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Signup incomplete (666)

TeamSignup status
Team Liquid US Team Liquid Participating
Iconic Nobodies US Iconic Nobodies Participating
Game Too Complicated US Game Too Complicated Participating
I'm 12 What is This? US I'm 12 What is This? Participating
Dota Under Influence CA Dota Under Influence Participating
Not Today PE Not Today Participating
Dinosaur Shoes CA Dinosaur Shoes Participating
Evil Geniuses US Evil Geniuses Participating
Tbag Gaming US Tbag Gaming Participating
pote N goat CA pote N goat Participating
Rocking Raccoons US Rocking Raccoons Participating
Some Obfuscated Stack US Some Obfuscated Stack Participating
Gay Team Amitos PE Gay Team Amitos Participating
X Control Gaming PE X Control Gaming Participating
E-CHAMP BR E-CHAMP Participating
Union Gaming PE Union Gaming Participating
Boreal eSports CA Boreal eSports Participating
NoHayMar BO NoHayMar Participating
The House is Down BR The House is Down Participating
FTW eSports BR FTW eSports Participating
Viva La Vinyl US Viva La Vinyl Participating
Against All Odds US Against All Odds Participating
Barenaked Linas US Barenaked Linas Participating
Idolize US Idolize Participating
Arts Of War HN Arts Of War Participating
It's Just Pixels US It's Just Pixels Participating
Kenzo Gaming BR Kenzo Gaming Participating
Team eHug US Team eHug Participating
Spectrum Gaming US Spectrum Gaming Participating
paiN Gaming BR paiN Gaming Participating
Movimento Sem Tiuweb BR Movimento Sem Tiuweb Participating
Dominus Omega BR Dominus Omega Participating
Teamerino Meeperino WORLD Teamerino Meeperino Participating
Team Rose US Team Rose Participating
Burning Souls EC Burning Souls Participating
Chonete Warriors CR Chonete Warriors Participating
Focus me CL Focus me Participating
Avengers ! CL Avengers ! Participating
Must Buy TP! EC Must Buy TP! Participating
Found New Friends US Found New Friends Participating
TrueDota AR TrueDota Participating
No Mercy Gaming PE No Mercy Gaming Participating
Enlace Gaming PE Enlace Gaming Participating
rewind US rewind Participating
Breaking Base US Breaking Base Participating
Team Bruce Leroy US Team Bruce Leroy Participating
DJDH20 US DJDH20 Participating
Stand Alone Veritas US Stand Alone Veritas Participating
Noble eSports US Noble eSports Participating
The Dota Bros CA The Dota Bros Participating
Rananet Gaming PE Rananet Gaming Participating
Inverse Datong CN Inverse Datong Participating
LuCky of The Hunter PE LuCky of The Hunter Participating
Team GAIA US Team GAIA Participating
EazyGaming PE EazyGaming Participating
Team Lucid CA Team Lucid Participating
Lost Legion US Lost Legion Participating
MaddenGAF US MaddenGAF Participating
DoubleClickDota2 CA DoubleClickDota2 Participating
Smiles After Death BO Smiles After Death Participating
Five Man Frenzy BR Five Man Frenzy Participating
Innate Gaming PE Innate Gaming Participating
We Like Lazor Guns US We Like Lazor Guns Participating
Gorila Gamer BR Gorila Gamer Participating
Red Ribbon CL Red Ribbon Participating
Cuddles Armada US Cuddles Armada Participating
Holy Bomb UY Holy Bomb Participating
mixts BR mixts Participating
We Draw Dicks US We Draw Dicks Participating
5adicos VE 5adicos Participating
Overextended CA Overextended Participating
Recife 5 BR Recife 5 Participating
Fingers is Missing BR Fingers is Missing Participating
SGI.Rangers US SGI.Rangers Participating
Drunken Squad CL Drunken Squad Participating
Cacti Team US Cacti Team Participating
friendly~ US friendly~ Participating
Gallus Petrae PE Gallus Petrae Participating
Thank You Please US Thank You Please Participating
Storm Of Gaming PE Storm Of Gaming Participating
Lan Center Gaming Beta PE Lan Center Gaming Beta Participating
Bane Syndicate US Bane Syndicate Participating
Los Meepos Hermanos US Los Meepos Hermanos Participating
Ironside #splendid-gaming US Ironside #splendid-gaming Participating
StartGamers e-Sports BR StartGamers e-Sports Participating
koKOBOP PE koKOBOP Participating
Qenobi ONFIRE PE Qenobi ONFIRE Participating
Mustache Rules AR Mustache Rules Participating
Seven Lan Center PE Seven Lan Center Participating
TheGentlemensClub US TheGentlemensClub Participating
r4sh team PE r4sh team Participating
Hunters souls gaming sport PE Hunters souls gaming sport Participating
Chilean Marines CL Chilean Marines Participating
Smiles US Smiles Participating
Absolute Strategy PY Absolute Strategy Participating
Tedious US Tedious Participating
FuZe Dota US FuZe Dota Participating
Cerberus Gaming PE Cerberus Gaming Participating
BlackCat Gaming PE BlackCat Gaming Participating
RAD Dota US RAD Dota Participating
Play 4 Fun PE Play 4 Fun Participating
Arenales Sport Gaming PE Arenales Sport Gaming Participating
The DysFunKtionals US The DysFunKtionals Participating
Babus Rising CA Babus Rising Participating
Yoda Feedz CA Yoda Feedz Participating
Isurus Gaming HyperX AR Isurus Gaming HyperX Participating
4+Asian BR 4+Asian Participating
Rolos Rascals US Rolos Rascals Participating
STA US STA Participating
Duck Truck CA Duck Truck Participating
9 Lives Gaming BR 9 Lives Gaming Participating
Romario Futebol clube BR Romario Futebol clube Participating
DragonGeorgeZ US DragonGeorgeZ Participating
East West US East West Participating
Gaming xtreme PE Gaming xtreme Participating
La Rica Vicki PE La Rica Vicki Participating
Orion eSports CA Orion eSports Participating
Komdrak Gaming PE Komdrak Gaming Participating
Timmy and the Jimmie Rustlers US Timmy and the Jimmie Rustlers Participating
Extreme Violence CA Extreme Violence Participating
No Mercy Gaming PE No Mercy Gaming Participating
The Systems ShielD PE The Systems ShielD Participating
RedSkins WORLD RedSkins Participating
Team Villavicencio CO Team Villavicencio Participating
Midas Club BR Midas Club Participating
No Bounty Hunter Perú PE No Bounty Hunter Perú Participating
Charybdis Sucks US Charybdis Sucks Participating
Team Rogue US Team Rogue Participating
Going Over The Extra Mile US Going Over The Extra Mile Participating
noClick BR noClick Participating
Team GosuNet PE Team GosuNet Participating
XiGua Gaming US XiGua Gaming Participating
Aggressive Lane BR Aggressive Lane Participating
NoFeelings BR NoFeelings Participating
Demoniac! PE Demoniac! Participating
Exergy CA Exergy Participating
Epic Gaming CA Epic Gaming Participating
Nos ne Obliviscaris CL Nos ne Obliviscaris Participating
Dota Team Squad BR Dota Team Squad Participating
Leap First US Leap First Participating
Bring your own Bear US Bring your own Bear Participating
Zen Wolves US Zen Wolves Participating
Levy De-Efrom PE Levy De-Efrom Participating
IpewYou Team BR IpewYou Team Participating
Stronk and Gud PE Stronk and Gud Participating
Muscle Milkstache US Muscle Milkstache Participating
Team SENSEi dota2 CO Team SENSEi dota2 Participating
Nifhleim Gaming CL Nifhleim Gaming Participating
good Game CO good Game Participating
Skan Lan Center™ PE Skan Lan Center™ Participating
Denial eSports US Denial eSports Participating
Assrams US Assrams Participating
The H.O.T. US The H.O.T. Participating
Impulse esports Dota PE Impulse esports Dota Participating
Buddy Gaming CA Buddy Gaming Participating
Epic US Epic Participating
Mage eSports GB Mage eSports Participating
Team Quetzal MX Team Quetzal Participating
Mafia Peruana PE Mafia Peruana Participating
Ursus Faveo US Ursus Faveo Participating
Black Crusaders PE Black Crusaders Participating
Good Sports US Good Sports Participating
LSD.Mad'Hatter AR LSD.Mad'Hatter Participating
Owning Gaming PE Owning Gaming Participating
Lonelyboyz US Lonelyboyz Participating
Hipnos eSport PE Hipnos eSport Participating
ZX-Quad PE ZX-Quad Participating
Vicios.Pro- BR Vicios.Pro- Participating
Phoenix SunStrikes US Phoenix SunStrikes Participating
To The Kitchen AR To The Kitchen Participating
Entropy US Entropy Participating
Ciudad Blanca Gamers PE Ciudad Blanca Gamers Participating
99 Problems US 99 Problems Participating
No Kawaiimancer US No Kawaiimancer Participating
Galadus Gaming BR Galadus Gaming Participating
SKC Gaming BR SKC Gaming Participating
Cadmio Gaming PE Cadmio Gaming Participating
Dot4eveR PE Dot4eveR Participating
Elegant Well Dressed Gentlemen US Elegant Well Dressed Gentlemen Participating
Team|Go.Es PE Team|Go.Es Participating
Fighters For Life CA Fighters For Life Participating
Glimpse US Glimpse Participating
Mistakes Were Made US Mistakes Were Made Participating
Panic Gaming International US Panic Gaming International Participating
Outplayed PY Outplayed Participating
Perfectionvore VE Perfectionvore Participating
Meepmop Gaming US Meepmop Gaming Participating
WithOut Mercy PE WithOut Mercy Participating
Alia Meta US Alia Meta Participating
Eye Candy US Eye Candy Participating
2kMMR Commend Pls ;) US 2kMMR Commend Pls ;) Participating
SicarioS PE SicarioS Participating
Smash BR Smash Participating
NubJub US NubJub Participating
iFed US iFed Participating
O-Town US O-Town Participating
ShoT E - Sport Club PE ShoT E - Sport Club Participating
Run for your life VN Run for your life Participating
Orange Transparent Chainsaw US Orange Transparent Chainsaw Participating
PuddingLovers US PuddingLovers Participating
Katari Gaming PE Katari Gaming Participating
Alien Generation PE Alien Generation Participating
Near.Gaming PE Near.Gaming Participating
PesoPesado BR PesoPesado Participating
TheMotherFucker´s PE TheMotherFucker´s Participating
Volcania Gaming PE Volcania Gaming Participating
KeepTheDreamAlive CO KeepTheDreamAlive Participating
ZKT1 CL ZKT1 Participating
The Fun Boyz CA The Fun Boyz Participating
Bear Central US Bear Central Participating
the big murderers PE the big murderers Participating
The Stockton Slap US The Stockton Slap Participating
Force Feed US Force Feed Participating
IndoMie US IndoMie Participating
Apple Kingdom US Apple Kingdom Participating
N00bs Sem Biscoito BR N00bs Sem Biscoito Participating
Ornery Mongoose Gaming US Ornery Mongoose Gaming Participating
Dumb Bitch Jo's US Dumb Bitch Jo's Participating
The Meat Clan US The Meat Clan Participating
5 Stars PE 5 Stars Participating
Dark Trigger Alert! US Dark Trigger Alert! Participating
1League PE 1League Participating
Deathers Gaming AR Deathers Gaming Participating
Ownage Gaming CL Ownage Gaming Participating
LaBarriada PE LaBarriada Participating
Gank Me Later US Gank Me Later Participating
Team Tom Cruise US Team Tom Cruise Participating
[WHAT OF IT?] CA [WHAT OF IT?] Participating
Friends Of Carl US Friends Of Carl Participating
The wolves at your Throne MX The wolves at your Throne Participating
Do Work US Do Work Participating
Third Tier US Third Tier Participating
Team AMA BR Team AMA Participating
Jiko4Prez CA Jiko4Prez Participating
JustForFun PE JustForFun Participating
Indelével BR Indelével Participating
Team Name Still Pending CA Team Name Still Pending Participating
An Organized Chaos US An Organized Chaos Participating
Breakaway US Breakaway Participating
n3 Gaming CA n3 Gaming Participating
Night Raid PE Night Raid Participating
incline Gaming International US incline Gaming International Participating
Rofl Gaming PE Rofl Gaming Participating
Team Titans BR Team Titans Participating
Rather date a monkey. US Rather date a monkey. Participating
The Taffernators US The Taffernators Participating
Ultimate Champions of Acre BR Ultimate Champions of Acre Participating
Mythical Penguins US Mythical Penguins Participating
Church of Russian Lich Jesus US Church of Russian Lich Jesus Participating
Pinba PE Pinba Participating
Team Refraktion US Team Refraktion Participating
Five Guys Off US Five Guys Off Participating
Noobodies US Noobodies Participating
Volta7 Int US Volta7 Int Participating
Impending Doom US Impending Doom Participating
Feedback Esports VE Feedback Esports Participating
Da Pidgeonz US Da Pidgeonz Participating
Concrete Monster Squad US Concrete Monster Squad Participating
Vizard Gaming US Vizard Gaming Participating
sQuirtle PE sQuirtle Participating
Shit aint it US Shit aint it Participating
Zona Z PE Zona Z Participating
PIS PE PIS Participating
TLC PE TLC Participating
Fiji US Fiji Participating
Always Passing Excellence CA Always Passing Excellence Participating
Tricky Pasta EC Tricky Pasta Participating
TL DayZ US TL DayZ Participating
We're Gonna Get Wrecked US We're Gonna Get Wrecked Participating
Mazembe F.C. BR Mazembe F.C. Participating
GoForBroke BR GoForBroke Participating
New Star Com PE New Star Com Participating
Ignus Solei PE Ignus Solei Participating
Dota de Rua BR Dota de Rua Participating
Zealous eSports US Zealous eSports Participating
13 Mana boys AR 13 Mana boys Participating
Karma Gaming PE PE Karma Gaming PE Participating
Team Error CO Team Error Participating
Team Archon US Team Archon Participating
Not Late Game PE Not Late Game Participating
Farm Gamers BR Farm Gamers Participating
Lithium Gaming EC Lithium Gaming Participating
Buddhism After Dark US Buddhism After Dark Participating
VoltronPy PY VoltronPy Participating
Shark Attack US Shark Attack Participating
.Prism US .Prism Participating
Near Empyrean US Near Empyrean Participating
No Vengfulspirit US No Vengfulspirit Participating
eVa.aeon US eVa.aeon Participating
Black Dragons Gaming PE Black Dragons Gaming Participating
The Big Hitters CA The Big Hitters Participating
Never Ending Ownage US Never Ending Ownage Participating
Spartan Dota US Spartan Dota Participating
Virtuous Dummies US Virtuous Dummies Participating
YO'PE MX YO'PE Participating
Las Margaras Gaming VE Las Margaras Gaming Participating
League of the Swag Maiden US League of the Swag Maiden Participating
I REFUSE US I REFUSE Participating
No Drow Ranger US No Drow Ranger Participating
Rapacity Gaming US Rapacity Gaming Participating
SMART Gaming EC SMART Gaming Participating
Avengers Assemble CA Avengers Assemble Participating
VaeVae Rangers US VaeVae Rangers Participating
Rush Hour 5 US Rush Hour 5 Participating
Eternity Brasil BR Eternity Brasil Participating
voiD Team BR voiD Team Participating
Exodus Legends MX Exodus Legends Participating
miniBoss US miniBoss Participating
TiTans Division VN TiTans Division Participating
Randomz Gaming US Randomz Gaming Participating
iMONSTER BR iMONSTER Participating
Team PE Team Participating
Amigos do Sacão BR Amigos do Sacão Participating
Team Lemniscate BR Team Lemniscate Participating
Sacis perere BR Sacis perere Participating
Opressors Power BR Opressors Power Participating
RUOK US RUOK Participating
CastoR MX CastoR Participating
No Puck Intended CA No Puck Intended Participating
M0nkeys CL M0nkeys Participating
Animus US Animus Participating
Rage Quitters US Rage Quitters Participating
Chopers Team BR Chopers Team Participating
Panda Eating Watermelon US Panda Eating Watermelon Participating
MgO - OMG CA MgO - OMG Participating
Cursing n` Rolling BR Cursing n` Rolling Participating
Super Sweaty Sexy Strength Hero US Super Sweaty Sexy Strength Hero Participating
Peruvians shitty mafia PE Peruvians shitty mafia Participating
Gochos VE Gochos Participating
Res Non Verba AR Res Non Verba Participating
B'more Titans US B'more Titans Participating
VexX Academy US VexX Academy Participating
JOGB PE JOGB Participating
Royal Gaming CL CL Royal Gaming CL Participating
4 Testicles and a Giant Dong US 4 Testicles and a Giant Dong Participating
U238 US U238 Participating
BoyKanos Gamers PE BoyKanos Gamers Participating
Rare Candy CA Rare Candy Participating
Moondoggie&Darkdays + Friends US Moondoggie&Darkdays + Friends Participating
Asian Beavers US Asian Beavers Participating
Q_,Q CA Q_,Q Participating
The Avengers US The Avengers Participating
Worst Behaviour US Worst Behaviour Participating
3/5 US 3/5 Participating
Kill Them All BR Kill Them All Participating
Van City Dota CA Van City Dota Participating
Me, Myself and I BR Me, Myself and I Participating
The New1Ones BR The New1Ones Participating
Gordos Gaming BR Gordos Gaming Participating
Made in Brasil BR Made in Brasil Participating
Unusual Gaming Pro BR Unusual Gaming Pro Participating
Knock Out CL Knock Out Participating
We need Wards BR We need Wards Participating
[Natus Killing] PE [Natus Killing] Participating
First Ban Meepo US First Ban Meepo Participating
Yoker eSports US Yoker eSports Participating
Green Team CO Green Team Participating
MMR Restoration Project US MMR Restoration Project Participating
The Appliances US The Appliances Participating
Team Baldgod US Team Baldgod Participating
Base 13 BR Base 13 Participating
MaxLevelDotA AR MaxLevelDotA Participating
Mixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BR Mixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Participating
TOP5 US TOP5 Participating
Random Mouse Clicks CA Random Mouse Clicks Participating
Esquadrão Noob BR Esquadrão Noob Participating
TheNewGeneration PE TheNewGeneration Participating
Latin` Sport PE Latin` Sport Participating
Everyone Rush Midas US Everyone Rush Midas Participating
The Almighty Dildozers US The Almighty Dildozers Participating
2k Gaming PE 2k Gaming Participating
Void Support For The Victory AR Void Support For The Victory Participating
Team Oropeza Jr PE Team Oropeza Jr Participating
Strike Force 5 US Strike Force 5 Participating
The Winning Guys WORLD The Winning Guys Participating
Tactical Monkeys US Tactical Monkeys Participating
asd1 BR asd1 Participating
TeSkA PE TeSkA Participating
No Fear Dota US No Fear Dota Participating
RGB CO RGB Participating
Dragon Elites CA Dragon Elites Participating
Eternal Revenge PE Eternal Revenge Participating
SoulGames AR SoulGames Participating
Lulu is Willy BR Lulu is Willy Participating
Five Point Gaming WORLD Five Point Gaming Participating
Team Irrational US Team Irrational Participating
AnAwfulGroup CA AnAwfulGroup Participating
Boner Brothers US Boner Brothers Participating
dankest US dankest Participating
All you can eat buffet RS All you can eat buffet Participating
Old West Team BR Old West Team Participating
Faucons de Montreal CA Faucons de Montreal Participating
Tengen US Tengen Participating
NatureGaming.Ec EC NatureGaming.Ec Participating
Mad Glorious CA Mad Glorious Participating
Blood School PE Blood School Participating
Team Yank US Team Yank Participating
Always on Point US Always on Point Participating
Team Chicobo CA Team Chicobo Participating
Death by Snu Snu US Death by Snu Snu Participating
Keep the Jeep Rolling CA Keep the Jeep Rolling Participating
sam isa god CA sam isa god Participating
Gees US Gees Participating
Bart Stack Brigade US Bart Stack Brigade Participating
Va Jugar AR Va Jugar Participating
Helios Esports CA Helios Esports Participating
Pain GaminG.EU PE Pain GaminG.EU Participating
Kaizen Gaming PE Kaizen Gaming Participating
Anger Management AR Anger Management Participating
Zona 4 PE Zona 4 Participating
Syndicate Gaming BR Syndicate Gaming Participating
Panela dos Cara BR Panela dos Cara Participating
Dream Warden BR Dream Warden Participating
Mary Poppins Dota US Mary Poppins Dota Participating
AmigosDoJosé BR AmigosDoJosé Participating
NoLubeForYou US NoLubeForYou Participating
Allucard PE Allucard Participating
League Of Lemons US League Of Lemons Participating
Fancy Feast US Fancy Feast Participating
Galera da Manguaca BR Galera da Manguaca Participating
Play 4 Fun PE Play 4 Fun Participating
BoraDota TEAM BR BoraDota TEAM Participating
Los Mestizos PE Los Mestizos Participating
Zap x Sete Copas BR Zap x Sete Copas Participating
Wheel US Wheel Participating
Scrubbing Bubbles CA Scrubbing Bubbles Participating
The Northern Blight US The Northern Blight Participating
Fluffy Rabbit BR Fluffy Rabbit Participating
5 Manlets US 5 Manlets Participating
Abysm BR Abysm Participating
Sheep e-Sports PE Sheep e-Sports Participating
Oh My Frag PY Oh My Frag Participating
SEXTA FEIRA 13 BR SEXTA FEIRA 13 Participating
Laranjito's BR Laranjito's Participating
Feed Team PE Feed Team Participating
ALV impacto PE ALV impacto Participating
The Horde US The Horde Participating
Rooka US Rooka Participating
Team Blade EC Team Blade Participating
Nao'Vei Team BR Nao'Vei Team Participating
The Bird's Nest US The Bird's Nest Participating
Garzoople US Garzoople Participating
New Perspective! BR New Perspective! Participating
swerving storm US swerving storm Participating
Team Gravity CA Team Gravity Participating
Space Lobsters US Space Lobsters Participating
inKa Squad Gaming PE inKa Squad Gaming Participating
Wooden PC's CA Wooden PC's Participating
Super Swag Muffins US Super Swag Muffins Participating
Regenerate PA Regenerate Participating
N0D-Ground US N0D-Ground Participating
I Give Tango US I Give Tango Participating
Spectrum Gaming US Spectrum Gaming Participating
Granite Clocks US Granite Clocks Participating
Fury Five US Fury Five Participating
AteN US AteN Participating
Psychik Gaming CA Psychik Gaming Participating
Extreme Core Gamers EC Extreme Core Gamers Participating
Me and Mark US Me and Mark Participating
dequan CA dequan Participating
4x Multi-Cast US 4x Multi-Cast Participating
South Five Gaming AR South Five Gaming Participating
Alien Art US Alien Art Participating
VaiLoz Gaming VN VaiLoz Gaming Participating
Storm Force 5 US Storm Force 5 Participating
Galera da Facul BR Galera da Facul Participating
The Impact Capital US The Impact Capital Participating
So Pure US So Pure Participating
Phantasie AR Phantasie Participating
LegionGaming.PY PY LegionGaming.PY Participating
Amizade BR Amizade Participating
Beast Strategy CL Beast Strategy Participating
She Said She Was Level Eighteen UK She Said She Was Level Eighteen Participating
Clan Ramos BR Clan Ramos Participating
venom9x BR venom9x Participating
Team ASDF ID Team ASDF Participating
Game is Heavy US Game is Heavy Participating
Feel The Way AR Feel The Way Participating
Pow Nation CA Pow Nation Participating
Suum Cuique US Suum Cuique Participating
Period Bloodseekers US Period Bloodseekers Participating
Team Damnation PY Team Damnation Participating
Oss BR Oss Participating
TicAl US TicAl Participating
Slow Gaming International US Slow Gaming International Participating
Global Gamerz VC Global Gamerz Participating
Thanh Nien Nghiem Tuc US Thanh Nien Nghiem Tuc Participating
Evil.Empire US Evil.Empire Participating
OldBee US OldBee Participating
Virus team AR Virus team Participating
BLUExtasis PY BLUExtasis Participating
Chosen Heroes VE Chosen Heroes Participating
Post-Mortem Gaming CA Post-Mortem Gaming Participating
Infernal Dong Lords UM Infernal Dong Lords Participating
Aggies US Aggies Participating
DoN EC DoN Participating
DonkeyRider CA DonkeyRider Participating
SteakHOUSE US SteakHOUSE Participating
Always Build Dagon US Always Build Dagon Participating
Red Strike PE Red Strike Participating
BlazingBuckeyes US BlazingBuckeyes Participating
2 Fast 2 Furion CA 2 Fast 2 Furion Participating
Arsenal Gaming PE Arsenal Gaming Participating
Mistery Of Soul PE Mistery Of Soul Participating
This Is Awkward US This Is Awkward Participating
brightblank US brightblank Participating
Intergalactic Mafia UK Intergalactic Mafia Participating
LottusGG BR LottusGG Participating
Originally Gifted US Originally Gifted Participating
iTitan Gaming BR iTitan Gaming Participating
SilverBullet CN SilverBullet Participating
Beezel US Beezel Participating
Absolute Gaming PE Absolute Gaming Participating
ExE Team CO ExE Team Participating
Soviet Peru US Soviet Peru Participating
BreHitSquad US BreHitSquad Participating
Pirates Love Booty US Pirates Love Booty Participating
Mecânica Gaming BR Mecânica Gaming Participating
Oozma kappa PE Oozma kappa Participating
Pay For Kill PE Pay For Kill Participating
Luxizito Net Gaming PE Luxizito Net Gaming Participating
Gangsters of Dota US Gangsters of Dota Participating
Baianos e Capixabas BR Baianos e Capixabas Participating
Lochness Monster Dance Party US Lochness Monster Dance Party Participating
Team Coercion US Team Coercion Participating
TTC CA TTC Participating
Tyrannosaurus Ghost US Tyrannosaurus Ghost Participating
Fatal Five US Fatal Five Participating
Lulz Vincit Omnia US Lulz Vincit Omnia Participating
SoCleanSoGood CA SoCleanSoGood Participating
Mastodon eSports US Mastodon eSports Participating
Wave EU GB Wave EU Participating
Kronos Fear CA Kronos Fear Participating
Requiem Gaming International US Requiem Gaming International Participating
Team Never Tap WORLD Team Never Tap Participating
Maruchan UY Maruchan Participating
Booty Goons CA Booty Goons Participating
Player Kill Electric US Player Kill Electric Participating
Local Legends US Local Legends Participating
It'll Take Tree To Tango US It'll Take Tree To Tango Participating
Omens of Slaughter BR Omens of Slaughter Participating
Kotol Give Me Mana Pls US Kotol Give Me Mana Pls Participating
Echoes AR Echoes Participating
Mushroom Kingdom CA Mushroom Kingdom Participating
United.Gaming US United.Gaming Participating
Cherry US Cherry Participating
ShoT E-Sport PE ShoT E-Sport Participating
President Taft's Pony Brigade US President Taft's Pony Brigade Participating
InCOMPetent US InCOMPetent Participating
Neko Knights US Neko Knights Participating
assault. BR assault. Participating
DarkSeekers BR DarkSeekers Participating
Team Bossa Nova BR Team Bossa Nova Participating
Team Ebola PE Team Ebola Participating
Please Buy Wards US Please Buy Wards Participating
420Team BR 420Team Participating
*Blinkin Gaming* US *Blinkin Gaming* Participating
Adam's CA Adam's Participating
New Horizon CL New Horizon Participating
The Top of the Bell Curve US The Top of the Bell Curve Participating
Experts on Comeback PE Experts on Comeback Participating
Bella Morte CA Bella Morte Participating
Rainbow Jive Turkeys US Rainbow Jive Turkeys Participating
Ode BR Ode Participating
Obscure Gaming CA Obscure Gaming Participating
Team Test BR Team Test Participating
VeNi. ViDi. ViCi! US VeNi. ViDi. ViCi! Participating
Oh Long Jow BR Oh Long Jow Participating
Regular Team BR Regular Team Participating
Friendly Arranged Gaming Society CA Friendly Arranged Gaming Society Participating
Borns 2 Fight PE Borns 2 Fight Participating
n3W MetagaMe BR n3W MetagaMe Participating
Nocturnal Nexus Gaming PE Nocturnal Nexus Gaming Participating
Sacrosanct US Sacrosanct Participating
Pwnography PE Pwnography Participating
Lima Five Peru PE Lima Five Peru Participating
The Goonies US The Goonies Participating
Team MattBad US Team MattBad Participating
Choads + 3 US Choads + 3 Participating
Aesir e-Sport BR Aesir e-Sport Participating
Naga Stole My Bike US Naga Stole My Bike Participating
4 Protect None US 4 Protect None Participating
Spaceflight CA Spaceflight Participating
Too Much Money US Too Much Money Participating
Infectted Gaming BR Infectted Gaming Participating
Cachimbo BR BR Cachimbo BR Participating
Impact US Impact Participating
Mirana is Pick PE Mirana is Pick Participating
Psycho Koalaz PE Psycho Koalaz Participating
Ai Dentro BR Ai Dentro Participating
Nitr0 BR Nitr0 Participating
Niu Tim WORLD Niu Tim Participating
Milenion Esports Club PE Milenion Esports Club Participating
GrimeTime US GrimeTime Participating
Ode BR Ode Participating
Lincoln's Gaming US Lincoln's Gaming Participating
Ten Minute Rax US Ten Minute Rax Participating
Nine of Ten Gaming WORLD Nine of Ten Gaming Participating
Guekk' MX Guekk' Participating
EXGH Team BR EXGH Team Participating
Gank Party US Gank Party Participating
Oh My Lawd BR Oh My Lawd Participating
oBonde BR oBonde Participating
Double Dog Dare US Double Dog Dare Participating
Lezybians CA Lezybians Participating
Super Rabbits VE Super Rabbits Participating
Tactical Gamerz MX Tactical Gamerz Participating
Biggest Betrayals US Biggest Betrayals Participating
Legend_Ec EC Legend_Ec Participating
5 Friends & Sulca PE 5 Friends & Sulca Participating
The Abusement Park US The Abusement Park Participating
Suicide Squad CO Suicide Squad Participating
TheBusinessGaming US TheBusinessGaming Participating
Canadian Bank Robbers US Canadian Bank Robbers Participating
Universal US Universal Participating
Special tactics of Dota PE Special tactics of Dota Participating
For Fun Team. BR For Fun Team. Participating
Inka Rising PE Inka Rising Participating
A Zesty Breakfast Burrito US A Zesty Breakfast Burrito Participating
Mental US Mental Participating
Team Ascension US Team Ascension Participating
woooooooooooo CA woooooooooooo Participating
Fun Vegetables CA Fun Vegetables Participating
Night'sWatch BR Night'sWatch Participating
Puma Katari BO Puma Katari Participating
Mask of Badness US Mask of Badness Participating
Hit'Ze US Hit'Ze Participating
Trash Can Commandos US Trash Can Commandos Participating
Fat Mel's Discount Gaming CA Fat Mel's Discount Gaming Participating
2EZ BR 2EZ Participating
Rapier or Leave CA Rapier or Leave Participating
BHz BR BHz Participating
CY@ CA CY@ Participating
Imposing Will US Imposing Will Participating
Ted and the Effeminate Dragons US Ted and the Effeminate Dragons Participating
Road To TI27 CA Road To TI27 Participating
zeXal DotA WORLD zeXal DotA Participating
FixXxeR DTA BR FixXxeR DTA Participating
Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition US Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition Participating
Fraudulent Five US Fraudulent Five Participating
SpyCGaming US SpyCGaming Participating
Wille zur Macht CO Wille zur Macht Participating
peteretes AR peteretes Participating
TeamNooob PE TeamNooob Participating
killerBOX BR killerBOX Participating
Latino America Gaming Esport PE Latino America Gaming Esport Participating
Flatline US Flatline Participating
GigaMess CO GigaMess Participating
Farm and Harm US Farm and Harm Participating
Feed The Courier US Feed The Courier Participating