joinDOTA Auto Chess Cup FAQ

Before raising your question or concerns, please have a look here first:

If you have a question that is not included in this FAQ, and you can't find your answer in the rules either, write a support ticket to the administration!


Our Guide gives an overview of which steps to take to sign up.

When can I sign-up for joinDOTA Auto Chess Cups?
Sign up for all 3 cups starts on and it ends right at the respective cup start at , , and . To complete the sign up it is required to check in from 30 minutes before the start of each cup.

What are the requirements for signing up?
You need to be logged in to the website with your GameSports Network account and have your Steam ID entered as a game account.

How many cups can I sign up for?
You can sign up for and participate in all 4 cups.

How do I find my Steam ID?
A fast and easy way is to enter your profile URL on steamidfinder and copy the result. Please enter the Steam ID (not Steam ID3 or Steam ID64). It looks like steam_0:0:123456.

My Steam ID is already in use.
In most cases like this, your Steam ID has been used by yourself on a previous account. Check up, if you already have a different GameSports user account, keeping in mind that those exist across multiple websites. Either use this other account for the cup or remove the game account from it to solve the problem. If you need further assistance, submit a support ticket.

I want to change my steam ID. What can I do?
If you want to change your steam ID on our website, please write a support ticket and explain why you need it to get changed. An admin will then have look at the situation.

Playing Matches

Where do I find my match?
On the cup page, once the matches are live, you will see a link right to your match.

Who is supposed to host the match?
The participant who is shown first in the participant list of his group has to host the lobby. If the lobby isn't hosted 10 minutes after the official match time, any other participant must do it. The host must enter the lobby information (password and the optional description) in the hosting tool on the match page.

I'm supposed to host. How do I do that?
Start Dota 2 and go to the Dota Auto Chess hub. There you will see the "Create Custom Lobby" button. Hit that and all you need to do now is to enter a password, then create the lobby. Afterwards you need to post this password in the hosting tool on the website. Additionally you can add the optional description - but this is not required.

When do I have to be in the lobby?
Each participant must show up in the lobby within 15 minutes of the official match time. If a participant is late, the lobby may be started without the late participants.

The game is over. How do I report the score?
The score can only be reported and confirmed by an admin. After the match you will see a scoreboard. The winner of the game must take a screenshot of that, upload it to the match page and then write a support ticket to inform the admin that the game has been finished. If everything is okay, the admin will report the result.

I advanced to the next round, but my next match is not showing up
As there are multiple parallel matches, your match might be among those that finish early. In that case you need to wait a little bit until all the other matches in the same round finish. But don't worry, this should not take more than a few minutes.


Can I stream my matches in the joinDOTA Auto Chess Cups?
Yes, every participant is free to stream the entire cup.

What can I win by participating in this tournament?
This cup is meant to be a fun event for the community and not an ultra serious competition. As such we currently offer no prize pool. Expect an announcement in case this changes though.