jDL AM #7: Participants

PLEASE NOTE: This is an older season of our league. We continuously add and improve functionality to our leagues, so some information and data visible in newer seasons might be inaccurate or missing in this one.

Signup incomplete (485)

TeamSignup status
Heaven Knows BR Heaven Knows Participating
KebaBz Of XpreZ US KebaBz Of XpreZ Participating
Sween Team US Sween Team Participating
How Do You Kill That Which Has No Life US How Do You Kill That Which Has No Life Participating
Void Boys CA Void Boys Participating
NOTE PE NOTE Participating
Cherry Cherry VN Cherry Cherry Participating
Swagenteiger PE Swagenteiger Participating
Team eHug US Team eHug Participating
paiN Gaming BR paiN Gaming Participating
Nine Inch Males CA Nine Inch Males Participating
Swagenteiger BR Swagenteiger Participating
Team Rose US Team Rose Participating
Impulse esports Dota PE Impulse esports Dota Participating
Espartanos Gaming BR Espartanos Gaming Participating
Galera da Facul BR Galera da Facul Participating
Sicarios Gaming AR Sicarios Gaming Participating
ArtpRo BO ArtpRo Participating
Fate/Stay Salty US Fate/Stay Salty Participating
Heed The Call BR Heed The Call Participating
GoForBroke BR GoForBroke Participating
Holy Bomb UY Holy Bomb Participating
iDeal Gaming PE iDeal Gaming Participating
Elite Gamers EC Elite Gamers Participating
Fuck The Universe PE Fuck The Universe Participating
On The Road PE On The Road Participating
Ratas Calatas PE Ratas Calatas Participating
Team Slam Dunk US Team Slam Dunk Participating
eQuinoX'Sport'cL CL eQuinoX'Sport'cL Participating
Welcome To The Friendzone US Welcome To The Friendzone Participating
Oedipus and the Mother Lovers US Oedipus and the Mother Lovers Participating
Team 2morrow BR Team 2morrow Participating
TeLa eSports PE TeLa eSports Participating
Volta7 Int US Volta7 Int Participating
Dream Big US Dream Big Participating
Deluxe Nuts US Deluxe Nuts Participating
Team Zenith PE Team Zenith Participating
Game Sense Boys US Game Sense Boys Participating
No Fear Dota US No Fear Dota Participating
VirusBR BR VirusBR Participating
Meepos In Pyjamas BR Meepos In Pyjamas Participating
Brazucas BR Brazucas Participating
Operation Kino BR Operation Kino Participating
Surdos Gaming BR Surdos Gaming Participating
Perfectionvore VE Perfectionvore Participating
Oozma kappa PE Oozma kappa Participating
4wards+1sentry BO 4wards+1sentry Participating
Roove Gaming BR Roove Gaming Participating
NoT.Penguins PE NoT.Penguins Participating
Ignite e-Sports BR Ignite e-Sports Participating
boreal gaming CA boreal gaming Participating
Power of Friendship US Power of Friendship Participating
Underdog UY Underdog Participating
Void Support For The Victory AR Void Support For The Victory Participating
Skyler Gaming CL Skyler Gaming Participating
Golden 3lements Gaming UY Golden 3lements Gaming Participating
EveryDay Heroes US EveryDay Heroes Participating
Team Olimpo PE Team Olimpo Participating
Fierro AR Fierro Participating
Lavender eSports CA Lavender eSports Participating
Crying is Free BR Crying is Free Participating
koKOBOP PE koKOBOP Participating
Geofisica Gaming AQP PY Geofisica Gaming AQP Participating
Sad Voids CL Sad Voids Participating
Panda Team BR Panda Team Participating
Team ASDF ID Team ASDF Participating
Nver Fall EC Nver Fall Participating
SouJarcor AR SouJarcor Participating
Artical Gaming AR Artical Gaming Participating
Whispering Death PE Whispering Death Participating
No Tengo Team PE No Tengo Team Participating
Jimmy US Jimmy Participating
The Chiken Brothers PE The Chiken Brothers Participating
$urvivor PE $urvivor Participating
Sex In Atlantis PE Sex In Atlantis Participating
Raft Riders US Raft Riders Participating
Young e-Sport PE Young e-Sport Participating
Unravel PE Unravel Participating
Team Vicious US Team Vicious Participating
7 Squadron Reborn PE 7 Squadron Reborn Participating
NxLusters EC NxLusters Participating
BootyPlunderers US BootyPlunderers Participating
Rapier or Leave CA Rapier or Leave Participating
Can't Stop - sensei PE Can't Stop - sensei Participating
Nova Prospekt Club CL Nova Prospekt Club Participating
Chupeta De Baleia BR Chupeta De Baleia Participating
Kingdom of Condom VN Kingdom of Condom Participating
Shark + 4 PE Shark + 4 Participating
Try Hard Boys BR Try Hard Boys Participating
Golden Days PE Golden Days Participating
Fluffy Rabbit BR Fluffy Rabbit Participating
Drive Alone PE Drive Alone Participating
Brazilian E-Sports BR Brazilian E-Sports Participating
No Mercy Gaming PE No Mercy Gaming Participating
Isurus Gaming HyperX AR Isurus Gaming HyperX Participating
Coliseo Dragons AR Coliseo Dragons Participating
Pendiente AR Pendiente Participating
Private Games Brasil BR Private Games Brasil Participating
NaCl Club CA NaCl Club Participating
For the Dream PE For the Dream Participating
SCARS Gaming MX SCARS Gaming Participating
King Lion Team PE King Lion Team Participating
Seek-N-Destroy EC Seek-N-Destroy Participating
Walkerz BR Walkerz Participating
Rananet Gaming PE Rananet Gaming Participating
Dier Gaming CL Dier Gaming Participating
PIS PE PIS Participating
Team MDG PE Team MDG Participating
Hell§.Gamer PE Hell§.Gamer Participating
 OLD BOYS +1 EC OLD BOYS +1 Participating
Eternity Brasil BR Eternity Brasil Participating
Noodle's Way US Noodle's Way Participating
Challenge Team BR Challenge Team Participating
Revolution E-Sport Gaming PE Revolution E-Sport Gaming Participating
RISE Gaming (TEAM disbands) BR RISE Gaming (TEAM disbands) Participating
Ciudad Blanca Gamers PE Ciudad Blanca Gamers Participating
Recall E-Sports RED BR Recall E-Sports RED Participating
Vicios Pro BR Vicios Pro Participating
Illuminati Gaming. PE Illuminati Gaming. Participating
2k Gaming PE 2k Gaming Participating
Komdrak Gaming PE Komdrak Gaming Participating
Oh!Real BR Oh!Real Participating
Hawk Leaders PE Hawk Leaders Participating
T34M CR4F7Y US T34M CR4F7Y Participating
Volcania Gaming PE Volcania Gaming Participating
Strike Next PE Strike Next Participating
Rivals and Virtuals Enemy PE Rivals and Virtuals Enemy Participating
New Legacy Pro BR New Legacy Pro Participating
Infernales PE Infernales Participating
TLC PE TLC Participating
YesWeSwag AR YesWeSwag Participating
Sweet Assassins Female CL Sweet Assassins Female Participating
Absolute Gaming PE Absolute Gaming Participating
Devil Game! EC Devil Game! Participating
GreatDay EC GreatDay Participating
feder team MQ feder team Participating
Below Job PH Below Job Participating
Drunked Warriors BR Drunked Warriors Participating
PlazaGamer PE PlazaGamer Participating
SoulRaiders PE SoulRaiders Participating
You Died For Science BR You Died For Science Participating
BarBrothersGuayaquil EC BarBrothersGuayaquil Participating
Run Forrest Team AR Run Forrest Team Participating
-Brotherhood BR -Brotherhood Participating
Roar of Victory AR Roar of Victory Participating
Codex Gigas PE Codex Gigas Participating
Team AR Team Participating
Team Chengue UY Team Chengue Participating
QAT PE QAT Participating
The Irrelevants US The Irrelevants Participating
Team Innova! BR Team Innova! Participating
New Star Com PE New Star Com Participating
New Try UY New Try Participating
Mizu Kumas PE Mizu Kumas Participating
ALV impacto PE ALV impacto Participating
WarGeN PE WarGeN Participating
Tribo dos Comeninguem BR Tribo dos Comeninguem Participating
Exort BR Exort Participating
eXDi MX eXDi Participating
Mask of Badness US Mask of Badness Participating
Soul of Victory PE Soul of Victory Participating
Resilience CA Resilience Participating
SMART Gaming EC SMART Gaming Participating
SyScom phoenix MN SyScom phoenix Participating
Ryuseiken EC Ryuseiken Participating
"Andes_Gaming" EC "Andes_Gaming" Participating
Wisp Stole My Aquila BR Wisp Stole My Aquila Participating
Hot Asked BR Hot Asked Participating
We Got LateGame US We Got LateGame Participating
The Pitufos CU The Pitufos Participating
Hard Mode BR Hard Mode Participating
Not a Rabbit US Not a Rabbit Participating
NEW START! PE NEW START! Participating
Dinasty Gaming PE PE Dinasty Gaming PE Participating
Shoutbox BR Shoutbox Participating
Mastodon eSports US Mastodon eSports Participating
PeruvianDotoBestDoto PE PeruvianDotoBestDoto Participating
Equitatives CL Equitatives Participating
Legend_Ec EC Legend_Ec Participating
DesvirginadoresDeAss PE DesvirginadoresDeAss Participating
Xuper Dinasty PE Xuper Dinasty Participating
Victory*$hot CL Victory*$hot Participating
SuiGeneris. PE SuiGeneris. Participating
Sad Gaming BR Sad Gaming Participating
EB Gaming US EB Gaming Participating
Kawaii desu nee CL Kawaii desu nee Participating
La Gente Brava Team PE La Gente Brava Team Participating
Kawaii Gaming UY Kawaii Gaming Participating
Infinity Gaming BR Infinity Gaming Participating
Seven Lan Center PE Seven Lan Center Participating
Team Black Nao PE Team Black Nao Participating
Ancestral Titans BO Ancestral Titans Participating
Planet Hype US Planet Hype Participating
Cyber World PE Cyber World Participating
Ornery Mongoose Gaming US Ornery Mongoose Gaming Participating
Epic Legends CO Epic Legends Participating
Viva Extra PE Viva Extra Participating
Degeneración Gaming Ecuador EC Degeneración Gaming Ecuador Participating
Team Feeder EC Team Feeder Participating
Millenium Falcon BR Millenium Falcon Participating
Team Termidor AR Team Termidor Participating
GamenetMx MX GamenetMx Participating
Movimento Sem Tiuweb BR Movimento Sem Tiuweb Participating
La Cruzada Escarlata EC La Cruzada Escarlata Participating
Avassaladores BR Avassaladores Participating
SwaG BoyS EC SwaG BoyS Participating
Ice Wolf Gaming AR Ice Wolf Gaming Participating
Skan Lan Center™ PE Skan Lan Center™ Participating
MdfkCrew PE MdfkCrew Participating
NoDedus BR NoDedus Participating
Team Unlogic BR Team Unlogic Participating
Two Steps from Hell PE Two Steps from Hell Participating
Rubick + 4 BR Rubick + 4 Participating
Smoke-eSports BR Smoke-eSports Participating
DarududuSandstorm US DarududuSandstorm Participating
Upfight PE Upfight Participating
Inverse Datong CN Inverse Datong Participating
TryHard.Ec EC TryHard.Ec Participating
Imba Team e-sports BO Imba Team e-sports Participating
MASK Gaming BR MASK Gaming Participating
NewTeam322 PE NewTeam322 Participating
RNGsports US RNGsports Participating
TheDotaKings BO TheDotaKings Participating
Continuum|eSports US Continuum|eSports Participating
See You Again! VN See You Again! Participating
Azure Knights SV Azure Knights Participating
Third Tier US Third Tier Participating
NUPS MX NUPS Participating
Eight Bit Dota US Eight Bit Dota Participating
Young Gaming CA Young Gaming Participating
~Team MSR~ PE ~Team MSR~ Participating
Trash Team CL Trash Team Participating
Ikarus eSports AR Ikarus eSports Participating
Luxizito Net Gaming PE Luxizito Net Gaming Participating
Alpha Team EC Alpha Team Participating
Team Pikachu CA Team Pikachu Participating
Supremacia Gaming BR Supremacia Gaming Participating
chocobots WORLD chocobots Participating
Vipers BR Vipers Participating
DotA Zen US DotA Zen Participating
Team Ranked PE Team Ranked Participating
ReKon E-Sports US ReKon E-Sports Participating
Knights Fighters PE Knights Fighters Participating
The Secret Tree House US The Secret Tree House Participating
Sirius Team BR Sirius Team Participating
Autonomous Tomatoes US Autonomous Tomatoes Participating
Team OvP CO Team OvP Participating
Tumbenosipueden PE Tumbenosipueden Participating
TEAM c0c4-c0La EC TEAM c0c4-c0La Participating
GG Force CyberPro PE GG Force CyberPro Participating
TicoGamers CR TicoGamers Participating
Azote de la Oscuridad PE Azote de la Oscuridad Participating
MK3 eSports BR MK3 eSports Participating
Dark Revelion VE Dark Revelion Participating
New Legacy Origins BR New Legacy Origins Participating
Salty Monkeys WORLD Salty Monkeys Participating
4 WilDucks + 1 Dodo EC 4 WilDucks + 1 Dodo Participating
Boreal eSports CA Boreal eSports Participating
TNTg e-Sports BR TNTg e-Sports Participating
Disconnect US Disconnect Participating
No Tenemos Sponsor PE No Tenemos Sponsor Participating
Space Monkeys EC Space Monkeys Participating
NvR PE NvR Participating
All About the Youth BR All About the Youth Participating
ANS eSport PE ANS eSport Participating
Lima Five Peru PE Lima Five Peru Participating
Imbalance Gaming BR Imbalance Gaming Participating
Mad Wraith King BR Mad Wraith King Participating
LaNs Gaming PE LaNs Gaming Participating
The Lion, the Lich and the Warlock CA The Lion, the Lich and the Warlock Participating
Team Loud PE Team Loud Participating
Next Gaming MX Next Gaming Participating
XunMing+4 US XunMing+4 Participating
Tempest US Tempest Participating
Impact Gaming BR Impact Gaming Participating
New-System| PE New-System| Participating
Noysi Killers EC Noysi Killers Participating
Team 0s HN Team 0s Participating
-BangBang- CA -BangBang- Participating
Team.Blue PE Team.Blue Participating
Knock Out CL Knock Out Participating
NV Team EC NV Team Participating
Everybody Gets One US Everybody Gets One Participating
Beast Electronic Sports CL Beast Electronic Sports Participating
Vinary E-sport EC Vinary E-sport Participating
FireGamers BR FireGamers Participating
Dead Dogs. PE Dead Dogs. Participating
Squirrel Squad BO Squirrel Squad Participating
_UNTITLED_ EC _UNTITLED_ Participating
Omegx EC Omegx Participating
Don´t Panic PE Don´t Panic Participating
Lime Tixo CE BR Lime Tixo CE Participating
The Power Within US The Power Within Participating
Living Buddies US Living Buddies Participating
Furia da Floresta BR Furia da Floresta Participating
M A N G O B O Y S US M A N G O B O Y S Participating
NoMagnataur AR NoMagnataur Participating
Midas Club BR Midas Club Participating
Dota Stone PE Dota Stone Participating
World's End US World's End Participating
Mile High Club US Mile High Club Participating
Chillin Team PE Chillin Team Participating
V Fortis US V Fortis Participating
Robo-House EC Robo-House Participating
Raid Boss Down CA Raid Boss Down Participating
Zeio WORLD Zeio Participating
Team SeaSlug BR Team SeaSlug Participating
Zona Z PE Zona Z Participating
0de BR 0de Participating
No, It's Becky US No, It's Becky Participating
Evil Mind's PE Evil Mind's Participating
TEAM TECHIES 6.85 PE TEAM TECHIES 6.85 Participating
Tuxtla Gaming MX Tuxtla Gaming Participating
Wonder Weasels US Wonder Weasels Participating
Team Zenith PE Team Zenith Participating
American Misfits US American Misfits Participating
Strick Gaming PE Strick Gaming Participating
Snowball Dota US Snowball Dota Participating
Duro de Domar Team AR Duro de Domar Team Participating
Latin` Sport PE Latin` Sport Participating
HakuNET PE HakuNET Participating
Night Swag AR Night Swag Participating
WitchDoctorGG US WitchDoctorGG Participating
Los Amigos del Amigo EC Los Amigos del Amigo Participating
ImpcT Gaming BR ImpcT Gaming Participating
HellSquad BR HellSquad Participating
mix da cebola BR mix da cebola Participating
No Queen Of Pain PE No Queen Of Pain Participating
Ven para Mearte EC Ven para Mearte Participating
Area 51 Gaming PE Area 51 Gaming Participating
Club Atletico Viciosos Unidos AR Club Atletico Viciosos Unidos Participating
xd gamers US xd gamers Participating
Team MEGA BR Team MEGA Participating
Silencio Stun & GG EC Silencio Stun & GG Participating
Away From Keyboard BO Away From Keyboard Participating
iceCream e-Sports MX iceCream e-Sports Participating
Guekk's.pro MX Guekk's.pro Participating
venom9x BR venom9x Participating
WhiteCat Gaming PE WhiteCat Gaming Participating
KiNDeR GueKK´S MX KiNDeR GueKK´S Participating
Farm Machines US Farm Machines Participating
Team Exile CA Team Exile Participating
Hyperion E-Sports US Hyperion E-Sports Participating
Desol8r US Desol8r Participating
Team Vigor US Team Vigor Participating
Team Blade EC Team Blade Participating
NoTidehunter PE NoTidehunter Participating
TooEasyFor BR TooEasyFor Participating
Piru do Ronaldinho! BR Piru do Ronaldinho! Participating
Kingsurf EC EC Kingsurf EC Participating
tilt = lose US tilt = lose Participating
Allahu Akbar EC Allahu Akbar Participating
No Name PY No Name Participating
Argentinian Rejects AR Argentinian Rejects Participating
MenWithoutACause US MenWithoutACause Participating
Ec.Rules EC Ec.Rules Participating
T Show BR T Show Participating
Buy Courier Please! BR Buy Courier Please! Participating
Los Sign PE Los Sign Participating
Best In Games eSports BR Best In Games eSports Participating
Nullve PE Nullve Participating
Panda E-Sports BR Panda E-Sports Participating
KaOs PE KaOs Participating
Faded Kings US Faded Kings Participating
Artyk e-Sports PE Artyk e-Sports Participating
EverNova US EverNova Participating
TheBusinessGaming US TheBusinessGaming Participating
Clutch Dota US Clutch Dota Participating
WarchiefsRR BR WarchiefsRR Participating
Team Riddle EC Team Riddle Participating
Noble eSports US Noble eSports Participating
Lonelyboyz US Lonelyboyz Participating
Guekk's MX Guekk's Participating
Gods of Ezportz US Gods of Ezportz Participating
Whiskey Business US Whiskey Business Participating
No mercy Gaming PE No mercy Gaming Participating
Manaos Gaming AR Manaos Gaming Participating
Ein Ziel PE Ein Ziel Participating
Bersekers EC Bersekers Participating
Escritorio Gaming AR Escritorio Gaming Participating
Boreal e-Sports Company BR Boreal e-Sports Company Participating
Los Pocoyo Team UY Los Pocoyo Team Participating
oPd US oPd Participating
Elemental Players AR Elemental Players Participating
Los Mijines EC Los Mijines Participating
Bomaye GT Bomaye Participating
Veteran Players.Ec EC Veteran Players.Ec Participating
Noobster Brother's Team EC Noobster Brother's Team Participating
Team Chitoge WORLD Team Chitoge Participating
Osu Team AR Osu Team Participating
outOffmind EC outOffmind Participating
No Pain No Pizza BR No Pain No Pizza Participating
Pilots PE Pilots Participating
TuSuxaMae WORLD TuSuxaMae Participating
Cadmio Gaming PE Cadmio Gaming Participating
Musuq Aqu PE Musuq Aqu Participating
Ajojados de Itajaí BR Ajojados de Itajaí Participating
Gosu Gamers EC Gosu Gamers Participating
asd1 BR asd1 Participating
Don't Push CA Don't Push Participating
Los Guardians of the Galaxy PE Los Guardians of the Galaxy Participating
Night Raid PE Night Raid Participating
Day of Reckoning CA Day of Reckoning Participating
Nightmare EC Nightmare Participating
BlackCat Gaming V2.0 PE BlackCat Gaming V2.0 Participating
Team SAVAGi BR Team SAVAGi Participating
The Shield PE The Shield Participating
Duck Truck CA Duck Truck Participating
Gorgonites GaminG BO Gorgonites GaminG Participating
Peruvians Reborn PE Peruvians Reborn Participating
Opusize BO Opusize Participating
Cotocos Doteiros BR Cotocos Doteiros Participating
DarkSiders Team MX DarkSiders Team Participating
Ethical Dota PE Ethical Dota Participating
Team Caxº PE Team Caxº Participating
SadBoys.com BR SadBoys.com Participating
Elus1ve US Elus1ve Participating
Cursing n` Rolling BR Cursing n` Rolling Participating
Equipo Solido AR Equipo Solido Participating
Relajen La Pepa PE Relajen La Pepa Participating
The Dota Warriors MX The Dota Warriors Participating
Be Afraid of Us PE Be Afraid of Us Participating
OwNinG ProS DaiLy!!! EC OwNinG ProS DaiLy!!! Participating
Fluorescente PE Fluorescente Participating
Ravage E-Sports.int PE Ravage E-Sports.int Participating
Teamerino Caterino EC Teamerino Caterino Participating
NoEmberSpirit PE NoEmberSpirit Participating
FlatLine eSport CA FlatLine eSport Participating
Días De Gloria CO Días De Gloria Participating
Soggy Mitts CA Soggy Mitts Participating
MidorFeedI PE MidorFeedI Participating
Haters BR Haters Participating
Horda Gaming PE Horda Gaming Participating
BleedingHollow PE BleedingHollow Participating
Swag Wisp With Rapiers BR Swag Wisp With Rapiers Participating
CJ PE CJ Participating
Shadow Ghost Team CL Shadow Ghost Team Participating
Team Play UK PE Team Play UK Participating
Biohazard PE Biohazard Participating
K Five BR K Five Participating
Exile Esports US Exile Esports Participating
Team Ebola PE Team Ebola Participating
Tu Vieja in Panic! AR Tu Vieja in Panic! Participating
HunterzX BR HunterzX Participating
Tendies Esports Club US Tendies Esports Club Participating
OldSchool PE OldSchool Participating
Knine BR Knine Participating
Archangelz PE Archangelz Participating
Natus Devils GT Natus Devils Participating
Quase Deu BR Quase Deu Participating
iKruS eSports VE iKruS eSports Participating
6POSITION9 US 6POSITION9 Participating
Thunder Awaken PE Thunder Awaken Participating
Exiled VE Exiled Participating
genuine US genuine Participating
Kings of Harem PE Kings of Harem Participating
Jorge Solo Quiere Amigos MX Jorge Solo Quiere Amigos Participating
Los Caretucos EC Los Caretucos Participating
TeamYP US TeamYP Participating
Ballout Gaming US Ballout Gaming Participating
Hakuna Matata AR Hakuna Matata Participating
Power of Friendship CA Power of Friendship Participating
Arcane.Gaming PE Arcane.Gaming Participating
Advance PE Advance Participating