jDL AM #9: Participants

PLEASE NOTE: This is an older season of our league. We continuously add and improve functionality to our leagues, so some information and data visible in newer seasons might be inaccurate or missing in this one.

Signup incomplete (430)

TeamSignup status
Team Dilecom PE Team Dilecom Participating
Team Renegades US Team Renegades Participating
Infamous Gaming PE Infamous Gaming Participating
Team SeaSlug BR Team SeaSlug Participating
koKOBOP PE koKOBOP Participating
Vicios Pro BR Vicios Pro Participating
Jorge Solo Quiere Amigos MX Jorge Solo Quiere Amigos Participating
TeLa eSports PE TeLa eSports Participating
GoForBroke BR GoForBroke Participating
Encore E-sports BR Encore E-sports Participating
Geofisica Gaming AQP PY Geofisica Gaming AQP Participating
Farm Machines US Farm Machines Participating
World's End US World's End Participating
How Do You Kill That Which Has No Life US How Do You Kill That Which Has No Life Participating
Inverse Datong CN Inverse Datong Participating
Tendies Esports Club US Tendies Esports Club Participating
Sad Gaming BR Sad Gaming Participating
Space Monkeys EC Space Monkeys Participating
Gorgonites GaminG BO Gorgonites GaminG Participating
New Try UY New Try Participating
PIS PE PIS Participating
Volta7 Int US Volta7 Int Participating
Skyler Gaming CL Skyler Gaming Participating
Kualock Gaming AR Kualock Gaming Participating
Los Sign PE Los Sign Participating
Rocko Sport Gamin' PE Rocko Sport Gamin' Participating
SyScom phoenix MN SyScom phoenix Participating
Thunder Awaken PE Thunder Awaken Participating
Wonder Weasels US Wonder Weasels Participating
Team Zenith PE Team Zenith Participating
Away From Keyboard BO Away From Keyboard Participating
Continuum|eSports US Continuum|eSports Participating
Pilots PE Pilots Participating
Hawk Leaders PE Hawk Leaders Participating
Octuturu~ Core BR Octuturu~ Core Participating
Godai Water BR Godai Water Participating
4wards+1sentry BO 4wards+1sentry Participating
Dream Big US Dream Big Participating
Strick Gaming PE Strick Gaming Participating
FlatLine eSport CA FlatLine eSport Participating
Fox US Fox Participating
WitchDoctorGG US WitchDoctorGG Participating
tilt = lose US tilt = lose Participating
Dier Gaming CL Dier Gaming Participating
BootyPlunderers US BootyPlunderers Participating
Faded US Faded Participating
Piru do Ronaldinho! BR Piru do Ronaldinho! Participating
No Tenemos Sponsor PE No Tenemos Sponsor Participating
Gosu Gamers EC Gosu Gamers Participating
Equipo Solido AR Equipo Solido Participating
Codex Gigas PE Codex Gigas Participating
Lost All Day US Lost All Day Participating
Elus1ve US Elus1ve Participating
Surdos Gaming BR Surdos Gaming Participating
The-KiLLeRs AR The-KiLLeRs Participating
NvR PE NvR Participating
Queen Anne´s Revenge EC Queen Anne´s Revenge Participating
Heed The Call BR Heed The Call Participating
Viva Extra PE Viva Extra Participating
Luxizito Net Gaming PE Luxizito Net Gaming Participating
~Team MSR~ PE ~Team MSR~ Participating
Team AR Team Participating
Young Gaming CA Young Gaming Participating
Team 0s HN Team 0s Participating
Xuper Dinasty PE Xuper Dinasty Participating
Team Pikachuuu US Team Pikachuuu Participating
Private Games Brasil BR Private Games Brasil Participating
Fiercy deity CL Fiercy deity Participating
Katari Gaming PE Katari Gaming Participating
Drive Alone PE Drive Alone Participating
GG Force CyberPro PE GG Force CyberPro Participating
Komdrak Gaming PE Komdrak Gaming Participating
Coitus Interruptus PE Coitus Interruptus Participating
Don´t Panic PE Don´t Panic Participating
Teamerino Caterino EC Teamerino Caterino Participating
Tempest US Tempest Participating
Nova Prospekt Club CL Nova Prospekt Club Participating
ImpcT Gaming BR ImpcT Gaming Participating
Appa Carries Us US Appa Carries Us Participating
Nova Prospekt Young CL Nova Prospekt Young Participating
NEW START! PE NEW START! Participating
Fire Starter CA Fire Starter Participating
No Perrito PE No Perrito Participating
ZeroTears PE ZeroTears Participating
Vicimus-Gaming CL Vicimus-Gaming Participating
boreal gaming CA boreal gaming Participating
xd gamers US xd gamers Participating
Ex Humans Vertex MX Ex Humans Vertex Participating
LaNs Gaming PE LaNs Gaming Participating
OldSchool PE OldSchool Participating
Virtual Dreaming EC Virtual Dreaming Participating
Team Black Nao PE Team Black Nao Participating
NoT.Penguins PE NoT.Penguins Participating
Off.STATS EC Off.STATS Participating
DuckTales CA DuckTales Participating
Dream Crusher PE Dream Crusher Participating
1004 AR 1004 Participating
Rivals and Virtuals Enemy PE Rivals and Virtuals Enemy Participating
New-System| PE New-System| Participating
Roove Gaming BR Roove Gaming Participating
Lima Five Peru PE Lima Five Peru Participating
Pichau Arena BR Pichau Arena Participating
Crying is Free BR Crying is Free Participating
Shark + 4 PE Shark + 4 Participating
LaFrontera BO LaFrontera Participating
The Nest BR The Nest Participating
Evil Mind's PE Evil Mind's Participating
Ataud Risueño EC Ataud Risueño Participating
Piratas Da Noite BR Piratas Da Noite Participating
Whispering Death PE Whispering Death Participating
Sex In Atlantis PE Sex In Atlantis Participating
Improper Neutralization US Improper Neutralization Participating
SwaG BoyS EC SwaG BoyS Participating
Los Mas Turbo PE Los Mas Turbo Participating
Revolution E-Sport Gaming PE Revolution E-Sport Gaming Participating
Esphere US Esphere Participating
Resilience CA Resilience Participating
Team MEGA BR Team MEGA Participating
Mucio Rei do Trabuco BR Mucio Rei do Trabuco Participating
Illuminati Gaming. PE Illuminati Gaming. Participating
"Andes_Gaming" EC "Andes_Gaming" Participating
Pol Vazzo Gaming EC Pol Vazzo Gaming Participating
Exile Esports US Exile Esports Participating
Team Olimpo PE Team Olimpo Participating
Upfight PE Upfight Participating
Sufridos Gaming PE Sufridos Gaming Participating
Latin` Sport PE Latin` Sport Participating
Game Sense Boys US Game Sense Boys Participating
Exiled VE Exiled Participating
SMART Gaming EC SMART Gaming Participating
Walking Feed PE Walking Feed Participating
Farm for Fame EC Farm for Fame Participating
Operation Kino BR Operation Kino Participating
Kawaii desu nee CL Kawaii desu nee Participating
13 Mana boys AR 13 Mana boys Participating
SuperDoraemon PE SuperDoraemon Participating
DarududuSandstorm US DarududuSandstorm Participating
Fury Esports PE Fury Esports Participating
URK E-Sports PE URK E-Sports Participating
Saitama Boys PE Saitama Boys Participating
Found New Friends US Found New Friends Participating
Team Innova! BR Team Innova! Participating
Mad Monkeys CL Mad Monkeys Participating
Lan Center Gigabits PE Lan Center Gigabits Participating
Whiskey Business US Whiskey Business Participating
Golden 3lements Gaming UY Golden 3lements Gaming Participating
NaCl Club CA NaCl Club Participating
La Cruzada Escarlata EC La Cruzada Escarlata Participating
Challenge Team BR Challenge Team Participating
The Chiken Brothers PE The Chiken Brothers Participating
Holy Bomb UY Holy Bomb Participating
Los Alfalfa PE Los Alfalfa Participating
Tumbenosipueden PE Tumbenosipueden Participating
DoomsDay EC DoomsDay Participating
KappaPrideCool Boys US KappaPrideCool Boys Participating
Synergy Storm Gaming CL Synergy Storm Gaming Participating
Knights Fighters PE Knights Fighters Participating
Fun Vegetables CA Fun Vegetables Participating
Dagrão Puro Purinho Purinhozinho BR Dagrão Puro Purinho Purinhozinho Participating
Below Job PH Below Job Participating
Osu Team AR Osu Team Participating
Team Feeder EC Team Feeder Participating
|EtS| Team BR |EtS| Team Participating
NoTidehunter PE NoTidehunter Participating
Ty Nuzhen Mnye PE Ty Nuzhen Mnye Participating
Mirana is Pick PE Mirana is Pick Participating
Takejadores Takejantes BR Takejadores Takejantes Participating
Welcome To The Friendzone US Welcome To The Friendzone Participating
Wolf Gaming PE Wolf Gaming Participating
Flama Vizz CL Flama Vizz Participating
7 Squadron Reborn PE 7 Squadron Reborn Participating
Trash Team CL Trash Team Participating
Laruta y su Chela PE Laruta y su Chela Participating
Perfectionvore VE Perfectionvore Participating
People gaming PE People gaming Participating
outOffmind EC outOffmind Participating
Team Blade EC Team Blade Participating
Monster Pc Gaming PE Monster Pc Gaming Participating
The Uncle Roshan PE The Uncle Roshan Participating
Team Gorilla EC Team Gorilla Participating
Mastodon eSports US Mastodon eSports Participating
Equitatives CL Equitatives Participating
Classic Joker ID Classic Joker Participating
Espiritu de Lucha PE Espiritu de Lucha Participating
podval NAGAS CA podval NAGAS Participating
Team Phoenyx PE Team Phoenyx Participating
Team SENSEi CO Team SENSEi Participating
Lime Tixo CE BR Lime Tixo CE Participating
Berserkerz US Berserkerz Participating
Caleta Imba AR Caleta Imba Participating
Team OvP CO Team OvP Participating
Blank US Blank Participating
TongFu North America US TongFu North America Participating
Peruvians Reborn PE Peruvians Reborn Participating
Kaizer Chiefz BR Kaizer Chiefz Participating
Free.GamerSs PE Free.GamerSs Participating
oPd US oPd Participating
EveryDay Heroes US EveryDay Heroes Participating
Worst Generation CA Worst Generation Participating
Team Loud Reborn PE Team Loud Reborn Participating
Ryuseiken EC Ryuseiken Participating
Kingsurf EC EC Kingsurf EC Participating
Th3 Brotherhood US Th3 Brotherhood Participating
Borns 2 Fight PE Borns 2 Fight Participating
TLC PE TLC Participating
Super Smashed Bros US Super Smashed Bros Participating
Va JugaR AR Va JugaR Participating
Wheel US Wheel Participating
Soid CL Soid Participating
Mask of Badness US Mask of Badness Participating
Walkerz BR Walkerz Participating
Thunder Breakers WORLD Thunder Breakers Participating
NewTeam322 PE NewTeam322 Participating
Oedipus and the Mother Lovers US Oedipus and the Mother Lovers Participating
T34M CR4F7Y US T34M CR4F7Y Participating
Run Forrest Team AR Run Forrest Team Participating
TuSuxaMae WORLD TuSuxaMae Participating
4Noobs + 1Kid PE 4Noobs + 1Kid Participating
SadBoys.com BR SadBoys.com Participating
Escritorio Gaming AR Escritorio Gaming Participating
DaRk KnIgHt BrOtHeRHooD US DaRk KnIgHt BrOtHeRHooD Participating
New Rome US New Rome Participating
Los Amigos del Amigo EC Los Amigos del Amigo Participating
Nameless PE Nameless Participating
Chori con Chimi AR Chori con Chimi Participating
Asian Beavers US Asian Beavers Participating
Just Two Guys US Just Two Guys Participating
Cleavage Gaming US Cleavage Gaming Participating
Lonelyboyz US Lonelyboyz Participating
Thunder Cats US Thunder Cats Participating
eQuinoX'Sport'cL CL eQuinoX'Sport'cL Participating
FireGamers BR FireGamers Participating
Dota Life BO Dota Life Participating
Devoratrix King PE Devoratrix King Participating
Días De Gloria CO Días De Gloria Participating
Ptm+4 EC Ptm+4 Participating
Bananas Rancias AR Bananas Rancias Participating
Mouse in Hands BR Mouse in Hands Participating
StarTXGamers BR StarTXGamers Participating
Dota Stone PE Dota Stone Participating
17%BASH CA 17%BASH Participating
Hell Boys Team PE Hell Boys Team Participating
EMPOW4 CA EMPOW4 Participating
Grazie Zeus BR Grazie Zeus Participating
Planet Hype US Planet Hype Participating
DotA Zen US DotA Zen Participating
Volcania Gaming PE Volcania Gaming Participating
Sunset Gaming PE Sunset Gaming Participating
Spart4N Squad BR Spart4N Squad Participating
Silent Badgers UY Silent Badgers Participating
Ice Wolf Gaming AR Ice Wolf Gaming Participating
Silencio Stun & GG EC Silencio Stun & GG Participating
Semper ahead PE Semper ahead Participating
Ikarus eSports AR Ikarus eSports Participating
Audacity MX Audacity Participating
True Fiendz US True Fiendz Participating
Vacation Dampeer US Vacation Dampeer Participating
No'Team PE No'Team Participating
Glazed Gaming US Glazed Gaming Participating
Stop Diving Tier 3 US Stop Diving Tier 3 Participating
Deviant Odds US Deviant Odds Participating
Team Tomatoes US Team Tomatoes Participating
Para Matar Rejeitados BR Para Matar Rejeitados Participating
Cuy y sus amigos PE Cuy y sus amigos Participating
Ancestral Titans BO Ancestral Titans Participating
Shadows Warrior PE Shadows Warrior Participating
Lord Of Dead PE Lord Of Dead Participating
Go 4 Gold US Go 4 Gold Participating
Squid Squad US Squid Squad Participating
ALV impacto PE ALV impacto Participating
Unbound BR Unbound Participating
AegisNCheese US AegisNCheese Participating
Rampage! City US Rampage! City Participating
Dedos Detonantes BR Dedos Detonantes Participating
Unreasonable Ownage CL Unreasonable Ownage Participating
The Omnipotent Overlords US The Omnipotent Overlords Participating
Reality Landslide US Reality Landslide Participating
Guekk's.pro MX Guekk's.pro Participating
TheBusinessGaming US TheBusinessGaming Participating
TatuFlexBrotheer BR TatuFlexBrotheer Participating
Dream.Warriors PE Dream.Warriors Participating
NoUR Gaming US NoUR Gaming Participating
Nullve PE Nullve Participating
BBQ BOIS US BBQ BOIS Participating
Noble eSports US Noble eSports Participating
TEAM TECHIES 6.85 PE TEAM TECHIES 6.85 Participating
TunakTunak CL TunakTunak Participating
Musuq Aqu PE Musuq Aqu Participating
AmazorGamingHco PE AmazorGamingHco Participating
AggroSupply US AggroSupply Participating
ARK US ARK Participating
The Sad Boys Force PE The Sad Boys Force Participating
Wanker Squad US Wanker Squad Participating
GordonRamsay US GordonRamsay Participating
Enlace Gaming PE Enlace Gaming Participating
Team ASDF ID Team ASDF Participating
ExorcistS! PE ExorcistS! Participating
STA US STA Participating
Fault Tolerant US Fault Tolerant Participating
Nanaue US Nanaue Participating
JackyTards US JackyTards Participating
Fight For Fun EC Fight For Fun Participating
Nightmare E-sports BR Nightmare E-sports Participating
Watermelon Delight US Watermelon Delight Participating
XxX_420N0SC0P3_XxX US XxX_420N0SC0P3_XxX Participating
Get Vengeance PE Get Vengeance Participating
GT Gentleman's Club US GT Gentleman's Club Participating
Furia XYZ AR Furia XYZ Participating
MetalMat Rejects BR MetalMat Rejects Participating
1K Kings CL 1K Kings Participating
Vigor.FT US Vigor.FT Participating
Area 51 Gaming PE Area 51 Gaming Participating
Earth Spirit Picker + 4 US Earth Spirit Picker + 4 Participating
Manistee Marauders US Manistee Marauders Participating
San German Rejects PE San German Rejects Participating
Shoutbox BR Shoutbox Participating
Night Inside PE Night Inside Participating
Thug Life BO Thug Life Participating
Garenudo BR Garenudo Participating
Vivo Fibra Keyd Stars BR Vivo Fibra Keyd Stars Participating
Team Renegade Semi Pro US Team Renegade Semi Pro Participating
PogChimps US PogChimps Participating
TeamZudokato AR TeamZudokato Participating
TWS AR TWS Participating
Forsaken Skills PA Forsaken Skills Participating
K Five BR K Five Participating
Aggies US Aggies Participating
Kye Gaming Brasil BR Kye Gaming Brasil Participating
2k Gaming PE 2k Gaming Participating
Gambatte PE Gambatte Participating
NotLikeThisGuys US NotLikeThisGuys Participating
Ignite e-Sports BR Ignite e-Sports Participating
Team ACME CA Team ACME Participating
The Dank$treetBoyz US The Dank$treetBoyz Participating
Chitoge WORLD Chitoge Participating
Tinker de refresher BR Tinker de refresher Participating
TaHLento Gaming BR TaHLento Gaming Participating
iceCream e-Sports MX iceCream e-Sports Participating
The Next Level PE The Next Level Participating
fly+responsibly PE fly+responsibly Participating
5 Fruits US 5 Fruits Participating
Taboo Charming Mother PE Taboo Charming Mother Participating
Noysi Killers EC Noysi Killers Participating
Archangels of the Night BR Archangels of the Night Participating
Nea US Nea Participating
South Ukrainian Corgi Klan US South Ukrainian Corgi Klan Participating
StoiK Gaming US StoiK Gaming Participating
Team Fenix Ec EC Team Fenix Ec Participating
Vitality Gaming PE Vitality Gaming Participating
No Game No Life AR No Game No Life Participating
No Pain No Pizza BR No Pain No Pizza Participating
TeamMACHACHIboys!! EC TeamMACHACHIboys!! Participating
Team Overload EC Team Overload Participating
Mad Gamers PE Mad Gamers Participating
Epic Zone Gaming EC Epic Zone Gaming Participating
AiYa! CN AiYa! Participating
Kami Gaming PE Kami Gaming Participating
Scrub Tier Domination US Scrub Tier Domination Participating
Ed Edd and Ex Dee US Ed Edd and Ex Dee Participating
Guns N' Rage EC Guns N' Rage Participating
Legend_Ec EC Legend_Ec Participating
Los Mijines EC Los Mijines Participating
LanCenter EziNeT PE LanCenter EziNeT Participating
Instinct.ec EC Instinct.ec Participating
Dreamerino Teamerino PE Dreamerino Teamerino Participating
Iquitos Gaming PE Iquitos Gaming Participating
Wats Up? CA Wats Up? Participating
Drunks Crew PE Drunks Crew Participating
Dark Seiya Gaming PE Dark Seiya Gaming Participating
SiMiOyis? MX SiMiOyis? Participating
Dream Coil EC Dream Coil Participating
Don't Push CA Don't Push Participating
Fun People AR Fun People Participating
LVP.Phoenix US LVP.Phoenix Participating
TNTg e-Sports BR TNTg e-Sports Participating
Xedão + 4 BR Xedão + 4 Participating
The legend of meepo PE The legend of meepo Participating
Team Unlogic BR Team Unlogic Participating
EVILUS EC EVILUS Participating
Hooligans PE Hooligans Participating
Digital Warriors EC Digital Warriors Participating
GG Force CyberPro PE GG Force CyberPro Participating
Isurus Gaming HyperX AR Isurus Gaming HyperX Participating
team jazz PE team jazz Participating
MKW FIVE PE MKW FIVE Participating
Blackened 667 AR Blackened 667 Participating
No mercy Gaming PE No mercy Gaming Participating
Dirty Game e-Sports AR Dirty Game e-Sports Participating
LosWeonesGalacticos AR LosWeonesGalacticos Participating
No Windrunner AR No Windrunner Participating
Black Cats Gamer PE Black Cats Gamer Participating
KeepTheDreamAlive CO KeepTheDreamAlive Participating
Team Slam Dunk US Team Slam Dunk Participating
No Meepo Plserino US No Meepo Plserino Participating
We Make Bad Decisions US We Make Bad Decisions Participating
VirusBR BR VirusBR Participating
Argost Gaming PE Argost Gaming Participating
Not a Rabbit US Not a Rabbit Participating
Asasiyun BR Asasiyun Participating
The Jockers EC The Jockers Participating
ShadowFriends US ShadowFriends Participating
RaT Attack Team PE RaT Attack Team Participating
Monkey Maker Kings PE Monkey Maker Kings Participating
Stray Bul1ets PE Stray Bul1ets Participating
Team DoLaN SV Team DoLaN Participating
Original Gaming WORLD Original Gaming Participating
Creepy Friends PE Creepy Friends Participating
Unforgiven UY Unforgiven Participating
Breakfast of Champions US Breakfast of Champions Participating
iNtimidation Gaming MX iNtimidation Gaming Participating
Illuminati.EC EC Illuminati.EC Participating
Reload Gaming EC Reload Gaming Participating
Not Your Ex Wife BR Not Your Ex Wife Participating
Kappaccino US Kappaccino Participating
Bersekers EC Bersekers Participating