paiN-Gaming pick up Argentinian squad

posted by Sun_Tzu,
The former best known representative of Brazilian Dota 2, paiN-Gaming, have picked up a new all-Argentinian squad after their old squad left competitive Dota due to various financial and education related obligations. This new squad will be tested straight out of the gates as they are signed up to participate in The Defense 4 qualifiers.

Notable new addition to the team is former us ROOT-Gaming player ar Alan 'ddx-gambeta' Salvati. He is the second former ROOT player to find a new home, as his former captain us Jason 'Fun' Teodosio is now playing for dk eL'Pride. As both teams are in the Defese 4 qualifiers, there is a chance brother will be pitted against brother in the upcoming days.

Official statement by paiN-Gaming:

There has been much anticipation surrounding paiN Gaming’s Dota 2 line up and now we have the pleasure to announce our new squad.

After losing our old roster, we spent some time studying the possibilities and finally found the new team that will represent paiN Gaming in the game’s competitive landscape.
We have been training hard for over a month with the new team and we are very optimistic.


We are very pleased with the team's performance and experience during training, especially with ddx, formerly of ROOT Gaming.

Players will rely on the peripherals provided by Razer.

Their official debut will this week in the Defense 4 Qualifiers, followed by American Dota League and Netolic Pro League #3

paiN-Gaming Roster:

ar Alan 'ddx-gambeta' Salvati
ar Rodrigo 'Zurdo' Lorenzatto
ar Bernardo 'Ektoplazm' Martinelli
ar Milton 'MIL' Peña
ar Matias 'Gengar' Kees