jDL AM #2: Participants

PLEASE NOTE: This is an older season of our league. We continuously add and improve functionality to our leagues, so some information and data visible in newer seasons might be inaccurate or missing in this one.

Signup incomplete (617)

TeamSignup status
Not Today PE Not Today Participating
paiN Gaming BR paiN Gaming Participating
Team Archon US Team Archon Participating
Audacity MX Audacity Participating
Adhesive Sheep US Adhesive Sheep Participating
Sacred Soul PE Sacred Soul Participating
Union Gaming PE Union Gaming Participating
VaeVae Rangers US VaeVae Rangers Participating
Near Empyrean US Near Empyrean Participating
Team eHug US Team eHug Participating
OldBee US OldBee Participating
Local Legends US Local Legends Participating
World Wide Role Models US World Wide Role Models Participating
Run for your life VN Run for your life Participating
TiTans Division VN TiTans Division Participating
TheBusinessGaming US TheBusinessGaming Participating
Dinosaur Shoes CA Dinosaur Shoes Participating
Ciudad Blanca Gamers PE Ciudad Blanca Gamers Participating
Oh My Lawd BR Oh My Lawd Participating
Innate Gaming PE Innate Gaming Participating
Tengen US Tengen Participating
New Star Com PE New Star Com Participating
New Perspective! BR New Perspective! Participating
Team Baldgod US Team Baldgod Participating
VaiLoz Gaming VN VaiLoz Gaming Participating
Impulse esports Dota PE Impulse esports Dota Participating
Chosen Heroes VE Chosen Heroes Participating
TLC PE TLC Participating
DragonGeorgeZ US DragonGeorgeZ Participating
Teamerino Meeperino WORLD Teamerino Meeperino Participating
RedSkins WORLD RedSkins Participating
Super Swag Muffins US Super Swag Muffins Participating
Gank Party US Gank Party Participating
Kappa Gaming BR Kappa Gaming Participating
Mary Poppins Dota US Mary Poppins Dota Participating
Third Tier US Third Tier Participating
asd1 BR asd1 Participating
Mistery Of Soul PE Mistery Of Soul Participating
Spartan Dota US Spartan Dota Participating
Panic Gaming International US Panic Gaming International Participating
Owning Gaming PE Owning Gaming Participating
Zona Z PE Zona Z Participating
Gangsters of Dota US Gangsters of Dota Participating
XiGua Gaming US XiGua Gaming Participating
Oh Long Jow BR Oh Long Jow Participating
Megalodon UK Megalodon Participating
Team Lava BR Team Lava Participating
Team Test BR Team Test Participating
DJDH20 US DJDH20 Participating
Death by Snu Snu US Death by Snu Snu Participating
Cacti Team US Cacti Team Participating
SteakHOUSE US SteakHOUSE Participating
Shiny+4 CO Shiny+4 Participating
Neko Knights US Neko Knights Participating
Wave EU GB Wave EU Participating
Lonelyboyz US Lonelyboyz Participating
4x Multi-Cast US 4x Multi-Cast Participating
Nifhleim Gaming CL Nifhleim Gaming Participating
Maruchan UY Maruchan Participating
woooooooooooo CA woooooooooooo Participating
13 Mana boys AR 13 Mana boys Participating
miniBoss US miniBoss Participating
Smiles After Death BO Smiles After Death Participating
Nicely Jobbed US Nicely Jobbed Participating
We need Wards BR We need Wards Participating
Team Chitoge WORLD Team Chitoge Participating
Rapier or Leave CA Rapier or Leave Participating
Panela dos Cara BR Panela dos Cara Participating
Gank Me Later US Gank Me Later Participating
Prehispanic Gaming MX Prehispanic Gaming Participating
SEXTA FEIRA 13 BR SEXTA FEIRA 13 Participating
Interactive Players VE Interactive Players Participating
Mythical Penguins US Mythical Penguins Participating
Gochos VE Gochos Participating
Dier Gaming CL Dier Gaming Participating
KebaBz Of XpreZ US KebaBz Of XpreZ Participating
Ignus Solei PE Ignus Solei Participating
4 Testicles and a Giant Dong US 4 Testicles and a Giant Dong Participating
Rocking Raccoons US Rocking Raccoons Participating
Feed The Courier US Feed The Courier Participating
Galera da Facul BR Galera da Facul Participating
Komdrak Gaming PE Komdrak Gaming Participating
Game is Heavy US Game is Heavy Participating
Team Quetzal MX Team Quetzal Participating
Wille zur Macht CO Wille zur Macht Participating
Purple Pimpin' Platypuses US Purple Pimpin' Platypuses Participating
Isurus Gaming HyperX AR Isurus Gaming HyperX Participating
No Fear Dota US No Fear Dota Participating
SoCleanSoGood CA SoCleanSoGood Participating
.Prism US .Prism Participating
Chopers Team BR Chopers Team Participating
Night Raid PE Night Raid Participating
Randomz Gaming US Randomz Gaming Participating
Boreal eSports CA Boreal eSports Participating
Glimpse US Glimpse Participating
dequan CA dequan Participating
Faucons de Montreal CA Faucons de Montreal Participating
Breakaway US Breakaway Participating
Biggest Betrayals US Biggest Betrayals Participating
Cursing n` Rolling BR Cursing n` Rolling Participating
Fingers is Missing BR Fingers is Missing Participating
Breaking Base US Breaking Base Participating
Player Kill Electric US Player Kill Electric Participating
Inverse Datong CN Inverse Datong Participating
Yoda Feedz CA Yoda Feedz Participating
MEE-PWNED! US MEE-PWNED! Participating
Psycho Koalaz PE Psycho Koalaz Participating
JustForFun PE JustForFun Participating
Assrams US Assrams Participating
Allucard PE Allucard Participating
Black Lions. AR Black Lions. Participating
No Kawaiimancer US No Kawaiimancer Participating
Outlawz CA Outlawz Participating
eLive Pro JP JP eLive Pro JP Participating
SKC Gaming BR SKC Gaming Participating
sQuirtle PE sQuirtle Participating
Rananet Gaming PE Rananet Gaming Participating
Mobility e-Sport BR Mobility e-Sport Participating
The Systems ShielD PE The Systems ShielD Participating
Luxizito Net Gaming PE Luxizito Net Gaming Participating
United We Stand CA United We Stand Participating
5adicos VE 5adicos Participating
TrueDota AR TrueDota Participating
Mafia Peruana PE Mafia Peruana Participating
r4sh team PE r4sh team Participating
LuCky of The Hunter PE LuCky of The Hunter Participating
Wheel US Wheel Participating
Farm Gamers BR Farm Gamers Participating
IndoMie US IndoMie Participating
Volta7 Int US Volta7 Int Participating
Tactical Monkeys US Tactical Monkeys Participating
Church of Russian Lich Jesus US Church of Russian Lich Jesus Participating
EXGH Team BR EXGH Team Participating
Super Sweaty Sexy Strength Hero US Super Sweaty Sexy Strength Hero Participating
CERO BR CERO Participating
Novum Ludere BR Novum Ludere Participating
Aggies US Aggies Participating
Lezybians CA Lezybians Participating
iTitan Gaming BR iTitan Gaming Participating
Team Gravity CA Team Gravity Participating
The Big Hitters CA The Big Hitters Participating
Drunken Squad CL Drunken Squad Participating
Cherry US Cherry Participating
GoForBroke BR GoForBroke Participating
Me, Myself and I BR Me, Myself and I Participating
Pinba PE Pinba Participating
iceCream e-Sports MX iceCream e-Sports Participating
BlackCat Gaming PE BlackCat Gaming Participating
Guekk's.pro MX Guekk's.pro Participating
Soul of Victory PE Soul of Victory Participating
Team Chicobo CA Team Chicobo Participating
Indelével BR Indelével Participating
Argentinian Rejects AR Argentinian Rejects Participating
Not Late Game PE Not Late Game Participating
Asian Beavers US Asian Beavers Participating
Outplayed PY Outplayed Participating
Light of Zeus.Int UY Light of Zeus.Int Participating
Aesir e-Sport BR Aesir e-Sport Participating
5inco BR 5inco Participating
Infectted Gaming BR Infectted Gaming Participating
Storm Force 5 US Storm Force 5 Participating
incline Gaming International US incline Gaming International Participating
Sex In Atlantis PE Sex In Atlantis Participating
Lulz Vincit Omnia US Lulz Vincit Omnia Participating
BreHitSquad US BreHitSquad Participating
Slayer Games PE Slayer Games Participating
Fluffy Rabbit BR Fluffy Rabbit Participating
Strike Next PE Strike Next Participating
Arsenal Gaming PE Arsenal Gaming Participating
Azote de la Oscuridad PE Azote de la Oscuridad Participating
Contagion Gaming US Contagion Gaming Participating
Smiles US Smiles Participating
Try Face GO! US Try Face GO! Participating
Rolos Rascals US Rolos Rascals Participating
Dumb Bitch Jo's US Dumb Bitch Jo's Participating
Levy De-Efrom PE Levy De-Efrom Participating
Moondoggie&Darkdays + Friends US Moondoggie&Darkdays + Friends Participating
NoFeelings BR NoFeelings Participating
Shit aint it US Shit aint it Participating
Lithium Gaming EC Lithium Gaming Participating
The Fun Boyz CA The Fun Boyz Participating
Always Passing Excellence CA Always Passing Excellence Participating
Virtuous Dummies US Virtuous Dummies Participating
MaddenGAF US MaddenGAF Participating
Team Rose US Team Rose Participating
2k Gaming PE 2k Gaming Participating
Cachimbo BR BR Cachimbo BR Participating
So Pure US So Pure Participating
Bear Central US Bear Central Participating
Mage eSports GB Mage eSports Participating
CastoR MX CastoR Participating
Team Bruce Leroy US Team Bruce Leroy Participating
BoyKanos Gamers PE BoyKanos Gamers Participating
League of the Swag Maiden US League of the Swag Maiden Participating
BoraDota TEAM BR BoraDota TEAM Participating
Night'sWatch BR Night'sWatch Participating
PIS PE PIS Participating
Ikarus PE Ikarus Participating
Enlace Gaming PE Enlace Gaming Participating
Mastodon eSports US Mastodon eSports Participating
Hunters souls gaming sport PE Hunters souls gaming sport Participating
Alpha Team BO Alpha Team Participating
abc123 CA abc123 Participating
*Team Poison* PE *Team Poison* Participating
LSD.Mad'Hatter AR LSD.Mad'Hatter Participating
Overextended CA Overextended Participating
Super Rabbits VE Super Rabbits Participating
In Articulo Mortis. US In Articulo Mortis. Participating
voiD Team BR voiD Team Participating
Sacrosanct US Sacrosanct Participating
Venezuela[G]aming VE Venezuela[G]aming Participating
Team MattBad US Team MattBad Participating
NoHayMar BO NoHayMar Participating
Throw That Flan AR Throw That Flan Participating
Mask of Badness US Mask of Badness Participating
ShoT E-Sport PE ShoT E-Sport Participating
Royal Gaming CL CL Royal Gaming CL Participating
Friends Of Carl US Friends Of Carl Participating
La Hora Sangrada VE La Hora Sangrada Participating
STA US STA Participating
TOP5 US TOP5 Participating
Warlords E-sports BR Warlords E-sports Participating
Dan Gaming US Dan Gaming Participating
Team Bossa Nova BR Team Bossa Nova Participating
Eternal Revenge PE Eternal Revenge Participating
Lima Five Peru PE Lima Five Peru Participating
Nullve PE Nullve Participating
Demoniac! PE Demoniac! Participating
The Vultures CR The Vultures Participating
Babus Rising CA Babus Rising Participating
La Rica Vicki PE La Rica Vicki Participating
Team Nose Dive US Team Nose Dive Participating
MMR Restoration Project US MMR Restoration Project Participating
Too Much Money US Too Much Money Participating
Found New Friends US Found New Friends Participating
Suricatos BR Suricatos Participating
SouloFDota BR SouloFDota Participating
Viva La Vinyl US Viva La Vinyl Participating
Spaceflight CA Spaceflight Participating
Adam's CA Adam's Participating
Lan Center Gaming Beta PE Lan Center Gaming Beta Participating
MNet GaminG PE MNet GaminG Participating
Team Rogue US Team Rogue Participating
SilverBullet CN SilverBullet Participating
Ethernals PE Ethernals Participating
koKOBOP PE koKOBOP Participating
Team WaZ PE Team WaZ Participating
Support Gaming PE Support Gaming Participating
 noT Gaiin BR noT Gaiin Participating
Shadows of the Past US Shadows of the Past Participating
Sexo Alcohol Drogas y Rock&Roll PE Sexo Alcohol Drogas y Rock&Roll Participating
Brazilian Fury BR Brazilian Fury Participating
Because Bad CA Because Bad Participating
Qenobi ONFIRE PE Qenobi ONFIRE Participating
Balboa Team BR Balboa Team Participating
Leap First US Leap First Participating
SpongeBob Squad BR SpongeBob Squad Participating
Nos ne Obliviscaris CL Nos ne Obliviscaris Participating
Radical Something PE Radical Something Participating
lost sixth house US lost sixth house Participating
Tactical Hunter Sports PE Tactical Hunter Sports Participating
Ravage E-Sports.int PE Ravage E-Sports.int Participating
BMoreZen US BMoreZen Participating
Tbag Gaming US Tbag Gaming Participating
Strick Gaming PE Strick Gaming Participating
Bitch Mob Task Force US Bitch Mob Task Force Participating
Castle Cake WORLD Castle Cake Participating
The Heads of Dota BR The Heads of Dota Participating
Team Pikachu CA Team Pikachu Participating
The wolves at your Throne MX The wolves at your Throne Participating
GloryFive-Esport PE GloryFive-Esport Participating
Dont Dive Again CL Dont Dive Again Participating
Funny Team PE Funny Team Participating
Acid Bath US Acid Bath Participating
Team GosuNet PE Team GosuNet Participating
Suricatos! PE Suricatos! Participating
Mad Glorious CA Mad Glorious Participating
Midas Club BR Midas Club Participating
New Flood US New Flood Participating
Mushroom Kingdom CA Mushroom Kingdom Participating
Team ASDF ID Team ASDF Participating
Pwnography PE Pwnography Participating
Team Lucid CA Team Lucid Participating
Blurred Gaming PE Blurred Gaming Participating
Free.GamerSs PE Free.GamerSs Participating
LaNs Gaming PE LaNs Gaming Participating
No Mercy Gaming PE No Mercy Gaming Participating
Akiba Legacy CR Akiba Legacy Participating
Power of Friendship CA Power of Friendship Participating
Revolution PE Revolution Participating
Golden 3lements Gaming UY Golden 3lements Gaming Participating
Dot4eveR PE Dot4eveR Participating
Alcohol Gaming PE Alcohol Gaming Participating
Cadmio Gaming PE Cadmio Gaming Participating
RAD Dota US RAD Dota Participating
Team Blue Strong PE Team Blue Strong Participating
Started From the PotM US Started From the PotM Participating
TeamZudokato AR TeamZudokato Participating
Take Aim US Take Aim Participating
Lion wraith king CA Lion wraith king Participating
Muteki CL Muteki Participating
Charybdis Sucks US Charybdis Sucks Participating
Cyber X Gaming Stars PE Cyber X Gaming Stars Participating
-[Mortal Team Work]- PE -[Mortal Team Work]- Participating
KeepTheDreamAlive CO KeepTheDreamAlive Participating
Ai Dentro BR Ai Dentro Participating
No Tanners Allowed CA No Tanners Allowed Participating
Equipo Solido AR Equipo Solido Participating
Made in Brasil BR Made in Brasil Participating
Canadian Bank Robbers US Canadian Bank Robbers Participating
Chen ils Pick PE Chen ils Pick Participating
Feedback Esports VE Feedback Esports Participating
Entropy US Entropy Participating
Abysm BR Abysm Participating
99 Problems US 99 Problems Participating
Lunaticos BR Lunaticos Participating
Team Oropeza Jr PE Team Oropeza Jr Participating
Roshpit CA Roshpit Participating
Kids Next Door PE Kids Next Door Participating
Frenezi Gaming PE Frenezi Gaming Participating
Team Swole US Team Swole Participating
Borns 2 Fight PE Borns 2 Fight Participating
Marauder Gaming CA Marauder Gaming Participating
Red Strike PE Red Strike Participating
Panda Eating Watermelon US Panda Eating Watermelon Participating
SkyKnightsDota PE SkyKnightsDota Participating
Gx Gaming PE Gx Gaming Participating
-BangBang- CA -BangBang- Participating
Taboo Charming Mother PE Taboo Charming Mother Participating
Survival- PE Survival- Participating
SavageGaming US SavageGaming Participating
Not So Good US Not So Good Participating
Vox Animus BR Vox Animus Participating
Galadus Gaming BR Galadus Gaming Participating
No Puck Intended CA No Puck Intended Participating
Eight Bit Dota US Eight Bit Dota Participating
Fat Mel's Discount Gaming CA Fat Mel's Discount Gaming Participating
VeNi. ViDi. ViCi! US VeNi. ViDi. ViCi! Participating
Away From Keyboard PE Away From Keyboard Participating
Hipnos eSport PE Hipnos eSport Participating
NubJub US NubJub Participating
Galera do Celeiro BR Galera do Celeiro Participating
AceZone GX BR AceZone GX Participating
KaOs PE KaOs Participating
Riki Does it From Behind US Riki Does it From Behind Participating
Knock Out CL Knock Out Participating
Los Berrakos EC Los Berrakos Participating
Team BroThread US Team BroThread Participating
Doge House Inc US Doge House Inc Participating
Alcoholics Unanimous US Alcoholics Unanimous Participating
ALV impacto PE ALV impacto Participating
Atomic Gaming! BR Atomic Gaming! Participating
Vicios Pro BR Vicios Pro Participating
VexX Academy US VexX Academy Participating
Play 4 Fun PE Play 4 Fun Participating
Skyride CL Skyride Participating
Infernal_Dong_Lords CA Infernal_Dong_Lords Participating
TrueMates PE TrueMates Participating
rewind US rewind Participating
Equitatives CL Equitatives Participating
BHz BR BHz Participating
Tedious US Tedious Participating
Frush + Four Fightingu CA Frush + Four Fightingu Participating
Incarnate Kings US Incarnate Kings Participating
Ornery Mongoose Gaming US Ornery Mongoose Gaming Participating
InCOMPetent US InCOMPetent Participating
Energy E-Sport BR Energy E-Sport Participating
Icaro Gaming PE Icaro Gaming Participating
Game Over 007 PE Game Over 007 Participating
Pay For Kill PE Pay For Kill Participating
Latin` Sport PE Latin` Sport Participating
Zaddle US Zaddle Participating
5 Friends US 5 Friends Participating
9 Lives Gaming BR 9 Lives Gaming Participating
Heil Doto CL Heil Doto Participating
New Horizon CL New Horizon Participating
Oozma kappa PE Oozma kappa Participating
Va Jugar AR Va Jugar Participating
Feel The Way AR Feel The Way Participating
xd Gaming US xd Gaming Participating
zeXal DotA WORLD zeXal DotA Participating
Never Ending Ownage US Never Ending Ownage Participating
Unusual Gaming Pro BR Unusual Gaming Pro Participating
MPV BR MPV Participating
Impact Gaming BR Impact Gaming Participating
Commie Hunters US Commie Hunters Participating
Pink Fluffy Unicorns! PE Pink Fluffy Unicorns! Participating
KLG-Dilecom PE KLG-Dilecom Participating
The Sacred Team PE The Sacred Team Participating
Among Team BR Among Team Participating
No Tenemos Sponsor PE No Tenemos Sponsor Participating
John Madden's Slam Jammers US John Madden's Slam Jammers Participating
Los Golpeadores del Señor PE Los Golpeadores del Señor Participating
Away From Keyboard BO Away From Keyboard Participating
Rather Eat Randy CA Rather Eat Randy Participating
Team Lunáticos BR Team Lunáticos Participating
IDem PE IDem Participating
Lion's Heart Gaming BR Lion's Heart Gaming Participating
Shark Attack US Shark Attack Participating
A Zesty Breakfast Burrito US A Zesty Breakfast Burrito Participating
Clan Milk PE Clan Milk Participating
Impending Doom US Impending Doom Participating
Milenion Esports Club PE Milenion Esports Club Participating
TheMotherFucker´s PE TheMotherFucker´s Participating
This Is Awkward US This Is Awkward Participating
Rogue Gaming US Rogue Gaming Participating
Babalu Gaming PE Babalu Gaming Participating
Los Meepos Hermanos US Los Meepos Hermanos Participating
ppm e-sports BR ppm e-sports Participating
Get Coached US Get Coached Participating
Sunset Gaming PE Sunset Gaming Participating
Pollito Con Papas PE Pollito Con Papas Participating
Demonic Gaming PE Demonic Gaming Participating
Team 0s HN Team 0s Participating
Team Midas Gaming US Team Midas Gaming Participating
Magic Team of Magic BR Magic Team of Magic Participating
Microhard CA Microhard Participating
The DoPe Ones US The DoPe Ones Participating
TopLine Gaming PE TopLine Gaming Participating
Kaizen Gaming PE Kaizen Gaming Participating
No Mercy Gaming PE No Mercy Gaming Participating
Galera da Manguaca BR Galera da Manguaca Participating
Fairy Tail CA Fairy Tail Participating
Soviet Peru US Soviet Peru Participating
Rampage Gamers PE Rampage Gamers Participating
Rock Hard US Rock Hard Participating
Fuck You Thats Why IN Fuck You Thats Why Participating
Fatal Five US Fatal Five Participating
Oh My Frag PY Oh My Frag Participating
Dream Warden BR Dream Warden Participating
Easy come, easy go BR Easy come, easy go Participating
Base 13 BR Base 13 Participating
Mirana is Pick PE Mirana is Pick Participating
Cuddles Armada US Cuddles Armada Participating
Mad Dogs Gaming US Mad Dogs Gaming Participating
Witch Doctors Without Borders CA Witch Doctors Without Borders Participating
Wisp Stole My Aquila BR Wisp Stole My Aquila Participating
Flying Iguanas US Flying Iguanas Participating
This Slark US This Slark Participating
RUOK US RUOK Participating
Suicide Squad CO Suicide Squad Participating
Two Steps from Hell PE Two Steps from Hell Participating
Beast Strategy CL Beast Strategy Participating
The House is Down BR The House is Down Participating
Improper Neutralization US Improper Neutralization Participating
NPR's Faceless Void What a Player US NPR's Faceless Void What a Player Participating
E"pic US E"pic Participating
Nubzilla US Nubzilla Participating
Squartle Squad CO Squartle Squad Participating
Wave Riptide US Wave Riptide Participating
Are You Even Trying? BR Are You Even Trying? Participating
Rush Hour 5 US Rush Hour 5 Participating
Archon's Plague CA Archon's Plague Participating
Deadly Game PE Deadly Game Participating
Uther's Party E-Sports BR Uther's Party E-Sports Participating
Tempest.NA US Tempest.NA Participating
Live Gaming CL Live Gaming Participating
Son Todas Putas AR Son Todas Putas Participating
Buddy's Reckoning US Buddy's Reckoning Participating
Paloma Gaming PE Paloma Gaming Participating
The King's Men US The King's Men Participating
Majestic Gaming BR Majestic Gaming Participating
PuddingLovers US PuddingLovers Participating
Ollin Gaming MX Ollin Gaming Participating
Imitation Success US Imitation Success Participating
Divine 5 US Divine 5 Participating
Power of Friendship US Power of Friendship Participating
Power Rangers Internacional EC Power Rangers Internacional Participating
Nine of Ten Gaming WORLD Nine of Ten Gaming Participating
Sensual Lovers US Sensual Lovers Participating
SINGLE PE SINGLE Participating
Day of Reckoning CA Day of Reckoning Participating
Young Pharos EG Young Pharos Participating
Big Data US Big Data Participating
Chonete Warriors CR Chonete Warriors Participating
YO'PE MX YO'PE Participating
The Barbeque'ers US The Barbeque'ers Participating
Manaos S.A AR Manaos S.A Participating
Never Too High US Never Too High Participating
TeamNooob PE TeamNooob Participating
SMART Gaming EC SMART Gaming Participating
Dota Rota CL Dota Rota Participating
Bro Gaming Code BR Bro Gaming Code Participating
Tricky Pasta EC Tricky Pasta Participating
always happy PE always happy Participating
Nagas In Pyjamas US Nagas In Pyjamas Participating
Sange the Taur Forte PE Sange the Taur Forte Participating
-Brotherhood BR -Brotherhood Participating
The Supremacy BR The Supremacy Participating
ThunderCats US ThunderCats Participating
Cazuela Of Zapallo CL Cazuela Of Zapallo Participating
We Main Slowers US We Main Slowers Participating
Iron Giant US Iron Giant Participating
Elus1ve US Elus1ve Participating
X Control Gaming PE X Control Gaming Participating
New Assault PE New Assault Participating
[T]he Dark Killers PE [T]he Dark Killers Participating
Team Tenten US Team Tenten Participating
Crime against Humanity US Crime against Humanity Participating
ETERNITY Gaming PA ETERNITY Gaming Participating
TITAN CA TITAN Participating
Sad Voids CL Sad Voids Participating
Key Team BR Key Team Participating
Down 2 Feed US Down 2 Feed Participating
House Slark US House Slark Participating
[8BIT] US [8BIT] Participating
Band Of Brothers US Band Of Brothers Participating
Vizard Gaming US Vizard Gaming Participating
No F**king Chance US No F**king Chance Participating
EarthBound VE EarthBound Participating
DoN EC DoN Participating
CY@ CA CY@ Participating
Stronk and Gud PE Stronk and Gud Participating
Los Guardians of the Galaxy PE Los Guardians of the Galaxy Participating
Team Hodor BR Team Hodor Participating
NDG CA NDG Participating
Asasiyun BR Asasiyun Participating
Baby TideHunter US Baby TideHunter Participating
BreaD's Bakery CA BreaD's Bakery Participating
Overcome PE Overcome Participating
Magnitorium US Magnitorium Participating
2EZ BR 2EZ Participating
We Like Lazor Guns US We Like Lazor Guns Participating
North American Rejects US North American Rejects Participating
Heinz's Heroes CA Heinz's Heroes Participating
Booty Goons CA Booty Goons Participating
Colored Farts AR Colored Farts Participating
Arts Of War HN Arts Of War Participating
Mouse Breakers PE Mouse Breakers Participating
Going Over The Extra Mile US Going Over The Extra Mile Participating
NatureGaming.Ec EC NatureGaming.Ec Participating
The Dota Bros CA The Dota Bros Participating
Mechatronic Gaming League PE Mechatronic Gaming League Participating
K cya US K cya Participating
Team Ascension US Team Ascension Participating
Kolombia BR Kolombia Participating
Inferus Vexillum VE Inferus Vexillum Participating
Idolize US Idolize Participating
Burning Souls EC Burning Souls Participating
~Axis After Story~ BR ~Axis After Story~ Participating
Red Ribbon CL Red Ribbon Participating
Bot Killers BR Bot Killers Participating
Y'all Don't Gnomey CA Y'all Don't Gnomey Participating
eVa.aeon US eVa.aeon Participating
Absolute Gaming PE Absolute Gaming Participating
Nexo e-sports BR Nexo e-sports Participating
Keep Out PE Keep Out Participating
XDM MX XDM Participating
Luilton And 4 BR Luilton And 4 Participating
I REFUSE US I REFUSE Participating
Perscription Memes US Perscription Memes Participating
Hydrus Gaming MX Hydrus Gaming Participating
Puff, Puff, Gank US Puff, Puff, Gank Participating
Peter Porker and the Spider Hams US Peter Porker and the Spider Hams Participating
Equipo Mbarete AR Equipo Mbarete Participating
Core Division US Core Division Participating
Titans Five PE Titans Five Participating
The Next Level PE The Next Level Participating
Neutral Creeps BR Neutral Creeps Participating
Gees US Gees Participating
Souls of Salem CA Souls of Salem Participating
Team Pineapple BR Team Pineapple Participating
kittyAbuse US kittyAbuse Participating
C0alition US C0alition Participating
KappaPrideCool Boys US KappaPrideCool Boys Participating
Dota Haus US Dota Haus Participating
T Show BR T Show Participating
Outcast Gaming B EC Outcast Gaming B Participating
corrupting force PE corrupting force Participating
America's Finest Dota Player US America's Finest Dota Player Participating
The Dota Warriors MX The Dota Warriors Participating
Foundation US Foundation Participating
Devil Eye Reloaded WORLD Devil Eye Reloaded Participating
Naerok US Naerok Participating
Infract Esports AR Infract Esports Participating
Obscure Gaming CA Obscure Gaming Participating
Legend_Ec EC Legend_Ec Participating
Team Mutiny US Team Mutiny Participating
OverTake BO OverTake Participating
NeverGiveUp PE NeverGiveUp Participating
NoEmberSpirit PE NoEmberSpirit Participating
Jesus Pals AR Jesus Pals Participating
(Too Many) Stronk Wizzads US (Too Many) Stronk Wizzads Participating
2 Sexy Gaming US 2 Sexy Gaming Participating
System Core VE System Core Participating
POTMS UP US POTMS UP Participating
Zoo US Zoo Participating
Rush e-Sport AR Rush e-Sport Participating
One Pump Chumps US One Pump Chumps Participating
equipo space PE equipo space Participating
No Meta UM No Meta Participating
Noble eSports US Noble eSports Participating
G.$$$ US G.$$$ Participating
Riptide-Gaming US Riptide-Gaming Participating
Vai Chorar? BR Vai Chorar? Participating
U238 US U238 Participating
Welfare Beneficiaries US Welfare Beneficiaries Participating
TewS BR TewS Participating
Movimento Sem Tiuweb BR Movimento Sem Tiuweb Participating
Standins for us AR Standins for us Participating
Blood School PE Blood School Participating