PLEASE NOTE: This is an older season of our league. We continuously add and improve functionality to our leagues, so some information and data visible in newer seasons might be inaccurate or missing in this one.

Signup incomplete (529)

TeamSignup status
Titan MY Titan Participating
Singing Wheels of Cheese MY Singing Wheels of Cheese Participating
Electrify SG Electrify Participating
Arrow Gaming MY Arrow Gaming Participating
Imminent Demise LK Imminent Demise Participating
DoTz Gaming. MY DoTz Gaming. Participating
We Puck'd Up AU We Puck'd Up Participating
Orange MY Orange Participating
Mint AU AU Mint AU Participating
Tantrum Gaming MY Tantrum Gaming Participating
TEAM SPY SG TEAM SPY Participating
inFAMOUS IN inFAMOUS Participating
The Big King ID The Big King Participating
Devils In Disguise PK Devils In Disguise Participating
zeRo-Limits x Zen Stacks MY zeRo-Limits x Zen Stacks Participating
-EnvY Gaming- PK -EnvY Gaming- Participating
Shallow Water Hippos AU Shallow Water Hippos Participating
AjiBalin ID AjiBalin Participating
Get Shrektd AU Get Shrektd Participating
Librarians AU Librarians Participating
Black-_- SG Black-_- Participating
SPROUT SG SPROUT Participating
The AsteriskB Experience Reborn SG The AsteriskB Experience Reborn Participating
Eris Gaming SG Eris Gaming Participating
Girl's Day SG Girl's Day Participating
Anonymous Gaming SG Anonymous Gaming Participating
Consensus Gaming PH Consensus Gaming Participating
Mis-direction MY Mis-direction Participating
Boo Khaki Kings AU Boo Khaki Kings Participating
Return of Kod Esports at Boi Gaming VN Return of Kod Esports at Boi Gaming Participating
A-HOPE MY A-HOPE Participating
K-Puff PH K-Puff Participating
Office Gaming ID Office Gaming Participating
HOI MY HOI Participating
Vadodara Five - O2 IN Vadodara Five - O2 Participating
tRicX ID tRicX Participating
Circle ID Circle Participating
You Chakma Bro ? BD You Chakma Bro ? Participating
Whatever you Want IN Whatever you Want Participating ID Participating
LiveAndLet ID LiveAndLet Participating
InVinCiBLe.Gaming MY InVinCiBLe.Gaming Participating
Arena BBC PH Arena BBC Participating
CORO REDz ID CORO REDz Participating
HUH Mad Teets SG HUH Mad Teets Participating
Elusive Horizon SG Elusive Horizon Participating
THE Expendables ID THE Expendables Participating
Cobra Unit PH Cobra Unit Participating
Dream Five ID ID Dream Five ID Participating
Wong|Ndeso ID Wong|Ndeso Participating
Dajjal E-Sport ID Dajjal E-Sport Participating
Team 6 BD Team 6 Participating
5 Malaysian Musketeers Reborn MY 5 Malaysian Musketeers Reborn Participating
Pandawa.5 ID Pandawa.5 Participating
Intelegentsia Ludum ID Intelegentsia Ludum Participating
Rex Regum Qeon ID Rex Regum Qeon Participating
Fifty9 MM Fifty9 Participating
MazzoLanK ID MazzoLanK Participating
the Forbidden Friendship ID the Forbidden Friendship Participating
Commanbo SG Commanbo Participating
No Jervokerson PH No Jervokerson Participating
Crit Happens IN Crit Happens Participating
Ontario Reign VN Ontario Reign Participating
Mean to an End PH Mean to an End Participating
Insidious Gaming MY Insidious Gaming Participating
EPIQ Gaming Team PH EPIQ Gaming Team Participating
Black Moral ID Black Moral Participating
Moyung ID Moyung Participating
$krux (Think Again) IN $krux (Think Again) Participating
Ninja Gankstars SG Ninja Gankstars Participating
LuShai Gaming WORLD LuShai Gaming Participating
Z-Extreme MY Z-Extreme Participating
dingdong ID dingdong Participating
Extra Level ID Extra Level Participating
Tom dan Jerry MY Tom dan Jerry Participating
Gseven MM Gseven Participating
Team Perfect IN Team Perfect Participating
Venoxic SG Venoxic Participating
Thane Gaming PH Thane Gaming Participating
NewBoys ID NewBoys Participating
Borneo Ninja MY Borneo Ninja Participating
1ManTeam PH 1ManTeam Participating
No Fear Gaming SG No Fear Gaming Participating
APEX Gaming SG APEX Gaming Participating
Team ABANDON MY Team ABANDON Participating
Mahameru.ID ID Mahameru.ID Participating
Divergence PH Divergence Participating
Cross The Line MY Cross The Line Participating
Loli-Moe Gaming SG Loli-Moe Gaming Participating
Spirit Gaming VN Spirit Gaming Participating
Invasion E-Sports MY Invasion E-Sports Participating
Crew Of Nakamas SG Crew Of Nakamas Participating
Pride Gamers MY Pride Gamers Participating
Venatuz PH Venatuz Participating
Army of Five MY Army of Five Participating
Dota Spirit SG Dota Spirit Participating
cat ninjas SG cat ninjas Participating
T4 Esports VN T4 Esports Participating
insidiousidol SG insidiousidol Participating
Pareidolia PH Pareidolia Participating
Team Banter AU Team Banter Participating
Mid or Feed BD Mid or Feed Participating
ThePrime.Arvore ID ThePrime.Arvore Participating
In Accipiter SG In Accipiter Participating
Lost Triangles SG Lost Triangles Participating
Crewunity SG Crewunity Participating
JanninaWeigel SG JanninaWeigel Participating
Bangladeshi Soldiers BD Bangladeshi Soldiers Participating
Necrosis SG Necrosis Participating
CmoK BD CmoK Participating
broo fist ID broo fist Participating
Shut Des* FUCKUP SG Shut Des* FUCKUP Participating
ToiKhongBiet VN ToiKhongBiet Participating
Tuttle Gaming SG Tuttle Gaming Participating
AggresiV SG AggresiV Participating
Phail Gaming AU Phail Gaming Participating
Fatal Decision PH Fatal Decision Participating
MyDear- ID MyDear- Participating
Team SynChronize SG Team SynChronize Participating
SomplaKerZ ID SomplaKerZ Participating
Happy Clockwerk Team A SG Happy Clockwerk Team A Participating
Uncrowned Kings PH Uncrowned Kings Participating
juju is GOD MY juju is GOD Participating
Kingdom SG Kingdom Participating
Only noob exist ID Only noob exist Participating
Crucifix SG Crucifix Participating
Creative PH Creative Participating
Right Click Nation PH Right Click Nation Participating
Brothers Of Borneo MY Brothers Of Borneo Participating
Stratos 5 PH Stratos 5 Participating
Nine organization ID Nine organization Participating
GameHouze PH GameHouze Participating
SKT SG SKT Participating
Kwatro.Kantos PH Kwatro.Kantos Participating
Team Rambo MY Team Rambo Participating
Salt n Pepper SG Salt n Pepper Participating
Nxton ID Nxton Participating
Andre Gaming ID Andre Gaming Participating
Novum Sanguis PH Novum Sanguis Participating
Skyred VN Skyred Participating
Victory or Nothing SG Victory or Nothing Participating ID Participating
Nismo Gaming MY Nismo Gaming Participating
Death Zone Players IR Death Zone Players Participating
Clan Ob TH Clan Ob Participating
Potatoes Potate! SG Potatoes Potate! Participating
SuperTipsyDotards MY SuperTipsyDotards Participating
Strange Gamers MY Strange Gamers Participating
6Spartans SG 6Spartans Participating
Ledion.Dota2 PH Ledion.Dota2 Participating
Bindygeeks D2 Team ID Bindygeeks D2 Team Participating
Shunts Gaming NZ Shunts Gaming Participating
Fun and Professionals ID Fun and Professionals Participating
taskieKONG Gaming PH taskieKONG Gaming Participating
Take My Allowance PH Take My Allowance Participating
EXPERT ID EXPERT Participating
DBTNL VN DBTNL Participating
Infinite Vermin SG Infinite Vermin Participating
Liberty Guild Community ID Liberty Guild Community Participating
ChineseDiscipline MY ChineseDiscipline Participating
X-Treme Oldmen 322 ID X-Treme Oldmen 322 Participating
DEJAVU.Net ID DEJAVU.Net Participating
House Targaryen SG House Targaryen Participating
Lucifers Kids LK Lucifers Kids Participating
too much RisK` AU too much RisK` Participating
Hollow Lounge PH Hollow Lounge Participating
Olympus-Pirates PH Olympus-Pirates Participating
EoT Gaming Hammer Team KR EoT Gaming Hammer Team Participating
Urban Legend SG Urban Legend Participating
Rise to Glory [Phoenix.Dota] SG Rise to Glory [Phoenix.Dota] Participating
WhiteFlagBear JP WhiteFlagBear Participating
Impact Gaming SG Impact Gaming Participating
Unio.Oxnature ID Unio.Oxnature Participating
Rush SG Rush Participating
Vivamus Orci ID Vivamus Orci Participating
Pacific Badboys PH Pacific Badboys Participating
Execration PH Execration Participating
2Be.Dota2 TH 2Be.Dota2 Participating
TeamDagger MY TeamDagger Participating
We Come , We Conquered SG We Come , We Conquered Participating
ez5stacks ID ez5stacks Participating
Defiance MY Defiance Participating
Awakening ID Awakening Participating
FATKIDinside PH FATKIDinside Participating
Tuk-Kae Gaming TH Tuk-Kae Gaming Participating
Deform Geniuses Reject ID Deform Geniuses Reject Participating
ROCK 100% TH ROCK 100% Participating
Ignis Nox PH Ignis Nox Participating
7SINS ID 7SINS Participating
Asgard Phenomenon ID Asgard Phenomenon Participating
VN4F VN VN4F Participating
Team Quantum Gaming ID Team Quantum Gaming Participating
Be Right Back AU Be Right Back Participating
Saitek PH Saitek Participating
Forgotten Legacy SG Forgotten Legacy Participating
Sick Gaming ID Sick Gaming Participating
Late Arrival SG Late Arrival Participating
Elite DG ID Elite DG Participating
#ThrowGameEveryday PH #ThrowGameEveryday Participating
dMx^cLan PH dMx^cLan Participating
Shoot the Moon PH Shoot the Moon Participating
Autumn Dragon ID Autumn Dragon Participating
Team Crown ID Team Crown Participating
Sampanthao Gaming ID Sampanthao Gaming Participating
Arx ID Arx Participating
Team RO9 Aces ID Team RO9 Aces Participating
5 In Queue KR 5 In Queue Participating
Raging Potatoes SG Raging Potatoes Participating
EXE MY EXE Participating
Division Of Paradise ID Division Of Paradise Participating
First Departure SG First Departure Participating
nomads MN nomads Participating
River_Side ID River_Side Participating
Awake Ft.LHH TH Awake Ft.LHH Participating
WinetGaming ID WinetGaming Participating
Cheesycake PH Cheesycake Participating
Worlds Best BD Worlds Best Participating
S.S Kiwis NZ S.S Kiwis Participating
From Zero ID From Zero Participating
Usahawan MY Usahawan Participating
Vita Mortis AU Vita Mortis Participating
Shanghai.Shomai PH Shanghai.Shomai Participating
For The Value SG For The Value Participating
M U F C PH M U F C Participating
Pilapala Flying Penguin Bomb SG Pilapala Flying Penguin Bomb Participating
Last Hit Madness NZ Last Hit Madness Participating
The Fire Phoenix ID The Fire Phoenix Participating
FullReversal SG FullReversal Participating
Perilous Gaming PK Perilous Gaming Participating
Akatsuki SG Akatsuki Participating
asdfasqw MY asdfasqw Participating
NEW ACE MY NEW ACE Participating
The Practical Juke PH The Practical Juke Participating
Walang Sangit ID Walang Sangit Participating
FEUST PH FEUST Participating
Euphenis Sama SG Euphenis Sama Participating
ATOMOS NZ ATOMOS Participating
GoodNightz MY GoodNightz Participating
T-Zone VN T-Zone Participating
Gumatika ID Gumatika Participating
5AngryMen IN 5AngryMen Participating
Voyage Gaming Inc ID Voyage Gaming Inc Participating
MeW IN MeW Participating
EXCEED SG EXCEED Participating
Destructor ID Destructor Participating
We Are The Psychos IN We Are The Psychos Participating
NurvE SG NurvE Participating
Kenfucius ID Kenfucius Participating
#Affinity SG #Affinity Participating
Genova'S SG Genova'S Participating
FCD_Borneo ID FCD_Borneo Participating
FiRSTLiGHT TH FiRSTLiGHT Participating
XI Devolve MY XI Devolve Participating
GoodGameWellPlayed PK GoodGameWellPlayed Participating
single Letter single Life AU single Letter single Life Participating
Lacrima Gombong Majesty CN Lacrima Gombong Majesty Participating
Legend will Rise VN Legend will Rise Participating
Perfect Gaming Indonesia ID Perfect Gaming Indonesia Participating
Love Sick VN Love Sick Participating
No Carry Gaming VN No Carry Gaming Participating
Inanitas Omnino ID Inanitas Omnino Participating
Team G.H.O.S.T SG Team G.H.O.S.T Participating
Acion Arena PH Acion Arena Participating
Fight For Cost PH Fight For Cost Participating
Nexuz.phil PH Nexuz.phil Participating
proArmy VN proArmy Participating
Team RevivaL BN Team RevivaL Participating
hermit clan SG hermit clan Participating
ArcanysGaming PH ArcanysGaming Participating
Team Charge ID Team Charge Participating
NeosLex.Second ID NeosLex.Second Participating
NightWish VN NightWish Participating
Erstwhile SG Erstwhile Participating
Gay Lord VN Gay Lord Participating
Tempest. MY Tempest. Participating
Erudite MY Erudite Participating
Smoke_ ID Smoke_ Participating
GOSS.MG PH GOSS.MG Participating
Zero Latitude ID Zero Latitude Participating
Ministry Of Defence ID Ministry Of Defence Participating
Renascentia.LanhokPC ID Renascentia.LanhokPC Participating
The Dota 2 Casuals SG The Dota 2 Casuals Participating
No Team Name WORLD No Team Name Participating
Onions Onions Everywhere VN Onions Onions Everywhere Participating
Space Coconut ID Space Coconut Participating
CT Gaming VN CT Gaming Participating
Team Howick NZ Team Howick Participating
No Small 9 Inches TH No Small 9 Inches Participating
Myst.G MM Myst.G Participating
Team Square VN Team Square Participating
~Good-Luck~ MY ~Good-Luck~ Participating
Narawich TH Narawich Participating
Cross The Red Line ID Cross The Red Line Participating
Juke.MY MY Juke.MY Participating
R3fr3SH IN R3fr3SH Participating
TiBiNus' Stack SG TiBiNus' Stack Participating
FDR ID FDR Participating
PNT.StarKids VN PNT.StarKids Participating
Always EMO.International BD Always EMO.International Participating
Artic Wind SG Artic Wind Participating
Luba.Gaming PH Luba.Gaming Participating
Organised MU Organised Participating
Un{!}Ty IN Un{!}Ty Participating
D.Will Allstar VN D.Will Allstar Participating
Dim Agey na Murgi Agey BD Dim Agey na Murgi Agey Participating
Sobra Kayo ID Sobra Kayo Participating
Peanut Butter Bread SG Peanut Butter Bread Participating
Fake Win Rate ID Fake Win Rate Participating
Radi Nava KR Radi Nava Participating
Click Gaming Indonesia ID Click Gaming Indonesia Participating
DragonBall VN DragonBall Participating
The Fraternity ID The Fraternity Participating
Reform SG Reform Participating
Meepo Warrior ID Meepo Warrior Participating
Don't Angry Got Owned by Nerd!! ID Don't Angry Got Owned by Nerd!! Participating
We The Five MY We The Five Participating
Team Amonto BD Team Amonto Participating
supercalifragilisticexpialidocious MY supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Participating
We're Navi The Fairy VN We're Navi The Fairy Participating
USoB ID USoB Participating
McRuiner ID McRuiner Participating
Hans Gaming ID Hans Gaming Participating
In Solidarity Gaming AU In Solidarity Gaming Participating
Invulnerable. ID Invulnerable. Participating
PoorBoy'z PH PoorBoy'z Participating
EatCake AU EatCake Participating
Tank in a Mall SG Tank in a Mall Participating
Scrub-Gaming MY Scrub-Gaming Participating
Artem Fabula ID Artem Fabula Participating
Dream.Think.Code ID Dream.Think.Code Participating
OnTarget VN OnTarget Participating
Duskbin MY Duskbin Participating
balakrishna IN balakrishna Participating
Can't Say Wips AU Can't Say Wips Participating
Team Nv AU Team Nv Participating
Fface Everything And Rise ID Fface Everything And Rise Participating
NextGenInvictus ID NextGenInvictus Participating
Go Easy Please! ID Go Easy Please! Participating
*Royal_Flush* SG *Royal_Flush* Participating
Shiba's Guard SG Shiba's Guard Participating
Rattata Gaming NZ Rattata Gaming Participating
eVaGaming eSports WORLD eVaGaming eSports Participating
First To Fourth ID First To Fourth Participating
Corner Crew PH Corner Crew Participating
EterniTy ID EterniTy Participating
Hex.personality* ID Hex.personality* Participating
Fish The Superman MY Fish The Superman Participating
The|Noob|Pwnage SG The|Noob|Pwnage Participating
ProSpeed.Int ID ProSpeed.Int Participating
Scrub Collaboration Club AU Scrub Collaboration Club Participating
Repellian ID Repellian Participating
High-Speed Gaming PH High-Speed Gaming Participating
TOAD Gamind ID TOAD Gamind Participating
Ban Be VN Ban Be Participating
With.Stand ID With.Stand Participating
pLatinum.OS ID pLatinum.OS Participating
Terashack Gaming PH Terashack Gaming Participating
Kepala Bana MY Kepala Bana Participating
The Kade LK The Kade Participating
RPL Tod ID RPL Tod Participating
overXtend SG overXtend Participating SG Participating
Midnight Madness SG Midnight Madness Participating
Aloha VN Aloha Participating
PhoeniX ESports ID PhoeniX ESports Participating
Magic Esports MY Magic Esports Participating
TheWorldisNothingWithoutBogart PH TheWorldisNothingWithoutBogart Participating
Night Shift ID Night Shift Participating
XQnet-Gaming ID XQnet-Gaming Participating
CS4LIFE MY CS4LIFE Participating
No 1 Knows TH No 1 Knows Participating
supp ID supp Participating
Stealth r us SG Stealth r us Participating
Smoke or Dagon MY Smoke or Dagon Participating
Special Stupid Story ID Special Stupid Story Participating
ShadowPlay BD ShadowPlay Participating
Lonely Gamer ID Lonely Gamer Participating
Shadow.Net ID Shadow.Net Participating
MrBamboo TH MrBamboo Participating
Drunken Monkey Gaming IN Drunken Monkey Gaming Participating
invinci`5 SG invinci`5 Participating
Never Try Never Know SG Never Try Never Know Participating
Leviathan Gaming IN Leviathan Gaming Participating
Lowslow TH Lowslow Participating
iL`Vincitore ID iL`Vincitore Participating
Team FiFty9 MM Team FiFty9 Participating
LYNX [SEA] ID LYNX [SEA] Participating
Super Intel Gaming ID Super Intel Gaming Participating
Apocalypse AU Apocalypse Participating
i will reconnect ID i will reconnect Participating
Klub Orang Ganteng ID Klub Orang Ganteng Participating
DauXanhRauMa VN DauXanhRauMa Participating
Crownless King ID Crownless King Participating
Prime, Our God AU Prime, Our God Participating
Big Deek ID Big Deek Participating
Assail SG Assail Participating
Eternity Verge MY Eternity Verge Participating
PlayWith ID PlayWith Participating
Silverpoint ID Silverpoint Participating
Integral Confusion ID Integral Confusion Participating
Verlassen ID Verlassen Participating
Another One VN Another One Participating
Dragon Warriors SG Dragon Warriors Participating
Elex Titan MY Elex Titan Participating
YouAreTheOne SG YouAreTheOne Participating
TradeMarkKills SG TradeMarkKills Participating
BoboLeoN AU BoboLeoN Participating
HeroicStars SG HeroicStars Participating
SUDA Boys AU SUDA Boys Participating
Naseon SG Naseon Participating
LowPriorityCommunity ID LowPriorityCommunity Participating
duhdun TH duhdun Participating
Love to Win Hate to Lose ID Love to Win Hate to Lose Participating
Black VN Black Participating
Eleven VN Eleven Participating
Black Edition Gaming. ID Black Edition Gaming. Participating
ImpreZa 2015 SG ImpreZa 2015 Participating
Coronae Australis AU Coronae Australis Participating
Malik & Mishra SG Malik & Mishra Participating
Take'EmFive VN Take'EmFive Participating
The Postmen AU The Postmen Participating
Extra-mm MM Extra-mm Participating
KewlSunGlassez AU KewlSunGlassez Participating
Elite Squad Gaming ID Elite Squad Gaming Participating
Cool South African Kids AU Cool South African Kids Participating
Team CnerG IN Team CnerG Participating
Malayan Sun Bear TH Malayan Sun Bear Participating
Team Scimitar AU Team Scimitar Participating
Kuroko No Doto IN Kuroko No Doto Participating
Future Gaming ID Future Gaming Participating
LegacY ID LegacY Participating
Yadhu's ego BT Yadhu's ego Participating
Revolution ID Revolution Participating
TheCampin'Crew SG TheCampin'Crew Participating
Team TFX ID Team TFX Participating
Good Dota AU Good Dota Participating
Anti-Mainstream ID Anti-Mainstream Participating
Digital Venomous ID Digital Venomous Participating
Sammyboyforum SG Sammyboyforum Participating
After Life X ID After Life X Participating
It's My Pleasure PH It's My Pleasure Participating
Green Hats PH Green Hats Participating
X-Site TH X-Site Participating
vPUCKu IN vPUCKu Participating
GOPE ID GOPE Participating
Team Calm PH Team Calm Participating
Team HAHAHA SG Team HAHAHA Participating
The Waterbottles MY The Waterbottles Participating
Woei + 4 MY Woei + 4 Participating
PARKSIDE gaming PH PARKSIDE gaming Participating
Pantheon- SG Pantheon- Participating
Butterfly With Single Wing ID Butterfly With Single Wing Participating
Space Created SG Space Created Participating
2hev-e AU 2hev-e Participating
OneSense- ID OneSense- Participating
Gairah Malam ID Gairah Malam Participating
Prima Racing Team ID Prima Racing Team Participating
Cruxifixion SG Cruxifixion Participating
Extra-MM MM Extra-MM Participating
Mithril PK Mithril Participating
Freekills SG Freekills Participating
Fapfap5 SG Fapfap5 Participating
SMokingDead VN SMokingDead Participating
Noypi Solstice PH Noypi Solstice Participating
The Lodar Gang IN The Lodar Gang Participating
Void BD Void Participating
X2 Gaming ID X2 Gaming Participating
Godz|Pro*army ID Godz|Pro*army Participating
Vikings ID Vikings Participating
octagon ID octagon Participating
ok?OKAY SG ok?OKAY Participating
Volan Turtures ID Volan Turtures Participating
Mineski.Dota2 PH Mineski.Dota2 Participating
Horse Pussy Incorporated WORLD Horse Pussy Incorporated Participating
+2 AU +2 Participating
Demented.PH PH Demented.PH Participating
Coerce.Dota2 PH Coerce.Dota2 Participating
In Your Dream MY In Your Dream Participating
Surgeon of death PH Surgeon of death Participating
MONSTER Banget Men!! ID MONSTER Banget Men!! Participating
Symphony Of Fail ID Symphony Of Fail Participating
ABAM MY ABAM Participating
2014 ID 2014 Participating
Tyrius Gaming MY Tyrius Gaming Participating
Anonymous[?] MY Anonymous[?] Participating
Dream UZU PH Dream UZU Participating
Defeat Is Not an Option ID Defeat Is Not an Option Participating
Defy The Meta IN Defy The Meta Participating
Dream Team XD IN Dream Team XD Participating
Severe MY Severe Participating
HoLy Mangoes VN HoLy Mangoes Participating
Budak Kampung MY Budak Kampung Participating
Full Metal Society IN Full Metal Society Participating
Evil Lemonades ID Evil Lemonades Participating
LS.gosu VN LS.gosu Participating
Tatti IN Tatti Participating
Havoc AU Havoc Participating
Beer Bintang ID Beer Bintang Participating
Team Carbon IN Team Carbon Participating
Noobs must die PK Noobs must die Participating
G0d Gave Talent MU G0d Gave Talent Participating
Dota Wong Fei Hung ID Dota Wong Fei Hung Participating
Paanch Panauti IN Paanch Panauti Participating
Sun`Shy MY Sun`Shy Participating
the BOSS SG the BOSS Participating
Targaryen ID Targaryen Participating
Edmar The Gatus Gaming PH Edmar The Gatus Gaming Participating
Mewatis IN Mewatis Participating
NetoRare ID NetoRare Participating
MON MY MON Participating