jDL AM #8: Participants

PLEASE NOTE: This is an older season of our league. We continuously add and improve functionality to our leagues, so some information and data visible in newer seasons might be inaccurate or missing in this one.

Signup incomplete (405)

TeamSignup status
Lonelyboyz US Lonelyboyz Participating
paiN Gaming BR paiN Gaming Participating
Isurus Gaming HyperX AR Isurus Gaming HyperX Participating
Team Innova! BR Team Innova! Participating
Geofisica Gaming AQP PY Geofisica Gaming AQP Participating
The No Import US The No Import Participating
Vicios Pro BR Vicios Pro Participating
The Sons of Victory US The Sons of Victory Participating
Planet Hype US Planet Hype Participating
Codex Gigas PE Codex Gigas Participating
Skyler Gaming CL Skyler Gaming Participating
Ratas Calatas PE Ratas Calatas Participating
~Team MSR~ PE ~Team MSR~ Participating
Knights Fighters PE Knights Fighters Participating
Cotocos Doteiros BR Cotocos Doteiros Participating
Esphere US Esphere Participating
Private Games Brasil BR Private Games Brasil Participating
Kings of Harem PE Kings of Harem Participating
PIS PE PIS Participating
Team SeaSlug BR Team SeaSlug Participating
No Fear Dota US No Fear Dota Participating
You Died For Science BR You Died For Science Participating
Faded Kings US Faded Kings Participating
NEW START! PE NEW START! Participating
Gosu Gamers EC Gosu Gamers Participating
Wonder Weasels US Wonder Weasels Participating
Team Vigor US Team Vigor Participating
TeLa eSports PE TeLa eSports Participating
Below Job PH Below Job Participating
Underdog UY Underdog Participating
HakuNET PE HakuNET Participating
NewTeam322 PE NewTeam322 Participating
World's End US World's End Participating
Kawaii Gaming UY Kawaii Gaming Participating
TryHard.Ec EC TryHard.Ec Participating
Space Monkeys EC Space Monkeys Participating
SoulRaiders PE SoulRaiders Participating
Lima Five Peru PE Lima Five Peru Participating
Ryuseiken EC Ryuseiken Participating
Dream Big US Dream Big Participating
Eight Bit Dota US Eight Bit Dota Participating
Tumbenosipueden PE Tumbenosipueden Participating
Team Blade EC Team Blade Participating
TuSuxaMae WORLD TuSuxaMae Participating
See You Again! VN See You Again! Participating
TLC PE TLC Participating
Dier Gaming CL Dier Gaming Participating
FlatLine eSport CA FlatLine eSport Participating
Pilots PE Pilots Participating
BootyPlunderers US BootyPlunderers Participating
Lime Tixo CE BR Lime Tixo CE Participating
Pendiente AR Pendiente Participating
SwaG BoyS EC SwaG BoyS Participating
Fatal Error PE Fatal Error Participating
Ein Ziel PE Ein Ziel Participating
Smoke-eSports BR Smoke-eSports Participating
Perfectionvore VE Perfectionvore Participating
Elus1ve US Elus1ve Participating
Drive Alone PE Drive Alone Participating
Sad Gaming BR Sad Gaming Participating
Exort BR Exort Participating
Welcome To The Friendzone US Welcome To The Friendzone Participating
Ancestral Titans BO Ancestral Titans Participating
Robo-House EC Robo-House Participating
Whispering Death PE Whispering Death Participating
Sex In Atlantis PE Sex In Atlantis Participating
Pensando el Nombre AR Pensando el Nombre Participating
Team Chitoge WORLD Team Chitoge Participating
No Tenemos Sponsor PE No Tenemos Sponsor Participating
Team Oropeza Jr PE Team Oropeza Jr Participating
Brazucas BR Brazucas Participating
Rivals and Virtuals Enemy PE Rivals and Virtuals Enemy Participating
Power of Friendship US Power of Friendship Participating
"Andes_Gaming" EC "Andes_Gaming" Participating
Roar of Victory AR Roar of Victory Participating
6POSITION9 US 6POSITION9 Participating
outOffmind EC outOffmind Participating
Third Tier US Third Tier Participating
SadBoys.com BR SadBoys.com Participating
asdasdasd PE asdasdasd Participating
Biohazard PE Biohazard Participating
New-System| PE New-System| Participating
Ven para Mearte EC Ven para Mearte Participating
Komdrak Gaming PE Komdrak Gaming Participating
Musuq Aqu PE Musuq Aqu Participating
GoForBroke BR GoForBroke Participating
Nullve PE Nullve Participating
Dead Dogs. PE Dead Dogs. Participating
Ice Wolf Gaming AR Ice Wolf Gaming Participating
Upfight PE Upfight Participating
ZeroTears PE ZeroTears Participating
Team Riddle EC Team Riddle Participating
Guekk's MX Guekk's Participating
Team Renegade US Team Renegade Participating
Piru do Ronaldinho! BR Piru do Ronaldinho! Participating
Exile Esports US Exile Esports Participating
EveryDay Heroes US EveryDay Heroes Participating
GG Force CyberPro PE GG Force CyberPro Participating
STA US STA Participating
Farm Machines US Farm Machines Participating
Ignite e-Sports BR Ignite e-Sports Participating
Team MEGA BR Team MEGA Participating
tilt = lose US tilt = lose Participating
Deluxe Nuts US Deluxe Nuts Participating
Walkerz BR Walkerz Participating
Grazie Zeus BR Grazie Zeus Participating
Surdos Gaming BR Surdos Gaming Participating
Vipers BR Vipers Participating
Continuum|eSports US Continuum|eSports Participating
Oedipus and the Mother Lovers US Oedipus and the Mother Lovers Participating
Beast Electronic Sports CL Beast Electronic Sports Participating
Clutch Dota US Clutch Dota Participating
Illuminati Gaming. PE Illuminati Gaming. Participating
Escritorio Gaming AR Escritorio Gaming Participating
Nova Prospekt Club CL Nova Prospekt Club Participating
Revolution E-Sport Gaming PE Revolution E-Sport Gaming Participating
 OLD BOYS +1 EC OLD BOYS +1 Participating
SMART Gaming EC SMART Gaming Participating
synerGy AR synerGy Participating
Kawaii desu nee CL Kawaii desu nee Participating
PeruvianDotoBestDoto PE PeruvianDotoBestDoto Participating
Away From Keyboard BO Away From Keyboard Participating
Trash Team CL Trash Team Participating
Absolute Gaming PE Absolute Gaming Participating
Asasiyun BR Asasiyun Participating
Lords of Scrub US Lords of Scrub Participating
Tribo dos Comeninguem BR Tribo dos Comeninguem Participating
NoTidehunter PE NoTidehunter Participating
KappaPrideCool Boys US KappaPrideCool Boys Participating
Disconnect US Disconnect Participating
Equipo Solido AR Equipo Solido Participating
Challenge Team BR Challenge Team Participating
Team Olimpo PE Team Olimpo Participating
T Show BR T Show Participating
Asian Beavers US Asian Beavers Participating
Glazed Gaming US Glazed Gaming Participating
Operation Kino BR Operation Kino Participating
Next Gaming MX Next Gaming Participating
Resilience CA Resilience Participating
Roove Gaming BR Roove Gaming Participating
New Star Com PE New Star Com Participating
koKOBOP PE koKOBOP Participating
0de BR 0de Participating
ImpcT Gaming BR ImpcT Gaming Participating
Maquina PE Maquina Participating
Latin` Sport PE Latin` Sport Participating
Online/Gamers BO Online/Gamers Participating
Evil Mind's PE Evil Mind's Participating
Epic Legends CO Epic Legends Participating
Appa Carries Us US Appa Carries Us Participating
Team Zenith PE Team Zenith Participating
Strike Next PE Strike Next Participating
Team Zenith PE Team Zenith Participating
Team Vicious US Team Vicious Participating
Los Voltis PE Los Voltis Participating
Hard Mode BR Hard Mode Participating
Hon Dads US Hon Dads Participating
LaFrontera BO LaFrontera Participating
Silencio Stun & GG EC Silencio Stun & GG Participating
The Unsullied VE The Unsullied Participating
Made in Brasil BR Made in Brasil Participating
The Heads of Dota BR The Heads of Dota Participating
Farm for Fame EC Farm for Fame Participating
Suddenly Dead PE Suddenly Dead Participating
Zona Z PE Zona Z Participating
Luxizito Net Gaming PE Luxizito Net Gaming Participating
$urvivor PE $urvivor Participating
Mucio Rei do Trabuco BR Mucio Rei do Trabuco Participating
SkyNet Gaming UY SkyNet Gaming Participating
Arena Infinity BR Arena Infinity Participating
HellSquad BR HellSquad Participating
Fuck The Universe PE Fuck The Universe Participating
Team 0s HN Team 0s Participating
TongFu North America US TongFu North America Participating
Strick Gaming PE Strick Gaming Participating
New Legacy Origins BR New Legacy Origins Participating
Dota Stone PE Dota Stone Participating
WitchDoctorGG US WitchDoctorGG Participating
Seven Lan Center PE Seven Lan Center Participating
Tempest US Tempest Participating
TatuFlexBrotheer BR TatuFlexBrotheer Participating
[Core-Play] PE [Core-Play] Participating
DotA Zen US DotA Zen Participating
7 Squadron Reborn PE 7 Squadron Reborn Participating
Degeneración Gaming Ecuador EC Degeneración Gaming Ecuador Participating
Knine BR Knine Participating
Victory*$hot CL Victory*$hot Participating
venom9x BR venom9x Participating
ThunderCats US ThunderCats Participating
Vinary E-sport EC Vinary E-sport Participating
Encore E-sports BR Encore E-sports Participating
Two Steps from Hell PE Two Steps from Hell Participating
Infernales PE Infernales Participating
Black+4 BR Black+4 Participating
TNTg e-Sports BR TNTg e-Sports Participating
New Legacy Pro BR New Legacy Pro Participating
Run Forrest Team AR Run Forrest Team Participating
SyScom phoenix MN SyScom phoenix Participating
Senix Esports US Senix Esports Participating
DingDongDota CA DingDongDota Participating
La Gente Brava Team PE La Gente Brava Team Participating
For the Dream PE For the Dream Participating
Salty Monkeys WORLD Salty Monkeys Participating
Glasses Guys BR Glasses Guys Participating
Peruvians Reborn PE Peruvians Reborn Participating
No[F]ear Team BR No[F]ear Team Participating
-BangBang- CA -BangBang- Participating
Impulse esports Dota PE Impulse esports Dota Participating
OverTake BO OverTake Participating
Piratas Da Noite BR Piratas Da Noite Participating
On The Road PE On The Road Participating
Zeio WORLD Zeio Participating
La Cruzada Escarlata EC La Cruzada Escarlata Participating
boreal gaming CA boreal gaming Participating
Ikarus eSports AR Ikarus eSports Participating
Tendies Esports Club US Tendies Esports Club Participating
Dream Crusher PE Dream Crusher Participating
_UNTITLED_ EC _UNTITLED_ Participating
Tu Vieja in Panic! AR Tu Vieja in Panic! Participating
KyE Gaming BR KyE Gaming Participating
Volta7 Int US Volta7 Int Participating
No Mercy Gaming PE No Mercy Gaming Participating
DarududuSandstorm US DarududuSandstorm Participating
Adsolute Control PE Adsolute Control Participating
Pwnecillo Gaming EC Pwnecillo Gaming Participating
Virtual Dreaming EC Virtual Dreaming Participating
No mercy Gaming PE No mercy Gaming Participating
Team Pikachuuu US Team Pikachuuu Participating
Thug Life BO Thug Life Participating
PlazaGamer PE PlazaGamer Participating
iDeal Gaming PE iDeal Gaming Participating
UnderDogs E-Sports BR UnderDogs E-Sports Participating
Azote de la Oscuridad PE Azote de la Oscuridad Participating
Shark + 4 PE Shark + 4 Participating
Don't Push CA Don't Push Participating
NxLusters EC NxLusters Participating
Hell§.Gamer PE Hell§.Gamer Participating
RedFox MX RedFox Participating
Mundo Gamer CL Mundo Gamer Participating
Teamerino Caterino EC Teamerino Caterino Participating
Team MDG PE Team MDG Participating
oPd US oPd Participating
Crying is Free BR Crying is Free Participating
Jorge Solo Quiere Amigos MX Jorge Solo Quiere Amigos Participating
Failure is the Only Option US Failure is the Only Option Participating
Free Cinza BR Free Cinza Participating
Rocko Sport Gamin' PE Rocko Sport Gamin' Participating
Lavender eSports CA Lavender eSports Participating
Equitatives CL Equitatives Participating
ReKon E-Sports US ReKon E-Sports Participating
Exiled VE Exiled Participating
Shoutbox BR Shoutbox Participating
New Try UY New Try Participating
asd1 BR asd1 Participating
Run U Fools AR Run U Fools Participating
Kaizer Chiefz BR Kaizer Chiefz Participating
Panda Squad US Panda Squad Participating
Viva Extra PE Viva Extra Participating
Xtreme E-sports PE Xtreme E-sports Participating
Team Feeder EC Team Feeder Participating
Team AR Team Participating
Beer Olympians US Beer Olympians Participating
Va JugaR AR Va JugaR Participating
Fluorescente PE Fluorescente Participating
ALV impacto PE ALV impacto Participating
Dream.Warriors PE Dream.Warriors Participating
Young Gaming CA Young Gaming Participating
Synergy Storm Gaming CL Synergy Storm Gaming Participating
Lost All Day US Lost All Day Participating
Opusize BO Opusize Participating
Phoenix eSports PE Phoenix eSports Participating
Hydra e-Sports BR BR Hydra e-Sports BR Participating
Galadus Gaming BR Galadus Gaming Participating
Wizards CL Wizards Participating
TEAM TECHIES 6.85 PE TEAM TECHIES 6.85 Participating
Urban Spirit PE Urban Spirit Participating
Silent Badgers UY Silent Badgers Participating
The Chiken Brothers PE The Chiken Brothers Participating
Sirius Team BR Sirius Team Participating
The Pitufos CU The Pitufos Participating
Takejadores Takejantes BR Takejadores Takejantes Participating
Chori con Chimi AR Chori con Chimi Participating
Supremacia Gaming BR Supremacia Gaming Participating
We Dem Boyz BR We Dem Boyz Participating
Nova Prospekt Young CL Nova Prospekt Young Participating
New Legacy Prime BR New Legacy Prime Participating
Don´t Panic PE Don´t Panic Participating
Team Black Nao PE Team Black Nao Participating
Kingsurf EC EC Kingsurf EC Participating
Thunder Awaken PE Thunder Awaken Participating
Los Sign PE Los Sign Participating
NvR PE NvR Participating
No Pain No Pizza BR No Pain No Pizza Participating
TheBusinessGaming US TheBusinessGaming Participating
Xuper Dinasty PE Xuper Dinasty Participating
Devil Game! EC Devil Game! Participating
Team Play UK PE Team Play UK Participating
VirusBR BR VirusBR Participating
Rubick + 4 BR Rubick + 4 Participating
Guekk's.pro MX Guekk's.pro Participating
Bomaye GT Bomaye Participating
Never Will Be? BR Never Will Be? Participating
There Is No Team In Axe US There Is No Team In Axe Participating
Hacking Team Hacked PE Hacking Team Hacked Participating
Team ASDF ID Team ASDF Participating
Astro Zombie Ec EC Astro Zombie Ec Participating
Blackened 667 AR Blackened 667 Participating
LaNs Gaming PE LaNs Gaming Participating
OldSchool PE OldSchool Participating
Ready 4 The Dunk BR Ready 4 The Dunk Participating
Infectted Gaming BR Infectted Gaming Participating
Vicimus-Gaming CL Vicimus-Gaming Participating
[Poison Team] BR [Poison Team] Participating
Monster Pc Gaming PE Monster Pc Gaming Participating
Blank US Blank Participating
Octuturu~ Core BR Octuturu~ Core Participating
4Noobs + 1Kid PE 4Noobs + 1Kid Participating
Fiercy deity CL Fiercy deity Participating
Audacity MX Audacity Participating
Shallow Land Vanilla US Shallow Land Vanilla Participating
Holy Bomb UY Holy Bomb Participating
Free.GamerSs PE Free.GamerSs Participating
Agresiv VE Agresiv Participating
Golden 3lements Gaming UY Golden 3lements Gaming Participating
6 M M R US 6 M M R Participating
OverDose UY OverDose Participating
TeamYP US TeamYP Participating
BBQ BOIS US BBQ BOIS Participating
Classic Joker ID Classic Joker Participating
2k Gaming PE 2k Gaming Participating
hypnotic PE hypnotic Participating
Game Sense Boys US Game Sense Boys Participating
nyEEs CL nyEEs Participating
Army of Victory BR Army of Victory Participating
Dinasty Gaming PE PE Dinasty Gaming PE Participating
Natus Deficere BR Natus Deficere Participating
Vivo Fibra Keyd Stars BR Vivo Fibra Keyd Stars Participating
Azure Knights SV Azure Knights Participating
Mask of Badness US Mask of Badness Participating
 farm the jungle US farm the jungle Participating
Inverse Datong CN Inverse Datong Participating
Cuy y sus amigos PE Cuy y sus amigos Participating
Team Silence Gaming PE Team Silence Gaming Participating
Sapeka Team BR Sapeka Team Participating
Vorpal Swords WORLD Vorpal Swords Participating
The-KiLLeRs AR The-KiLLeRs Participating
Exodus US Exodus Participating
Forced Evolution MX Forced Evolution Participating
Cleavage Gaming US Cleavage Gaming Participating
N3 e-Sports BR N3 e-Sports Participating
Chillin Team PE Chillin Team Participating
Ataud Risueño EC Ataud Risueño Participating
Queen Anne´s Revenge EC Queen Anne´s Revenge Participating
Fury Esports PE Fury Esports Participating
Coitus Interruptus PE Coitus Interruptus Participating
How Do You Kill That Which Has No Life US How Do You Kill That Which Has No Life Participating
Team Slam Dunk US Team Slam Dunk Participating
Darkness Inhabitants BR Darkness Inhabitants Participating
Fight For Fun EC Fight For Fun Participating
Nanaue US Nanaue Participating
Lost Inc PE Lost Inc Participating
Hombres De Maiz GT Hombres De Maiz Participating
idX Gaming BR idX Gaming Participating
dark king night VE dark king night Participating
True eSports US True eSports Participating
Saints EC Saints Participating
Neat. US Neat. Participating
EZ Bugattis PE EZ Bugattis Participating
One Step Away EC One Step Away Participating
Los Alfalfa PE Los Alfalfa Participating
Faded US Faded Participating
Argentinian Rejects AR Argentinian Rejects Participating
Less Than Five US Less Than Five Participating
Alliance Nob EC Alliance Nob Participating
Mastodon eSports US Mastodon eSports Participating
Make it easy PE Make it easy Participating
Disboard AR Disboard Participating
Dota Life BO Dota Life Participating
CritMode Squad US CritMode Squad Participating
Fire Starter CA Fire Starter Participating
Desol8r US Desol8r Participating
Humans IRL US Humans IRL Participating
Ex Humans Vertex MX Ex Humans Vertex Participating
Off.STATS EC Off.STATS Participating
Overzealous US Overzealous Participating
Next Level Theorycraft US Next Level Theorycraft Participating
Quetzal Gaming MX Quetzal Gaming Participating
Thunder Breakers WORLD Thunder Breakers Participating