TobiWan accused of sexual assault

posted by joinDOTA Staff,
Caster Toby 'TobiWanKenobi' Dawson faces several allegations for sexual harassment and abuse.
Trigger warnings: Sexual assault, harassment, abuse, sexual activities without consent, rape

Several personalities of the Dota scene currently face allegations on sexual harassment and assault. Among those, there have been several women going public with claims against TobiWan.

On Thursday, artist Botjira responded to a Tweet of Austin 'TheCapitalist' Walsh who quote-tweeted a now-deleted post by TobiWan. Botjira claimed that TobiWan allegedly pinned her down in a hotel room.

Cosplayer Meruna later shared her experience titled "TobiWan did not take No for an answer". She accuses him of initiating sexual activity against "her clear wishes" nine years ago.

TobiWan responded with the following statement on the situation:

Valve removed all of TobiWan's voicelines in the current Battle Pass and replaced them with voicelines from other casters. Patch notes are pending.

Photo credit: ESL Helena Kristiansson