Dota Pro Circuit 2017/2018

The professional landscape of Dota 2 looks quite different from previous years thanks to Valve’s new system for the 2017/2018 season of the Dota Pro Circuit. Roster locks, Majors and coaching rules were changed while Minors and Qualifying Points were introduced.

Unlike past years, the schedule for the entire upcoming season of Valve LANs is already publicly available. Last year that wouldn’t have meant as much, but this year there are already 27 Valve Majors and Minors mapped out on the calendar.

Each Major and Minor will award Qualifying Points to the top four teams. The total points are split 50% to 1st, 30% to 2nd and 10% to 3rd and 4th or 15% to 3rd and 5% to 4th depending on tournament format. Each player gets the same number of points, so in a 300 point Minor, that's 150 points for each player on the winning team. The three players with the most individual points on a team determine that team’s overall points.

Roster Lock

Rosters locked: 3 October 2017 17:00 PDT
Rosters unlock: 9 January 2018 17:00 PST
Rosters locked: 5 February 2018 17:00 PST
Rosters unlock: After TI8

It’s easy to get an overview of this all throughout the year, we’re keeping track of it for you. Just hit the banners below for our sites tracking Major/Minor dates (including qualifiers) as well as team and player points.

Our calendar will be kept up-to-date with all confirmed Majors, Minors and qualifiers, with links to Coverage pages for further information.

Curious which teams or players are leading the ranking, or need a refresher on the rules? Head here for an overview.

Which teams are attending what Pro Circuit events throughout the year? How did they place? For that have a look at the Team Participation page for a quick overview.