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Team Alternate PL Team Alternate Participating
Imperial DK Imperial Participating
Yellow Submarine RU Yellow Submarine Participating
I.K.E.A. SE I.K.E.A. Participating
PowerRangers BY PowerRangers Participating
Team Toast SE Team Toast Participating
FlipSid3 RU FlipSid3 Participating
Elements One RS Elements One Participating
Pajero Esports EU Pajero Esports Participating
sQreen's squad RU sQreen's squad Participating
Abraxas WORLD Abraxas Participating
Prodota Gaming RU Prodota Gaming Participating
KinderGarten EU KinderGarten Participating
Fantastic.Five CIS Fantastic.Five Participating
GarageBoys FI GarageBoys Participating
Elite-Gaming PL Elite-Gaming Participating
choco boys GR choco boys Participating
XPCgg RO XPCgg Participating
Venko gaming NL Venko gaming Participating
ScrubBusters EU ScrubBusters Participating
Elements Pro Gaming RU Elements Pro Gaming Participating
Oh Shit, I'm Sorry EU Oh Shit, I'm Sorry Participating
time to die now JO time to die now Participating
Yolo Knight DK Yolo Knight Participating
TeamLegacy DE TeamLegacy Participating
CzechSharks CZ CzechSharks Participating
eWAVE DE eWAVE Participating
European Anime Freaks EU European Anime Freaks Participating
Atomic Donkeys DE Atomic Donkeys Participating
The Real Trix EU The Real Trix Participating
ZeroSkills EU ZeroSkills Participating
Laser Sharks DE Laser Sharks Participating
Alles Fotzen außer Mutti DE Alles Fotzen außer Mutti Participating
Team Eyris GB Team Eyris Participating
mYinsanity swiss CH mYinsanity swiss Participating
xL NL xL Participating
Silencer Woods DE Silencer Woods Participating
TechiesSoloMid DE TechiesSoloMid Participating
Global Range Midgets RS Global Range Midgets Participating
5 Noobzors RO 5 Noobzors Participating
In For The Feed CH In For The Feed Participating
Küsse auf die Nüsse DE Küsse auf die Nüsse Participating
Casual+ DE Casual+ Participating
Smash SA Smash Participating
Davai & Conquer EU Davai & Conquer Participating
Bock auf Cock?! DE Bock auf Cock?! Participating
Ypsilon Strich Deh DE Ypsilon Strich Deh Participating
Fibi United DE Fibi United Participating
fabulous five DK fabulous five Participating
Snake Eyes TR Snake Eyes Participating
Schnabelbaer Gamyng DE Schnabelbaer Gamyng Participating
F[A]NBOYS SE F[A]NBOYS Participating
Austrian Dota Association AT Austrian Dota Association Participating
Hydra EU Hydra Participating
Guerilla Method RS Guerilla Method Participating
SFD-Gaming DE SFD-Gaming Participating
Nox Aurora DE Nox Aurora Participating
Sheeps will own you DE Sheeps will own you Participating
4FUN GB 4FUN Participating
Birds of Prey DE Birds of Prey Participating
Banana EU Banana Participating
United eSports GB United eSports Participating
The Flame Burns DE The Flame Burns Participating
no Problem GR no Problem Participating
DeVito eSports EU DeVito eSports Participating
BirkieBoys NL BirkieBoys Participating
omq.Gaming DE omq.Gaming Participating
Kaotik Team ES Kaotik Team Participating
Don`T Waste Time UA Don`T Waste Time Participating
General MusoR! SE General MusoR! Participating
Phantom Lancer Gaming EU Phantom Lancer Gaming Participating
Fabulous 5 DK Fabulous 5 Participating
Drazar for President DK Drazar for President Participating
Noxious Intent SE Noxious Intent Participating
Exe-eSports HUN Exe-eSports Participating
Anime Rejects EU Anime Rejects Participating
Team Prismatic EU Team Prismatic Participating
Le Boooys SE Le Boooys Participating
GGSystem ES GGSystem Participating
Wolves eSports DE Wolves eSports Participating
Dark Bisons BY Dark Bisons Participating
Vatten Pojkarna SE Vatten Pojkarna Participating
White Rabbit eSports ZA White Rabbit eSports Participating
Mahlzeit Moin DE Mahlzeit Moin Participating
NexusVibe RO NexusVibe Participating
FrostBite RO FrostBite Participating
Unhealable Damage EU Unhealable Damage Participating
Dogs DE Dogs Participating
electric DE electric Participating
Booty Swing GB Booty Swing Participating
Game-Life Balance SK Game-Life Balance Participating
Gotto Squad ES Gotto Squad Participating
Nistor's Dogs RS Nistor's Dogs Participating
Kappangas PT Kappangas Participating
Mango Meta DE Mango Meta Participating
With one hand in our pants DE With one hand in our pants Participating
We Kinda Suck GB We Kinda Suck Participating
Gäddvik Gaming EU Gäddvik Gaming Participating
Complete Nonsense EU Complete Nonsense Participating
BEARIX.dota DE BEARIX.dota Participating
Pure Hard DotA DE Pure Hard DotA Participating
Wrath Of Penguins TR Wrath Of Penguins Participating
PewPew AL PewPew Participating
Where is t-shirt? SE Where is t-shirt? Participating
Turbo turtles RS Turbo turtles Participating
HEAT.International EU HEAT.International Participating
Angel's Dream EG Angel's Dream Participating
Hainler TR Hainler Participating
Subjective Gaming EU Subjective Gaming Participating
HoN ILite Varriorz NO HoN ILite Varriorz Participating
Super Warriors of Doom and Also Death SE Super Warriors of Doom and Also Death Participating
CPO Gaming RO CPO Gaming Participating
You Only Live Once BA You Only Live Once Participating
All Aboard Gaming FI All Aboard Gaming Participating
{W}arriors PK {W}arriors Participating
Hoodlums RS Hoodlums Participating
Bier Creative DE Bier Creative Participating
ROB SE ROB Participating
One Piece Gaming NL One Piece Gaming Participating
For Queen and Country! UK For Queen and Country! Participating
RBage Against the Machine GB RBage Against the Machine Participating
ImbaNinjasWithKungFuPowerz DE ImbaNinjasWithKungFuPowerz Participating
Pretentious Postmodern Douchebags EU Pretentious Postmodern Douchebags Participating
Team Mystique MK Team Mystique Participating
$Look at it Go$ PL $Look at it Go$ Participating
GoGo^ DE GoGo^ Participating
Rotterne Fra Solstuen Himmelblaa DK Rotterne Fra Solstuen Himmelblaa Participating
Babo Juniors CH Babo Juniors Participating
Team ЯReplika AT Team ЯReplika Participating
Final-Gaming DE Final-Gaming Participating
Name in Progress CZ Name in Progress Participating
Meet your Greed DE Meet your Greed Participating
mineral AT mineral Participating
Full_Davai AL Full_Davai Participating
Lex Fori LT Lex Fori Participating
Consider the Consequences TR Consider the Consequences Participating
Angered Global Games AE Angered Global Games Participating
badtrips TR badtrips Participating
Well-rounded Gamers GB Well-rounded Gamers Participating
WinTrain DE WinTrain Participating
Drunk'n Dotka SE Drunk'n Dotka Participating
Boyz II Chen SE Boyz II Chen Participating
winnerers FI winnerers Participating
Team UK Team Participating
Clan Disconnect DE Clan Disconnect Participating
HL-Maybe neXt Time HUN HL-Maybe neXt Time Participating
tards HUN tards Participating
Shoot Boyz NO Shoot Boyz Participating
readmore staff DE readmore staff Participating
Team BraNinja RO Team BraNinja Participating
Womberers FI Womberers Participating
It's a Trap! FI It's a Trap! Participating
Reallife Dead DE Reallife Dead Participating
CHOKE GB CHOKE Participating
eWAVE DE eWAVE Participating
New CheddarS ES New CheddarS Participating
my.Divinity DE my.Divinity Participating
Mangos Colados ES Mangos Colados Participating
~Team Spirit~ DE ~Team Spirit~ Participating
hero GB hero Participating
European Allstars DE European Allstars Participating
Clockwerks Conundrum GB Clockwerks Conundrum Participating
Erayın Fedaileri Gaming TR Erayın Fedaileri Gaming Participating
HL - Deadly Five HUN HL - Deadly Five Participating
lulz SE lulz Participating
Synapse eSports IT Synapse eSports Participating
Team Discrete AE Team Discrete Participating
Gamerz Lounge YAKUZA MK Gamerz Lounge YAKUZA Participating
Jarred's Crossfit Club UK Jarred's Crossfit Club Participating
Red Sky RS Red Sky Participating
Upotené hviezdičky SK Upotené hviezdičky Participating
Oversight.AUT EU Oversight.AUT Participating
Apex Predators GR Apex Predators Participating
Team Diggoo FI Team Diggoo Participating
Addiction eSports GB Addiction eSports Participating
green Hertz AT green Hertz Participating
Team FUG DE Team FUG Participating
Abu Kalb gaming WORLD Abu Kalb gaming Participating
GermanDota DE GermanDota Participating
TearDrop TR TearDrop Participating
PsyChoPunCh DE PsyChoPunCh Participating
KilledBy^ TR KilledBy^ Participating
fuckitwesuck TR fuckitwesuck Participating
Babos United CH Babos United Participating
Q-Tip Polar Bear FI Q-Tip Polar Bear Participating
Kompact Gaming RO Kompact Gaming Participating
HealTheHealer SE HealTheHealer Participating
w3.420 EU w3.420 Participating
No Jobs For Lowbobs EU No Jobs For Lowbobs Participating
Dota Privateers DE Dota Privateers Participating
Team Tether Reborn EU Team Tether Reborn Participating
Die STARK[en] Brudis DE Die STARK[en] Brudis Participating
Get Leckt AT Get Leckt Participating
Kawaii Narwhals GB Kawaii Narwhals Participating
Tangooohhh Gaming TR Tangooohhh Gaming Participating
Monkey Crew DE Monkey Crew Participating
Dotarunners EU Dotarunners Participating
Yes Milord EU Yes Milord Participating
Never Too Late TR Never Too Late Participating
Rheeno DE Rheeno Participating
LastMenStanding | Dota 2 NL LastMenStanding | Dota 2 Participating
Circle of Trust BG Circle of Trust Participating
Team Illuminates MK Team Illuminates Participating
Zagreb 360 HR Zagreb 360 Participating
BOOM esports EU BOOM esports Participating
ToniTec DE ToniTec Participating
Die Honigmänner CH Die Honigmänner Participating
IVAN NO IVAN Participating
Geyik TR Geyik Participating
Master Matrix PH Master Matrix Participating
Vigoss +5 -Vigoss DE Vigoss +5 -Vigoss Participating
Death Rejects IR Death Rejects Participating
No Smoke King TR No Smoke King Participating
Envision eSport CZ Envision eSport Participating
y u mad bro? DE y u mad bro? Participating
Det grønne område DK Det grønne område Participating
Reditum Reprobi Angeli BA Reditum Reprobi Angeli Participating
Amber Blaze DE Amber Blaze Participating
Team Tumble Reborn GB Team Tumble Reborn Participating
Eclot Gaming CZ Eclot Gaming Participating
Ha/Ver Hands of Midas HUN Ha/Ver Hands of Midas Participating
[Awesome Fireants] EE [Awesome Fireants] Participating
Team Dota Hönsen EU Team Dota Hönsen Participating
BZH AT BZH Participating
Online Vision SK Online Vision Participating
Elite V SY Elite V Participating
Eis oder was für die Hoden DE Eis oder was für die Hoden Participating
Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Men UK Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Men Participating
Enclave Gaming GB Enclave Gaming Participating
We Love Cucumbers CZ We Love Cucumbers Participating
Elated e-Sports DE Elated e-Sports Participating
Let Us Dement GB Let Us Dement Participating
Decietful Ruselords DK Decietful Ruselords Participating
Banos Club SE Banos Club Participating
DangerTraktorTeam CH DangerTraktorTeam Participating
Mushroom Boys EU Mushroom Boys Participating
CyberSport Team BASS RU CyberSport Team BASS Participating
Family of Harmony DE Family of Harmony Participating
Just Trying CZ Just Trying Participating
Echo Foxes. CZ Echo Foxes. Participating
Onoarea nu se vinde RO Onoarea nu se vinde Participating
Royal Bandits TR Royal Bandits Participating
WeWannaWin Clan CZ WeWannaWin Clan Participating
I Fucked Goat Once CZ I Fucked Goat Once Participating
HaVer Iron Branches HUN HaVer Iron Branches Participating
Partizanai LT Partizanai Participating
The Potato Team PL The Potato Team Participating
HODOR -> BibleThump RO HODOR -> BibleThump Participating
Camp of Gods DE Camp of Gods Participating
Stacktir Git TR Stacktir Git Participating
Rebellion RU Rebellion Participating
CrowCrowd RU CrowCrowd Participating
Pro Gamers Of Destiny SE Pro Gamers Of Destiny Participating
Dank Souls DE Dank Souls Participating
Licence2Feed EU Licence2Feed Participating
High Ping Feeding DE High Ping Feeding Participating
Positive Mental Attitude FR Positive Mental Attitude Participating
Veno Splashers DE Veno Splashers Participating
The Awesome Hypersonic Potatoes DE The Awesome Hypersonic Potatoes Participating
Cat Time SE Cat Time Participating
Bäst i Byn SE Bäst i Byn Participating
Ran da an die Wanda! DE Ran da an die Wanda! Participating
RIP in Peace Harambe GB RIP in Peace Harambe Participating
Secret Of Victory EU Secret Of Victory Participating
Illyrian Elite AL Illyrian Elite Participating
Team Tiger NL Team Tiger Participating
Total Newbie Trash CZ Total Newbie Trash Participating
AwakeN TR AwakeN Participating
Ex Novo EU Ex Novo Participating
Gotta get that EU Gotta get that Participating
Stronk Players DK Stronk Players Participating
Enterwell EU Enterwell Participating
Low Prio Gaming EU Low Prio Gaming Participating
Broccoli - Healthy and Fun SE Broccoli - Healthy and Fun Participating
FeedEx Corporation DE FeedEx Corporation Participating
Nivalis DE Nivalis Participating
dissBOND Reborn PL dissBOND Reborn Participating
Team Greška RS Team Greška Participating
Mage eSports GB Mage eSports Participating
TheSaintZ IT TheSaintZ Participating
Cunt Licking is Tremendous GB Cunt Licking is Tremendous Participating
Bulldog Esports UK Bulldog Esports Participating
Jabroni Beating! DE Jabroni Beating! Participating
Reeempage ES Reeempage Participating
Proud to be Suryoyo DE Proud to be Suryoyo Participating
S A D B O Y S 2 0 1 5 ES S A D B O Y S 2 0 1 5 Participating
Tohuwabohu Gaming DE Tohuwabohu Gaming Participating
Pew Of Few SE Pew Of Few Participating
Donkey Squad DE Donkey Squad Participating
Mütze DE Mütze Participating
Монгол Боов MN Монгол Боов Participating
ToXiCaL Gaming DE ToXiCaL Gaming Participating
NaschVerein AT NaschVerein Participating
Dicey 5 SE Dicey 5 Participating
Regnum Deum DE Regnum Deum Participating
Little Jokes TR Little Jokes Participating
Face the North's GR Face the North's Participating
EEZEE+5 NL EEZEE+5 Participating
Tactical Riot Gaming gEHOME DE Tactical Riot Gaming gEHOME Participating
Team Instinct AT Team Instinct Participating
iQuit-Prime DE iQuit-Prime Participating
Team Bizeps DE Team Bizeps Participating
Team Fische DE Team Fische Participating
Enourmous Penis Company DE Enourmous Penis Company Participating
Autistic Five DE Autistic Five Participating
Passion Gaming DE Passion Gaming Participating
Mysterious Monkeys e.V. Team 2 DE Mysterious Monkeys e.V. Team 2 Participating
Volgende Generaite JO Volgende Generaite Participating LV Participating
Too Old PL Too Old Participating
Baltica Gaming PL Baltica Gaming Participating
Amistades Peligrosas ES Amistades Peligrosas Participating
Lily Amateur Gaming DE Lily Amateur Gaming Participating
Nos Sumus Fortes. RU Nos Sumus Fortes. Participating
Legacy of Harmony DE Legacy of Harmony Participating
RTZ BOYZ EU RTZ BOYZ Participating
Energy Piglets ZA Energy Piglets Participating
Ekipa Sa Lski RS Ekipa Sa Lski Participating
Team Moriarty RO Team Moriarty Participating
eXquisite.dota DE eXquisite.dota Participating
Only Gosu Can HUN Only Gosu Can Participating
Make skill Vision LV Make skill Vision Participating
OP-Gaming DE OP-Gaming Participating
Daddies With Benefits UA Daddies With Benefits Participating
Feeding Pros Reborn DE Feeding Pros Reborn Participating
Big Ears EU Big Ears Participating
Team Pyrolyse Enhanced DE Team Pyrolyse Enhanced Participating
Stoner+4 FI Stoner+4 Participating
Kaloi Paiktes GR Kaloi Paiktes Participating
Dotal~War DE Dotal~War Participating
Team Edvin SE Team Edvin Participating
~Team Spiritus~ DE ~Team Spiritus~ Participating
Norra Europas Dota-Sällskap SE Norra Europas Dota-Sällskap Participating
Team Nevermind DE Team Nevermind Participating
Oldman Doto EU Oldman Doto Participating
WinningTeam EU WinningTeam Participating
SoA Esport TR SoA Esport Participating
Tricks Are For Trades UK Tricks Are For Trades Participating
Raven G-Club SK Raven G-Club Participating
Team Full Davai ES Team Full Davai Participating
hindRance EU hindRance Participating
Swiss Quality Gaming CH Swiss Quality Gaming Participating
HerbatkaTeam PL HerbatkaTeam Participating
Trabzonspor AS TR Trabzonspor AS Participating
KappaRiders PL KappaRiders Participating
Hyperbole Gaming DE Hyperbole Gaming Participating
Ascend EU Ascend Participating
Reddit Power House EU Reddit Power House Participating
Kotl Noob SE Kotl Noob Participating
Teach me how to win CIS Teach me how to win Participating
Mokry Karton PL Mokry Karton Participating
Handtuch-Stack DE Handtuch-Stack Participating
Fresh Gaming DE Fresh Gaming Participating
Tanks-a-Lot GB Tanks-a-Lot Participating
Mumble Elite DK Mumble Elite Participating
Hero Tales EU Hero Tales Participating
BERET FI BERET Participating
UBT Gaming 1 DE UBT Gaming 1 Participating
Team Red DE Team Red Participating
Good Fellas TR Good Fellas Participating
TeamDieBack TR TeamDieBack Participating
Team Groy GB Team Groy Participating
Team Simplified EU Team Simplified Participating
Triple McRoshan with Cheese TR Triple McRoshan with Cheese Participating
Hijos De Putin ES Hijos De Putin Participating
Drakula SI Drakula Participating
aZas ES aZas Participating
WLGaming Dota GR WLGaming Dota Participating
Rozbíječi CZ Rozbíječi Participating
Team Raaz GR Team Raaz Participating
Fusion Gaming ZA Fusion Gaming Participating
Streckenweise akzeptabel gut DE Streckenweise akzeptabel gut Participating
Team of Ruski Man SE Team of Ruski Man Participating
Raccoons Imperial Pokerfaces GR Raccoons Imperial Pokerfaces Participating
Bo EG Bo Participating
Pour le Saucisson FR Pour le Saucisson Participating
ThunderThinkers DE ThunderThinkers Participating
Yolo Warriors MK Yolo Warriors Participating
OverAmuse ES OverAmuse Participating
FerkelWalTiger DE FerkelWalTiger Participating
Power Rangers ES Power Rangers Participating
Lasertag Is For Pussies DE Lasertag Is For Pussies Participating
First 2 Bomb TR First 2 Bomb Participating
Kappa Mates RO Kappa Mates Participating
Megalodon UK Megalodon Participating
Pit Lord DE Pit Lord Participating
lan-brains EU lan-brains Participating
Pruttfull SE Pruttfull Participating
AL Kappa Gaming DE AL Kappa Gaming Participating
Not Bad Pick PL Not Bad Pick Participating
brick squad DE brick squad Participating
Kaartin DotaKlubi FI Kaartin DotaKlubi Participating
The Ascendant TR The Ascendant Participating
Weedman Fanclub SE Weedman Fanclub Participating
Johnson's Cotton Buds UK Johnson's Cotton Buds Participating
Elarum LT Elarum Participating
whatATeam AT whatATeam Participating
Bananenbärchenbande DE Bananenbärchenbande Participating
Gametrick Esports HUN Gametrick Esports Participating
GGS FI GGS Participating
DOTAdos PT DOTAdos Participating
TheHorde LB TheHorde Participating
Ultimate Chaos Theory DE Ultimate Chaos Theory Participating
Wolves eSports FI Wolves eSports Participating
Cologne Gaming Nerds DE Cologne Gaming Nerds Participating
X-Gaming MK X-Gaming Participating
Know Your Enemy EU Know Your Enemy Participating
Terrific Chiefs DE Terrific Chiefs Participating
NecroRaisers.Digitor CZ NecroRaisers.Digitor Participating
Team Rocket PL Team Rocket Participating
Conviction Gaming KZ Conviction Gaming Participating
Core Players Reborn AL Core Players Reborn Participating
Low Priority Gaming DE Low Priority Gaming Participating
Nemini Parcetur DE Nemini Parcetur Participating
PureWhiteEkibi06 TR PureWhiteEkibi06 Participating
Just in Time TR Just in Time Participating
Team ExoduS TR Team ExoduS Participating
Esport Universität Bayreuth DE Esport Universität Bayreuth Participating
silkeborg SE silkeborg Participating
Smoking Aces AL Smoking Aces Participating
asd7 RU asd7 Participating
Bodybuilding Bears GB Bodybuilding Bears Participating
Look At It Go DE Look At It Go Participating
Team Naga FR Team Naga Participating
Mortifera HR Mortifera Participating
Team Minusnull DE Team Minusnull Participating
Team Paria NL Team Paria Participating
Kung fu Poe SE Kung fu Poe Participating
Good Guys TR Good Guys Participating
Team Next Generation EU Team Next Generation Participating DE Participating
 NoPizzaNoParty IT NoPizzaNoParty Participating
Omega Squad RU Omega Squad Participating
Wrong5 CZ Wrong5 Participating
Encoded Gaming 2 DE Encoded Gaming 2 Participating
Good Game UA Good Game Participating
D.P.W.Z. RU D.P.W.Z. Participating
myRisk Gaming e.V. EU myRisk Gaming e.V. Participating
The North Legion TR The North Legion Participating
carboN eSports ZA carboN eSports Participating
HATE TS DE HATE TS Participating
Encoded Gaming IV DE Encoded Gaming IV Participating
Camping your Ancient FR Camping your Ancient Participating
Super-Weicheischuppen Jr. Gang DE Super-Weicheischuppen Jr. Gang Participating
GreeNForest DE GreeNForest Participating
Bravado Emotion- ZA Bravado Emotion- Participating
Flying Algorithms DE Flying Algorithms Participating
PRo Tunisian Dota TN PRo Tunisian Dota Participating
Beast and Witches WORLD Beast and Witches Participating
Animals United RS Animals United Participating
The Swedgin Steamboats GB The Swedgin Steamboats Participating
Team WindGranger PL Team WindGranger Participating
esuka Butterfly DE esuka Butterfly Participating
Teil des Schiffs - Teil der Crew AT Teil des Schiffs - Teil der Crew Participating
Mega Creeps AL Mega Creeps Participating
No Effort Gaming SK No Effort Gaming Participating
Team Arcana TR Team Arcana Participating
Lovelies DE Lovelies Participating
The North SE The North Participating
Global Break JO Global Break Participating
Feed CZ Feed Participating
Best Team Name SI Best Team Name Participating
myidol TN myidol Participating
TerraCotta Army UK TerraCotta Army Participating
KnownFor EG KnownFor Participating
Olympus Descendants ES Olympus Descendants Participating
WhYNot TN WhYNot Participating
Yellow and Blue EU Yellow and Blue Participating
SuperNatural DZ SuperNatural Participating
Crafty Bastards UK Crafty Bastards Participating
Drink Vodka Win Dotka CH Drink Vodka Win Dotka Participating
4Wat UK 4Wat Participating
We Eat Tangoes GB We Eat Tangoes Participating
The 20th April RS The 20th April Participating
Team Kuna PL Team Kuna Participating
G003T FR G003T Participating
The Batya RU The Batya Participating
Sick Doto ME Sick Doto Participating
The Third Roshan TR The Third Roshan Participating
Might-and-Magic TR Might-and-Magic Participating
Sanguine Sharks EU Sanguine Sharks Participating
Lionghao RS Lionghao Participating
Swarm Squad IR Swarm Squad Participating
A$AP WORLD A$AP Participating
Al Capwne AT Al Capwne Participating
MercyGaming UK MercyGaming Participating
Dark Passage TR Dark Passage Participating
Sadystic Insane Killers IR Sadystic Insane Killers Participating
Encoded.Gaming DE Encoded.Gaming Participating
Ronesans SK TR Ronesans SK Participating
RSCN Gaming- TR RSCN Gaming- Participating
Team Ignis TR Team Ignis Participating
HL - Kung Fury HUN HL - Kung Fury Participating
KimsChaosCrew DE KimsChaosCrew Participating
Gusiki_Tangusiki UA Gusiki_Tangusiki Participating
Ashigaru UK Ashigaru Participating
The 3rd Attempt PL The 3rd Attempt Participating
Team Bearer TR Team Bearer Participating
Spass Konfi DE Spass Konfi Participating
FrenZii GB FrenZii Participating
Sexy Amateure DE Sexy Amateure Participating
JOKER crew CIS JOKER crew Participating
4KTrash CN 4KTrash Participating
Flipsid3 Algorithm ZA Flipsid3 Algorithm Participating
We kunnen Nyx NL We kunnen Nyx Participating
ASDF CA ASDF Participating
Vanguard IR Vanguard Participating
Kappa Knights TR Kappa Knights Participating
Arglistige Querulanten DE Arglistige Querulanten Participating
Valkyrie eSports. Magni ZA Valkyrie eSports. Magni Participating
Deuster Gaming DE Deuster Gaming Participating
Rock 'n' Rosh ES Rock 'n' Rosh Participating
Herrikolarioak ES Herrikolarioak Participating
hehe united BT hehe united Participating
Pornstar+4 DE Pornstar+4 Participating
4 Babysitters RS 4 Babysitters Participating
Just Natural RS Just Natural Participating
Enclave Gaming Requiem GB Enclave Gaming Requiem Participating
e-WAVE DE e-WAVE Participating
BxStreetBoys DE BxStreetBoys Participating
R.O.E IR R.O.E Participating
Hydra Gaming UK Hydra Gaming Participating
Piraterna SE Piraterna Participating
Team P3nopt DE Team P3nopt Participating
Hybird Layer TR Hybird Layer Participating
Mad Vikings SE Mad Vikings Participating
Eliality TeaM ES Eliality TeaM Participating
GameZone AL GameZone Participating
RivRivStyla TR RivRivStyla Participating
Freak Your Foes BA Freak Your Foes Participating
50 stripes of shima-pan DE 50 stripes of shima-pan Participating
Insanity Dota DE Insanity Dota Participating
Choosing a name NOOB PK Choosing a name NOOB Participating
Groovy Poonstars UK Groovy Poonstars Participating
One2Three4Seven DE One2Three4Seven Participating
We Has Minipiks DE We Has Minipiks Participating
Filthy Nasty Business TR Filthy Nasty Business Participating
Random Players Gaming A DE Random Players Gaming A Participating
Full Davai EU Full Davai Participating
E-LAB LB E-LAB Participating
Pack of the Alfa Wolves EU Pack of the Alfa Wolves Participating
Ha/Ver Divine Rapiers HUN Ha/Ver Divine Rapiers Participating
A Biddl? AT A Biddl? Participating
Bratwurst DE Bratwurst Participating
Brainpower Incoming DE Brainpower Incoming Participating
It's Just a Gank Bro UK It's Just a Gank Bro Participating
FLuffy Gangsters RU FLuffy Gangsters Participating
IntNubs CZ IntNubs Participating
Because We Can RU Because We Can Participating
de_nuke LV de_nuke Participating
Zenit IT Zenit Participating
4 Lerry Subs + 1 hater DE 4 Lerry Subs + 1 hater Participating
Hidden Secret SK Hidden Secret Participating
Big Butt Syndicate GB Big Butt Syndicate Participating
Jockel DE Jockel Participating
Operation-Feed DE Operation-Feed Participating
Happy Garbage DE Happy Garbage Participating
Komanda gospoda boga RU Komanda gospoda boga Participating
ShutDown EU ShutDown Participating
Peter Dinklage Fanclub EU Peter Dinklage Fanclub Participating
Council_ PL Council_ Participating
Austrian Depf Aussa AT Austrian Depf Aussa Participating
Peregrinus Gaming TR Peregrinus Gaming Participating
throw.incorporation PL throw.incorporation Participating
4Müllmänners1Müll DE 4Müllmänners1Müll Participating
GarbageChampsAbusers EU GarbageChampsAbusers Participating
Legends Reborn TR Legends Reborn Participating
ragemonkeys BY ragemonkeys Participating
Team Locus Sect TR Team Locus Sect Participating
Team Zero RS Team Zero Participating
Stray Dogs ES Stray Dogs Participating
No Reverse TR No Reverse Participating
Ahmet Abi & Belali Cetesi TR Ahmet Abi & Belali Cetesi Participating
I needed faith earlier DK I needed faith earlier Participating
Comanche RU Comanche Participating
Meepo Men UK Meepo Men Participating
Last try EU Last try Participating
Greggs eSports GB Greggs eSports Participating
dancing Ponies SK dancing Ponies Participating
Adorable GamerS CZ Adorable GamerS Participating
The Heartbreakers EU The Heartbreakers Participating
Derkmi's 4 AT Derkmi's 4 Participating
Team Discord PL Team Discord Participating
Recharged SE Recharged Participating
Vesmirne Goro SK Vesmirne Goro Participating
GayBoy Squad GB GayBoy Squad Participating
[B]azinga DE [B]azinga Participating
Erstmal Reinfahren DE Erstmal Reinfahren Participating
RiseofNoob TR RiseofNoob Participating
European Potatoes EU European Potatoes Participating
Simplete EU Simplete Participating
Little Bastards DE Little Bastards Participating
eWheatleans UK eWheatleans Participating
Angry Stags RO Angry Stags Participating
Team Deter UK Team Deter Participating
Helvetica Standard ES Helvetica Standard Participating
Infinity Wrestle TR Infinity Wrestle Participating
#Kjepp NO #Kjepp Participating
Team No Skill DE Team No Skill Participating
eco-warriors TR eco-warriors Participating
Happy Little Trees DE Happy Little Trees Participating
Vindicate FR Vindicate Participating
Queen and Knights DE Queen and Knights Participating
no!Sense RU no!Sense Participating
SharkBear Squad EU SharkBear Squad Participating
Rainbow Warriors DE Rainbow Warriors Participating
Instant Reflex UK Instant Reflex Participating
Elysium GR Elysium Participating
Unfaire Gegner DE Unfaire Gegner Participating
SpiSpiSpi RU SpiSpiSpi Participating
Harmonika Gajde Truba BA Harmonika Gajde Truba Participating
Midnight Brawlers DE Midnight Brawlers Participating
Sweet Honey Bees CZ Sweet Honey Bees Participating
Cyka På Köpet SE Cyka På Köpet Participating
dontforgettoaddateamname UK dontforgettoaddateamname Participating
Dota is Life DE Dota is Life Participating
Rat der Weisen DE Rat der Weisen Participating
SuperDotati! IT SuperDotati! Participating
Pink Commando Squad DE Pink Commando Squad Participating
ImpulZ DE ImpulZ Participating
Den Donge DK Den Donge Participating
Slarknado DE Slarknado Participating
Mad Python Gaming SK Mad Python Gaming Participating
Starve the world DK Starve the world Participating
BlackLotus DE BlackLotus Participating
Phenomenal Five EU Phenomenal Five Participating
normTeam RU normTeam Participating
VersusTeam JO VersusTeam Participating
RandomRaze TR RandomRaze Participating
Neptune EU Neptune Participating
IceCOLD TR IceCOLD Participating
Cool Story Bro PT Cool Story Bro Participating
MMR Assassins EU MMR Assassins Participating
Nuclear [S]trike PL Nuclear [S]trike Participating
Mem Makkin UK Mem Makkin Participating
APTGaming ES APTGaming Participating
Not Today Satan IE Not Today Satan Participating
Final Form IE Final Form Participating
Team Renegade EU Team Renegade Participating
Revenge for Bertram AT Revenge for Bertram Participating
Team DSYELCIX HR Team DSYELCIX Participating
The Immortal Wolves SK The Immortal Wolves Participating
Natus Perdet SE Natus Perdet Participating
Amphetamin Xpress EU Amphetamin Xpress Participating
Team Fox DZ Team Fox Participating
Invoker Studios JO Invoker Studios Participating
Daddy Cool TR Daddy Cool Participating
Trench Warfare EU Trench Warfare Participating
Ningen Zero Keikaku US Ningen Zero Keikaku Participating
Encoded Gaming 3 DE Encoded Gaming 3 Participating
KS Kommando HUN KS Kommando Participating
Leaky Motorcycle UK Leaky Motorcycle Participating
Five Bears TR Five Bears Participating
Team Lachs DE Team Lachs Participating
Team Royals DE Team Royals Participating
Don't Pick Lina UK Don't Pick Lina Participating
DreadFull Team TR DreadFull Team Participating
The Kappa Dynasty UK The Kappa Dynasty Participating
Empowerful EU Empowerful Participating
LifeStealers RU LifeStealers Participating
Kappa Keepo Kuppo Dotorino ^_^ SE Kappa Keepo Kuppo Dotorino ^_^ Participating
Pub Crawlers UK Pub Crawlers Participating
Rakkaudesta Teräkseen & Limuviinaan FI Rakkaudesta Teräkseen & Limuviinaan Participating
NoBrains IR NoBrains Participating
For The Horde IR For The Horde Participating
Komanda Papagáž CS Komanda Papagáž Participating
Hide from Light - Back Hackers HUN Hide from Light - Back Hackers Participating
Mango Gaming UK Mango Gaming Participating
Allied Nations UK Allied Nations Participating
Taugenichts Gaming DE Taugenichts Gaming Participating
Team Markable TR Team Markable Participating
A-Ritter Bergstraße DE A-Ritter Bergstraße Participating
RisingStars.iEX IT RisingStars.iEX Participating
W Kapeluszu przez Doto PL W Kapeluszu przez Doto Participating
Monkey Business AT Monkey Business Participating
la13 ES la13 Participating
solo FiGHteRS BY solo FiGHteRS Participating
Party Time DE Party Time Participating
Against All Rules RS Against All Rules Participating
Team Neuvbz EU Team Neuvbz Participating
Nice Jackals FI Nice Jackals Participating
Gentlemen's Gaming Club HR Gentlemen's Gaming Club Participating
4 People & Peeeeeter PL 4 People & Peeeeeter Participating
Phantom Lance Vance Dance UK Phantom Lance Vance Dance Participating
Watch Owl EU Watch Owl Participating
The Blazing Bananas NL The Blazing Bananas Participating
ShieldGaming PT ShieldGaming Participating
Gigalma Gaming EU Gigalma Gaming Participating
Amici Di Quadro IT Amici Di Quadro Participating
Elitist Plebs EU Elitist Plebs Participating
Gli Arpinidi IT Gli Arpinidi Participating
Bad meets Evil DE Bad meets Evil Participating
Team Ascension RU Team Ascension Participating
Topf voll Ott DE Topf voll Ott Participating
RangaSanga LB RangaSanga Participating
Hashitad NO Hashitad Participating
Four Shit Picks and a Shadow Shaman UK Four Shit Picks and a Shadow Shaman Participating
DefCon Doto DE DefCon Doto Participating
Best of imbeciles SE Best of imbeciles Participating
Echo Slam JO Echo Slam Participating
BrawlingForJeezus SE BrawlingForJeezus Participating
LaFlamme RU LaFlamme Participating
Team Disband FI Team Disband Participating
DotaToes SK DotaToes Participating
Ellon All Stars Reborn UK Ellon All Stars Reborn Participating
DX - Smash Thunderfist DE DX - Smash Thunderfist Participating
Niveus Phoenix CIS Niveus Phoenix Participating
Furious Five UK Furious Five Participating
TruePosos RU TruePosos Participating
Mythic gaming ZA Mythic gaming Participating
Smash That Pasty UK Smash That Pasty Participating