The Pinoy Dota shuffle

posted by Tezzeret,
As with all regional competitive Dota scene, there comes a time when huge changes come about with the end of a big event, the event in question right now being The International 2013 Eastern qualifier and involves some big names in the Philippine Dota scene.
Mineski at The International 2011
Photo by: Mineski

The first major news coming out of the Philippines was the removal of ph Julius 'Julz' Domingo from Dreamz.Ledion after their abysmal performance at The International 2013 Eastern Qualifier.

And just moments ago, ph MSI.EvoGT, one of the Philippine's top ranking team announces a major change in their line up, essentially booting their entire team in favour of something new. They bring in former ph HappyFeet teammates, ph James Kenneth 'Wootz' Inabangan and ph John 'JoJeRo' Roxas.

Former carry player for MSI.EvoGT, ph 'Ryo' gets traded with previously mentioned Julz of Dreamz.Ledion. The current three players are no strangers to each other, having played with each other when they were under the Mineski's sponsorship, one of their crowning achievement being taking out favorites cn OK.Nirvana.CN at Valve's The International 2011.

MSI.EvoGT Roster

ph James Kenneth 'Wootz' Inabangan
ph John 'JoJeRo' Roxas
ph Julius 'Julz' Domingo