnaBeatUHalf to Death - TWICE! EU GonnaBeatUHalf to Death - TWICE! Participating
Toxsick Gaming NO Toxsick Gaming Participating
For The Win EVO PT For The Win EVO Participating
Midas on Jugger SE Midas on Jugger Participating
GarageBoys FI GarageBoys Participating
brick squad DE brick squad Participating
Harmonika Gajde Truba BA Harmonika Gajde Truba Participating
Boobs'n'Buddies PL Boobs'n'Buddies Participating
Team VanQuish RO Team VanQuish Participating
BumBum RU BumBum Participating
Smokin'' SE Smokin'' Participating
Team eVasion SE Team eVasion Participating
Second Coming RU Second Coming Participating
Backdoor Protector DE Backdoor Protector Participating
Black Turtle Gaming AT Black Turtle Gaming Participating
Bulgarian Pro Gamers BG Bulgarian Pro Gamers Participating
High Risk High Reward SE High Risk High Reward Participating
Juke Steet Kings GB Juke Steet Kings Participating
Team CONQUER. HUN Team CONQUER. Participating
Vermello eSports UK Vermello eSports Participating
Noel Edmonds GB Noel Edmonds Participating
4+1=6 PT 4+1=6 Participating
Team Rise. RU Team Rise. Participating
Echidna FR Echidna Participating
World Wild Feed FR World Wild Feed Participating
Epic Insanity Gaming JO Epic Insanity Gaming Participating
me. EU me. Participating
Team Archelon RO Team Archelon Participating
NoNStopDota TR NoNStopDota Participating
Ozkardesler Gaming TR Ozkardesler Gaming Participating
violance gaming TR violance gaming Participating
4 Shepherds and 1 Sheep RO 4 Shepherds and 1 Sheep Participating
DnO+3 PL DnO+3 Participating
Lost By Hand EU Lost By Hand Participating
Rescue.Rangers RU Rescue.Rangers Participating
Emma Watson BY Emma Watson Participating
Military of Vengeance` TR Military of Vengeance` Participating
Waffle United Troupe EU Waffle United Troupe Participating
Killer Vikings DK Killer Vikings Participating
Kavat Gaming TR Kavat Gaming Participating
DotaSöndag! SE DotaSöndag! Participating
Idealfall AT Idealfall Participating
ProGame BA ProGame Participating
LaHe TR LaHe Participating
Takım Taklavat TR Takım Taklavat Participating
eStar ES eStar Participating
DotaStampf DE DotaStampf Participating
Zal1m Gaming TR Zal1m Gaming Participating
ToXiCreW GR ToXiCreW Participating
So Nich DE So Nich Participating
TeaM IMPULS DE TeaM IMPULS Participating
Akutes Zockproblem DE Akutes Zockproblem Participating
No luck involved RO No luck involved Participating
Radicals RO Radicals Participating
Hashtag Gaming DE Hashtag Gaming Participating
Luck and Courage BY Luck and Courage Participating
Rise From Ashes RO Rise From Ashes Participating
Alert RU Alert Participating
Why.ez TR Why.ez Participating
Team Blue Motion EU Team Blue Motion Participating
squiggles GB squiggles Participating
Made-in-Germany DE Made-in-Germany Participating
TP Gaming EU TP Gaming Participating
For the Horde TR For the Horde Participating
Energy eSports ZA Energy eSports Participating
Pussy is our Weakness DE Pussy is our Weakness Participating
No Wodka No Dotka No BlyatCyka TR No Wodka No Dotka No BlyatCyka Participating
KingOfTheBeats TR KingOfTheBeats Participating
Shapeshifterz TR Shapeshifterz Participating
Motor Gaming TR Motor Gaming Participating
Team Cat IR Team Cat Participating
Slovak Dragons SK Slovak Dragons Participating
ArxGaming TR ArxGaming Participating
DANKH ZA DANKH Participating
uFrag GB uFrag Participating
AtraX eSports IT AtraX eSports Participating
Deadlyus EU Deadlyus Participating
bllp EU bllp Participating
Vis0 Ger0w GB Vis0 Ger0w Participating
Haited 2nd Squad DE Haited 2nd Squad Participating
X-Diamond Team MY X-Diamond Team Participating
Turn Up SE Turn Up Participating
Legend Of The Dark Knight TR Legend Of The Dark Knight Participating
TriSun Bros EU TriSun Bros Participating
ProZONE TR ProZONE Participating
Team AXIS TR Team AXIS Participating
Dota_Scenes_Guild HUN Dota_Scenes_Guild Participating
Erotic Zombies GB Erotic Zombies Participating
SilkRoad AL SilkRoad Participating
Part Time DotA TR Part Time DotA Participating
Veni, vidi, vici RO Veni, vidi, vici Participating
hanspls DE hanspls Participating
Five^Kings RU Five^Kings Participating
Dawnit Gaming PT PT Dawnit Gaming PT Participating
EZ+5 DE EZ+5 Participating
Deadly Force MK Deadly Force Participating
I needed faith earlier DK I needed faith earlier Participating
Putinists EU Putinists Participating
Jakarta+4 RU Jakarta+4 Participating
Arthritis DK Arthritis Participating
PrimaL MN PrimaL Participating
SoMajkaTi MK SoMajkaTi Participating
Roar of the Ancients DE Roar of the Ancients Participating
Hungarian Huskars HUN Hungarian Huskars Participating
Flyover SK Flyover Participating
The Boo GB The Boo Participating
PECAT RS PECAT Participating
7element IT 7element Participating
Mad Devilz AZ Mad Devilz Participating
Backo's Angels TR Backo's Angels Participating
Douchebag Gaming RS Douchebag Gaming Participating
European Allstars DE European Allstars Participating
Super Hornet TR Super Hornet Participating
Zelezniki SI Zelezniki Participating
Pain in the Ass RS Pain in the Ass Participating
Discreet RU Discreet Participating
Five Man Arymy AL Five Man Arymy Participating
Riders of Apocalypse CZ Riders of Apocalypse Participating
ReSpectre SE ReSpectre Participating
Moonwell RU Moonwell Participating
Ulvilan raamattupiiri FI Ulvilan raamattupiiri Participating
Blunatics ES Blunatics Participating
Pentagon IR Pentagon Participating
I Fucked Goat Once CZ I Fucked Goat Once Participating
Radioactive RO Radioactive Participating
The mongolz MN The mongolz Participating
Team Markable TR Team Markable Participating
Banana EU Banana Participating
Plusgatherers SE Plusgatherers Participating
Hidrax.Invaders ES Hidrax.Invaders Participating
The Bananas TR The Bananas Participating
NewbiesValor TR NewbiesValor Participating
Sausage eXpress SE Sausage eXpress Participating
Wave EU GB Wave EU Participating
No Courier DE No Courier Participating
Hunter x Hunter EG Hunter x Hunter Participating
36 BOYS TR 36 BOYS Participating
Luminance TR Luminance Participating
Breakfast EU Breakfast Participating
Plogarna SE Plogarna Participating
TecnoSlave eSport Club ES TecnoSlave eSport Club Participating
gravityGun TR gravityGun Participating
Zeal Gaming ZA Zeal Gaming Participating
Gefüllte Nusstaschen DE Gefüllte Nusstaschen Participating
Evil Snails IL Evil Snails Participating
Entropy UK Entropy Participating
Hydra MN Hydra Participating
Team Ignis TR Team Ignis Participating
EternaliZe DE EternaliZe Participating
Narcoleptics CH Narcoleptics Participating
cHlapci usaTi CZ cHlapci usaTi Participating
Rice AT Rice Participating
Republic_of_gamers KZ Republic_of_gamers Participating
Team Krabba SE Team Krabba Participating
European Love Story EU European Love Story Participating
Team Phenomena TR Team Phenomena Participating
Heaven Team TR Heaven Team Participating
The [H]orde RS The [H]orde Participating
Jon Turk Gaming TR Jon Turk Gaming Participating
Stekhora Pubs SE Stekhora Pubs Participating
Vinz Gaming TR Vinz Gaming Participating
Nameless Knights CZ Nameless Knights Participating
myRisk gaming-cub DE myRisk gaming-cub Participating
MiM-eSports DE MiM-eSports Participating
Nuclear Penguins DE Nuclear Penguins Participating
Team Extreme Supremacy IT Team Extreme Supremacy Participating
mexico 04 PL mexico 04 Participating
Yengeç Styla TR Yengeç Styla Participating
Norrlands guld SE Norrlands guld Participating
Down To Cuddle ZA Down To Cuddle Participating
Team Silent IT Team Silent Participating
OVERKZ KZ OVERKZ Participating
Clinkz in woods FR Clinkz in woods Participating
The Big Bad Wolf EU The Big Bad Wolf Participating
~Tempest EU ~Tempest Participating
QT4Z Team PL QT4Z Team Participating
MuppetsRO RO MuppetsRO Participating
OverPower TR OverPower Participating
Fappy Birds ZA Fappy Birds Participating
Nunchuk Gangstaz SE Nunchuk Gangstaz Participating
SexyMotherFuckers HR SexyMotherFuckers Participating
Qbad Disbandas SE Qbad Disbandas Participating
Norway United NO Norway United Participating
Fatal Error TR Fatal Error Participating
Crystal Maiden or Die Tryin' DE Crystal Maiden or Die Tryin' Participating
 Excellenz Team CZ Excellenz Team Participating
Team Kuna PL Team Kuna Participating
Light Bringers TR Light Bringers Participating
Super Secret Adventure Club GB Super Secret Adventure Club Participating
Don't eat yellow snow CH Don't eat yellow snow Participating
PoTencijal RS PoTencijal Participating
fiveSTARS! RO fiveSTARS! Participating
PRo Tunisian Dota TN PRo Tunisian Dota Participating
Bazanti SK Bazanti Participating
Overlord GB Overlord Participating
Team Mumin TR Team Mumin Participating
gooood guys TR gooood guys Participating
Jesus had Aegis SE Jesus had Aegis Participating
Drunk Teen HUN Drunk Teen Participating
Voice of the Soul TR Voice of the Soul Participating
Oasis GR Oasis Participating
Beyond the Legends TR Beyond the Legends Participating
Loco Gaming GB Loco Gaming Participating
Gods of Blue Jeans TR Gods of Blue Jeans Participating
BlinkStun Gaming PT BlinkStun Gaming Participating
Sounds Legit ZA Sounds Legit Participating
Almost Easy TR Almost Easy Participating
Knights Gaming MK Knights Gaming Participating
Band of Brothers TR Band of Brothers Participating
Newly Assembled EU Newly Assembled Participating
W E L O S T B O Y S GB W E L O S T B O Y S Participating
wisp AKA io EG wisp AKA io Participating
Team-Spirit EG Team-Spirit Participating
Kappanauts SL Kappanauts Participating
Kooy Network eSport IR Kooy Network eSport Participating
Balderdash Gaming EU Balderdash Gaming Participating
NextGaming IT NextGaming Participating
District Devinim TR District Devinim Participating
Allahamar the Great IS Allahamar the Great Participating
Team Retaliation GB Team Retaliation Participating
Please dont buyback AE Please dont buyback Participating
Ins Xicht AT Ins Xicht Participating
[Digital Mayhem] NL [Digital Mayhem] Participating
Easy Gaming Life MT Easy Gaming Life Participating
Magic Mushrooms TR Magic Mushrooms Participating
Sportas ir Sveikata LT Sportas ir Sveikata Participating
Two Legged Freaks AQ Two Legged Freaks Participating
THuns TR THuns Participating
Please Carry Me FR Please Carry Me Participating
The Ghost of 3.13 JP The Ghost of 3.13 Participating
AdReNaLiNe RuSh LB AdReNaLiNe RuSh Participating
Provincials RU Provincials Participating
still serious IR still serious Participating
The Internationals EU The Internationals Participating
Green White TR Green White Participating
iMMersion RU iMMersion Participating
Darya Delan of Shiraz Gaming IR Darya Delan of Shiraz Gaming Participating
The Mad Scientists RO The Mad Scientists Participating
Shield TR Shield Participating
Team Cover RU Team Cover Participating
MinD ThE GaP LB MinD ThE GaP Participating
Begurubiādo GB Begurubiādo Participating
D.P.W.Z. RU D.P.W.Z. Participating
WeWillWin- BY WeWillWin- Participating
No Techies TR No Techies Participating
TheAbaZeus TR TheAbaZeus Participating
Team Ba Vere RO Team Ba Vere Participating
Vindicate FR Vindicate Participating
Dagon5 RU Dagon5 Participating
Made in Belarus BY Made in Belarus Participating
Sick Doto ME Sick Doto Participating
d-generation X TR d-generation X Participating
lulz SE lulz Participating
Combat Engineers TR Combat Engineers Participating
The Blazing Bananas NL The Blazing Bananas Participating
Killing Artists EU Killing Artists Participating
CHayVdvoem UA CHayVdvoem Participating
Wayne intressiert's ? DE Wayne intressiert's ? Participating
Degenci RS Degenci Participating
Celadon Sports MK Celadon Sports Participating
We Attacked 15 People TR We Attacked 15 People Participating
CasualGamers EU CasualGamers Participating
WinTrain DE WinTrain Participating
The Colossal Burgers RO The Colossal Burgers Participating
Sword Gaming RU Sword Gaming Participating
Le Phillipe Throwerinho SK Le Phillipe Throwerinho Participating
Adeks e-Sports TR Adeks e-Sports Participating
Negative emotion clan HR Negative emotion clan Participating
Aliensohn Crew DE Aliensohn Crew Participating
AntonProOmnik UA AntonProOmnik Participating
AGM Gaming Team TR AGM Gaming Team Participating
The Janissaries DE The Janissaries Participating
Die Honigmänner CH Die Honigmänner Participating
pa kokam RS pa kokam Participating
Best Friends In DOTA ES Best Friends In DOTA Participating
Holmestrand Seahorses NO Holmestrand Seahorses Participating
Energy Gaming Raccoons Team IT Energy Gaming Raccoons Team Participating
DM Gaming MK DM Gaming Participating
Wild Pandaz GE Wild Pandaz Participating
|LuXury| EU |LuXury| Participating
FieryPoops MK FieryPoops Participating
Netolic.Neolution RU Netolic.Neolution Participating
Oha For TR Oha For Participating
Twisted Fuzion EU Twisted Fuzion Participating
TeamDaggerDotaTwo KZ TeamDaggerDotaTwo Participating
Ocean Gaming DE Ocean Gaming Participating
TeamDieBack TR TeamDieBack Participating
Stacktir Git TR Stacktir Git Participating
HiveTM RU HiveTM Participating
Craggy Island Gaming IE Craggy Island Gaming Participating
Seek and Destroy UA Seek and Destroy Participating
Unknown People RO Unknown People Participating
AleA CH AleA Participating
Rekt Gaming EU Rekt Gaming Participating
botlchargepls SE botlchargepls Participating
LampCat GB LampCat Participating
Zero Percent Skill VA Zero Percent Skill Participating
Evil Commanders TR Evil Commanders Participating
InDecision GB InDecision Participating
Volvoks TR Volvoks Participating
Farm All Day Every Day BG Farm All Day Every Day Participating
FiveAsOne TR FiveAsOne Participating
Rising Storm ES DE Rising Storm ES Participating
SuperB RS SuperB Participating
Dictum Factum ES Dictum Factum Participating
Gem On The Ground DE Gem On The Ground Participating
JägerMEISTER DE JägerMEISTER Participating
Clown5. RU Clown5. Participating
Dark'Souls RU Dark'Souls Participating
Banana´s Team SK Banana´s Team Participating
Ready to Die TR Ready to Die Participating
DuckFish NO DuckFish Participating
Yorale Gaming TR Yorale Gaming Participating
Wuhu gaming TR Wuhu gaming Participating
Spectacular Punks CZ Spectacular Punks Participating
The Immortal Ones RS The Immortal Ones Participating
Czerwone Kredki Rumcajsa PL Czerwone Kredki Rumcajsa Participating
Norrland E-sports SE Norrland E-sports Participating
Zoran gaming (Disbanded) RS Zoran gaming (Disbanded) Participating
TotalOwnage ZA TotalOwnage Participating
Komanda Papagáž CS Komanda Papagáž Participating
UteceGodzila RS UteceGodzila Participating
DivineRolePlay TR DivineRolePlay Participating
Booty Hunters BA Booty Hunters Participating
Suicide Squad LB Suicide Squad Participating
happy P0TAT0 RO happy P0TAT0 Participating
Papaoutai EU Papaoutai Participating
kleva-gaming BY kleva-gaming Participating
Team Golden Hands EU Team Golden Hands Participating
Four princesses and Fjessin SE Four princesses and Fjessin Participating
Balint + 4 RO Balint + 4 Participating
Praise the Sun SI Praise the Sun Participating
What a Player DE What a Player Participating
DAVA TR DAVA Participating
Britains Ardest GB Britains Ardest Participating
Slobo's Knights RS Slobo's Knights Participating
AverageGamingLot GB AverageGamingLot Participating
Wirtus Cro HR Wirtus Cro Participating
Team Rectus Dominus TR Team Rectus Dominus Participating
Interstellar Overdrive CZ Interstellar Overdrive Participating