jDL AM #5: Participants

PLEASE NOTE: This is an older season of our league. We continuously add and improve functionality to our leagues, so some information and data visible in newer seasons might be inaccurate or missing in this one.

Signup incomplete (585)

TeamSignup status
Leviathan US Leviathan Participating
Welfare Beneficiaries US Welfare Beneficiaries Participating
Arca de Noé BR Arca de Noé Participating
Boreal eSports CA Boreal eSports Participating
NothingSerious CA NothingSerious Participating
Disboard AR Disboard Participating
Zona Z PE Zona Z Participating
Young e-Sport PE Young e-Sport Participating
Insania CA Insania Participating
União Imortal BR União Imortal Participating
Galera da Facul BR Galera da Facul Participating
Generacion Milagrosa AR Generacion Milagrosa Participating
RISE Gaming (TEAM disbands) BR RISE Gaming (TEAM disbands) Participating
Paloma Gaming PE Paloma Gaming Participating
Ciudad Blanca Gamers PE Ciudad Blanca Gamers Participating
VirusBR BR VirusBR Participating
Cuy y sus amigos PE Cuy y sus amigos Participating
TeLa eSports PE TeLa eSports Participating
Gorgonites GaminG BO Gorgonites GaminG Participating
YES, PUDGE BR YES, PUDGE Participating
Enlace Gaming PE Enlace Gaming Participating
koKOBOP PE koKOBOP Participating
Wave Riptide US Wave Riptide Participating
Balboa Team BR Balboa Team Participating
Dier Gaming CL Dier Gaming Participating
Epidemk PE Epidemk Participating
Be More Happy e-Sports EC Be More Happy e-Sports Participating
Deluxe Nuts US Deluxe Nuts Participating
Lonelyboyz US Lonelyboyz Participating
No Fear Dota US No Fear Dota Participating
Volta7 Int US Volta7 Int Participating
Soul of Victory PE Soul of Victory Participating
Viva Extra PE Viva Extra Participating
No Mercy Gaming PE No Mercy Gaming Participating
Power Rangers Internacional EC Power Rangers Internacional Participating
Squartle Squad CO Squartle Squad Participating
Desol8r US Desol8r Participating
Wille zur Macht CO Wille zur Macht Participating
Gx Gaming PE Gx Gaming Participating
Punial Gaming PE Punial Gaming Participating
Sad Voids CL Sad Voids Participating
TheBusinessGaming US TheBusinessGaming Participating
Team Name: US Team Name: Participating
Los Berrakos EC Los Berrakos Participating
SCARS Gaming MX SCARS Gaming Participating
N0gameN0life CL N0gameN0life Participating
Team Vicious US Team Vicious Participating
Sex In Atlantis PE Sex In Atlantis Participating
SuiGeneris. PE SuiGeneris. Participating
Chupeta De Baleia BR Chupeta De Baleia Participating
Run Forrest Team AR Run Forrest Team Participating
United We Stand CA United We Stand Participating
Farm Gamers BR Farm Gamers Participating
Brazucas BR Brazucas Participating
PeruvianDotoBestDoto PE PeruvianDotoBestDoto Participating
King Lion Team PE King Lion Team Participating
-BangBang- CA -BangBang- Participating
Oedipus and the Mother Lovers US Oedipus and the Mother Lovers Participating
Dota Stone PE Dota Stone Participating
No, It's Becky US No, It's Becky Participating
Guatemala Gaming GT Guatemala Gaming Participating
*Team Poison* PE *Team Poison* Participating
Dont get mad Brah PE Dont get mad Brah Participating
Battlecruiser Operational CL Battlecruiser Operational Participating
Go iZi On Us! US Go iZi On Us! Participating
DotA Time Friends?! US DotA Time Friends?! Participating
Latin` Sport PE Latin` Sport Participating
Crown Five Kings PE Crown Five Kings Participating
LaWeaCuatica CL LaWeaCuatica Participating
Unravel PE Unravel Participating
[BG] oficial Dota VE [BG] oficial Dota Participating
Live Gaming CL Live Gaming Participating
NoDedus BR NoDedus Participating
Volcania Gaming PE Volcania Gaming Participating
Mid or Kano PE Mid or Kano Participating
MollyGirl12 US MollyGirl12 Participating
Equitatives CL Equitatives Participating
Wisp Stole My Aquila BR Wisp Stole My Aquila Participating
Warriors E-sport BR Warriors E-sport Participating
Team Swipe BR Team Swipe Participating
TatuFlexBrotheer BR TatuFlexBrotheer Participating
Team, Medium US Team, Medium Participating
Host Team BR Host Team Participating
TopLine Gaming PE TopLine Gaming Participating
4 pizzas e o Entregador BR 4 pizzas e o Entregador Participating
Mujeres Alcohol Warcraft EC Mujeres Alcohol Warcraft Participating
5Hunters Gaming Brazil BR 5Hunters Gaming Brazil Participating
Five Winners e-Sports BR Five Winners e-Sports Participating
Team ASDF ID Team ASDF Participating
TLC PE TLC Participating
Mask of Badness US Mask of Badness Participating
Kadaly Saver PE Kadaly Saver Participating
Isurus Gaming HyperX AR Isurus Gaming HyperX Participating
Fuck The Universe PE Fuck The Universe Participating
Audacity MX Audacity Participating
Erected CL Erected Participating
Cobalt Flame US US Cobalt Flame US Participating
Bowl You Over US Bowl You Over Participating
Aggies US Aggies Participating
Legion GaminG PE Legion GaminG Participating
You TD Savants US You TD Savants Participating
Anonymous AR Anonymous Participating
Typical Pub Scrubs US Typical Pub Scrubs Participating
Holy Bomb UY Holy Bomb Participating
Mastodon eSports US Mastodon eSports Participating
Digital Over PE Digital Over Participating
Glimpse US Glimpse Participating
Fluffy Rabbit BR Fluffy Rabbit Participating
adam kelly and the social experiment US adam kelly and the social experiment Participating
Power of Friendship US Power of Friendship Participating
Illusion Runes Suck CA Illusion Runes Suck Participating
My Carapace Hardens! US My Carapace Hardens! Participating
BMoreZen US BMoreZen Participating
Vicios Pro BR Vicios Pro Participating
Komdrak Gaming PE Komdrak Gaming Participating
Smoke-eSports BR Smoke-eSports Participating
On The Road PE On The Road Participating
Area 51 Gaming PE Area 51 Gaming Participating
Epic US Epic Participating
GroovyGaming.co CO GroovyGaming.co Participating
Shark + 4 PE Shark + 4 Participating
Yolerino EC Yolerino Participating
People gaming PE People gaming Participating
Chico Bioca Team BR Chico Bioca Team Participating
Luxizito Net Gaming PE Luxizito Net Gaming Participating
Unusual Gaming Pro BR Unusual Gaming Pro Participating
Jimmy US Jimmy Participating
Rising Fire BR Rising Fire Participating
Legend_Ec EC Legend_Ec Participating
Mad Wraith King BR Mad Wraith King Participating
No Bueno.Away VE No Bueno.Away Participating
Oozma kappa PE Oozma kappa Participating
Teamerino Meeperino WORLD Teamerino Meeperino Participating
Overcome PE Overcome Participating
Prototype5 US Prototype5 Participating
2k Gaming PE 2k Gaming Participating
Kawaii desu nee CL Kawaii desu nee Participating
Born 2 Feed BO Born 2 Feed Participating
Game Sense Boys US Game Sense Boys Participating
Initialize eSports US Initialize eSports Participating
Swag Wisp With Rapiers BR Swag Wisp With Rapiers Participating
Team Quetzal MX Team Quetzal Participating
Fail Team Players PE Fail Team Players Participating
UnlimitedPlayers BR UnlimitedPlayers Participating
Nifhleim Gaming CL Nifhleim Gaming Participating
Glazed Gaming US Glazed Gaming Participating
RAMPANT Pe PE RAMPANT Pe Participating
Team Termidor AR Team Termidor Participating
Neutral Creeps BR Neutral Creeps Participating
Monads Gaming US Monads Gaming Participating
Big Homies US Big Homies Participating
Codex Gigas PE Codex Gigas Participating
Meepo Is Sex PE Meepo Is Sex Participating
Away From Keyboard BO Away From Keyboard Participating
Team Olimpo PE Team Olimpo Participating
Carpe Diem| CA Carpe Diem| Participating
Team Chitoge WORLD Team Chitoge Participating
Skadi Doesn't Know! US Skadi Doesn't Know! Participating
TeamZudokato AR TeamZudokato Participating
Impulse esports Dota PE Impulse esports Dota Participating
Blurred Gaming PE Blurred Gaming Participating
La Rica Vicky PE La Rica Vicky Participating
ANS eSport PE ANS eSport Participating
Council US Council Participating
Crescendo Gaming US Crescendo Gaming Participating
Team Nygma PE Team Nygma Participating
Me Plus 4 BR Me Plus 4 Participating
lancenteralex PE lancenteralex Participating
Panteon PE Panteon Participating
Rather date a monkey. US Rather date a monkey. Participating
System of Fuck PE System of Fuck Participating
Feed Corporation GT Feed Corporation Participating
YesWeSwag AR YesWeSwag Participating
OldBee US OldBee Participating
Ollin Gaming MX Ollin Gaming Participating
Wizards CL Wizards Participating
Feed Team PE Feed Team Participating
Trash Team CL Trash Team Participating
Notimplei PE Notimplei Participating
Storm Force 5 US Storm Force 5 Participating
KeepTheDreamAlive CO KeepTheDreamAlive Participating
Deadly Game PE Deadly Game Participating
SuicideSheep PE SuicideSheep Participating
inKa Squad Gaming PE inKa Squad Gaming Participating
beastMode MX beastMode Participating
TongFu North America CA TongFu North America Participating
Surdos Gaming BR Surdos Gaming Participating
Backyaodis Team PE Backyaodis Team Participating
Team EulsRiki US Team EulsRiki Participating
BQ Buffalos BR BQ Buffalos Participating
BlackCat Gaming PE BlackCat Gaming Participating
LastPick PE LastPick Participating
Pengyou US Pengyou Participating
Flair CL Flair Participating
Just Vengeance PE Just Vengeance Participating
ProfesFisi PE ProfesFisi Participating
The Insane Bots PE The Insane Bots Participating
Avengers ! CL Avengers ! Participating
Indelével BR Indelével Participating
NoEmberSpirit PE NoEmberSpirit Participating
Team Revolver PE Team Revolver Participating
The NoTeam BR The NoTeam Participating
YO'PE MX YO'PE Participating
We Come In Peace Gaming BR We Come In Peace Gaming Participating
PesoPesado BR PesoPesado Participating
Top Chef US Top Chef Participating
sTK Team BR sTK Team Participating
Free.GamerSs PE Free.GamerSs Participating
Golden 3lements Gaming UY Golden 3lements Gaming Participating
XxXYolo Swagnus MLG 420 NO SCOPEXxX AR XxXYolo Swagnus MLG 420 NO SCOPEXxX Participating
My Little Jabroni US My Little Jabroni Participating
PIS PE PIS Participating
No Name PY No Name Participating
mix da cebola BR mix da cebola Participating
Azure Knights SV Azure Knights Participating
ReKon E-Sports US ReKon E-Sports Participating
Heaven Knows BR Heaven Knows Participating
Five Man Gank BR Five Man Gank Participating
Alcohol Gaming PE Alcohol Gaming Participating
Istari US Istari Participating
MEX-MEN MX MEX-MEN Participating
Vorpal Swords WORLD Vorpal Swords Participating
Mela Zorba BR Mela Zorba Participating
SkullBoys PE SkullBoys Participating
Never Back Down PE Never Back Down Participating
Team Jigga US Team Jigga Participating
RAD Dota US RAD Dota Participating
Strick Gaming PE Strick Gaming Participating
Trash Can Commandos US Trash Can Commandos Participating
SyScom phoenix MN SyScom phoenix Participating
Start9 US Start9 Participating
Cool Kids Only US Cool Kids Only Participating
Drag You Down US Drag You Down Participating
Team 0s HN Team 0s Participating
Rapier or Leave CA Rapier or Leave Participating
The House is Down BR The House is Down Participating
Nagas In Pyjamas US Nagas In Pyjamas Participating
'Bad Panda Gaming' AR 'Bad Panda Gaming' Participating
Ornery Mongoose Gaming US Ornery Mongoose Gaming Participating
Seven Lan Center PE Seven Lan Center Participating
Biryani US Biryani Participating
Ellusionist Army AR Ellusionist Army Participating
Alpha as Fuck US Alpha as Fuck Participating
Drim Tim BR Drim Tim Participating
Adhesive Sheep US Adhesive Sheep Participating
Partners For Fun BR Partners For Fun Participating
Carib One US Carib One Participating
NEW START! PE NEW START! Participating
Evil Mind's PE Evil Mind's Participating
Degeneración Gaming Ecuador EC Degeneración Gaming Ecuador Participating
Rush Hour 5 US Rush Hour 5 Participating
Energy E-Sport BR Energy E-Sport Participating
Borns 2 Fight PE Borns 2 Fight Participating
Black Sheep CA Black Sheep Participating
Reed+4 US Reed+4 Participating
New Legacy Pro BR New Legacy Pro Participating
Lima Five Peru PE Lima Five Peru Participating
B'more Titans US B'more Titans Participating
Noble eSports US Noble eSports Participating
Hammergodz BR Hammergodz Participating
Team Pikachu CA Team Pikachu Participating
Team Anonymous US Team Anonymous Participating
El Parce + 4 CO El Parce + 4 Participating
Day Walker Night F***** US Day Walker Night F***** Participating
Mad Genius BO Mad Genius Participating
RNGsports US RNGsports Participating
Hot Hands Hand Warmers US Hot Hands Hand Warmers Participating
No mercy Gaming PE No mercy Gaming Participating
Vacation Dampeer US Vacation Dampeer Participating
T34M CR4F7Y US T34M CR4F7Y Participating
Ignite Gaming Center PE Ignite Gaming Center Participating
Impact Gaming BR Impact Gaming Participating
Men of Pauses US Men of Pauses Participating
MortalTeamWork PE MortalTeamWork Participating
Benitos PE Benitos Participating
GloryFive-Esport PE GloryFive-Esport Participating
Colossus Gaming CL Colossus Gaming Participating
DoN EC DoN Participating
Hakuna Mirana US Hakuna Mirana Participating
Piratinhas do Apocalipse BR Piratinhas do Apocalipse Participating
TeamGirls CN TeamGirls Participating
4 Friends and a Canadian US 4 Friends and a Canadian Participating
Hyperplex US Hyperplex Participating
Ayumilove US Ayumilove Participating
Life's Gray BR Life's Gray Participating
Pierce The Heavens CA Pierce The Heavens Participating
UniQueDimension US UniQueDimension Participating
Sons of the harpy VE Sons of the harpy Participating
Equipo Solido AR Equipo Solido Participating
Boundless Team BR Boundless Team Participating
T Show BR T Show Participating
WhiteRice.US US WhiteRice.US Participating
~Team MSR~ PE ~Team MSR~ Participating
Rananet Gaming PE Rananet Gaming Participating
Net Gaming LA VE Net Gaming LA Participating
Welcome To The Friendzone US Welcome To The Friendzone Participating
Guekk's.pro MX Guekk's.pro Participating
Dynasty CA Dynasty Participating
vGene AR vGene Participating
Don't Push CA Don't Push Participating
MdfkCrew PE MdfkCrew Participating
Perscription Memes US Perscription Memes Participating
Team Midnite US Team Midnite Participating
Chi-Town Riff Raff US Chi-Town Riff Raff Participating
MASK Gaming BR MASK Gaming Participating
No Queen Of Pain PE No Queen Of Pain Participating
Breaking Gank EC Breaking Gank Participating
Sioux Team PE Sioux Team Participating
The Wave International US The Wave International Participating
Ignus Solei PE Ignus Solei Participating
INTZ e-Sports BR INTZ e-Sports Participating
Takeshynet PE Takeshynet Participating
Inverse Datong CN Inverse Datong Participating
Chikungunya Special Forces CO Chikungunya Special Forces Participating
The Real US The Real Participating
Pleaze Gaming BR Pleaze Gaming Participating
Hell§.Gamer PE Hell§.Gamer Participating
Ice Wolf Gaming AR Ice Wolf Gaming Participating
Wave North America US Wave North America Participating
Grammar Na'Vis US Grammar Na'Vis Participating
High Kuality DOTA US High Kuality DOTA Participating
Overkill eSports CA Overkill eSports Participating
REKT Gaming US REKT Gaming Participating
Cadmio Gaming PE Cadmio Gaming Participating
Cobalt Flame Argentina AR Cobalt Flame Argentina Participating
Kami Gaming PE Kami Gaming Participating
SteakHOUSE US SteakHOUSE Participating
iDeal Gaming PE iDeal Gaming Participating
Meepos In Pyjamas BR Meepos In Pyjamas Participating
Dude I'm Not Zelda BR Dude I'm Not Zelda Participating
Team MDG PE Team MDG Participating
Revenge e-Sports PE Revenge e-Sports Participating
Devils Divine BR Devils Divine Participating
The Sons of Victory US The Sons of Victory Participating
Burning Souls EC Burning Souls Participating
Stack the Ancients BR Stack the Ancients Participating
wats dat gaming PE wats dat gaming Participating
Immortality eSports BR Immortality eSports Participating
weeaboo esports US weeaboo esports Participating
asd1 BR asd1 Participating
Asasiyun BR Asasiyun Participating
Whiskey Business US Whiskey Business Participating
Devil Game! EC Devil Game! Participating
Together We Did It US Together We Did It Participating
VIRA E MATA! BR VIRA E MATA! Participating
[T]he Dark Killers PE [T]he Dark Killers Participating
Evil Smart Guys US Evil Smart Guys Participating
Maria Noche Y Día PE Maria Noche Y Día Participating
Radical Something PE Radical Something Participating
WeAren'tCreative US WeAren'tCreative Participating
The Squirrel Squad US The Squirrel Squad Participating
Quicksilvr CA Quicksilvr Participating
Heavy Lifters US Heavy Lifters Participating
Kingsurf EC EC Kingsurf EC Participating
Ravage E-Sports.int PE Ravage E-Sports.int Participating
Adam's CA Adam's Participating
Not Techies PE Not Techies Participating
Backpacks Full of Acid CA Backpacks Full of Acid Participating
Va Juga AR Va Juga Participating
TEAMtoBEAT PE TEAMtoBEAT Participating
Evil Geniuses US Evil Geniuses Participating
Team eHug US Team eHug Participating
compLexity US compLexity Participating
Void Boys CA Void Boys Participating
Union Gaming PE Union Gaming Participating
Wheel US Wheel Participating
paiN Gaming BR paiN Gaming Participating
Not Today PE Not Today Participating
Champions of Summer's Rift US Champions of Summer's Rift Participating
ThunderCats US ThunderCats Participating
Next Gaming MX Next Gaming Participating
SouthParkBoys PE SouthParkBoys Participating
[OwNeR] EC [OwNeR] Participating
Sy Per Sy PE Sy Per Sy Participating
Riot Control AR Riot Control Participating
University of Utah Dota 2 Students Association US University of Utah Dota 2 Students Association Participating
Zen Of Covenant EC Zen Of Covenant Participating
Team Trashlord US Team Trashlord Participating
The No Import US The No Import Participating
Skan Lan Center™ PE Skan Lan Center™ Participating
NvR PE NvR Participating
Polymorphing DOTA Rangers CA Polymorphing DOTA Rangers Participating
Low Prio IRL US Low Prio IRL Participating
Owning Gaming PE Owning Gaming Participating
Anubis Gaming.812 PE Anubis Gaming.812 Participating
SpartanX US SpartanX Participating
Pepekas Voadoras BR Pepekas Voadoras Participating
NoT.Penguins PE NoT.Penguins Participating
Team Eye of Skadi BR Team Eye of Skadi Participating
They Might Be Vampire Bats US They Might Be Vampire Bats Participating
Blue Dreams CA Blue Dreams Participating
Planet Hype US Planet Hype Participating
GoldBoys VE GoldBoys Participating
Paranax Complexity PE Paranax Complexity Participating
$urvivor PE $urvivor Participating
Abyssal Supremacy BR Abyssal Supremacy Participating
Fire Breathing Chickens US Fire Breathing Chickens Participating
Sensual Lovers US Sensual Lovers Participating
Blood School PE Blood School Participating
Reaching Skies BR Reaching Skies Participating
Feedback Esports VE Feedback Esports Participating
Ape Zone US Ape Zone Participating
The JUSTICE League US The JUSTICE League Participating
Prelude Gaming CA Prelude Gaming Participating
Buddy Newbie BR Buddy Newbie Participating
Team Shield AR Team Shield Participating
Gosunet PE Gosunet Participating
Anime Paw JP Anime Paw Participating
Drunken Squad CL Drunken Squad Participating
iKruS eSports VE iKruS eSports Participating
Sacred Soul PE Sacred Soul Participating
Freedom Stack CA Freedom Stack Participating
Team Swole US Team Swole Participating
50% Gaming US 50% Gaming Participating
Drunked Warriors BR Drunked Warriors Participating
Break The Rule's BR Break The Rule's Participating
K Five BR K Five Participating
Midas Club BR Midas Club Participating
Salty Monkeys WORLD Salty Monkeys Participating
Orenda US Orenda Participating
Space Monkeys EC Space Monkeys Participating
TriForce Dota US TriForce Dota Participating
U Dota at the University of Minnesota US U Dota at the University of Minnesota Participating
Apologize for Play PE Apologize for Play Participating
One Step Closer BR One Step Closer Participating
Pwnecillo Gaming EC Pwnecillo Gaming Participating
Supremacia Kundalini BR Supremacia Kundalini Participating
Flan Gaming US Flan Gaming Participating
incline Gaming International US incline Gaming International Participating
STOP! Bender-Time CA STOP! Bender-Time Participating
Team Kwik-E-Mart US Team Kwik-E-Mart Participating
Zukis trukis PE Zukis trukis Participating
Culture of Gamers PE Culture of Gamers Participating
Open Dota 2.0 BR Open Dota 2.0 Participating
Valhalla BR Valhalla Participating
The Baracudas US The Baracudas Participating
SouJarcor AR SouJarcor Participating
Maruchan UY Maruchan Participating
Illuminati Gaming. PE Illuminati Gaming. Participating
Five Newbies BR Five Newbies Participating
Puerto Montt Five CL Puerto Montt Five Participating
Team Loud PE Team Loud Participating
NOTE PE NOTE Participating
Galera da Manguaca BR Galera da Manguaca Participating
Sufridos Gaming PE Sufridos Gaming Participating
For The Hopeless US For The Hopeless Participating
Team Ciego VE Team Ciego Participating
Cafe Lu Crew CA Cafe Lu Crew Participating
AsylumForge.Yasha US AsylumForge.Yasha Participating
Think its a Game ? US Think its a Game ? Participating
Destemidos_XD BR Destemidos_XD Participating
Fia Secret PE Fia Secret Participating
SoulRaiders PE SoulRaiders Participating
Random Team PE Random Team Participating
Azote de la Oscuridad PE Azote de la Oscuridad Participating
The Systems ShielD PE The Systems ShielD Participating
It'll Take Tree To Tango US It'll Take Tree To Tango Participating
KaOs PE KaOs Participating
N3rd Rage Gaming US N3rd Rage Gaming Participating
ClawBack US ClawBack Participating
New Star Com PE New Star Com Participating
Infinity Gaming BR Infinity Gaming Participating
Chillin Team PE Chillin Team Participating
God Is Not Dead PE God Is Not Dead Participating
Guekk's MX Guekk's Participating
Panda Team BR Panda Team Participating
Game Over 007 PE Game Over 007 Participating
Team Fox CA Team Fox Participating
Crownless Kings MX Crownless Kings Participating
Mortal Team Work BR Mortal Team Work Participating
Elus1ve US Elus1ve Participating
Celestial Bodies US Celestial Bodies Participating
The Debauchery Tea Party US The Debauchery Tea Party Participating
Nevermore de Euls BR Nevermore de Euls Participating
Eternity Brasil BR Eternity Brasil Participating
Levy De-Efrom PE Levy De-Efrom Participating
Tiririca club BR Tiririca club Participating
Alkara PE Alkara Participating
Zodiacos Gaming Five VE Zodiacos Gaming Five Participating
Pente.Spartiates BR Pente.Spartiates Participating
Papo Reto BR Papo Reto Participating
No Respeta CR No Respeta Participating
2EZ BR 2EZ Participating
Te Kiero Mucho PE Te Kiero Mucho Participating
Team Oropeza Jr PE Team Oropeza Jr Participating
La Gente Brava Team PE La Gente Brava Team Participating
SMART Gaming EC SMART Gaming Participating
noT GaiN BR noT GaiN Participating
CY@ CA CY@ Participating
Last Room BR Last Room Participating
WildGamers PE WildGamers Participating
Dream Team BR Dream Team Participating
Inquisicao Gaming BR Inquisicao Gaming Participating
Godai Water BR Godai Water Participating
the survivors PE the survivors Participating
Big Cocks Gaming US Big Cocks Gaming Participating
Mucio Rei do Trabuco BR Mucio Rei do Trabuco Participating
FountainDivers US FountainDivers Participating
Wicked Gamers AR Wicked Gamers Participating
Born 2 Die BR Born 2 Die Participating
Laranja Mechanics BR Laranja Mechanics Participating
OurCreed PE OurCreed Participating
Chacales PE Chacales Participating
jungle boys BR jungle boys Participating
DoyleGaming PE DoyleGaming Participating
Disconnect US Disconnect Participating
Spartan Dota US Spartan Dota Participating
ANDES CL ANDES Participating
Short Bus US Short Bus Participating
LaNs Gaming PE LaNs Gaming Participating
Buzo Force Five BR Buzo Force Five Participating
Liga Brasileira BR Liga Brasileira Participating
TheCauzhaZhone PE TheCauzhaZhone Participating
Rubick + 4 BR Rubick + 4 Participating
Everybody Gets One US Everybody Gets One Participating
New Try UY New Try Participating
Pudge is Underrated BR Pudge is Underrated Participating
Technical. AgN PE Technical. AgN Participating
Infernales PE Infernales Participating
Western Wolves US Western Wolves Participating
Monster Pc Gaming PE Monster Pc Gaming Participating
Black Bulls US Black Bulls Participating
BOO Gaming CL BOO Gaming Participating
Lord Of Madness BR Lord Of Madness Participating
This Is Sampa! BR This Is Sampa! Participating
Pizza/Frenchfry US Pizza/Frenchfry Participating
Sad Gaming BR Sad Gaming Participating
Prodigious Style PE Prodigious Style Participating
NewLine eSports BR NewLine eSports Participating
Aleatory Gaming PE Aleatory Gaming Participating
Mizu Kumas PE Mizu Kumas Participating
Ikarus eSports AR Ikarus eSports Participating
Overcome PE Overcome Participating
Prepare Your Artery US Prepare Your Artery Participating
Knights Fighters PE Knights Fighters Participating
Elemental Players AR Elemental Players Participating
CAGE US CAGE Participating
Kotol Give Me Mana Pls US Kotol Give Me Mana Pls Participating
[Synthesis] BO [Synthesis] Participating
Demoniac! PE Demoniac! Participating
DeNorteAoSul BR DeNorteAoSul Participating
Carbon Liberation Front US Carbon Liberation Front Participating
Dopados Crew PE Dopados Crew Participating
all Day US all Day Participating
Private Games Brasil BR Private Games Brasil Participating
Swift Wolves of Icewrack US Swift Wolves of Icewrack Participating
We Don't Ward US We Don't Ward Participating
New Revolution PE New Revolution Participating
Team Nose Dive US Team Nose Dive Participating
NextPlay CL NextPlay Participating
TheNiceGuys CA TheNiceGuys Participating
Ying is King US Ying is King Participating
Lacresha US Lacresha Participating
Team.Afk PE Team.Afk Participating
Infract Esports AR Infract Esports Participating
BadBears PE BadBears Participating
Dumpster Fire US Dumpster Fire Participating
Phantaxx + 4 US Phantaxx + 4 Participating
Omnipotent US Omnipotent Participating
Quem Perdoa É Deus BR Quem Perdoa É Deus Participating
Team|Go.Es PE Team|Go.Es Participating