Valve still can't provide new dates for TI10

posted by Smyke,
The most important week of the year is now filled with boring every-day life instead of a nail-biting Grand Final of The International 2020. Valve spoke out about the postponed mega-event, but unfortunately, they are not able to provide new information.
The International 2020 was originally scheduled for August 18 - 23. This means that if everything had gone according to plan, we would have watched the Grand Finals of the jubilee edition last Saturday.

Unfortunately, the event had to be postponed until 2021 with no exact new dates being given. Not only was this year's world championship impacted by the pandemic, but half of the DPC season had to be cancelled. The official Twitter account of Dota shared the community's sentiment of sadness about the delay. They also announced that they still cannot share news about when exactly TI10 is going to take place.

Valve then released a video with some highlights from the past nine TIs, featuring the face of the company itself: Lord Gaben.

Even amphibian IceFrog himself interrupted his aestivation to tweet about TI. The creator shared that while TI finals is usually the best day of the year, he too is sad not to see a new champion this time. But who knows, maybe even if TI had taken place, we would not have seen a new team be victorious. Perhaps OG would just have claimed their third title in a row with a crazy Crystal Maiden carry strategy or something similar.

What is your favourite memory from all The Internationals?

Photo credit: Valve