22 April
18:00 CEST
Natus Vincere

Red Bull Heroicks Qualifier - Rules & Regulations

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Competition FormatI. Team Selection

The qualifier is free for anyone to sign up. A maximum of 256 teams can take part (note: Although 512 teams can sign up, only 256 can check in). The winner of each qualifier will receive an invite for the Offline-Pre-Tournament.

The qualifier requires all teams to have at least 50% of their players to be resident in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

II. Qualifier Format

The qualifier is played in a best-of-one single elimination format - a team is eliminated, once it loses one game.

Unless announced otherwise, the default start for the qualifier is 14:00 CEST, Check-In starts at 13:30 CEST.

Starting with the quarter-finals the games will be played out in a best-of-one single elimination grid. The grid will be arranged by the referees once the previous rounds have finished.

III. Stand-Ins

Besides the official members a team has the right to use up to two players as Stand-Ins during a match, if those players meet the following requirement: They are not member of another team or have played a game for another team within the competition, or are already qualified for the Offline-Pre-Tournament. The overall amount of stand-ins used within the competition is not limited.

Qualifier RulesDuring the qualifier, the General Rules for Amateur Dota 2 Tournaments of Freaks 4U Gaming apply.

ServersThe default server location is Luxembourg. Other servers are used, if both teams agree or the administration decides on it.

PrizesThe winner of the Red Bull Heroicks Qualifier will get an invitation to the Offline-Pre-Tournament on September 16th. Hotel costs for five players will be covered by Red Bull. All qualified teams will play the Offline-Pre-Tournament to determine the one team that is going to play on the Red Bull Heroicks Main Event.

Last Update: 16th June, 2016